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					VeteranCraft – Minecraft for Adults of All Ages

By LightWarriorK

Minecraft - A game without limits and without real world repercussions. When
playing single-player, or with a group of close friends, it’s a paradise. Thousands
upon thousands of private servers exist, with thousands more sessions on the
Xbox Live version of the game. To play Minecraft with your friends recalls the
summers of youth before videogames, when entire days were spent building forts
in the woods behind your house, or imagining battles with monsters, or
embarking on an epic quest down to the nearby culvert.

Public multiplayer servers, however, are a barren wasteland of corruption and
grief. Server owners, desperate for some control, promote children to positions
of power who then abuse their authority and lord it over those who have it not.
Griefers, a term coined in Minecraft’s infancy to describe those who bring grief to
others by destroying their creations, run free and hop from server to server.
They do not mind if they are banned, as there are always thousands of other
servers to exploit. Minecraft allows for ultimate freedom of creation like no other
game before it, and the downside is that the duality of freedom of destruction
also follows.

Enter VeteranCraft.

                           A little over a year ago, the VeteranCraft server was
                           founded with a single purpose in mind: maturity.

                             To be sure, this is a new concept in Minecraft, which
                             while being appealing to the growing class of
                             nostalgic adult gamers, is generally marketed towards
                             teens and pre-teens whose definition of “fun” is
                             decidedly less mature. Servers have battled with
                             immaturity through the inclusion of various server
                             modifications and heavy-handed staff, and most
                             notably through whitelists to only allow approved
users, or blacklists to deny all problem users. These measures, while marginally
effective, increase the barriers to joining and enjoying Minecraft and really only
treat the symptoms of immaturity: Do Not Enter. At the same time, heavy-
handed staff would lead to corruption and caste creation, and the goal of every
player would be to become staff, because the server would not be enjoyable

VeteranCraft was founded on the principle that anyone could play, but everyone
must play maturely and legitimately. The staff of admins and moderators are all
over 18 years old, and they cannot spawn items or lord over other players with
special powers or rights. Creations are protected with the Residence plugin, and
the technical staff keeps everything up to date.

More than staff or plugins, however, is the fact that the players on VeteranCraft
are very friendly and welcoming. The server owner has done a wonderful job in
setting a foundation for a server that attracts players of quality and encourages
them to keep playing. For every 10 Minecrafters that wander in to the server,
maybe only two or three will stick around, and eventually only one might be a
permanent fixture, however that one will be a continuing asset to a community
that produces some of the most wonderful works ever seen on a Minecraft open
public server, and as of October, 2012, VeteranCraft sees up to 30 players at any
one time, and over 40 during public events.

Do you have what it takes to be that 1-in-10 member?

First, you must ask yourself these
questions honestly: Would you
grief or steal, even if you were
allowed? Would you rather have
someone hold your hand as you
learn your way around the server
and its plugins, or would you
prefer to teach yourself with the
help already provided? How do
you treat new members to a
server, especially those who
maybe need a bit of patience? Do
you take pride in what you build,
and do you get satisfaction for
creating something legitimately?
Do you take a server’s rules to
heart, knowing that by playing on
the server you have defacto-
accepted them?

If you’ve answered correctly, and you’re mature enough to know that they are,
then perhaps you know how VeteranCraft can be the right place for you. This is
not a server where a “n00b” can run around begging to be someone’s toadie and
hoping for free items. This is not a server where dirt towers and ocean platforms
mar the landscape. This is not a server where a staff member is going to ban
you because your house is better than his.

VeteranCraft is the server where you can play legitimate Vanilla Minecraft with a
few enhancements like Residence, iConomy, and McMMO. It is the server
where you can choose to donate for a few extra perks like /tp….or not. There are
many who chose to play without donor perks and they are just as welcome and
equal as any other player. It is the server where you can choose to build as part
of a city, or head off into the wilds of our three worlds plus Nether and End and
build whatever your heart desires, so long as it doesn’t violate the rules. It is a
server where staff and players mutually respect and hold each other to high
standards, not where there are ‘classes’ of people. It is a server where everything
you see built has been built from legitimately gathered materials. It is a server run
by a team of over 16 dedicated adult staff, including a tech team with over 30
years of combined experience. It is the server where, as an adult (of any age),
you will realize that this is what you’ve been looking for since Minecraft was

                                                For the past year, VeteranCraft has
                                                been slowly gathering the highest
                                                quality user base of Minecraft
                                                players. We are still fairly small,
                                                but tremendous in heart and talent.
                                                Having just moved to a dedicated
                                                server, VeteranCraft is poised to
                                                claim paramount status when it
                                                comes to a truly desirable
                                                Minecraft experience for legitimate
                                                and mature players. Is it what
                                                you’ve been looking for? Join
                                       today and
                                                find out!

To find out more, visit:

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Description: Minecraft - A game without limits and without real world repercussions. When playing single-player, or with a group of close friends, it’s a paradise.