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									                BEATTIE SCHOOL OF THE
                           MCGILL CAMPUS (K-7)                                JP CAMPUS (8-12)
                     492 McGill Rd, Kamloops BC V2C 1M3              1390 9th Ave, Kamloops BC V2C 3X5
                       250-374-0608 FAX 250-377-2242                  250-374-3200 FAX 250-377-2245

December 2011 Newsletter                                             Web site: <http://beattie.sd73.bc.ca/>
                                                                                  MARK YOUR CALENDARS
   Principal’s Message                                                    DECEMBER
                                                                          5 - Non Instructional Day
   Like the poet James S. Tippett, “I like the woods in autumn when       8 - Winter Celebration of Music, Calvary
   dry leaves hide the ground, when the trees are bare and the wind       Community Church at 1:00 PM
   sweeps by with a lonesome rushing sound”. All of us, I am sure         Winter Break
   are getting ready to settle in for winter, but we’ve also been very    December 19 – January 2
   busy in our classrooms. One of Beattie’s highlights occurred on        JANUARY
   November 10 as both campuses converged at McGill to pay                 3 - School Begins
   tribute to Remembrance Day. All 450 of us plus a number of             FEBRUARY
   parents spent an hour witnessing students express their                24 - Non Instructional Day
   understanding of this day through music, art, drama and dance.         15 Parent/Teacher Interviews–Early Closure
   As I expressed at the end of the assembly, I was awed by their         @ 12:20 (Secondary)
   collective effort and grateful that I am able to work with such a      SPRING BREAK
   talented and creative group of students and staff.                     March 19 – March 23

   Vice Principal’s Message                                               29 – Early Dismissal
   Our students inspire me to be a better administrator and human
   being on a daily basis! Their collective enthusiasm and warmth and willingness to be a genuine part of the
   Beattie ‘community’ often has me in awe. Our Remembrance Day assembly, which was a blend of
   performances from both our elementary and secondary students was a perfect example of our students
   striving to show compassion and consideration together in a highly respectful manner. Well done, students!
   I’m happy to report that we are sailing through November with flying colours and look forward to the festive
   ahead! Please make sure to join us for our upcoming musical performances!

   We are approaching the time when parents would normally receive report cards. This issue has been
   brought before the Labour Relations Board. During this phase of job action, it has been ruled that teachers
   are not required to do report cards. If you require updates on your child’s progress, please either call the
   office to set up an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher or email them directly using their school
   district address. (first initial and last name @sd73.bc.ca For example: cwickes@sd73.bc.ca)

   We are online with our newsletter. Not only do you have access to the newsletter on our website,
   but we are emailing out the newsletter to all parents. We have most emails from the verification
   forms that were sent out in early September, but circumstances change, so will your emails. To
   keep us updated, please email us any changes to beattie-office@sd73.bc.ca . If you do not get the
   newsletter emailed to you, that means we do not have your email address. Please advise us.

           You can now email early in the morning or on the weekend if your child will be away from school
           for sickness, late for appointments etc. Save this email on your iphone or email inbox to have
handy when you need to let us know your child(ren) will not be at school. All I need to know is your child’s
name and the child’s teacher’s name and the date they will be away. You can still phone the school, but here
is another convenient option.

Choral Concert
Our ‘Winter Celebration of Music’ concert will take place at the Calvary Church at 1:00 pm on
Thursday, December 8th. Please watch for permission slips that will soon be coming home as all of
our students will be travelling by bus earlier in the day in preparation for the performance. We
hope that you will all join us for this wonderful musical feast for our ears. The PAC has arranged
for a videotaping of the event and DVD’s will be available for purchase afterwards.

Shelley is reminding everyone who is on the Meals Program to get their meals form in on TIME.
She will accept them anytime during any given month, but to help her out with the shopping, please
be on time with the forms. And to even help you out more, you can go to Shelley’s website and
print one off from there. http://www3.telus.net/lunchlady

                                   SD73 Battle of the Books is fast approaching! Battle of the Books is a
                                   reading motivation program which encourages reading fiction books from a
                                   variety of genres. Teacher-librarians select a list of quality books for grades
                                   three, four, five, six and seven to read and discuss. In the zone and district
                                   battles, students compete in teams of three to correctly answer questions
                                   about the books. The questions used all begin with “in what book…” so that
                                   the answer will always be the title of the book.

                                   We hope that Beattie will have much success at the Battle of the
                                   Books this year.
                                   The reading lists for Grades 3/4, Grade 5, and Grade 6/7 are in the
                                   Start reading now to be ready in January!

Student Pick-up After School
During the chilly winter weather, parents are invited to do their waiting and visiting with each other in the front
                   hall and library prior to after school pick up time. We encourage you to get together and
                   we’d like you to read all of the upcoming events on the overhead TV screen! Although we
                   love having parents in our building, the halls get quite congested and very noisy with
conversations. Our teachers need the halls to be quiet so that they can complete their end of the day
activities with their classes and get students ready for dismissal. Also, the primary end door has three
classes of students waiting to be dismissed plus a class of larger intermediate students leaving from the
dance studio, so it is very hectic at that end! Primary students in Ms. Schleppe’s, Ms. Kawa’s and Ms.
Wood’s classes will be dismissed outside at the lower ‘primary’ door at the front of the school and parents
can walk around at the dismissal bell and pick up their child(ren) at the outside door. Ms. Norman’s students
will be dismissed at the front door and parents are asked to please wait in the front foyer area for their
child(ren). If you need a chance to speak to a teacher, please arrange for a meeting after all of the
students have been dismissed. Many thanks.

Parking and Student Safety
We have to again remind parent drivers that the school parking lot is strictly limited to staff
only. Students are to be picked up and dropped off on McGill or the Frontage Rd only.
The daycare vans and the Special Needs bus are the only other vehicles allowed through
the parking lot. Parents are encouraged to park in the designated areas on McGill or
Frontage Rd. to avoid being ticketed by the bylaw officers or to park up at Safeway and
walk down to meet their child(ren) accordingly. The handicapped parking spot may be used by parents with
valid handicapped identification only who need to leave their vehicle to come in to the school. We
acknowledge that the area surrounding the school is a very busy and hectic place during morning drop off
and after school pick up and we request that parents use the utmost care and consideration when driving
during these times in order to ensure student safety.
**Parents are reminded to please review our traffic safety and parking informational pamphlet on the
website under ‘News’.

Snow Safety
              Yippee! It’s snow time! However, there are a few rules and regulations that go along
              with the snow at a public school, unfortunately! Students are not allowed to bring
              snow sleds (crazy carpets, toboggans, etc.) from home to use at school. They are
              however, allowed to slide on our hills under supervision as long as they have on the
              appropriate snow gear: snow pants, jackets, toques, and mitts. Snowballs are not
              allowed to be thrown under any circumstances but lots of snowman making and forts
are always allowed! Let’s enjoy it and keep everyone safe!

             Inside/Outside                                   Shoes
             All of our students are                      expected to have a pair of shoes (running
             shoes are recommended) to                    change into during snowy & wet weather.
This is to help keep our floors clean and dry and reduce the possibility of any slipping accidents. We
appreciate parents making sure that your child has some appropriate indoor footwear!

Food Bank Donations
Over 500 items of food donations were raised for the Food Bank, thanks to our caring and
kind community of students & parents. Many thanks for our Me to We group for
coordinating this important effort!
Next on our Me to We initiatives is the Vow of Silence on November 30, 2011 and then our hamper
building for Christmas Amalgamated. Your child’s teacher will be contacting you soon about a
contribution to the hamper.

It’s that time of year again when the flu seems to be raging throughout the building. Parents, please
do not send students to school if they are sick. Students who are sick will need to be sent home, so
please ensure that we have all of the necessary emergency contact numbers for your child on file.

Tier 1 Beattie Girls Volleyball
We Won our first game and are on a hot streak going into the playoffs!

It has been a great season for the girls with lots of bumps and volleys. Each game the girls have
progressed and become more and more confident and competitive. I am very proud of what they
               have accomplished and am excited to see what is in store for the playoffs.

                The playoffs start this Thursday (Nov. 24 th) at Pacific Way Elementary. The Game
                starts at 3pm sharp. Come cheer your Beattie Blaze on!
                Mr. McBride

The boys played hard all season long and lost in a spectacular tie breaker game to South Sahali on
Tuesday, November 22! Congratulations, boys, on working so hard on your skills and trying to get
in all three hits every game! Many thanks to the coach, Mr. Donovan Page, for his commitment to
the team and to our great group of parents for all of their driving and game support!

Lost and Found
Our lost and found runneth over!! Our bin is filled to the brim after only 3 months of school! We
will be displaying these items for a week before the Christmas break and then the items will be sent
to the local Found4Kids program located in Sahali Mall. Please stop by at any time to have a look if
your child is missing an item (or two!) of clothing! The L & F bin is located in the front entrance of
the school. If you need a coupon for the Found4Kids store for admittance at any time, please see
Ms. Wickes at the office.

School Drop Off
We have noticed that there are several students who have been dropped off at our school in
the morning extremely early! This is a huge concern for us for the safety of your child(ren).
We do not have scheduled supervision before school and expect all of our students to arrive
as close to the bell as possible. The bell rings at 8:30 for students to enter the building and
get ready for classes to begin at 8:40. Please make arrangements for your child(ren) so that they are arriving
at school as close to 8:30 as possible.

Secondary News
Grad Updates

Parents of students in grade 12 are reminded to check the school website for the latest grad
information. As well, Carla Granberg is helping with the organization of commencement and the
banquet and Shelley Jones is helping out with Dry Grad. Feel free to contact them with your
GRAD questions.


Both dance major classes were pleased to present their work in the recent Remembrance Day Assembly.
The Jr. and Sr. classes did an excellent job performing their first collective dance pieces of the year.

What's up next? All dance major and minor classes are now working on new dance numbers to be presented
in the new year.

Also, many of our students are sporting the new Beattie Dance Pants!

Thanks to all of the support from our parent community, and the continuous work of our dancers!

                                              Senior Drama Carousel Arama

                                      Parents are hereby cordially invited to attend this performance by
                                      the Senior Drama Major students. A dizzying array of characters
                                      will be on display as we spin you through a variety of worlds
                                      where all manner of life’s absurdities, joys, questings,
                                      revelations, sorrows and transformations abide. Come and enjoy
                                      the ride! JP Campus Drama Room. Monday, December 12 at
                                      1:50 pm and Tuesday, December 13 at 11:30. Note: Some
                                      mature content included.


Planning 10 is a graduation requirement and all SD73 Grade 10 students are enrolled in Planning
10 online. To successfully complete the course by June 1st, 2012, students must complete 10% of
the course per month. A way to ensure success would be to add up all the assignments and
forums and divide by 9, which gives the student the number of assignments to be completed per
month. Our courses are delivered in two different formats, Moodle and Moodle 2. Planning 10 is in
Moodle 2 found on our school website www.kool.sd73.bc.ca All students with @Kool are all on line
and their marks may be seen at any time. Please ask your child to log into their course. On the left
column the students will see Grades. This will show the student's progress as well as comments.
If there are any questions please contact Corrie Macdonald, Planning 10 Coordinator at
cmacdonald@sd73.bc.ca or by phone at 778 471 6061 extension 206 or Cori Wickes her at
Students are to have completed 40% of Planning 10 by the end of November. Any who have not
achieved this, will be asked to come in on the Pro D day on December 5th, 2011 from 8:30am-
12:30pm to get caught up.

   Join Beattie Secondary in spreading some
          Christmas Cheer
          Beattie Secondary

                                               We need:
                                        non-perishable food
                                         new or gently used
                                           clothing & toys
                                          gift certificates
                                      for two needy families.

      Help us fill the hampers
           And give the gift of
 Christmas to families in need
                       this winter.
  Donations may be dropped off at the office
                                 or Room 104

Community News

Santa Arrives Dec 10 – come and get your photo taken!

Safari Jeff’s Human Nature Exhibit is STAYING OVER THROUGH DECEMBER!
Due to popular demand, the wonderful team in Safari Jeff are staying January. That
gives everyone a chance to touch a snake, learn about a Bearded Dragon Iguana that
insists on being social, find out how a tarantula pops its hatch and climbs out when it
is ready to grow – and so much more. Jeff and Shannon McKay do an amazing job of
hosting special needs groups. Open 6 days a week, closed Thurs: open Mon to Wed
plus Fri. – 9:30 to 5:30, Sat and Sun. 12 to 5 PM. 25% of proceeds to Kamloops Autism

Kamloops Hospice Gift Shop and Tree of Life open Dec 1
Every item has been hand-made by Hospice Auxiliary members. Many one-of-a-kind
items sell out within hours. While visiting you can commemorate those you love who
are no longer here with a coloured light on the Hospice Tree of Life. It is a beloved
ritual many people revisit every year.

The Farmers’ Market Comes in out of the Cold
Farmers clear out their winter produce, sells their preserves and offers their crafts
inside the comfort of Sahali Mall. This hugely popular event will be open 9:30 to 2
Saturday the 3rd, 10th and 17th of December.

Performers from the Long & McQuade Music Program
See the students perform Sat Dec 3 from 11 to 1 and Sat Dec 17 from 12 noon to 4
PM. Parents, families, friends, everyone welcome. Long & McQuade brings the
Christmas spirit into the mall.

Kamloops Symphony Lead Cellist and His String Group Perform
Martin Kratky and friends provide beautiful Christmas music to sooth the most harried
shopper. It is an honour to have this group perform in our mall, Sat Dec 17 from 11:05
to 11:45.
Enriched Daycare offers Christmas crafts and a Magic Show for Children
Take a break from shopping chores to give your children a chance to play under the
guidance of Enriched Daycare where play is always fun while it is educational. All ages
enjoy a Magic Show and that will be part of it Saturday Dec 10 th, 11 AM to 12:30.

The Pinegrove Residents Auxiliary Piñata Raffle
Crafted by the residents, these piñata are too beautiful to break. But they will be filled
with goodies none-the-less and 6 lucky winners will get to take them home. Every one
of a kind and will be up for raffle Dec 8, 9 and 10 with the draw on the 11 th. You have
to see these to believe them.

Contact Marg Archibald: 250 374-3033; www.sahalimall.com; Sahali Mall: 945
Columbia Street West,
Plenty of free parking. Christmas Hours: Mon to Thurs 9:30 to 8 PM, Fri open
until 9; Sat 9:30 to 5:30, Sun 12 noon to 5 PM. Sahali Mall – Where
community gathers!
                 From the Board Meeting of: OCTOBER 3, 2011
                 The Board accepted the Superintendent’s Report on Class Size and Composition.

                 The Board passed a Motion to adopt amended Policy 300.1 School Boundaries and Student Transfer

Notice of Motion was provided to adopt new Policy 1018.1 Child Protection at the October 24th Board Meeting.

All schools in the District will be closed on October 10, 2011, for Thanksgiving Day.

The next regular public Board Meeting will occur on October 24, 2011, at Haldane Elementary School
located in Chase

                             From the Board Meeting of: NOVEMBER 7, 2011

                     The Board approved an out-of-province field trip request from Westsyde Secondary for 30
                     students to travel to St. Adelphe, Quebec, for a cultural and language experience.
The Board approved an out-of-province field trip request from Barriere Secondary for students to attend the
national E-Spirit Aboriginal Youth Competition in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Board received the Energy Consumption report prepared by Art McDonald, Director of Facilities and
Transportation. The report outlined the cost savings of the numerous energy reduction strategies that have
been accomplished over the last 10 years. Overall, a reduction of 16% in Greenhouse Gas Emissions has
been achieved.

The Board received the Summer 2011 Capital Project report prepared by Director McDonald. This report
summarizes the list of projects, as well as the budgets and status of each project completed over the

Notice of Motion was provided to the Board to adopt amended Policy 301.1 Ordinarily Resident at the Board
Meeting of November 21st.

All schools within School District #73 will be closed on Friday, November 11 th for Remembrance Day.

School District # 73’s Honour Band and Choir Concert will be held at the Sagebrush Theatre on November
15, 2011, at 7:00 PM.

Municipal Elections will take place on November 19, 2011.

The next regular public Board Meeting will occur on Monday, November 21, 2011, at 7:00 PM at the School
Board Office.

                      From the Special Board Meeting of: NOVEMBER 10, 2011
                1.        The Board authorized the Superintendent of Schools to modify the school day in order
                          to accommodate anaphylaxis training for staff.

                     From the Board Meeting of: NOVEMBER 21, 2011
1.   Trustee Joanne Stokes was recognized for her nine years of service to the District by Chairman
     Christian. Trustee Diane Dosch was recognized for her nine years of service to the District by
     Chairman Christian. Superintendent Sullivan recognized Chairman Ken Christian for his eighteen
     years of service to the District.

2.   The Board received an update from Nicole Beauregard on the City of Kamloops upcoming Cities Fit
     for Children Provincial Summit to be held from May 10-11, 2012. Over 300 delegates from around
     the Province are expected to attend.

3.   Superintendent Sullivan gave the Board an update on the anaphylaxis training that will begin this

4.   The Board approved an out-of-province field trip request from Chase Secondary for students to
     compete at the E-Spirit National Aboriginal Youth Business Plan Competition in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

5.   The Board approved an out-of-province field trip request from Clearwater Secondary for students to
     compete at the E-Spirit National Aboriginal Youth Business Plan Competition in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

6.   The Board was advised that Boardroom will be renovated to improve the technological capabilities of
     the room. The board meetings will move to the Henry Grube Education Centre starting on December
     5, 2011.

7.   The Board passed amended Policy 301.1 Ordinarily Resident.

8.   The Inaugural Board Meeting will occur on Monday, December 5th, 2011. at the Henry Grube
     Education Center at 7:00 pm.

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