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									                                    Beattie School of the Arts
                                     Regular PAC Minutes
                Wednesday, April 18, 2012 – 6:00 pm at McGill Campus Library
In attendance: Terry, Una, Barb, Cori, Coreena, Lesley, Linda

   1. Call meeting to order at 6:10 pm.

   2. Approval of agenda (emailed April 12, 2012) – approved after the deletion of item 7A. (We
      did have a brief discussion about the idea of lobbying the school board to make a co-principal
      position at McGill, but felt that we had already had our say on this issue when asked several
      years ago. Our recommendations can be found in the minutes of approx 3 years ago and can be
      found upon request)

   3. Approval of minutes of March 14, 2012 – approved.

   4. Action Items Arising from Minutes
      a. Request from Ms Bouwmeester for red eye speaker system:
         ▪ There is a larger wish list that must be taken into account
         ▪ MOTION: To unapprove buying this speaker system and to look at the larger wish list
             first. Moved: Coreena; Second: Linda; PASSED.

   5. Reports:
      a. Report from Administration: Barb – see attached report (includes wish list from item 4a)
      b. President's Report: Coreena
         ▪ The Gaming Grant application has been filled out by Melissa and Carin and is awaiting
             signatures from Coreena and Lesley
         ▪ PAC bought a movie licence from ACF that allows us to show movies during and
             outside of class time. The grade 7s have already had a successful fundraiser doing a
             family movie night.
         ▪ The McGill message board has been repaired.
         ▪ The incentive draw to sign people up for the blog only saw a few new people subscribe.
      c. Vice President's Report: Lesley - none
      d. Treasurer's Report: Melissa – full reports available upon request; gaming grant application
         has been filled out.
         ▪ Gaming account balance: $5840.02
         ▪ Regular account balance: $5505.92
      e. DPAC Report - none
      f. SPC Report: Terry – the report has been rolled over from last year with few changes and an
         explanation of how the job action has impacted the SPC.

   6. Committee Reports:
      a. Green Smoothie Day: Coreena – We love this idea still. Lesley is still willing to help.
         Coreena will contact Julie to see if she is willing to organize the volunteers, etc necessary to
         make this happen.

   7. New Business:
      a. Movement to get parent support to make a co-principal position at McGill: DELETED
      b. Budget un-budgeted money in our accounts: TABLED: Coreena will meet with Barb to
         prioritize the wish list and bring items to next meeting.
      c. Staff Appreciation Lunch: Terry and Una will take this on. Date set for June 6 at 12:00 for
         both campuses. Will use Fratellis again.
        d. End of Year Potluck: Coreena – June 14 at 6 pm at McGill, will invite new parents and will
           have a sound system available. Coreena to contact Steve W., music teacher at JP, for kids to
        e. We need someone to run the PAC elections for the next meeting: Linda will run the
           elections. Coreena to get out posters, forms, newsletters, Synervoice, etc.

    8. Items for blog or newsletter – submissions accepted to Coreena.

    9. Time and date of next meetings. Dates for upcoming PAC meetings. All meetings will be at
       6pm at the McGill Campus Library.
          ▪ May 16 + AGM with regular PAC meeting to follow
          ▪ June 13 (2nd Wed due to end of year)

PAC - Principal's Report
        Secondary Campus
        April, 2012

              What's Going on at the McGill Campus?
Jasper High School band concert on April 25
Young Author's Conference - teachers have nominated 6 students in grade 4 up and parents will
facilitate transportation, etc. so that these students have the opportunity to attend
Art work has been submitted for a display at the upcoming 'Spelling Bee' performance of WCT

Student use of Technology (from ProD discussion)
▪students who bring devices such as cell phones, ipods, MP3 players, DS's or other personal electronic
devices are asked to keep these items in their backpacks and/or lockers for the duration of the school
day until dismissal

What's Going on at the Secondary Campus?
Steady trickle of interviews continue to come in for secondary campus new registrants.
Based on enrolment for next year, it looks like we will be able to offer a 5th Major in Media Arts
Garden Boxes have been installed and are ready to go in the courtyard and Picnic tables will be
delivered this month

What's Going on in General?
Please see the Long & Short term wish list supplied to PAC as requested.
Primary classes are now full. There is still limited room at the intermediate level as well as at the secondary
campus for grades 8-11 for next year.
Secondary and McGill music programs performed at Festival last week
Long Term Wish List for Beattie School of the Arts

McGill Campus    •a sound system per classroom
                 •smart board per classroom
                 •flat screens on teacher computers in classrooms (the old ones are huge boxes that
                 take up a lot of table space)
                 •funds for a listening station in each room. That would include headphones, and an
                 adaptor for each of our stereos
                 •funds to purchase new material for POD 1 activity/centers time such as new lego,
                 k-nex and materials for building structures (3-D materials) marble works, new
                 blocks, play-dough, magnetic learning toys, a puppet theatre and some nicely made
                 puppets. All these things support the Math, Science and Language curriculum, but
                 the current stuff is old and worn out.
                 •funds to purchase consumable Jump Math workbooks
                 •curtains (thick, black) hanging from the ceiling of the drama portable that can be
                 pulled back for wings, staging, etc.
                 •five sets of marimba mallets
                 •funding for 2012/2013 choir music - an ongoing fund for each year

Secondary        •Mirrors  for the Shell, our multi-purpose performance space
Campus           •pipe and drape to create a back drop or cover mirrors when not used
                 •class set or at least 10 djembe drums to supplement the number of drums from the
                 •4 more picnic tables for the court yard
                 •Painting easels to be used for art shows and Juried Portfolio exhibitions
                 •smart board for 4 classrooms
                 •continued support for bussing
                 •support for larger arts based fieldtrip by discipline (ie. Vancouver art gallery,
                 musical and/or dance production at the Queen Elizabeth theatre, play at the Arts
                 Club Theatre)
                 •display boards for art in the hallways
                 •a good mat cutter for the art room
                 •10 – 20 video cameras to support our new media arts major
                 •5 monitors for Media arts major to increase the lab
                 •20 monitors for use in individual classrooms to support independent learning
                 studies for senior students

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