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Director Manager Business Operations in Seattle WA Resume Jeri Staley-Earnst


Jeri Staley-Earnst is adept at designing and implementing strategies that streamline business operations and administration to enhance the bottom line.

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									JERI STALEY-EARNST                                                         (H) 425-776-1658 (C) 253-973-1123
                                        Brier, WA 98036                
    Needs Analysis / Budget Management / Process Improvement / Customer Relations / Lean
     Project Management / Turnarounds / Compliance / Staff Development &Training / Safety
I am adept at designing and implementing strategies that streamline business operations and administration to
enhance the bottom line. Known as the go-to person for training, I also excel at building and maintaining client
relations to create positive environments for growth.

Experienced in diverse environments, I serve as a strategic partner in quality and process improvement and am
proven in overseeing projects from conception through implementation. I am also highly proficient in improving
efficiencies and managing human and material resources. My transferable strengths include:
       Streamlining operations to enhance profitability
       Deploying Lean techniques to improve efficiency
       Building and leading cross-functional teams
       Guiding multi-unit organizations through change
Holding a BA with honors from Seattle University and completing management coursework with the University of
Phoenix, I am an excellent recruiter and trainer, possessing exceptional people skills. I am a strong verbal and
written communicator. My hands-on, broad operations and administrative talents produce exceptional results.

                                         SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS
Turned around program. Puget Sound Blood Center’s (PSBC) Hemophilia Program needed to be reorganized as
it was losing revenue each year. Re-launched the unit under a new supervisor and guided new partnerships
throughout the organization. Created and oversaw strategic plan execution. Improved bottom line by $3.2M.
Grew unit’s revenue. PSBC’s Patient Services unit represented a significant opportunity to increase revenue.
Completed cost, revenue and space needs analysis, and co-authored the project plan to expand services to more
medical researchers. A revenue increase of $1.5M to $2M is expected annually.
Made program more competitive. A key PSBC program needed to be revitalized to increase the donor database
and become more competitive nationally. Performed a comprehensive needs analysis. Developed and
implemented improved processes, and organized and retrained the staff. Added 7500 donors (10%) and grew
revenue $100K.
Implemented Lean to improve productivity. PSBC was implementing Lean activities, but many departments
were slow to engage. Led multiple teams through the development and implementation. Measurable results are still
being determined.
Reorganized key program, creating efficiencies. Preparation for the University of Washington Engineered
Biomaterials (UWEB) annual site visits and audits were unnecessarily protracted, disorganized, and expensive.
Reorganized duties, defined roles and set schedule with accountability. Improved fiscal performance by $50K.

                                                CAREER HISTORY
Manager of Clinical Services, Puget Sound Blood Center, 2007 to 2012. Managed clinic’s operations team,
including nursing staff and others as appropriate. Led administrative and budget management ($40M), and
troubleshooting. Ensured compliance, including FDA. Managed up to 25 staff.
CEO and Designer, Letatio, 2005 to 2012. Created product through proprietary green process. Developed and
implemented marketing plan.
Administrative Director, UWEB, 2002 to 2005. Led all operations, including fiscal stewardship, marketing,
personnel management, education, community outreach and research laboratory safety. Oversaw annual report
creation and planned annual site visit and audit. Managed 45 staff and $3.5M budget.
Director of Advancement Services, Seattle University, 2000 to 2002. Managed donor and alumni database for
fund-raising. Directed extraction events, providing information for prospect development. Managed and maintained
cross-functional relationships/expectations, nine staff and $150K budget.
Earlier: Administrative Assistant, Seattle University. Executive Assistant, Dept. of Veteran's Affairs.
Additional: In my free time, I enjoy tennis, making jewelry, cooking, reading and vacationing in tropical climes.

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