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									Third-Order Nanotechnologies, Inc. Investor Presentation December 2007

Forward-Looking Statements

Third-Order Nanotechnologies, Inc.

“Third-Order believes that its electro-optic polymer is a platform technology that could hold the same position for photonics that silicon holds for electronics.”
-Hal Bennett, CEO

2000: NRO funds “Black Box” materials development 2002: DARPA funds basic materials development 2004: Company reverse merges into public shell 2005: Technology verified by University of Arizona 2006: Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Of The Year

Photonic Chips, The Next Wave

Te ra flo



Silicon Chips

Photonic Chips

Quantum Chips




Pe ta flo

p flo ga



Our Technology

Third-Order’s ring locked perkinamine molecule is a radical departure from the CLD (Cheng-Larry Dalton) approach that has been pursued for over half a century. Third-Order’s dual bond perkinamine chemistry solves the stability problem by creating a stronger structure than the single bonded CLD approach.

Sequential Unfolding of Products

High Speed Modulator

Optical Internet Chips



The Killer App

High Speed Modulator
Increasing demand for high speed modulators is not being met by current Lithium Niobate technology We intend to offer polymer modulator chips Total modulator market predicted to be 2.65B by 2014 (Triple Play Communications)
Annualized revenue to Third-Order is anticipated to be $250M by 2014

All-Optical Internet
Provides a thousand-fold increase in bandwidth at one tenth the cost of current approaches We intend to offer HD WDM and Optical Router photonic chips We estimate all-optical Internet equipment market to grow to $30B/year
Potential annualized revenue to Third-Order of $5B

All-Optical Internet (cont’d)

Internet 2.0 “Today’s” Internet
World Wide Web Music-On-Demand Internet Telephony

Internet 3.0 – The Next Generation
“The All-Optical Internet”
HD Videoconferencing HD Video-On-Demand Virtual Reality Games

Military/Homeland Securtiy
Advanced pattern recognition capabilities
Terrorist identification Friend or foe recognition Smart weapons target recognition Advanced optical encryption

We intend to offer optical computing photonic chips
Potential annualized revenue to Third-Order of $4B


Higher quality, lower power and lower manufacturing than LCDs Applications include cell phones, laptops, desktop computers, HDTV and automotive We intend to offer display architectures and materials LCDs are currently a $63B market Potential annualized revenue to Third-Order of $6B

The Killer App

At the time Intel was founded they were focused on producing memory chips, they did not anticipate that they would create and dominate the microprocessor business.
“We don’t know what the killer app for this technology is…”

- Terry Turpin

Intellectual Property
Five Patent Applications Covering Molecular/Material Designs Applied For Worldwide.
Tricyclic Spacer Systems For Nonlinear Optical Devices Anti-Aromatic Chromophore Architectures Heterocyclical Anti-Aromatic Chromophore Architectures Heterocyclical Chromophore Architectures Heterocyclical Chromophore Architectures with Novel Electronic Acceptor Systems

And, applications covering specific uses in process.

2007 Major Technological Materials Breakthrough June 2006 Hired New Mgmt. Team March 2007 Find - Chemical Spacer System May 2007 Anticipated Demo of Prototype Modulator Early Q2 2008


Management & Scientific Team
Hal Bennett : CEO
Mr. Bennett has acted as a corporate restructuring advisor for many corporations, including DuPont, Silicon Graphics, 3M and Sun Microsystems.

Frederick Goetz : CSO
The driving force behind many of the technical advancements of Third-Order, Frederick Goetz, Jr. is the company’s expert in quantum mechanical modeling and molecular design.

Dr. David Eaton : CTO
Dr. Eaton spent thirty years with DuPont where he worked in research & development, research & development management and business leadership positions. He spearheaded DuPont’s entry into polymer-based components for fiber optic telecommunication by founding DuPont Photonics Technology.

Terry Turpin : Technical Advisor
Terry Turpin is the CTO of Northrop/Essex Corporation and has thirty years experience in the development and production of optical computers for the NSA.

Dan DiLeo : Technology & Market Advisor
Mr. DiLeo was Executive Vice President at Agere Systems and President COO of Optpelectronics at Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group. He led an Agere Systems team through its investor presentations and IPO.

Photon-X : Manufacturing Partner
Photon-X, LLC, is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of advanced photonic devices for optical communications, biomedical sensors, RF/military applications and other emerging commercial markets.


After fifty years of competitive approaches, Third-Order’s materials breakthrough is the first suitable for making commercially viable photonic chips - has potential to be the “silicon” of photonics. Scientists at the University of Arizona have confirmed that under identical laboratory conditions, one of the company’s recent molecular designs outperformed one of the industry’s highest performance electro-optic systems by a factor as high as 650% Demo of prototype polymer modulator anticipated in early Q2, 2008 First products target the high speed optical modulator market, projected to generate $250M revenue by 2014 Top-tier management team in the electro-optic polymer sector

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