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Bermuda - Maine - New Hampshire - Vermont - Massachusetts - Connecticut - Rhode Island - New York
Vol. LIV                                      SOUTH LANCASTER, MASSACHUSETTS, FEBRUARY 6, 1956                                  No. 6

                                                                                             the bigness of your gift." Perhaps, if
                                                                                             you got your old depression checkbook
                                                                                             out and put it beside the one for the
                                                                                             current year, they would both have a
           An Old Checkbook Speaks                                                           lot to say to you about your compara-
                                                                                             tive pledges to the church.
                                                                                                Then, too, your old checkbook can
    (This article, written by a non-S.D.A.,      urer's book talks a lot on this score       talk for you. Your dollars can go where
  contains some real food for thought.)          too. Here is a widowed seamstress and       you yourself may never go, and express
   When Philip Guedalla undertook to             a near millionaire, whose names just        a message of love, mercy, and healing
write a biography of Wellington he               happened to appear next to each other       which you may never personally be
had no difficulty in tracing where his           on the treasurer's book. Amounts            able to deliver. You may be bound by
subject went and what he did. He                 pledged are the same for each—$2.00         narrow geographical limitations, but
confesses that his main difficulty was           a week for the year! Both pledges           your voice may be heard throughout
in finding out what sort of man Wel-             will be paid in full, but what a differ-    the earth. I know men whose money is
lington really was, an absolute necessity        ence in the speeches made by the treas-     talking for them "from Greenland's
in writing true biography. The most              urer's book about these two members         icy mountains" to the desolations of
dependable evidence he found on this             of the church of God!                       Hiroshima. Here is a teacher in an
score was Wellington's old checkbooks              Again, your checkbook talks to you.       area of ignorance and superstition, a
covering several years. Here was trust-          Just listen a moment. "Look at this!        doctor and a nurse where disease is
worthy testimony on what the man                 You spent $250 going to that Bowl           rampant, and a minister of the gospel
cared most about.                                Game on New Year's Day, money               where people are sinsodden and lost,
   Perhaps the same could be said of             spent on your own selfish pleasure.         and all because somebody's old check-
the rest of us. The most dependable              Then look at this—you strained out a        book bespeaks their love for God and
evidence on what we really are, would            dollar a week to your church, and the       their fellow men.
be the stubs of our old checkbooks. It           way your pen seemed to tremble here            Guedalla could easily tell of Welling-
might prove quite self-revealing should          you must have been terribly upset over      ton's chief interests, when Wellington's
you and I thumb through the stubs                                                            old checkbooks took to talking. They
of our old checkbooks now, without                                                           told him, more than anything else,
waiting for another to do it after we               Disaster and Famine Relief               just the sort of man Wellington was.
are dead. The old checkbooks might                      Offering March 10                    Was he a tither? Was his money dedi-
not be as easy on us as our pastor has                 During recent months we have          cated to God? The heart of the man
been. There we would hear which of                  been reading and hearing about           is revealed by his old checkbooks. What
our interests is most vital to us and               serious flood damage and disaster        the books said about Wellington is not
hear the truth. The old checkbook                   in various parts of the world.           so important as what your checkbook
speaks:                                             These conditions have brought            says about you. The writer has heard
                                                    famine and distress to thousands
   First, it talks about us. It would say           of families and homes, including         all kinds of talk about people, and
whether or not we were strictly honest              many of our own believers. We            much of it from the checkbooks. Let
with God and our fellow men. The                    know something about floods and          me tell you about one that impressed
checkbook would say whether we were                 disaster right here in our own           me.
                                                    union conference territory.
lovers of simplicity or the ornate. It                 On March 10 we shall have an             He was a small-town lawyer, of all
would also point to the causes we are               opportunity to contribute to             things! He was a busy lawyer, a bit on
interested in, and the extent of our                Famine and Disaster Relief.              the serious side. He was my Sabbath
interest. What would your checkbook                 These poor victims need our              school superintendent, and seldom
                                                    financial assistance and imoral          missed either school or church service.
say about you? Would it speak of your               encouragement. Remember, "God
tenderness of heart and unselfish sacri-            loveth a cheerful giver."                They had family prayers at his home,
ficing, or would it point out your                                   L. E. Lenheim           and they held a circle of hands during
unfeeling selfishness? A church treas-                                                       their devotions. This lawyer loved his
                                            ATLANTIC          UNION            GLEANER

                                                Alertez-vous! Alumni of                        our General Conference cominittee
            Suns :t Table                     Washington Missionary College                    springs into action to do ever|tiiing
                                                                                               in their power to help. Already a^feals
       Eastern S :andard Time                    A full week end of special events             are coming to them from devSs^ted
                      Feb. 10 Feb. 17         is being planned for you at your alma
   Bangor, Me.            4:55      5:06                                                       areas in Southern Asia, others! ftom
                                              mater April 6-8. This particular time            Berlin where the needs of refugees tug
   Augusta, Me.           4:59      5:10
   Portland, Me.          5:03      5:13      has been selected with the thought that          at the heart-strings of those wSta see
   Boston, Mass.          5:08      5:17      many may wish to attend the Cherry               them. The relief funds given at our
   S. Lancaster, M; is.   5:11      5:20      Blossom Festival for which Washing-              last offering have been completely ex-
   Hartford, Conn.        5:17      5:26      ton is famous—remember?
   New1 York, N.Y         5:23      5:32                                                       hausted and it is now time to p&in for
   Utica, N.Y.            5:25      5:35         There is no lovelier season in the            a most liberal offering on Mareh 10.
   Syracuse, N.Y.         5:28      5:38      nation's capital. Take your vacation in          We need at least a quarter of a rjnillion
   Rochester, N.Y.        5:34      5:44      early April and make a circle of the             dollars.
   Buffalo, N.Y.          5:39      5:49      beauty spots of the South—the azaleas
     Add one min te for   each 13   miles
                                                                                                  We believe that our Dorcas societies
                                              of North Carolina, the Blue Ridge                that have worked so nobly in various
   west. Subtract one minute fo reach
   13 miles east.                             Parkway in springtime, Washington's              phases of welfare and relief work, will
                                              majestic vistas and gorgeous garden              respond unitedly to this appeal. The
                                              spots, and the campus hill where you             name of each society, together with the
home with a lo e that was deep, and           learned the meaning of living.                   amount given, will appear in the union
it was ever a lo -ely place to visit. He         Your alma mater is planning an all-           paper and also in Go magazine. This
was interested ii the good of his com-        alumni-centered week end with friends            will necessitate a little extra work for
munity, for whi ni there was plenty of        you have long known on the schedule              our church treasurers, but I am sure
evidence. Being a small-town lawyer,          of events. Watch for a later announce-           they will gladly co-operate by report-
he was by no n eans the community's           ment with further details, and turn
leading money-maker. But he was, sev-                                                          ing the exact amount contribii$6d by
                                              your thinking toward Washington!                 each Dorcas Society.
eral times over, the largest contributor
in his church. f)nce, in the depth of                                                             Now that the General Conference
the depression, when money was ex-                       Pictures Wanted                       is building an East Coast Warehouse
ttemely dear, tr church treasurer met            The General Conference Missions               in the city of New York to help an-
me with a big nile, saying, "Just got         Pictures File is anxious to secure de-           swer the needs of our world work,
a check for $101 for the church." I did       nominational pictures of historic in-            it behooves us to do everything pos-
not have to asl where it came from,           terest. If you have such pictures in youf        sible to make this famine relief offer-
for the simple eason that this lawyer         possession, you can do your church a             ing something really out of the ordi-
had been a tiftier for a number of            real service by sending these, with cap-         nary. May we count on your personal
years before thl depression came. He          tions to tell what they are, to Missions         support of this worthwhile project?
kept it up in I the hardest of times.         Pictures, Bureau of Public Relations,                     J. A. Toop, Home Miss, Sec.
Once the treasiier said, "I don't know        General Conference of Seventh-day
what this fel w gives outside the             Adventists, Washington 12, D.C.
church, but yol can take this church             We are especially in need now of                   Atlantic Union Gleaner
book and tell o the dollar what he            pictures of the following persons who              Official organ of the Atlantic Unioft Confer-
made last year! When he gets a $100           at one time held the office of treasurer         ence of Seventh-day Adventists, South Lan-
                                                                                               caster, Mass.
fee the first thing he does is send me        of the General Conference: E. S,
a check for $1(1                              Walker, E. B. Gaskijl, Harmon Lind-              Editor                                       T. R. Gardner
   This lawyer Is still living and show-      say, Miss Fredericka House, A. R.                Editorial Secretary                        Laura IS. Drown
ing no signs oflstarving to death! I saw      Henry, A. G. Adams, and H. M.                      Published weekly, except one week in July
him not so lor* ago. True, he did not         Mitchell. Your co-operation in securing          and one week in December, by the College
                                                                                               Press, South Lancaster, Mass.
look like a millionaire. He would not         these pictures will be appreciated.                Subscription price, $1.00 a year. Make all
try to look lik a millionaire if he had                                                        checks and money orders payable to the
                                                                                               Atlantic Union Gleaner.
ten millions. ] at he did appear to be                                                           All copy ior publication should teach the
                                                                                               GLEANER editorial office in South Lancaster,
making an ho lest living, and seemed                 Greater New York                          Mass., not later than Thursday mai*l$&g pre-
to be enjoying it.                                                                             ceding date of issue. Copy to app»ar under
                                                       K. L. BRANSON. President                local conference headings should^ fee sent
   A lot of pe pie living around him                F. MINNEK, Secretary-Treasurer
                                                       Telephone, BOulcvard 8-8110
                                                                                               through the respective conference orfic*«. Copy
                                                                                               should be typewritten and double spaced.
were afraid t< trust the Lord during          108-11 69th Road           Forest Hills, N.TT.     Both old and new addresses shoulfl fee given
that depressioi They hoarded money,                                                            when a change is requested. Zone .numbers
                                                                                               should be included for all zoned cities.
and often lost t, in all sorts of places,                                                        Entered at South Lancaster,Mass.,as second-
but he just v :nt on giving it away!             Disaster and Famine Relief                    class matter, under the Act of Auguit 24, 1912,
                                                                                               Section 34.12, P. L. and R., authoriisd Febru-
I doubt that e ever thought of that                        Offering                            ary 19, 1953.                        :
tithe money s his own. It just be-               Sabbath, March 10, should mark one                    Atlantic Union Conference Directory
longed to Go< and that was all!               of the largest offerings ever to be re-            South Lancaster, Mass. (Tel. Clinfcn 2133)
                                                                                               L. E. Lenheim..-....—....._.........._.........._.-^.President
   Yes, our     .eckbooks really speak.       ceived in our conference. The fre-               T. R. Gardner....................—...Secretary-Treasurer
What does y r checkbook say about             quency of tornadoes, floods, hurricanes,         F. R. Aldridge............-.-.-...................._...._Auditor
                                                                                               V. W. Beoker........__....Educ., M.V., Tsinperance,
you?—Selects                                  etc., speak to us in no uncertain terms.                                       War Service Gwttmission
                                                                                               L. E. Esteb.......-........Home Miss., S.S.,.todustrial
                                                 When disaster strikes, whether it be                           and Press Relations, rtrfal Living
   Knowledge jis a treasure but practice      in our conference, in the union, or              L. E. Lenheim—....—...—-Religious Liberty, Radio
                                                                                               C. H. Smith ..........................................-..^Publishing
is the key to ii—THOMAS FULLER.               away in some remote part of the earth,
                                     ATLANTIC             UNION         GLEANER

                                           booklets sent out during the effort.
                                           (Last year the Swedish churches sup-                      New York
                                           ported over 700 subscriptions; this year            H. J. CAPMAN. President
                                                                                            R. G. BURCBFIELD, Sec.-Treas.
                                           the list will exceed 1,000.)                             Telephone 9-5649
                                              The meetings in Carnegie Hall           Box 1285     528 Oak St.       Syracuse, N.Y.
                                           closed Sunday, December 18, 1955. On
                                           the preceding day, Sabbath, an im-
                                           pressive baptismal ceremony was con-          Book and Bible House Notes
                                           ducted in the New York Swedish               • Last week we announced plans for Book-
                                                                                       stand appointments in connection with special
                                           church when eight persons took their       Christian Home Day programs in various dis-
                                           stand for Christ.                           tricts. Since that time one more has been
                                              During 1955 the Swedish churches         arranged for the Buffalo district on Sabbath,
                                           reached all their financial goals, turn-   February 18. The regular Sabbath school and
                                                                                       sermon hours in the morning will be fol-
                                           ing in more than $35,000 in tithes and     lowed by an afternoon panel discussion, and
                                           offerings for the support of our world      the Bookstand will open at sundown. This
                                           work. In the business meetings of the      will give the members another opportunity
                                           church, the members laid larger plans       to secure our fine literature at special "church
                                           for progress in 1956 and asked God's       sale" discounts. We suggest that you reread
                                                                                      last week's announcement concerning items
                                           help to carry these through, realizing     planned for the display and the invitation
                                           that all blessings come from Him.          to request special orders to be delivered at the
                                                                   V. A. LIDNER       Bookstand.
     The Spanish Missionary Volunteers                                                 • The special rate on Signs of the Times is
  accept the challenge of sharing their                                               now in effect, and soon we will have sub-
  faith by the Torch Ceremony at the                                                  scriptions pouring in by the hundreds and
; Spanish Youth Rally held a number of                  News Notes                    thousands. Year after year those who get
; weeks ago in the Spanish Prospect                                                   their lists in late in the Crusade period find
  Avenue church. Left to right: Elder          Welcome. We are happy to welcome
                                                                                      that their subscriptions are delayed in enter-
  Manuel Lopez, pastor of the Spanish       Brother and Sister Paul A. Bernet and     ing. May we suggest that you get yours in
  Bronx church; Benjamin Rivera, Span-      their two daughters, Linda Mae and        early this year and get ahead of this unavoid-
  ish Bronx M.V. leader; and Elder Lee      Joyce Louise, to the Greater New York     able delay. The rates are the same as last
  Taylor, Greater New York Conference       Conference. Brother Bernet conies to      year, as follows:
  M.V. Department secretary.                                                          Single subscriptions, 1 year                $1.70
                                            us from the East Pennsylvania Con-            All countries except U.S. and Canada 2.35
                                            ference and will serve as Publishing      5 or more to one address, each               1.60
          Swedish District                  Department secretary of the Greater           All countries except U.S. and Canada 1.85
    The Swedish churches in co-opera-       New York Conference. He is devoted         • Correction. The new price of the Deluxe
                                            to the cause of literature evangelism,    Home Bible Projector Set as announced in the
 tion with the Greater New York Con-                                                  January 16 GLEANER should have been $298.50
 ference carried on a successful evan-      and we are sure that with his strong      instead of $289.50.
 gelistic campaign, holding Sunday aft-     leadership and devotion to the cause,             New York Book and Bible House
 ernoon meetings in Carnegie Hall dur-      we will see an upsurge in the distri-                       P.O. Box 1285
                                            bution of our message-filled literature                Syracuse 1, New York
 ing the final quarter of 1955. We
greatly appreciated the loan of Elder       in the homes of Greater New York.
 G. H. Nelson from the Illinois Con-       Brother Bernet will be visiting the                          Caroling
ference to lead out in this Swedish-       various churches in our field, and we         We are very glad to report that the
 language effort.                          know that you will want to make his        caroling program in our churches has
    Providence opened unusual doors of     acquaintance and give him the names        been very successful under the blessing
entrance into thousands of Swedish         of any you know to be interested.          of the Lord. We have two churches
homes. We also initiated "The Voice of        Godspeed. Brother and Sister Leon-      and one company that have already
Hope," a Swedish-language radio pro-       ard Tessier, who for the past several      reached their 1956 Minuteman goals—
gram, on the air each Sabbath, 8:30-       years have labored in the Greater New      Niagara Falls, Vienna, and Ellisburg.
9:00 a.m., on Station WEVD, which          York Conference, have responded to         In fact, our small company of be-
reaches an area of forty miles radius      the call of the General Conference for     lievers at Ellisburg have a large over-
around New York City. In carrying          mission service in East Pakistan in the    flow. They have raised a little over an
on the radio work alone since Elder        Southern Asia Division. We are sorry       average of four Minuteman goals per
Nelson's return to Chicago, we have        to lose them from our working force;       member. This is the first time that
had a very encouraging listener re-        however, we believe they will be able      caroling work, to our knowledge, has
sponse. Broadcasting is expensive, but     to accomplish a good work for God          been carried on in some areas. Vienna
God has provided the necessary funds       in their new field of labor. Brother       and Niagara Falls went over their
week by week, and we shall continue        Tessier has served as pastor-teacher and   respective goals with flying colors. We
to go forward in faith. "Hitherto hath     principal of our Bronx Community           say congratulations to the pastors, mis-
the Lord blessed."                         School. In a special service conducted     sionary leaders, and all those who had
   Literally hundreds attended the Sun-    at the Manhattan church Sabbath, Jan-      any part in helping to reach or surpass
day afternoon services, and hundreds of    uary 21, Brother Tessier was ordained      their Ingathering goals. A number of
names were secured for follow-up lit-      to the gospel ministry. We wished for      other churches did outstandingly well.
erature work with the Swedish mis-         Elder and Mrs. Tessier and their two       We are most grateful to each one who
sionary journal, Sions Vaktare, in addi-   children God's richest blessings as they   in any way took part in the caroling
tion to the various Swedish tracts and     sailed January 28 for Southern Asia.       program.              V. A.
                                        ATLANTIC             UNION           GLEANER

       Rochester Evangelism                   channel 10, Sunday at 11:30 a.m. Illus-      financially giving over $2,000, besides
   "Coming World Events" shown in             trating the television sermon by using       their time and talent. A substantial,
                                              charts, pictures, slides, motion pictures,   budget has been provided by thf con-
"glowing colorai .a." was presented to
                                              and pantomimes by church members,            ference and the churches are pfifing
one thousand in srested people at the
                                              Pastor Tucker has presented such Bi-         for a rich reward in souls.
Rochester Masoi c Auditorium, Janu-
                                              ble truths as "Is There Life After              Those having loved ones or friends
ary 22 at 4:00 p.i .., by Evangelist L. E.
                                              Death?" "The Three Angels' Mes-              in the Rochester area are urged ti) send
Tucker. In this Srst program of the
                                              sages" "Signs of Christ's Coming,"           a letter inviting them to attend the
March of Trut Auditorium series,
                                              "The Gospel Bridge," and many other          meetings each Sunday afternooa at 4
gospel songs wi •e sung from words
                                              Bible doctrines.                             o'clock at the Masonic Auditoriittn.
projected on the screen, a motion pic-
                                                 Others assisting in the weekly tele-                             JERRY
ture was shown describing this atomic
age, and "blac         light" illustrations   vision program include Mrs. Alma
were effectively used to captivate in-        Tucker, soloist; Miss Josephine Hag-
terest in this in jortant Bible subject.      berg, organist; and Jerry Lastine, an-                 Northeastern
                                                                                                  H. D. SINGI.ETON, President
   Assisting in t lis Greater Rochester       nouncer. Mrs. Frank Shull has given                 V. L. ROBERTS, Sec.-Treas.
                                              of her time each week to type the TV                 Telephone, ATJdubon 6-0233
evangelistic proj •am are Jerry Lastine,                                                   560 W. 150th St.       . New York «, N.Y.
associate pastor Mrs. Alice Langlois,         scripts; Mrs. Edna Gutfrucht corrects
Bible instructor; and a group of faith-       and returns the Home Bible Course
ful laymen as us ers, greeters, platform      lessons; Mrs. Marjorie Longworth has         Northeastern's Baptisms foe 1955
assistants, projec or operators, and vis-     spent many hours in secretarial work;           We rejoice in the fact that every
itors.                                        and many other church members have           church in the Northeastern Conference
   From a surve made at the opening           faithfully given of their time helping       shared in the 337 persons baptized
meeting, the m( t effective methods of        to make the television program a suc-        during 1955. This total is the largest
advertising pro\ d to be the television       cess.                                        in the history of the conference. ISelow
program, the j :rsonal invitations by            Valuable assistance was provided the      are the churches and the number bap-
church member . and the formal cards          Rochester Evangelistic Crusade when          tized for each one:
and tickets mai                               Miss Louise C. Kleuser, associate secre-             Church                   No. Baptized
   These Sunday afternoon public meet-        tary of the Ministerial Department of              Boston                          3
                                              the General Conference, instructed over            Bridgeport                      6
ings are an outg owth of a concentrated                                                          Bronx                           9
audio-visual pro ram of Adventist mes-        30 laymen in methods, topics, and pro-             Brooklyn:
sages through adio and television in          cedures for soul-winning Bible studies.                Bethel                     33
Rochester. A       :ekly thirty-minute ra-    Miss Kleuser's seven nightly studies                   Brownsville                 7
                                              included demonstrations, personal ex-                  Christian Fellowship        7
dio program previously known as "The                                                                 Mount of Olives            28
Adventist Houl"' and renamed "The             periences, factual material, and tried             Buffalo                        17
March of Tru h" carries the gospel            and proven Bible studies. From her                 Ellenville                      3
news to the 1 tening public Sunday            week-long stay in Rochester, many lay-             Gordon Heights                 18
                                              men were urged to assist in the evange-            Hartford                       13
mornings at 10 urn. on station WVET,                                                             Mount Vernon                    6
1280 kc.                                      lism work and are beginning to put                 New Haven                       4
   On October 2, 1955, the first in a         their knowledge to work for the Lord.              New Rochelle                    6
series of live, 3 -minute television pro-        Much credit for the .success of the             New York:
                                              Rochester evangelism program is due                    City Tabernacle            24
grams known is the March of Truth                                                                    Ephesus                   111
was presented ver station WVET-TV,            the members of the churches who are                Nyack                           7
                                                                                                 Rochester                      11
                                                                                                 St. Albans                      6
                                                                                                 Syracuse                       10
                                                                                                 Springfield                     1
                                                                                                 White Plains                    7

                                                                                                  Total                  337
                                                                                             We are trusting that every church's
                                                                                           aim is to increase the membeirship by
                                                                                           25 per cent during 1956, as the all-out
                                                                                           program for evangelism is launched.
                                                                                           Let us pray earnestly and wctk hard.
                                                                                                   H. D. SINGLETON, President
                                                                                                        News Notes
                                                                                             Mount Vernon. We are happy to
                                                                                           announce the birth of a male child to
                                                                                           Pastor and Mrs. Alvin Goulfcourne.
                                                                                           This bundle of joy arrived Monday
                                                                                           night, January 9. Pastor Gouibourne's
                                                                                           son was named for him.
   "The Man i of Truth" television group. Josephine Hagbefg, organist; Jerry
Lastine, annc incer Alma Tucker, soloist; and L. E. Tucker, director and                     Correction. In the January 23 issue
speaker. Heai every Sunday, 11:30 a.m. Channel 10.                                         of the GLEANER, an article: entitled
                                          ATLANTIC              UNION           GLEANER

  'Junior Instruction Class" appeared. I                                                       we stand and divided we fall" is very
  vould like to make the correction in                                                         true. In unity there is wisdom and
  he name. Pastor S. A. Hutchins, as-                COLPORTEUR RALLY                          strength which we need in order to
  ;istant pastor at Ephesus, conducted                  Auburn, Maine                          make satisfactory progress in the edu-
 this Junior Instruction Class instead of                                                      cational work. Uphold the hands of
 Elder R. T. Hudson. We are sorry for                                                          your teachers and there will be better
 :his error.—ELEANOR THOMPSON.
                                                         February 17 and 18                    teaching and better teachers.
                                                   First meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.                                 MILLIE URBISH
                                                                                                             Elementary Supervisor
   Northern New England                                  All Are Welcome
           R. W. MOORE, President                                                                            Spot News
       P. I. NOSWOBTHY, Sec.-Treas.                                                            • At the meeting of the Conference
           Telephone SPrnce 4-3611
 Box 1340   426 Forest Ave.   Portland, Maine                                                  Publishing Committee January 23, the
                                                                                               following people were accepted as
                                                  Southern New England                         colporteur-evangelists in the Southern
      Important Announcement                             MERLE MILLS, President
                                                        J. D. WOODIN, Sec.-Treas.              New England Conference: Mrs. James
      After careful consideration of all                   Telephone Clinton 255               T. Collins of Cheshire, Conn.; John M.
                                                Sooth Lancaster                Massachusetts
   factors involved, the Northern New                                                          Grout of South Lancaster, Mass.; and
   England Conference has decided to                                                           Rolfe B. Mitchell, Jr., of Fairfield?
   separate the business session and our                                                       Conn.
   annual regional meeting. This plan has           Who Makes the Teacher?
   worked successfully for other confer-           It has often been said that teachers
   ences in the past. iOur biennial session,     are born and not made. There are                    Open House at Greater
   at which time conference officers are         just as many who hold the opposite                     Boston Mission
   elected and conference business is trans-     viewpoint, that teachers are made and
                                                                                                    Date—February 11.
   acted, will be held May 6 and 7. The         not born.                                           Time—6:00, 6:30, 7:30 p.m.
   first meeting will convene at 7:30 on           Who makes the teacher? His own                   All members in the Greater
; Sunday night, May 6, and business             determination, college training and in-           Boston area are invited.
i will be transacted on Monday, May 7,          fluence, and his own professional                   Special music, short program,
                                                growth contribute much, but in a large            and refreshments.
j until completed. The place will be an-                                                                         C. P. Anderson
  nounced soon through the medium of            measure it is the school board, par-                          Secretary, Greater
  the GLEANER.                                  ents, and the home church who make                               Boston Mission
      The first regional meeting will be        the teacher what he is. President Eisen-
  in the western section of our confer-         hower in his January 16 message to
  ence, June 15 and 16, and the regional        Congress said, "Good teachers do not                     A New Member
  meeting in Maine over the week end            just happen. They are the product of              In August of 1954 Mr. Julian F.
  of June 22 and 23. The places where           the highest personal motivation, en-            Nicholson was asked by his doctor to
  these meetings are to be held will be         couraged and helped in their work by           go to the New England Sanitarium and
  announced later. We have outgrown             adequate salaries and the respect, sup-                            Hospital to under-
  the church in Lewiston, Maine, where          port, and good-will of their neighbors.                            go an operation.
  the services have been conducted for          The quality of American teaching has                               Because of the "No
  the past few years. It has been: dis-         never been better. But the rewards for                             Smoking" rule and
  appointing to many to come to these           too many teachers are not commen-                                  the idea that Ad-
  services, only to find the church filled      surate with their work and their role                              ventists were rather
  to capacity, with no seats available.         in American life."                                                 odd individuals, he
  We do not believe that this condition            Our church school teachers are do-                              very reluctantly
  is conducive to the best spiritual welfare    ing a great work here in the Southern                              submitted to the
  of our members. Our objective is to           New England Conference. They can                                   doctor's request.
  find a suitable building that will be         be encouraged or discouraged by their           J. F. Nicholson      After a . successful
  adequate to seat in comfort all who           churches, and can be made or broken                                operationMr.
  choose to come. We hope that the              by the same. They so need the support          Nicholson was deeply impressed by the
  attendance at these meetings will con-        and co-operation of the school board           thoughtful and loving care given to
  tinue to increase from year to year as        and the parents. The old saying "united        him by the Christian nurses, and as a
  it has in the past.                                                                          result wanted to know the basis of the
      We invite you to begin planning for                                                      Adventist faith. He soon purchased a
                                                    We are very anxious to have                Bible and read it completely through
  these important services and watch the          Faith for Today on station
  GLEANER for future announcements.               WHNC-TV, New Haven, Conn.,                   in a few months. Bible studies were
                                                  We want all of our members in                conducted in his home by the chaplain
                      ROSCOE W. MOORE             Connecticut and others who can               and on November 12, 1955, he fol-
                                                  pick up this station, to write to            lowed the example of Jesus and was
  Sum up at night what thou has                   the station manager requesting               baptized in the New England Sani-
                                                  that he put on the Faith for To-
done by day, and in the morning what              day program. You do not have                 tarium church. Mr. Nicholson is the
thou hast to do; dress and undress thy            to mention that you are a Sev-               Traffic Bureau- Chief for the Associ-
soul; mark the decay or growth of it.             enth-day Adventist.                          ated Press in the New England area.
—HERBERT.                                                                                                         WILLIS C. GRAVES
                                              ATLANTIC                  UNION               GLEANER

     ADVER' 1SEMENTS                                            LITERATURE                                  EVANGELISTS
  An advertisemen        should be sent, tocetker                                C. H. SMITH, Publishing Department Secretary
with payment, to        ir local conference office
for approval by       . president or secretary-                                         Atlantic Union Conference
treasurer. The ra      is Jl.OO for each insertion
of forty words or           and if for each addl-
tonal word. Chec
              Che      or money order should be
Bade payable to       tlantlc Union Gleaner or
Atlantic Union Co      'erence.    Advertisements
appearinc in the G:   EANEB are printed wnt-                                        Report for Week Ended January 21, 19S6
>m ** endorsement        recommendatlon of the
Atlantic Union Co
                                                                 GREATER NEW YORK                             Smith, R.               10      13   50        6   00
                                                              P. A. Bernet, Pub. Dept. Sec.                   Parraway, H.            10      15   00       15   00
                                                                 Hazel B. Potash, Asst.                       Johnson, A.              8      33   00       33   00
  THE HELPING          HAND (formerly BBA)           Colporteur             Hours Orders          Del.        Daly, A.                 7       5   00        6   00
operates a low-cos     burial assistance plan for    J. Sosa                  4»   344 30         57   60   - Abrams, M.               5       7   25        7   25
Seventh-day Adve       sts and their immediate       G. J. Sohulz             41   108 00        108   00     Curtiss, C. C.           4      10   00       10   00
                                                     A. Potash                40   108 75        101   00     Sutherland, M.           2       5   00        5   00
families. Pays        h benefits up to $600.         B. Pfister               30    70 00         70   00     Morgan. T.               2       5   50        5   50
Write today for       1 information. Age limit       M. Rosenberg             29    44 75         46   75     Franklin, J.             2       5   00        5   00
69. Address: The      lelping Hand, Box 7171,        K. Hess                  20    31 25         31   2B     Ryan, Edna               1       7   75        7   50
                                                     Bro. and Sr. Murray      29    36 00         36   00    Brummell, J.             23      62   BO       37   50
Orlando, Florida.                                    M. Tirado                13    61 50         67   00    Justice, A.              18      82   75       79   50
                                                     M. Fickett                9    97 35          B   85
                                                     F. Peterfreund            9    22 25         16   50      37 Reports            732    1436 82       1476 40
  WANTED—Ma           ed or single man for           F. Sanchez                9                  43   50
general work on       iry farm. Have a three-        F. West                   9    11 25         11   25            NORTHERN NEW ENGIAND
                                                     Sp. Valley Ch. Sch.      20    35 00         35   00           George Peterson, Pub. Dept. Sec.
room heated, furn     led or unfurnished apart-      Wash. Ave. Ch.           15    13 00         13   00    Macomber, Earle          40   266 50           41 00
ment. Please state    e, health, experience, and     Woodside Ch. Aux.        10    12 00         12   00    Holton, Roger            35   117 65          141 45
wages expected, ii    irst letter. Wallace Hlsley,   Sp. Intervale                  40 00         40   00    Pelton, Bernard          34   266 50          138 00
Randolph, Vermon                                                                                             Moore, Terrence          34   208 25           46   00
                                                       16 Reports             322     1035 40    684 70      Lombard, Carrol          33   303 60          137   75
                                                                                                             Colburn, H. B.           32    29 00           82   75
                                                                        NEW YORK                             Sherman, Oscar           32    36 25           IB   80
   FOR QUICK R        LIEF from misery due to                  Clark Dilts. Pub. Dept. Sec.                  Sherman, Oscar           10    13 BO           21   00
colds, asthma, an<     sinus, use INHALO, the        Cummings, P.              38   180 25       180   25    Hill, Tauno              22    83 25            9   75
most convenient       ay of providing menthol        Mills, M.                 35    97 10        97   10    Stafford, Harvey          7    IB 00           15   00
                                                     Brandstatter, E.          33   181 4B       156   95    Gray, Ellen               6      B4   00        4   60
inhalation. No        ed of vaporizer, greasy        Schlist, E.               32    75 25        75   25    LeBrun, Valma             4      10   75
utensils, or burn        Satisfaction guaranteed,    White. C. W.              32    52 25        52   25    Fernald, Charlotte                5   75        5 75
Send 25 cents for      ne packet or $1.00 for 5      Peasley, M.               27   184 50       184   60    Kennedy, Merle                    9   50       52 00
                         Laboratories, Box 315,      Doran, M. V.              22      16   25    40   00    Peterson, Valeda                 11   00       11 00
packets to Stanle
                                                     Dow. C.                   18      27   70    36   00
South Lancaster,                                     Brandstatter, M.          17      65   45    65   45      15 Reports            289    1430 50        721 7B
                                                     Smith, D.                 1^      20   50    10   25
                                                     Dow, C.                   12      17   60                        SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND
        REAL ES' ATE FOR SALE                        Burton, E.                 7      43   50    68 00
                                                                                                                     L. A. Pomero •y. Pub. Dept. See.
        South Lan ter and Vicinity                     12 Reports             285     961 80     966 00             L. Bierlien, C. Walkowiak, Assts.
         Tilson L Vincent, Realtor                                                                           W. R. Alger               41    67 25     67        25
           South  ncaster, Mass.                                    NORTHEASTERN                             Elinor M. Carpenter        2      3 75     3        75
                                                                                                             .T. T. Collins            SB    32 90     32        90
                                                              H. D. Warner           Dept. Sec.              Angeline M. Dandurand 3           6 50     6        50
   WANTED---W                                         M. L. Barber, M. L. Morrli son, S . O. Jarneis'        Mildred Fenley            22   366 25    179        45
                         experienced in insti-                    Mrs. G. R. Earfe, , Assts.                 Mary Frattaroli           34    46 90     46        90
tutional dietetic w< c, need not be graduated,       Collins, L.               41       65 00    65 00       Mary Futcher              35   113 85    113        85
Also woman exi :rienced in occupational              Edgecombe, J.             19       25 00    25 00       H. M. King                 4              18        76
therapy to assist \ th this department. Write        Brarawell, M.             18       13 25    24 75       Mae McGann                23    92 25 ;   92        25
                                                     Hughes, E. T.             47      108 00    75 76       R. D. McGann             B2     150   75      217   25
Box I, c/o GLEAN:                                    Nelson, S.                27      117 25    33 50       Edythe Mansfield         14      97   50       97   50
                                                     Scatliffe, J.             17       39 50    39 50       Miscellaneous                   184   70 ,    821   70
   ORDER NOW          bOIL SAVER ORGANIC             Erskine, R.               1*       27 BO    27 50       F. W. Nieb               11     187   50       23   75
                                                     Johnson, R.                        15 25    25 90       F. B. Odell              29     146   25      123   75
PLANT FOOD. "V         1 not burn. Contains 6ver     Andre, B.                 84               186 25       Evelyn A. Rasmussein      6      18   50       19   50
20 minerals. Exc       ent for gardens, lawns,       Shepard, B. M. C.         40       32 00    32 00       Agnes Rubenwolf          26      65   75       81   50
flowers and trees,    upply limited. One 5Q-lb.      Harrison, E,              3S       53 25    53 26       L. J. Shanley             3       9   85        9   85
                                                     Gates, E.                 38       69 00    78 75       Rita L. Slack             5      52   00       52   00
bag $5.29; two         gs $7.98. Prices include      Bethel Aux.               39      141 25   141 25       H. A. Thomas             42     321   20      321   20
                      ure. Please no C.O.D.'s.       Knight, V.                         75 00    75 00       Edith TVaters            18      62   55      •62   55
freight. Fre* liter                                                            36
Soil Saver Service,   awlet, Vermont.                Hunt, M.                  30       41 45    41 45       Sally Weiss              26      60   10       60   10
                                                     Wrlght, L.                25       88 00    88 00       Edna S. Whitehead         1      10   00       10   00
                                                     Chapman, G. L.            25       17 25    17 25       Lois Whitesell           29      29   75       29   75
                                                     Swain, B.                 28       22 55    22 55       Li. M. Winslow            9      52   50       20   00
   ATTENTION I ORCAS SOCIETY LEAD-                   Armstead, J.              24       44 25    38 50       Bert Woods               37     141   76      141   75
                                                                               18       no 65    19 50
ERS—Nes-Pak Fc s has a favorite project              Buckner, C.               16

                                                                                        47 75    47 75         25 Reports            507    2320 30       2153 75
plan we would Ii    to explain to you. You           Young, E.                 14       22 00    19 00
can make extra m ey for your church needs,           Williams, B.              13       70 25    48 00       Union Totals           Hours    Orders         Del.
For information v te today to the Nes-Pak            Knight, C.                13                   00
                                                     Alleyne, E.               IS       19 45     6 50         105 Reports          2135    7184 82       6002 60
Foods Company, I ., 95 Bridge Street, Low-
ell, Mass.
                                                        WANTED—Nurse for nice nursing home,                     SPECIAL OFFER TO CHUROH1S—Send
                                                     R.N. graduate, or L.P.N., for permanent posi-           your worn hymnals to the College JjJindery
  WANTED—Gei al worker in nursing                    tion. Will consider married couple. Write Box-          for rebinding at the low price of $1.25 each.
home, will consu r married couple. Write             wood Manor, Yarmoutbpart, Mass.                         We will stamp your church name free on all
Boxwood Manor, ^ rmouthport, Mass.                                                                           hymnals in lots of ten or more sent IB before
                                                        THE LOMA LINDA FOOD COMPANY,                         March 30, 1956. College Bindery, South Lan-
                                                     Eastern Division, a denominationally-owned              caster, Mass.
   NURSING CAR WANTED—Patient, eon-                  institution, is growing rapidly, and is inter-
fined to wheel ch; , desires nursing care in         ested in receiving names of high calibre men              HOUSEKEEPER WANTED for home, with
Adventist home, j ferably in or near New             interested in the sales field. For information          one adult, near South Lancaster. Desire some-
York City. Contaci Andrew Hart, Sarah Lau-           and application blank write to Loma Linda               one who wishes a home rather tha:
fence College, Bro ville, New York.                  Food Company, Box 388, Mt. Vernon, Ohio.                wages. Write Box M, c/o GLEANER.
                               ATLANTIC             UNION    GLEANER


       Celebrating eighty-two years of soul-win-
       ning service, announces two unsurpassed
       features designed to make your missionary
       subscription investment effective in winning
       your relatives and friends.

 1    SIGNS offers in a yearly subscription through its
768 pages-*THE FLIGHT OF TIME by the editors-a
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events. 'DOCTRINE—personaJJi

                                                            SIGNS is your most
                                                             economical mis-
                                                             sionary investment
                                                             in behalf of your
                                                             friends and rela-,,,,^
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                                                             coming year.       ^:'1

       These steps are taken bythe!      .....,.^massm
in behalf of those for whom you sponsor missionc
subscriptions: *A follow-up letter and direct persor
appeal to (a) enroll in the Bible Correspondent
Course, (b) furnish names and addresses for a com
mentary copy of SIGNS, (c) give their response toj
messages presented in SIGNS. * Letters from sobsc
ers are mailed to ministers for personal conj
'Transcripts of subscriber lists are mailed to mini!
for direct contact as occasion may offer. *An attn
renewal appeal is mailed to each subscriber durir
closing month of the subscription year. 'Every
scriber name is on the prayer list of the publish!

                                         ATLANTIC           UNION          GLEANER

                                                                                                 OFFICIAL NOTICE
                                                                                           Atlantic Union College Corporation
                                                                                            Notice is hereby given that thfc quad
                                                                                         rennial session of the Atlantic?;Uniot
                                                                                         College Corporation is called to con
                                                                                         vene in South Lancaster, Majssachu
                                                                                         setts, in Machlan Auditorium, J"ebru
                                                                                         ary 29, 1956, at 9:30 a.m. The objec
      "King ol Instruments"                 to be reassembled in its place here.         of this meeting is to elect trustees anc
   All but min( : finishing touches are     The installation, calling for the services   to attend to other necessary business
                                            of expert craftsmen, has taken about            The members of this corporatior
completed on he installation of the                                                      consist of the members of the Boarc
new organ in Machlan Auditorium,            a month. Finally the tonal quality is
                                                                                         of Trustees of Atlantic Union College
The organ is b ing tuned and will be        checked by ear. The visible part of          the president, dean, business nianager
ready for the initial playing at the        the organ, the console, has been made        school homes deans, and heads of in-
                                            of blonde hardwood to match the audi-        structional and vocational departments
dedicatory con srt by Virgil Fox on                                                      of Atlantic Union College; the locai
Wednesday, Fe iruary 15.                    torium platform furniture. Eventually
                                                                                         conference educational superintendents,
   The new orj in has a brilliant tonal     the pipes will be concealed, but this is     senior academy principals, local con-
quality and w; s custom designed for        not yet done.                                ference treasurers of the Atlantic
                                              Virgil Fox, whose concert in Worces-       Union Conference of Seventh-day Ad-
Machlan Audi orium by the M. P.                                                          ventists: the medical superintendent
Moller Co., of iagerstown, Md. It has       ter brought the highest praise from
                                            music critics, will play the dedicatory      and the business manager of the New
three manuals or keyboards and 23                                                        England Sanitarium and Hospital; the
ranks, with 11 -nore to be added later,     concert on Wednesday evening, Feb-           members of the executive committee of
Each rank is a set of 61 organ pipes;       ruary 15.                                    the Atlantic Union Conference of Sev-
                                               Tickets for this concert are |1.50        enth-day Adventists, and the members
the organ has a total of 1,403 pipes                                                     of the General Conference Cofamittee
from tiny six- nch tubes with sound         and $1.00. All seats are reserved.           of Seventh-day Adventists in attend-
chambers one- .alf inch long to large                                                    ance at any meeting of this corpora-
diapason pipes eight feet long and six           President Stump Returns                 tion.       L. E. Lenheim, President
                                                                                                        L. M. Stump, Secretary
inches across. ' here are 34 pistons con-      President L. M. Stump was wel-
trolling the v rious organ stops for        comed back to the campus after an
different effect                            absence of several weeks. Dr. Stump          active in various devotional and recre-
   Pipes are rr de of metals or wood        visited three of our colleges and a          ational phases of life at A.U.C. She
according to t e tonal quality desired.     number of the academies.                     was most helpful in the Master Guide
There are br;      pipes with reed-like        On the return trip the landing gear       program and instructor for the large
tones, pipes oi tin and lead for string-    of the plane failed to come down as          class in denominational history for
like tones, wo den pipes for flute-like     the plane was coming in for its sched-       those qualifying to be Master, Guides.
tones, and oti :r pipes of various ma-      uled landing at Omaha. The pilot                The prayers of faculty ana fellow
terials. There are miles of wires, as       circled over the field for more than         students go with her to her field of
well as quant: ies of connecting mate-      a half hour and then prepared to             labor.
rials, support: and electrical equip-       make a crash landing. The passengers
ment.                                       and stewardess, strapped in the rear
   Actually the organ is the equivalent     of the plane, were padded with all the
                                                                                                    New Students
of four instr ments—the pedals, the         available pillows and instructed to put        Dormitory deans have been busy
choir organ, t le great organ, and the      their heads down for the crash. Ambu-        welcoming new students to Atlantic
swell. The or an was built at the fac-      lances and fire equipment were stand-        Union College for the second semester
tory according to the specifications ar-    ing by on the air field. Providentially,     which started last week.
rived at from study of the auditorium       just before touching the ground, the            Miss Durning has a number of new
itself, then th whole was taken apart       landing gear came down and the plane         girls, including: Coralee Johnson,
                                            landed safely. We thank God for His          Gloria Zelnick, Madeline Spangler,
                                            providences in caring for His workers.       Cynthia Chapman, Rachel Vasquez,
                  The                                                                    Nylda Astacio, Zeda Boyd, Daisy Beck,
      Atlan      Union College                                                           Viola Shakes, Hazel Plummer, and
                                                   K.N.E. Mission Gift                   Aurora Clark.
                     Series                   Miss Edith Davis, graduate student            Dean Nicholas Klim has the follow-
                presents                    in Education, left Preston Hall this         ing men starting the new semester:
                                            week, and will return in a few months        William Brady, Ruben Hcmandez,
                he Famous                   to her post of duty as a missionary in       Homer Nutt, Guillermo Parsons, Jose
         Bosim University                   Lebanon. The women of Kappa Nu               Siry, Coleville Jones, Clarence Nemb-
         Symphonic Band                     Epsilon presented her with $100 for          hardt, Harold Britten, Kenneth Sam-
      Lee Clirisman, Conductor              the new elementary school in Lebanon,        uels, and George Guillen.
                                            where Miss Davis is to be supervisor.
      Mach an Auditorium                    The gift for the mission was accompa-
   Saturday Feb. 18, 8:15 p.m.              nied by a gift in appreciation to Miss          Most arts require long study and
                Admission                   Davis herself.                               application; but the most useful art of
   Adult $.7;               Child $.40        In addition to doing excellent work        all, that of pleasing, requires only the
                                            in her studies, Miss Davis has been          desire.—LORD CHESTERFIELD.

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