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									North York Chiropractor, Dr. Ed Lubberdink, Provides Naturopathy Therapy

Toronto, Ontario, 11-OCT-2012 - North York Chiropractor, Dr. Ed
Lubberdink, has recently been recognized for his success in providing
naturopathy therapy options to individuals suffering from pain, injury or
other conditions. The doctor uses a holistic approach when addressing
pain that include North York acupuncture and improves a person's ability
to function more effectively in their daily life without the fear of
recurring pain.

When interviewed recently Dr. Lubberdink shared his commitment to
providing the highest levels of care to patients. "When a person is in
pain they are often unable to focus or function in their daily life. In
many cases a person may be unable to participate in activities that they
enjoy or maintain their job due to debilitating pain. I work very closely
with patients to make sure that they receive the care, education and
resources needed to become more active participants in their wellness
program and improve their overall health and wellness."

During the initial visit, Dr. Lubberdink performs a complete examination
and takes x-rays of the individual to identify all of the issues that are
contributing to the pain. The doctor asks about the past medical history
of the individual, any injuries that may have occurred, and their diet
and exercise regimen. The patient will be asked about stress or other
factors that may contribute to the pain. Tests are performed to determine
the flexibility and mobility of the individual as well as their overall
strength and stamina.

After evaluating all of the data collected, Dr. Lubberdink creates an
individualized wellness program that include both chiropractic care and
the naturopathy therapy options that will provide immediate relief from
the pain. Acupuncture is often included in the program to more
effectively address conditions and pain such as headaches and migraines,
arthritis, sinus or allergy issues, dizziness, and similar issues.
Massage therapy may be used to stimulate oxygen flow to the muscles and
tissues surrounding the damaged areas of the body and reduce swelling and

To get more information about the methods and techniques used by Dr. Ed
Lubberdink, including North York acupuncture, visit today. Individuals and members of the
press wishing to get more details about this press release will find
contact information below.

Dr. Ed Lubberdink

Bayview Village Wellness Centre

2901 Bayview Ave, Suite 201

Toronto, Ontario M2K 1E6

Telephone: 416-221-7724

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