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Carrying the Message Cocaine Anonymous


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									 Volume 14 No. 2 • CA World Service Office, Inc., 3740 Overland Ave., Suite C • Los Angeles, CA 90034 • Second Quarter 2000

Carrying the Message                                                                                     TRADITION
                                     By Sherri H.                                                           FIVE
                                    Vancouver, WA
I made it into this Program because some-                                                                          By Angela C.
one else worked their Twelfth Step on me.             After the meeting, several women took                       Anchorage, AK
Someone passed it on to me. Someone was            the time to talk with me. I have no recol-
out there after they got clean and sober, car-     lection of what was said, only that these         Each group has but one primary purpose -
ing about others. I need to never, ever for-       women understood me without my having to          to carry the message to the addict who still
get that. Had they simply gone on with their       explain the details.                              suffers
lives and forgotten about people like me              I went home that night and continued to get
who were still out there using and suffering,      loaded. Weeks later, I called one of the             This Tradition plays a big part in my
I wouldn’t be here today. My gratitude             women from that first meeting and she took        recovery. When I first got here, I had no idea
begins with that fact. It is with that gratitude   me to another CA meeting and then home to         what it meant to carry the message. I had
in mind that I reach out to others, especially     her own house where I began to detox. She         nothing but a life full of mess. I knew that
the newcomers. I need to have them in my           made me tea and then cleared off a bunch of       I needed help, I even knew where to find the
life. That is where my spirituality begins.        kittens from a couch so I could sleep there.      help, but it was getting the courage to do it
Hope, Faith and Courage, page 127                  The thing I remember the most about her           that was hard.
                                                   was that she was sober — it was such a stun-         One night after being up for six days, I
    I found Cocaine Anonymous when I               ning concept to me. She told me that I had        just knew I could not live this way any
called the Suicide Hotline in a state of des-      what it takes to live sober too. The 12 Steps     longer. I got on the Internet and began to
perate emotional pain. The woman on the            guide us to what it takes, she said.              search for Cocaine Anonymous. About an
other end of the line asked if I had a plan and       That is the message I heard long before I      hour after my last hit ran out and I was
if I had all the means necessary to carry out      got sober. It took me almost a year, two treat-   ready to give up my search, I found an on-
my plan. I answered yes and no respec-             ment centers, divorce, jail, a suicide attempt,   line e-mail meeting. I quickly signed up
tively. She said, "Please hold." When she          a huge geographic move, homelessness,             and asked someone to send me some books.
came back, she asked if I had been doing any       psychosis, a lot of pain and fear, and the        At that point in time, I was just going to
drugs and I told her that I might have smoked      most violent and horrific period of using         work this program by myself. Well, some-
a little crack that day. She suggested a 12        that I had ever experienced before I was          one in the group agreed to send me the
Step meeting and gave me the time and              able to stand on a sobriety date. But I had       books I asked for, which was the beginning
location. I gave this information to my hus-       heard the message, and finally, when I had        of my hearing the message. This person
band, and he took me to my first meeting of        been utterly defeated, it led me back to CA.      was definitely carrying out our primary pur-
Cocaine Anonymous.                                    The beautiful and wondrous structure of        pose.
    In that meeting, I heard people talking        this program made it possible for me to hear         I decided to stay with this meeting, and I
openly about their secrets, which were also        that message of hope from another addict          slowly began to understand what the Twelve
my secrets. It had never occurred to me            who was practicing her 12th Step. Today it        Steps and the program of Cocaine Anony-
that there were others who had done those          offers me the opportunity of returning that       mous were all about. As I shared with oth-
same, secret, shameful things that I was           gift by stepping into the messenger’s place.      ers what was going on with me, others
doing on a daily basis. I related to their         We create ongoing circles as the newcomer         shared their experience, strength and hope
brief stories of what it was like. I listened      reaches forward and those with time reach         with me. I began to learn about the Steps
in amazement and horror to their laughter.         back. Each of us then becomes a link reach-       and what they meant. No one forced me to
They read "Who Is A Cocaine Addict,” and           ing out in both directions. Thus, in a con-       stay, no one tried to convince me to join a
around the banter that I couldn’t follow, I        tinuous connection of shared experience,          certain church, no one talked of things
heard my secrets being told—                       one addict to another, bound by a message         besides how they got through the very same
                                                   of hope that we can recover and empowered         things I was going through by using the 12
    ....the lines got fatter; the grams went       by our ultimate authority, the fellowship of      Steps.
    faster...snorting or smoking any white         CA is sustained and the sobriety of each             Because of this sharing of the message, I
    speck from the floor... Even if it made us     participating individual is ensured for yet       began to relate to these people
    feel miserable... This time, we’d be care-
    ful... We tried changing jobs, apartments,
    cities, lovers...
                                                   another day.                                      and I too began to do the things
                                                                                                     I heard they were doing. I began
                                                                                                     continued on Page: 7                 1
          CAWS Board of Trustees
             Walter J., Atlantic South
                Regional Trustee
                   Baton Rouge, LA
                                                                                  A Note from the WSO
             Susan T., WSO Trustee
                    West Hills, CA                           Well, we have our sunscreen ready and our travel plans made. Do you? The CAWS
      Meredith G., World Service Trustee                  2000 Convention, being held in Scottsdale, Arizona over the Memorial Day weekend, is
                     Oxnard, CA                           rapidly moving to fruition. The Committee has been working diligently to make this
            Leon M., Trustee at Large                     upcoming Convention the best CA party ever. Hope to see you there.
                   Los Angeles, CA                           After a long and comprehensive search for an Office Manager the World Service
     Joe S., Pacific South Regional Trustee               Office Board of Directors is pleased to announce the hiring of Patty Flanagan as our new
                      Orange, CA                          Office Manager. She will be starting about the time this issue goes to press and will be
   Andy W., Pacific North Regional Trustee                in Arizona. We were blessed with many good candidates who interviewed for the posi-
                    West Linn, OR                         tion. We are convinced that Patty not only brings the necessary skills but also the tem-
      Hal K., Southwest Regional Trustee                  perament that the position demands.
                     Houston, TX                             As we prepare for this year’s Convention, our primary fundraiser, the WSO would like
     Spencer B., Midwest Regional Trustee                 to call your attention to our Seventh Tradition. That Tradition states in part that we should
                    Columbus, OH                          be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. The work of the World Service
    Amy B., Atlantic North Regional Trustee               Office encompasses many aspects of the Fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous. Our task
                    New York, NY                          is to facilitate the processes of the Fellowship and fund, where appropriate, those activ-
        CAWSO Board of Directors                             We do not govern CA, as is sometimes thought, but act year round to provide those
               Scott S., Chairperson                      services that are not easily provided by the local group, district or area. For instance the
                   Los Angeles, CA
                                                          CA web page, www.ca.org, is maintained and updated periodically by the staff and vol-
            Tony S., Vice-Chairperson                     unteers of the office. This NewsGram is published four times a year to provide news and
                  Newport Beach, CA
                                                          information to members. We send out an average of fifteen starter kits each month for
               Kevin M., Secretary                        individuals to start meetings. In addition we send, free of charge, a copy of Hope, Faith
                   Los Angeles, CA
                                                          & Courage, to any institutionalized individual that requests it. We receive such requests
                 Steve E., Director                       daily. We provide direct and indirect support for the CAWS Convention Committees, not
                    Culver City, CA
                                                          only 2000 but 2001 and 2002 as well, plus the annual business meeting of CAWS held
        Susan T., Director/WSO Trustee                    over the Labor Day weekend. We do all of this, and fill 125-150 orders per month, with
                   Canoga Park, CA
                                                          four (starting soon) full time employees and the many volunteers that make this all hap-
  Meredith G., Director/World Service Trustee             pen. Most of our money comes from the fundraising activities that our organization under-
                     Oxnard, CA
                                                          takes, such as the sales of our plastic keychains (chips), the Storybook and other literature.
  Joe S., Director/Pacific South Regional Trustee         The Convention net proceeds cover the Conference costs, which run approximately
                      Orange, CA                          $10,000 every year.
                 Joy H./Treasurer                            If you look at our annual budget (and you can if you ask your local World Service Del-
                   Los Angeles, CA                        egate for a copy), you will see that the activities of the World Service Office are funded
                                                          primarily through fundraising -- almost 90 percent. That other 10 percent comes from
              CAWSO Personnel
                                                          the donations of the Fellowship. Oftentimes the projects that are important to you come
                  Patty Flanagan
                    Office Manager                                                                                             continued on Page: 5
                    Bill Salesses
                    Office Assistant
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                      Steve E.
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                      RECOVERY TEXT                                                              to be distributed to the fellowship at large
                                                                                                 regarding the level of interest in this idea.
                                                                                                 I was a member of that subcommittee.
                      SURVEY REPORT                                                                 In our discussions, the subcommittee
                                                                                                 worked to frame the question in as useful a
                                                                                                 way as possible. Many of the members
The following is adapted from the text of        text, as Narcotics Anonymous has done.          who had advocated a stand-alone text sim-
a report delivered by a member of the            Others seemed to think that CA should write     ilar to N.A.’s seemed to think that the fel-
Chips, Literature and Format Committee           a companion text, or supplement, to the         lowship could continue to use the Big Book
at the 1999 World Service Conference             first 164 pages of the Big Book of Alcoholics   as well. As we continued to work, it became
                                                 Anonymous, relating A.A.’s program of           clear to the subcommittee that if Cocaine
   As many of you know, the wording of the       recovery more closely to cocaine addiction.     Anonymous were to publish its own recov-
recovery text survey that was distributed        Still others thought that we should adapt       ery text, then that book would have to be
by this committee last year has proven           the Big Book in other ways – suggestions        able to be used instead of the Big Book. We
highly controversial. The committee has          ranged from changing the word "alcohol" to      failed to see how our fellowship could
asked me to explain to the conference why        "cocaine" throughout, to adding recovery        remain unified if some members were using
the survey was worded the way it was, and        text information drafted by CA to the A.A.      the Big Book as their recovery text, while
to share with you the results.                   book and binding them together in a single      others used the new CA text. We also con-
   Last year the Literature, Chips and For-      volume.                                         sidered suggestions that we could some-
mat Committee received more than one                Discussing these referrals, many of these    how supplement the Big Book, but we
referral that requested that CA consider         same points of view were expressed by           couldn’t imagine how we could add to, or
drafting its own recovery text. After talk-      members of the LCF Committee. The Com-          improve, what most of us consider to be a
ing to the authors of these referrals and oth-   mittee also wondered how widespread the         divinely inspired text which has helped mil-
ers it became clear that people had different    desire for such a text was in the fellowship    lions to recover from a seemingly hopeless
reasons for requesting such a text. Some         at large. To answer this question, the Com-     state of mind and body.
members thought that Cocaine Anonymous           mittee voted to create an ad hoc subcom-           Thus we decided that if the survey were
should draft its own, stand-alone recovery       mittee for the purpose of drafting a survey     to be truly useful, we needed the fellowship
                                                                                                 to face the issue squarely: Do we want to
                                                                                                 continue to use the Big Book, or instead

                            CAWS 2000                                                            develop our own recovery text. It is now
                                                                                                 clear, of course, that not everyone agrees that
                                                                                                 these are the only two options, although
         Presents The Following Speakers                                                         this was the conviction of the subcommit-
                                                                                                 tee members.
                       And                                                                          This became clear as soon as we returned
                                                                                                 to committee with the survey we had
               Workshop Leaders:                                                                 drafted. A couple of members of our com-
                                                                                                 mittee were violently opposed to the survey
                                                                                                 language, for many of the same reasons
Paul F - Phoenix, AZ                             Chris R - Hunt, TX                              that have been discussed passionately at all
Linda F - Phoenix AZ                             Randy H - Atlanta, GA                           levels of our fellowship since the survey was
Kenny Bob D - North Hollywood, CA                Steve W - London, England                       distributed. The members who opposed
Tim O - Phoenix, AZ                              Mickey B – LA, CA                               the survey language explained that they
Harvey G - Sherman Oaks, CA                      Norma Jean C – San Bernardino, CA               believed the subcommittee had deliberately
Marc H - Austin, TX                              Dave M - Phoenix, AZ                            worded the survey in an effort to get mem-
Dan S - Santa Monica, CA                         The “Mystery” Speaker                           bers to answer "No." We explained honestly
Strange & Kartoon - LA, CA                       The Dinosaurs - Those with 10 years or          that this was not our intention; we were
Fred C - Phoenix, AZ                             more, the Names are drawn from a hat            only determined to ask the right question,
Zoe K & Ginger - Phoenix, AZ                                                                     regardless of the answer. As a committee,
Bob W - Hunt, TX                                 For more info:                                  we continued to debate these issues and
Mike S - Phoenix, AZ                             www.ca.org or 602.246.6843                      had to vote several times before we were
                                                                                                 able to approve the survey language with
                                                                                                 substantial unanimity.
                                                                                                    The same controversy erupted on a larger
                    Visit us in CyberSpace                                                       scale when we distributed the survey to the
    The Cocaine Anonymous World Service Home Page is available at:                               delegates on the conference floor. Several
                                                                                                 delegates argued against the distribution of
                    http://www.ca.org                                                            the survey at all, or argued to change the lan-
                                                                                                 guage. It was explained to the delegates that

 4                      You can e-mail us at: cawso@ca.org                                       the committee’s decision to distribute this

                                                                                                                    Continued on Page: 5
    Recovery Text Survey Report                                                                       A Note from the
                                                                                                                   continued from Pg. 2
                                                              Continued from Page: 4
                                                                                                  from those donations. Our efforts to pub-
survey as written was not subject to a vote      why shouldn’t we? Comments from surveys          lish an audiotape version of the Storybook,
of the conference at large. Unfortunately        which answered "No" also seemed to fall          for instance, will be primarily funded
some delegates were left with the impression     into two categories: (1) The Big Book has        through what we receive from the 7th Tra-
that they could change the language of the       worked for more than fifty years; and (2) If     dition donations.
survey before distributing it in their areas,    it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There were also       The World Service Office operates on a
unaware that to do so would subvert the          some comments from both sides which indi-        breakeven budget that has little room for
group conscience of the committee which          cated a desire for some sort of original CA      error. We have been able to keep up with
drafted it. This issue was specifically          supplement to the A.A. recovery text, to         our obligations. In addition to all of our
addressed in the issue of the NewsGram           help newcomers better relate.                    other activities the Conventions require
that contained a copy of the survey.                It appears that our membership is cur-        startup money that the office makes avail-
   Surveys continued to trickle in after the     rently opposed, by more than 2 to 1, to the      able while they are in their infancy. CAWS
deadline of January 15, 1999. Although           idea of CA writing its own recovery text to      2001 will be receiving its $2,500 in seed
some of the surveys were returned with the       replace the A.A. texts. To those who feel our    money shortly -- we have already paid the
language changed, most were in fact              survey was inadequate to allow them to           hotel deposit of $5,000 out of our general
answered as is. Our committee chair tabu-        express their ideas, we apologize. Although      operating fund.
lated the results, including the late arrivals   our committee members don’t currently                Your continued assistance is needed.
and those with altered language. It is impor-    understand how we might somehow draft a          Take a look at the back page of this News-
tant to remember that these survey results do    text to supplement the Big Book and/or the       Gram, or any other issue for that matter, and
not represent a statistically accurate sam-      Twelve and Twelve, we remain open to con-        see if your group, district or area is repre-
pling of our membership, though we believe       sidering the possibility. It would be helpful,   sented. Many areas and districts are reg-
that the sampling techniques are approxi-        however, if any future referrals along these     ular, generous contributors to World
mately as accurate as the membership sur-        lines included some sort of draft or outline     Services. We hope that you too will be rep-
veys that have been distributed over the         that we could specifically consider – the        resented on the back page soon.
years by the Public Information Committee.       more detailed, the better.                          As always, we want to take this oppor-
That being said, a total of 1,301 surveys           For now, anyway, any such project would       tunity to ask you the reader to consider
were received and tabulated by the com-          have to wait. With the approval of the Con-      writing an article for the next edition of the
mittee. Of these, 375 stated that they did       ference, the LCF Committee has begun to          NewsGram. Our next theme will be the 6th
want CA to draft its own recovery text to        work on a Second Edition of our CA Story-        Step, Tradition, Concept and Principle, and
replace the Big Book and/or Twelve and           book, Hope, Faith and Courage. We hope           all articles touching on any of these topics
Twelve, while 926 said they did not want         that this second edition will provide more       will be welcomed.
such a text. Expressed as percentages, this      and/or better stories of CA recovery that           We look forward to seeing you all in
means that approximately 29% of the sur-         will help newcomers better relate. We            Arizona at the end of this month. If not,
veys answered the question "Yes," while          believe that this project will occupy any        start planning now for next year in the Big
71% answered "No."                               energy that we might be able to devote to a      Apple.
   We also reviewed the comments. Over-          book project until it is completed. Perhaps
all, the comments on the surveys which           by then our fellowship will have come closer
answered the question "Yes" fell into two cat-   to a consensus about whether we need some                     In love and service,
egories: (1) It would help newcomers better      sort of original CA recovery text other than
relate; and (2) Other fellowships havse one,     our pamphlets.
                                                                                                           Your World Service Office

                                                    GET PUBLISHED!
 The Literature Chips and Format Committee is now accepting stories for the Second Edition of Hope, Faith and Courage.
 Publication is tentatively scheduled for 2003. Please limit your submission to five typewritten pages and include your name,
 address and phone number. Note: all identifying references will be deleted before being forwarded to the committee, who must
 review these stories as anonymous submissions. Any contact with committee members that identifies the author of a story will
 seriously reduce that story’s chance of being published.

 Send your story to:          CAWSO
                              Attn: Storybook Committee
                              3740 Overland Ave. #C
                              Los Angeles, CA 90034-6337
    STEPPIN’                                     2001: A GRACE ODYSSEY
              By Ken M.
           Birmingham, AL
                                                  2001 WORLD SERVICE CONVENTION
    I went to a meeting where I said,
       If I keep using, I’ll be dead.
                                                           In New York City
                                                            May 24-28, 2001
    Needed to quit, but what to do?
  Didn’t know of Steps One and Two.

   Needed a power greater than me.
The Chair guy said, "So try Step Three!"

          But I’ve done wrong
         many times and more,
         "Don’t worry," he said,
           "that’s Step Four."

 Felt the need to confess, to stay alive.
                                                          IS LOOKING FOR
Found this was the purpose of Step Five.

 Lust and greed were defects that stick,
                                                             SPEAKERS !!
You’ll look at that when you do Step Six.

         Still need more help.
      With Step Seven I’ll pray,
In GOD’s time, just to get out of the way.
                                                                                Please send tapes to:
  Tired of FEAR and sick of HATE
  Made a list and called it Step Eight.
                                                                CAWS 2001 Speaker Committee
    Told everyone I felt just "FINE"
  But got no relief until I worked Nine.                                c/o CANY Inc.
     Did it daily, again and again.                               48 W. 21st Street, Suite 905
Reviewed my actions, this was Step Ten.
                                                                     New York, NY 10010
          Wake up with Eleven
          and ask for direction,
 Striving to make HIS will my selection

At Twelve I awoke. These principles I do,
            Beginning again --
    ‘cause I’m nowhere near through!

                                                                                     Where to Write:
                                             CAWS, Inc.                                  CAWSO, Inc.                                ATTN: NewsGram Editor
                                             Board of Trustees                           Board of Directors                         c/o CAWSO, Inc.
                                             P.O. Box 492013                             3740 Overland Avenue - Suite C             3740 Overland Avenue - Suite C

  6                                          Los Angeles, CA 90049-8013                  Los Angeles, CA 90034-6337                 Los Angeles, CA 90034-6337

                                             The NewsGram presents experiences and opinions of Cocaine Anonymous members. The opinions expressed herein are those of the
                                             individual contributors and are not to be attributed to nor taken as an endorsement by either Cocaine Anonymous or the NewsGram.
UNITY CORNER                                                                                          TRADITION
                 Just One More Time                                                                      FIVE
                              By Ken W., Washington, PA                                                   continued from Pg. 1

   It’s crazy to think that I could do just one. After all, my old friends seemed to be hang-   to work the Steps. After a little while I began
ing in there. They really weren’t that bad a crew. Jessie, Bill, Nook and Dave were like        to hear others share about things not related
family and when I went into rehab they said, "Cool, do what you gotta do. We wish               to the program of Cocaine Anonymous. The
you luck, and hang in there – we’re here for you, man!"                                         next thing I knew, someone would try to get
   After rehab I went to meetings, got a sponsor, joined a home group, did all the right        the meeting back on track. As a newcomer,
things, and had managed to get 180 days clean. Nook got shot by the police while he             I would get confused and angry. There were
was trying to rob a bar. The funeral was really emotional and sad. The next week Jessie         times I wanted to leave and not return, but
was in jail on drug charges looking at some hard time. It was his third time getting caught     my life was already beginning to change, so
with drugs.                                                                                     I stayed.
   One day I saw Bill and Dave in the park sitting on a bench. They called me over and              I have come to understand how important
asked me how I was doing. "Fine," I replied. Dave reached out to hand me the joint              it is that a clear message of Cocaine Anony-
he was smoking. I said "No, that’s OK, I’m not doing things like that anymore." Bill            mous be carried to the addicts who still suf-
went ballistic. He said, "Oh, you not down with us anymore? You’ve been straight for            fer. This is so we newcomers can relate and
a while and you can do just one." I thought about it real hard, and I remembered some-          no longer feel alone; can gain hope that
one at a meeting talking about insanity. I knew at that moment that things hadn’t changed,      there is a way out; can hear and understand
and there is no way that I could have "just one" of anything. I realized that these guys        recovery is possible through the Steps; and
were not the kind of friends I wanted to hang around anymore, and if I wanted to stay           can learn there is another way to live.
sober I had to hang around people, places and things that helped me stay clean. I
walked away from those guys and went to a meeting and shared about what happened.
Just something I had to do to stay clean, one day at a time.
   I have a real chance at a new life now. Things still happen – that’s life. And if I con-     H&I CORNER
tinue to do the right things, as suggested, that thought of "just one more time" will fade.
The thought may come and go, but I don’t have to face it alone. I have a God, and he
gave me a WE.                                                                                   CAN I GO
                                                                                                TO JAIL?
  SURVEY REQUEST: STORYBOOK                                                                             By Jim B., Bountiful, UT

           ON TAPE                                                                              So I’m sober today by some undeserved
                                                                                                twist of fate and a little work. Pretty early
                                                                                                in this trek, my sponsor pushed me into ser-
                                                                                                vice -- especially H & I. I found that
                                                                                                being of service allowed me to show up
The World Service Office has received direction from the World Service Conference               enough to feel part of. This meant I kept
to make our storybook, Hope, Faith and Courage – Stories from the Fellowship of Cocaine         coming back long enough to hear the mes-
Anonymous available to the fellowship in an audio format. We have found the means               sage of recovery.
to produce the audiotape but need to know how many to produce. Please review the
following possible prices of tape sets. Then indicate the number of tape sets that you          At 90 days I was asked to share my story
estimate you (or your group, district or area) would purchase at that price within one          at a detox center. WOW! I was hooked
year.                                                                                           quicker than crack. I walked out of there
                                                                                                totally buzzed. It was also more than luck
                                                                                                that I made it to these rooms with no con-
                                       $20.00                                                   tact with the legal system. This allowed me
                                       $25.00                                                   to go to jails and carry the message with
                                       $30.00                                                   only 6 months of sobriety.
                                                                                                I still do these H & I jail meetings today.
         (Name of individual, group, district or area covered by estimate)                      The reward for me I can only describe as
                                                                                                the best kept secret in CA. Maybe you are
                                                                                                looking for something like I
Please forward this information to CAWSO by mail, e-mail or telephone
by July 15, 2000.
                                                                                                have found. If so, try the high
                                                                                                of H & I.
                                                   7th Tradition Donations
                                                              November 1999 through March 2000
Alabama                                                                                       Indiana
          First Freedom Group                                                    $192.00                CA Fort Wayne                                                           $144.06
Arizona                                                                                       Iowa
         Sun Valley Intergroup                                                   $900.00                Cocaine Anonymous, District 1                                           $100.00
         Cocanuts                                                                $100.00      Kansas
         Cocaine Anonymous of Arizona, Inc.                                      $602.54               Working With Others                                                       $30.00
Arkansas                                                                                      Louisiana
         Arkansas Area Cocaine Anonymous                                         $250.00               LOUACA, Inc.                                                              $50.00
         Arkansas Area H & I                                                      $32.00      Massachusetts
California                                                                                             Freedom To Chose Group                                                    $56.00
         CALA South Central District                                             $606.00               Stepping Into Recovery                                                    $23.50
         HF&C On-Line Meeting                                                     $50.00      Missouri
         CALA SBBC                                                               $266.00               End Of The Line                                                           $50.00
         Tuesday Topanga Book Study                                               $25.00               We Do Recover                                                              $6.38
         CALA Long Beach/Compton District                                        $788.43               Minnesota Avenue CA                                                       $20.00
         San Gabriel-Pomona Valleys CA                                           $666.65      Nebraska
         Carrying The Message                                                     $15.00               CA of Nebraska, Inc.                                                     $340.07
         End Of The Line                                                          $14.00      New Mexico
         Over The Line Group                                                      $20.00               CA District of Albuquerque                                               $150.00
         Bagels By The Beach                                                      $35.00      New York
         7/11 Group                                                               $55.00               Sober Toast Group                                                         $89.00
         Friday Night Del Mar                                                     $52.00               CANY                                                                      $25.00
         Clubhouse Stepstudy                                                      $55.65               New Life at the Oaks                                                     $135.00
         CA of San Diego                                                       $1,120.00      Ohio
         Cocaine Anonymous Inland Empire                                          $61.04               The Ohio Service Committee of Cocaine Anonymous                          $500.00
         Monday Keep It Simple                                                    $14.00               Sunday Night 12 X 12                                                      $20.00
         Glen B’s 12 Step Workshop                                                $17.00               A.M. Sunday                                                              $120.00
         Central California CA                                                   $515.00      Oklahoma
         164 Group                                                                $40.00               SW Region of Cocaine Anonymous                                           $450.00
         Conerstone Group                                                         $85.00      Oregon
         Marin District Service Committee                                         $75.00               CA of Oregon                                                             $356.00
         CA South Bay Service District                                            $54.00      CA of PA/NJ/DE
         CA of Santa Cruz                                                        $649.00               Friday Night Moon Group                                                   $20.00
         CA NCSC                                                               $2,000.00               Cocaine Anonymous PA/NJ/DE, Inc                                          $850.00
         Dan Dickey                                                               $90.00      Tennessee
         OCCA                                                                    $200.00               Cocaine Anonymous, Nashville                                             $200.00
Colorado                                                                                      Texas
         Nirvana                                                                  $96.00               Northeast Texas Treatment Center                                           $5.00
         CA of Colorado, Denver District                                         $410.86               Texas Area Service Committee                                             $800.00
         Starting Over                                                            $15.00               Hope, Faith & Courage Group                                               $25.20
         Dragon's Den                                                             $30.00      Utah
         CA of Colorado, Southern District                                        $55.00               Cocaine Anonymous of Utah                                                $100.00
Connecticut                                                                                   Virginia
         CA District                                                               $3.75               Gimme Shelter From The Rock                                              $100.00
         Hugs Not Drugs Group                                                    $600.00      Washington
Florida                                                                                                Freedom Fighter, CA                                                       $30.00
         Cocaine Anonymous of SW Florida                                         $700.00               Washington State CA                                                      $500.00
Georgia                                                                                       Wisconsin
         High Noon Group                                                          $80.00               Sunday Night Strength Group                                               $15.00
         Hump Without A Bump                                                     $120.00               End of the Line                                                           $30.00
         Today's Hope of Georgia                                                 $242.75               Coke Busters                                                              $69.00
         Razors Edge Group                                                        $20.79               Friday Uncolas                                                            $10.00
         Weekend Warriors                                                         $84.10               Sunday Morning Big Book                                                   $88.00
         End Of The Line                                                         $193.73               A Vision For You                                                          $30.00
         Westside Cocaine Anonymous                                               $60.00               Positive Action Group                                                     $81.00
Illinois                                                                                               Meeting Of The Century                                                    $58.00
         CA NW Suburban District                                                 $330.25               First Things First                                                        $80.00
         Southwest Sub-District                                                  $100.00      CANADA
         Freedom To Live                                                          $62.00               Edmundton Sunday Step Group                                              $100.00
         Cocaine Anonymous, Inc, S & W District                                  $210.00               Martin Caux                                                              $300.00
         Thomas Magnuson                                                          $90.00               District 03                                                              $380.00
         Cocaine Anonymous, Inc., Chicago                                      $1,200.00               CA District 01, Region du Quebec                                         $336.00
         Straight and Grateful                                                    $15.00               La Nature Exacte                                                          $24.00
         Illinois Area CA                                                        $300.00               Jean Marc Lemieux                                                         $31.00
         New Horizons                                                             $20.00               CA District Services                                                     $500.00

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