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									The IRL Money Making Bible

Are You Ready To Take Your First Step To Earning The Big Bucks Online?

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     With the internet expanding each day, there are new ways to
earn money online, legitimately obviously.

      With more and more people starting their own website,
particularly word press sites, there is a large demand for articles to
put on websites.

      A lot of websites now have a lot of articles on their sites, adding
new articles to their site on a daily basis. They don’t have the time to
write the articles themselves, so, they decide to buy them instead.

      This is what the whole guide will be about, articles. I will be
telling you how you can make huge sums of money, whether you
write the articles yourself, buy them or sell them on or ever paying
someone to write them for you and selling them off for double what
you paid for them!

      I’ll be including a lot of tips, as well as telling you most of the
sites and forums which I use to buy and sell articles.

                     Why Articles?
      After reading the introduction, you might be thinking, what the
heck is this guy talking about! Who the hell would buy articles and
why the hell would they buy them!

     Articles are written on a hand full of different topics, such as:
weight loss, debt, drugs, games, gardening etc.

     People who own websites will need articles on their site for
SEO. For those who don’t know, SEO stands for Search Engine
Optimization. They need it for SEO so that gradually, overtime,
search engines like Google will pick up these articles and give them a
higher PR (Page Rank).

      To website owners, PR is everything to them. The higher their
PR is, the amount of income they get will increase gradually, as
they’ll be easier to find on search engines, meaning more visitors,
which will bring in more revenue.

      The website owners will need to add articles on a daily basis, as
Google loves websites which provide fresh, unique articles on a daily
basis. This is where you come into all this.

       Most website owners will purchase articles due to the fact they
won’t have time to write the articles themselves, or, they might not
know what to write about. So, instead they purchase the articles and
this is where the real money is made.
 Making Money From Articles
      There are tons of ways in which you can make money from
articles. You can either write them yourselves, which takes a lot of
time and effort, or just buy them and sell them for a profit.

      On some forums, people sell their articles for a very cheap
price. For a 400-500 worded article, people charge, on average, $2.

      This is a fairly cheap price, seeing as though you can sell them
for double the price on certain forums and websites.

      As well as just selling the articles, you can offer a service for
write and also re-write articles for people. You can hire good article
writers for as low as $0.7 for every one hundred words, that’s 0.07
cents per word, now that’s cheap!

      You can then go to certain websites and forums and offer
writing services at 1-2 cents per word, depending on what site or
forum you are offering your services to. The majority of people want
articles consisting of 400-500 words. This means, even if you’re
paying an article writer $1/100 words, you can make up to $5 profit
from each article! Not to mention people order from 1-50 articles
per week.

      Now, you’ll need to know a few forums and websites to buy
and sell articles, as well as forums and websites to hire writers and
offer your services, so I’ll be moving onto that next.
                       Digital Point


Digital point is a very popular forum, mostly popular for the Buy, Sell
& Trade section. This is where you can offer buy and sell articles, hire
writers and offer your own writing services.

This is the forum I strongly recommend using when buying articles
and hiring articles due to the low prices.

Content Section

The above image is the content section in Digital Point. This is where
you can list the articles you want to sell. As you can see, everyone
includes what the articles are on and the price for them (if you can’t
see the price it means they are on bid, the prices on the articles you
can see means they are buy it now articles).

Above is how people set their threads up to sell their articles. They
include whats for sale, the payment method, and the titles and word
count for each article which is written. Although you won’t be selling
your articles here, it gives you an idea of how you can set your
threads up when selling articles on different sites and forums (more
detail later).

As you can see from the image above, you can buy the articles
instantly using the buy it now option. The price for the 21 pregnancy
articles is $38, that’s less than $2 per article. These articles can be
sold for a very good profit on another forum which I will go on to talk
about later.

Content Creation Section

The content creation section in DP is for members who want t offer
their writing sevices to other members. This is where you guys will be
looking for good writers so they can write articles for people who
order new, specific articles from you on a different forum or website.

Now, you’ll be looking for someone to write articles for you like the
person below.

This writer has a lot of feedback (50+), he is a very good writer and
can finish your article orders within 48 hours. On top on that, he has
very, very cheap rates. You’ll most likely get orders of 1-10 articles
per order when you first start off, so people can see if your services
are any good. This means that you will be paying $0.60/100 words,
that’s the cheapest you’ll get for a good quality article writer.
Obviously, the longer you offer services on other forums, the more
people will order from you and as people see how good your writing
services are, the more articles people will order from you, meaning
you can get bulk discounts, meaning more profit.

If you find someone you want to hire, then either email them or send
them a PM. As you’ll be a new member they would probably want a
50% upfront payment, but you’ll have an article order yourself from
another forum so you could charge them 50% upfront payment too.

Now, I’ll be moving on to talk about the forums and sites where you
can offer your own writing services and sell the articles you bought.


DNForum is mostly to do with domains. It is a very successful forum
and it requires purchase membership in order to post and create
new threads. You will need to purchase the platinum membership.
It’s best to purchase the lifetime membership for around $55.

Once you registered and purchased the platinum membership, it will
be time to make the $$$!

The only place you’ll be posting in is the Advertising And Related
Offers section -

This is where you will sell your articles you bought and offer your
writing services.

Now, this forum is the best forum to sell your articles and offer your
writing services because it’s full of successful businessmen who know
how to spend!

Your only allowed to make one thread every 24 hours so I suggest
creating your article writing service thread first.

You should lay your thread out like the one I chose to show below.
As you can see, this person as laid out his thread by starting with why
people should hire him to write their articles, what services he offers
and the prices. As you can see he is charging $10 for 500 words,
that’s $2/100 words. Now, your paying anything between $0.6-
$0.8/100 words. If you charge $2/100 words then you’ll be making
$1.2-$1.4 profit per 100 words. The majority of people order articles
of length from 400-500 words. This means you can potentially earn
up to $7 per article, and that’s just for 500 worded articles, people
need 1,000 worded articles at times.

As well as offering your services, you should sell the articles that you
buy. I have included an image below to show you how to quickly lay
your thread out to sell your bought articles.
All you have to do is tell people what the articles are on, in this case
it’s acne. Then just post the title of each article your selling. Just add
the price and your done. This person is selling her articles at $5 each,
on average, you’ll purchase articles for $2, if you sell them at $5
each, you’ll make $3 per article for hardly any work at all.

Now, if you bought a lot of articles, then I suggest creating a thread
and listing all the articles you bought in that one thread. I suggest
selling them how you bought them e.g if you bought 10 articles on
weight loss as a package, then sell them that way. Every time you
buy more articles, just edit your thread and add them on.

I also suggest writing something like this in your thread:

I am selling (how many articles your selling) on (what the articles are
about). They were all written by a native English writer. All articles
pass copyscape 100% and will never be sold again.

If your wondering why I told you to write this, it’s because it assures
people the articles will be well written and unique. They also will
know you won’t sell the articles again.

If your wondering what copyscape is, I’ll explain about it later.
                 Constant Content


Constant Content is by far the best website to make money with
articles. One of the reasons why that is, is because people pay a
forture for a well written article, and unlike forums, you can allow
people to pay you just to use the article, pay for unique rights and
full rights. Furthermore, there is a part to the website where people
can request content. This is very useful, for you guys in particular, as
you can hire a writer to write the article which has been requested
on Constant Content and make a huge profit margin. Note however,
that they take 35% from every sale.

To sell articles on Constant Content, you have to submit them. This is
in order for the site staff to check the articles for plagiarism and to
check whether the quality of the article meets their demands.

Below is what is required to submit an article.
Below is an image to show the recently sold articles on the site, to
show how much people are willing to spend on articles.

Below is an image to show how much people are willing to pay in the
request content section.
There are a lot of requests every day; there is money to be made!
                Other Sites & Forums
There are a lot more sites and forums where you can make good
money from, they are also good sites to make money from and I’ll list
them for you.

Daily Article

Daily article is a website pretty much the same as constant content.
The only difference is that constant content is much more popular
and more advanced.


Namepros is a forum. There is a designated section to content. It’s
pretty much the same as digital point, but less advanced.

Associated Content

Associated content is a site run by Yahoo. You write an article and
sell it to them for $3-$10. You then get more money from page

Bright Hub

Bright hub is similar to associated content. They pay you money for
the articles you write and they also pay you for page views on your


Suite101 is again similar to associated content. Suite101 don’t pay
you for your article, only for your page views, but, you’re likely to get
a lot more page views at suite101.

Now I’ve shared the websites and forums I use, and have told you
how to make money, it’s time to tell you about copyscape.
There are some writers out there who just copy their articles from
another site and sell them or they sell the same articles more than
once. In order to check for plagiarised content, I use copyscape.
Copyscape is an online search tool which searches for plagiarised
content. This is a very accurate and useful tool, however, it’s not
free. Each search costs 5 cents, and you have to buy 200 credits
(searches) to be able to pay with paypal, that’s $10, which is still
fairly cheap.

You use copyscape by copying and pasting an article into the search
box, then you click the search button. It will look to see if something
has been copied and will give you a result back in % if anything has
been copied. It will give you a link to the website which has similar
text and will highlight the copied text. If this does occur in articles
you’ve purchased then contact the direct and 99% of the time, they
will offer you a refund.

Below are images of me using copyscape.
The above image shows that none of the text I pasted was copied.

The above image shows that it has found sites with the same article.
The above image shows what happens when you click compare text.
It tells you how many words are copied and how much % is copied.
Also, it highlights the copied text.
    Things You Should Know
v To create a new thread on Digital Point, you need to have been
  a member for 14 days with a post count of 25.
v Paypal is the main type of payment method, but no one does
  chargebacks for no reason.
v You have to buy membership in order to use DNForum.
v Articles are usually sent in a zip file via email
v You can only post 1 new thread every 24 hours in the
  advertisements and related offers section in DNForum.
v You need to answer 5 quick questions when registering on
  constant content, you have to get at least 3 correct.
v Each copyscape search costs 5 cents.
v Always request samples of articles if buying from a user with
  less than 10 positive itrader/feedback
v Proof read all articles you buy.
v Put every article you buy through copyscape.
v Make sure you deliver articles promptly
v Buy articles on popular categories like weight loss, health
  related articles, gardening etc

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