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					   Best APPS for IPad
          Best Apps For IPad

The best apps for ipad can be found using iOS 5 or
higher, here you can download the apps you require.
Many of the apps are free or can be purchased.
There are thousands to choose from, you can get
games, eBooks, music, movies, newsstand,
calendars, facetime and many organizational
                      The Basics
• Portrait & Landscape- Rotate your ipad and the screen will
  rotate too, this will automatically make the screen fit based on
  the best settings for a particular page.
• Double click home to lock your screen or use the side switch.
  In settings proceed to general.

• The Basic difference in Landscape includes the following:
   – Viewing web pages in Safari makes text and images larger.
   – With the larger key board, your typing accuracy and speed
     increases tremendously.
            Best Apps Features
•   iTunes in iCloud
•   Apps and Books
•   Photo Stream
•   Docs in iCloud
•   Mail
•   Contacts
•   Calendars
•   Backup
            Apps for iCloud
• iPad Finder
• Friends Finder
• iTunes Match
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Description: The Best apps for Ipad are found in iOS 5 or higher. There are thousands of apps available for free. Many people require help in finding the best apps available, and how to use them. Here is the beginning and the end of the search.