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					Canadian Celiac Association	

                                            Oct/Nov 2008 Volume 17 Number 5

Serving Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands

      OCTOBER IS CELIAC                                                   CELIAC SUPPORT MEETINGS
                                                                          Market on Millstream, 125-2401C

      AWARENESS MONTH                                                     Millstream Rd.,
                                                                          Wednesday, September 24, October 22,
                                                                          6:30 to 8:00.
           Look for our banner right across Douglas Street                Meet in the coffee area.
          October 14-20 and again October 27-November 3                   Contact: ebayens@telus.net or Erin or
                                                                          Kathryn in the Self Care Aisle.
          TGIF Encore Presentation                                        Lifestyle Markets, 2950 Douglas St.,
 Plan to attend this day-long mini conference. An opportunity to          Tuesday, October 14, 6:30 to 8:00.
 see the excellent DVD recordings we made at the conference.              Meet in front of the deli case.
 Saturday October 25 at the First Metropolitan United Church              Contact: Anne Sherber 250-920-6444
 See page 3 for registration details and program.


 Sunday, Oct 5, 11:00-3:00 p.m.
 Island Natural 5th Annual Gluten Free/Wheat Free Fair
 6560 Metral Drive, Nanaimo, B.C. 250 390 1955. Share a scrumptious lunch (remember last year’s...awesome)
 The Nanaimo Support Group will be available with information and brochures.

 Tuesday, October 21
 Restaurant Night at Smoken Bones Cookshack
 See page 13 for details

 Saturday, November 22, 4:30 pm.
 Christmas Pot Luck Party at St. Aidan’s Church Hall Details to follow 

 This issue -- a focus on young people living with celiac disease

Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                     Oct/Nov 2008 Volume 17 Number 5

     We’re celebrating October as Celiac Awareness                     Her enthusiasm is boundless and her expertise is
Month this year by hosting a day-long mini TGIF                    superb. I guess this is why she was recruited for an
conference. During the conference in May we arranged for           exciting new job.
all presentations in Carson Hall of the Conference Centre              We are thrilled for Ellen. But our congratulations are
to be recorded by Sharpe’s Audio Visual. These                     tinged with a ‘deer in the headlights look of alarm’. Ellen
professional recordings are high quality. If you missed the        remains a loyal member of our Chapter but she is stepping
conference or would like to see the presentations again,           away from all those jobs listed above -- panic! The
this is your chance. Check out the program opposite and            question is -- how many celiacs does it take to fill Ellen’s
register today.                                                    boots?
    The DVDs will also be lent to our satellite groups in      Ellen, of course, has written detailed instructions for
Nanaimo and Comox for Chapter members there to enjoy. her replacements and will coach them through learning
    Anyone who has been a member of our Chapter for       the jobs. If you think you would like to look at any of the
more than 5 minutes will know Ellen Bayens. She is        jobs we have available, contact me at crushforth@shaw.ca
probably the first other celiac you met after you were     (after October 14 please).
diagnosed.                                                             Thank you so much for all your work for our Chapter
     Among her many jobs, Ellen solicits for all the               Ellen.
advertising for this newsletter, organizes the meetings at             I hope you will enjoy the feature stories in this issue
Lifestyles Market and now Market on Millstream,                    of Celiac News. Thank you so much to Brett Lumley,
organizes the restaurant nights, lobbies for better labeling       Karen Bogle, Shirley Bond, Michele Vadas and Heather
on vitamins and therapeutics, liaises with the dietitians          Sutherland for their excellent contributions.
and medical community, she solicited all sponsors and                  Christine
exhibitors for the conference (a huge job!), created The
Savvy Celiac Guide with Denise Hansen, and volunteers
for just about everything that needs doing.


                                          would like to know more about local           include a five-day stay in beautiful
                                          restaurants and shopping. Our                 Mahone Bay, so I emailed Alyce for
                                          website is a mine of information for          information on eating out gluten free
                                          them -- the celiac-friendly restaurant        and some local knowledge.
                                          and shopping guide, the savvy celiac               Alyce not only provided me with
                                          guide -- are all useful links to local        tips on where to eat and shop in
                                          information. But this time Nicola             Mahone Bay but also offered to drop
                                          from the UK also needed information           off a gluten free care package to the
                                          about the Malahat area and Tofino. A           Inn where we’re staying! I was blown
                                          call round to the executive produced a        away by her kind offer.
                                          few good tips which I relayed to
                                          Nicola. She was impressed with how                Some people just go the extra
                                          much information we had at our                mile don’t they?
                                          fingertips and we hope she has a                   Christine
                                          wonderful and gluten free holiday.
                                              This year, my husband and I are
                                          going to the Maritimes and New
                                          England for a Fall holiday. I noticed
    It happens quite frequently, I get    that Alyce Feindel, cookbook author
an email from a celiac planning a         featured in our last issue, lived in
holiday on Vancouver Island who           Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Our plans

Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                 Oct/Nov 2008 Volume 17 Number 5

                The Gluten Intolerance Festival
                Canadian Celiac Association National Conference 2008
                              ENCORE PRESENTATION
October is Celiac Awareness Month and what better time to enjoy watching the DVD recordings we made of the
wonderful presentations during the Canadian Celiac Association’s TGIF conference hosted by our Chapter in May.

If you missed TGIF or you are a newly diagnosed celiac or would just like to review the presentations, this is your
opportunity. These professional recordings are high quality. It’s almost as good as being there.

Join us at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 25 at The First Metropolitan United Church Fellowship Hall. 932 Balmoral
(corner of Balmoral and Quadra) for a day-long mini conference. Park in the very small car park behind church or a
nearby parkade. Street parking is restricted to 2 hours. Car sharing or bus would be a good idea.

9:30 a.m.  Welcome.
9:45 a.m.  Dr. Alessio Fasano, Celiac Disease: The Past and the Present, part 1 of recorded presentation.
11:00 a.m. Coffee/tea/juice break and cookies. Browse mini trade show.
11:30 a.m. Dr. Fasano, Celiac Disease: The Future, part 2 of recorded presentation.
12:30 p.m. Pizza lunch and pot luck desserts/fruit, tea/coffee/juice. Browse mini trade show.
1:30 a.m.  Dr. Connie Switzer, Tissue Transglutaminase: What is it and What does it mean?
2:00 p.m.  Coffee/tea/juice break and cookies.
2:30 p.m.  Dr. Mohsin Rashid, Anemia in Celiac Disease: Connecting Blood to the Bowel.
3:15 pm    Wrap up.

During the breaks there will be gluten free products to check out and free samples to try including products from
Kinnikinnick Foods, Real Foods Corn Thins, Freybe Gourmet Foods, Cream Hill Estates, Pamela’s Products, Glutino,
2G Pharma, Pane Riso, Leslie Orser, CFIA, Level Ground Trading, Lifestyle Markets, Patsy-Pie Gluten Free Bakery,
and Mary’s Gone Crackers plus more.

Conference bags, gluten free cookbooks, calendars, pocket dictionaries, CCA membership forms.

There will be care for children under the age of 12. Children will join parents for pizza lunch. Please register your child
in advance and tell us the name and age of your child. There is no charge for this baby-sitting service.

There will be a registration fee of $10 for CCA members and $15 for non-members. Children 12 and under are free.
Your registration fee, to be paid at the door, will include a pizza lunch from The Joint, printouts of the power point
presentations and speaker biographies.
You must register yourself and any children in advance by contacting Nancy Adrian 250-592-8850 or
adrian_nancy@hotmail.com before October 20.

Make lunch more enjoyable. Please bring a gluten free dessert, cookies, squares, fruit or something yummy to share
with everyone. Please label your dessert if it contains pure oats as some of us are intolerant to oats.

Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                                Oct/Nov 2008

                                 Thank you to member Janice Penman for hosting a wonderful picnic/
                                 barbecue in August.
                                  Janice even arranged for the weather to be perfect in Metchosin when
                                 there was a thunder storm in Victoria -- how’s that for influence!
                                 We ate lots, thanks to our members’ baking and the donations from El
                                 Peto and Freybe’s Gourmet Foods.
                                 We sampled the new Bard’s Tale Beer and decided it was very good
                                 The games were super fun thanks to Brett and Tara Lumley. The kids had
                                 a great time and so did all the grown-ups.

We regret to say we incorrectly announced the closure of Liv-N-Well in Richmond in our June/July issue of
Celiac News.

Liv-N-Well Distributors Ltd. is fully operational and owner Chuck Withers is continuing to support the
celiac community as he has done for many years.

To Chuck and daughter Marilyn, please accept our apologies.

To the celiac community, please continue to shop at this excellent source of gluten free supplies.

                                KINNIKINNICK FOODS INC.
                                GLUTEN FREE • WHEAT FREE • CASEIN FREE
           kinnikinnick     ®

          » BREADS & BAGELS
           » BUNS & MUFFINS
          » COOKIES & DONUTS
           » DESSERTS & MIXES
             » PIZZA CRUSTS

                   DI D
                CE E
            O DU CAT .
          PR EDI LITY
           A D ACI
                           TOLL FREE ORDER LINE - 1• 877 • 503 • 4466

Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                                            Oct/Nov 2008

                                      My Life As A Celiac
                                      Brett Lumley, Age 16
                                          jokingly gave him a piece of my mind      Chelsea had never even heard of the

        A      bout two years ago I
                                          for it being passed down to me.

                                                   Studies show that almost
                                                                                    term celiac before we met; now she
                                                                                    loves to come to the functions with
                                                                                    me and help out with the children
was diagnosed with a disease that I       one percent of the world’s population     beside my sister Tara.
knew nothing about. I didn’t know         is affected by celiac disease, with me
what it was, what it was doing to me      and my father being in that one                    Since I’ve been diagnosed
or how I got it; to be honest I was       percent. When I first started my           with celiac my eating habits have
kind of scared. But as it turned out      Wheat/Gluten free diet it was one of      made my lifestyle a whole lot
the disease changed my life for the       the hardest life changes I have had to    healthier, and a whole lot happier as
better.                                   make. Friday family movie nights          well. I feel as if I have more energy
        Before my diagnosis I had         went from pizza and bread sticks, to
                                          rice and chicken. Going out for a bite
                                                                                    throughout the day, and I haven’t had
                                                                                    a migraine related to gluten in over a
terrible acne, I couldn’t go a night      to eat with my friends meant              year. I have met so many new friendly
without having stomach cramps, and        changing my usual order of fries and a    faces through the conferences and
almost twice a week I would get a         burger, to a hamburger patty and a        picnics, and I hope to keep attending
migraine. My dad had been diagnosed       green salad. I’ve had to make many        them as I carry on through my gluten
earlier that year, but didn’t think       changes to please my body, and            free years. Sure I wish I could sink my
twice that it could be passed through     honestly I could not have done it         teeth into a juicy burger at times but
to his children. He started noticing      without the help of my family and         now I know at forty I won’t be 200
me not acting myself anymore and          friends. The gluten free meals my         pounds and in risk of a heart attack.
often I’d be pretty cranky (in his        family make are outstanding, and          All and all - celiac disease changed my
words not mine). So my parents            because I have such great friends         life for the better.
decided to get both my sister and I       some will have a cupboard of food just
checked, lucky for me I got diagnosed     for me when I come over to eat. My
and not her. Immediately after the        girlfriend Chelsea, and her family
blood test I called my dad and            have been such a huge help as well.

                                       A FAMILY STORY
My name is Karen Bogle and I have probably had celiac disease all of my life but I found out 3 ½ years ago. I was so
relieved when the blood test and biopsy came back positive for celiac because even though it is a life changing diagnosis, I
just wanted to finally feel better. I am still struggling to feel better but I know that there is no comparison to the way I felt
four years ago. It definitely has been a process for me.
One big help for me was attending the informal meetings at the Lifestyle Markets where I met other celiacs and felt
normal for the first time in my life. It was there I was encouraged to get my children (ages 7, 5 and 3 ) tested. I jumped on
that right away and had all three children blood and lactose intolerance tested. The only positive result was for my then 5-
year old daughter Nicole. At first, she was very sad because she knew my diet was so severe but I reminded her that the
celiac diet was easier because I had also developed so many other intolerances. Nicole cheered up quickly and had a
positive attitude through the entire process. We booked a consult and then the biopsy with Dr. Naomi Galonka. Her
biopsy was positive for celiac disease and thus began her journey. Her blood test was before her birthday and Halloween
and her biopsy was at the beginning of December so I had to keep her on gluten for both of those major kid events. It
gave me time to process how we would manage the changes for Nicole and still have them be fun and include treats. By
the time her biopsy came through, I had been on my own diet for 9 months and was gaining expertise and information
from the celiac meetings and reading every book the library had in stock regarding celiac disease. I wrote out details that
mattered to our family and found out that you can photocopy up to 20 % of a book. So I photocopied things that would
help us and recipes to get us going.	







      continued page 6

Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                                            Oct/Nov 2008
In the next year we had a lot of            a mistake so they are motivated to       good understanding of the good
problems with my son. We decided            check twice.                             choices we can make foodwise to feel
that he should be biopsied because he       BIRTHDAYS                                better. That has been a really positive
looked so ill. At the same time we          Birthdays just take a bit of planning.   side of our diets. Their favourite
decided to biopsy my youngest               Our system is to make gluten             snacks are apples cut up (at home
daughter who was approaching 4 yrs          containing cupcakes for the guests       they dip the slices in peanut butter for
old. Dr. Galonka was amazing with           and then non gluten cupcakes for my      protein) and they love baby carrots
both children and agreed that with a        children. To do this, we purchase a      dipped in hummus.
family of two celiacs it would be           box of gluten cake and mix it outside    For lunches, I use leftovers of the
worth the invasive test to make sure.       and bake it in our neighbours muffin       healthy meal from the night before, or
We tried to get them in at the same         tins. They are removed on a counter      I make my own bread and make them
time but had to book separately as          away from the main part of the           sandwiches. If I am behind, I try to
Scot was more urgent. In hindsight I        kitchen and I make a home icing to       have corn thins on hand and send
am glad as it gave me time to               put on them. I also make gluten free     those with something non dairy and
concentrate on each child. Scott            cupcakes and keep them in the            non gluten for them to spread. If you
looked so ill when they put him under       freezer and ice them as needed for       send them already spread, they tend
the anaesthetic and Dr. Galonka was         their own parties or when they are       to get soggy. I always include some
convinced it would find something.           invited to a friends. This has worked    carrots to crunch and a piece of fruit,
She phoned me a week later to inform        really well for us. I read early on in   usually an apple and water. One of my
me herself that he did not have celiac.     the Danna Korn book that you should      emergency staples when life is busy is
Normally she would have been                not try to give the guests the food      to buy Amy’s soups or refried beans.
pleased to give the information but         that your celiac children eat in case    The kids love them and they are
she knew something was very wrong.          they make negative comments. This        organic. Thrifty’s refried beans work
A week later we found out that Scott        has worked for us. Our birthdays are     too and they are more economical. I
is allergic to wheat, oats, dairy and all   in September and October so we are       then send a baggy of Que pasa tortilla
tree nuts. As soon as we got him off         able to have the gluten cupcakes         chips to dip in the beans.
these things his whole personality and      consumed on our back deck. If I am       Our schools nowadays are full of kids
behaviour turned around for the             worried about the weather and the        with allergies. I have found that most
better and the bags under his eyes          cake has to be consumed indoors, I       classrooms and schools have a no
disappeared, similar to what we had         have an amazing gluten free carrot       share policy about food and people
seen in Nicole 9 months before.             cake that I can make that tastes the     are very aware of how careful they
My third child, Kiera had a biopsy          same as gluten.                          need be regarding food. I have not
three months later and hers was             The other thing I do for birthdays is    had a problem with my kids trying
negative. She is so used to our diets       provide the teacher with a bag of        other kids food. The only problem
she would have been happy to be             treats that fit the requirements for      that we had to address was my celiac
celiac but as it is we call her the         both children and if there are treats    daughter sitting right beside a non
junkpile because she can eat anything.      brought to school for a special          celiac at school and we just informed
HALLOWE’EN                                  occasion, then they can choose one of    the teacher and Nicole was allowed to
Halloween is an interesting time            their own treats. This has worked out    move her desk away the year that was
between celiac disease and allergies. I     really well.                             an issue. The kids have been very
make sure that I give out treats that       SNACKS, TREATS AND                       respectful of Nicole and Scott.
all three of my children can consume.                                                My kids are now 11, 9 and almost 6
                                            SCHOOL LUNCHES
The kids go out trick or treating and                                                and we have weathered a three years
                                            When I take treats for the class at
then at the end of the night we pour                                                 together on our diets. They have done
                                            school, I choose popsicles or ju jubes
everything out and separate all the                                                  really well. Our new challenge this
                                            that my children can share with the
gluten containing things out. Those                                                  year is our celiac daughter Nicole can
go to Dad, or friends for trading. Out                                               now not have soy or dairy, like me and
                                            My children have been educated very
of the rest, we try to divide so that                                                this will take away more of her
                                            early about good nutrition and
Scott gets enough treats without                                                     options at Hallowe’en but I have done
                                            making wise choices. Since I have had
gluten, chocolate and nuts. Nicole got                                               my research and there is an organic,
                                            a tough time feeling better, we have
all the gluten free chocolate and the                                                fairly traded chocolate bar without
                                            chosen whole grain gluten free grains
other gluten free treats. They are                                                   soy or dairy that I will purchase to
                                            and things without sulfites and msg.
really good about reading labels, they                                               give her a chocolate fix at Halloween
                                            They have watched their own health
know how sick they feel if they make                                                 and Christmas.	

                                            improve and mine and they have a
                                                                                     Karen Bogle

Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                                           Oct/Nov 2008

                                                     SUMMER CAMP!
                                           have celiac disease so they regularly   fingers and drove home, leaving her
                                           prepare GF meals.                       there for 7 days.

                                            Camp Qwanoes (www.qwanoes.ca) is Meals are a big event at Camp
                                            in a beautiful forested and            Qwanoes. My daughters attended
                                            waterfront setting in Crofton. This    “Junior High” camp and there were
                                            is their 21st year and there are camps 370 kids (age 12-14) and about 220
                                            for ages 8-18. Registration begins in  staff. Kids sit at round tables with
                                            January and spaces fill quickly. Cost   their 6 or 8 cabin-mates and leaders.
                                            is about $500.00 per camper. Camps Regular meals are brought to the
As a child I loved summer camp. It        run for 6 nights – that’s a lot of meals tables, but leaders pick up special diet
was a week away from home, and            for me to worry about! I spoke with      meals from a side entrance to the
there were lots of activities I did not   and emailed the kitchen manager,         kitchen. Occasionally there was a bit
usually get to try during the year. My    Wes Dong, several times in the           of a wait, but overall it ran well and
daughter was diagnosed with celiac        months leading up to camp. I learned she liked most of the food. They
disease in 2002. Every summer since,      that all meals are prepared from         served GF pasta, but otherwise main
the idea of summer camp was too           scratch, and they accommodate            courses were basic GF fare such as
overwhelming for me to consider.          several different special diets. I also   roast chicken, home-made soup and
This year was different. My daughter       learned that in the past they may have chilli.
and her twin sister, now 13, heard        served ‘Rice Krispie’ squares that
about some fun camp experiences           would not have been GF, so I             A week later I just about had to drag
from their friends so I decided to see    requested additional information         my daughters home. They loved it. It
whether any camps could                   about the meals and asked what I         was a power-packed week of options
accommodate a gluten-free diet.           could do to ensure all foods for my      like an 80 foot high free fall swing
                                          daughter would be safe. Following        called the Sky-scraper, the Screamer -
The first one I considered was Camp        several discussions I felt               a high speed zipline, tons of water and
Stealth on Vashon Island near Seattle.    ‘comfortable’. While fruit was always    outdoor sports, music and new
They run camps all summer for 6-17        available, Wes said he could not         friends.
year olds. At 3 of the summer sessions    guarantee GF ‘treats’ for snacks or
Stealth has members of the Gluten         desserts, GF condiments or breakfast Looks like my daughters will head
Intolerance Group (GIG)                   cereal, and I was happy to oblige in     back to camp next summer. I’ll
(www.gluten.net) on site preparing        sending those items.                     contact the camp and start the GF
gluten-free meals and snacks for any                                               discussions early again. And we’ll try
celiac kids attending those sessions.     We arrived with a box full of small      to arrive an hour early to ensure we
Cost was similar to our Vancouver         containers of yogurt, ketchup and        have ample time to meet the cabin
Island camps. As it turned out, the       salad dressing, chocolate bars, candy,   leader and talk about the importance
dates for these sessions did not match    cereal, and home-made cookies and        of GF. Also, my daughter will keep
our other summer plans so I began to      muffins. Wes stored it in the kitchen, some non-perishable snacks in her
look at camps closer to home.             and one of my daughter’s cabin           cabin to make access simpler. If you
                                          leaders had authority to get things      are wondering about summer camp
Island Parent Magazine hosted a           from it for her. He gave us a menu       for your child with celiac disease and
school and camp fair at the Holiday       plan, and showed me which meals          have any questions about our
Inn in the spring. I attended and met     would involve special GF items. We       experiences, you can reach us by email
with reps from most camps on              met with the cabin leader and gave       at glutenfreevictoria@shaw.ca
Vancouver Island. Camp Qwanoes            the crash course in celiac disease.
informed me that several of their staff    Then I took a big gulp, crossed my       Shirley Bond

Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                                              Oct/Nov 2008

                                                  GLUTEN FREE HALLOWE’EN CANDY TREAT FOR
                                                  LITTLE TRICK OR TREATERS
                                                  from this website: www.recipezaar.com
                                                  POPCORN BALLS BY MaryMc, Seattle
                                                  Makes 1 dozen
                                                  Ingredients: 1 cup sugar, 1/3 cup white corn syrup, 1/3 cup water, 1/4
                                                  cup butter, 3/4 teaspoon salt, 3/4 vanilla, 3 quarts popped corn
                                                  Directions: Combine sugar, corn syrup, water, butter, and salt in a
                                                  saucepan. Cook over medium-high heat to hard ball stage. Remove
                                                  from heat and add vanilla. Pour over popcorn. When cool enough to

                                                  handle, form into balls with buttered hands.

                           Not So Scared of Hallowe’en when it’s Gluten Free

When I was a kid, we went Trick-or-Treating from door               • 	

    Sort it, separate it, trade it with another child
to door, getting as much loot as we could. When we got                          who can have that candy and trade for the GF
home we’d all sit round in a circle and up-end our bags,                        goodies.
comparing what we had, eating willy-nilly and entirely              In researching for this article, I found that a very feasible
too much as we went along. For mothers, now that celiac             option for some parents is to have a Hallowe’en party,
disease is in the picture, it’s really hard to say no to your       including the children that your child would normally
celiac child when he or she wants to go Trick-or-Treating,          Trick-or-Treat with. This will allow treats to be exclusively
knowing the dangers. We’d like our kids to be included in           gluten-free. If you send out invitations, specify that all
whatever activities their friends do at Hallowe’en (and at          treats will be provided at the party, and the guests need
other times). What then, do you do, when your child                 only bring themselves and fabulous costumes. The
comes through the door after his Trick-or-Treating spree,           website www.glutenfreeda.com sells tubs of cookie dough;
his bag filled with – what could be – gluten everywhere?             the sugar cookie selection is great for making formed
As a parent, there are some things you can do.                      Hallowe’en cookies. Interesting party favours like “witch’s
                                                                    brew goblets”, found at card stores, are a great way to
1. Be educated beforehand. Google gluten-free                       serve the Green Guck Punch. Here’s the recipe:
halloween (no apostrophe) and you’ll get a good bunch
of sites to explore.                                                1 litre of lime sherbet
2. http://www.celiaccentral.org/Volunteer/Kids_Corner/              2 large two-litre sizes of sprite or 7-up
Halloween_Treats/Gluten_Free_Candy/186/ check out                   plastic ghosts / worms / witches that can hang from the
this link for an extensive list of gluten free candy.               punch bowl / anything else you can think of to spook it
3. If you don’t have access to a computer, here are some            up. Cover the table it sits on with a black ragged cloth
points which will help if your child ends up feeling                and decorate it with artificial cobwebs.
tricked when he or she has to give up a lot of candy.

     Donate the candy to your local food bank.                 Place several scoops of lime sherbet into the bottom of

     Have GF goodies on hand to “trade” your child             the punch bowl. In filling the bowl with the pop, make
            for the unsafe stuff.                                    sure that as you’re pouring it, it comes in contact with

     Save it to use for making a Gingerbread house             the sherbet. It will foam up and look positively awful. In
            for the holidays (just for viewing, of course!)         the past, I have used jello pieces, cut into rounds, to look

     Some dentists will accept your child’s candy and          like eyeballs.
            will “trade” it for some healthy options.               Heather Sutherland

     Sort it, “buy it back” from your child, allow him/
            her to use that money to buy more GF

     Sort it, separate it, toss it.

Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                                                        Oct/Nov 2008

I have an 18 year old son with celiac disease. We first discovered he had the disease when he was in grade 8. In grade 5 and 6 he was a
little chubby, then suddenly in grade 7 he started to slim down and we were quite happy with this, thinking it was from all the sports
he was participating in. However by grade 8 it was abundantly clear that something else was going on, as he had many stomach
issues and was not feeling well. So off to the doctor we went. By the time it was all said and done he had gone from weighing 156
pounds to 99 pounds and from being a nice healthy color to pale white as he was anemic as well. It took 3 months of strict
adherence to a gluten free diet before he had started to feel better and some of his energy came back. Over the next year he started
to put the weight back on. However he has never become chubby again, which he is of course happy about and fortunately he is in
excellent health, has grown tall and is strong.
Diet is a challenge. He is a picky eater. It has been a big life style change to make our home gluten free. The rest of us eat gluten free
as well, except for bread and cereal.
Breakfast for my son if he chooses to eat it is usually eggs, gluten free toast and gluten free sausage or bacon. For lunch he will eat
gluten free sandwiches, this is with gluten free lunch meat Freybe or tuna or egg. As well he loves to make grilled cheese sandwiches
with onion and ketchup in them.
Dinner is easier as it’s always some kind of meat, vegetables and then rice or potato. We eat a lot of gluten free pasta with spaghetti
sauce, sometimes made with gluten free bacon instead of hamburger. An easy pasta dish that he likes is the classico four cheese
alfredo sauce and we just throw in fresh shrimp, and heat that up and put it over gluten free pasta.
For pancakes I like Amy’s pancake mix, and for birthday cakes I love Amy’s chocolate cake mix. I bake it with two round pans, then
I put strawberry jam between the two cakes and then ice it with vanilla icing.
Snacks -- I always have gluten free chips in the house for snacks, as well as fruit and gluten free frozen pizza in the freezer.
So far we have all survived this adventure of eating gluten free and to tell you the truth I think we are all healthier for it.
Michele V  adas

           Back-to-School Lunch Ideas                                   • for a wrap containing a choice from among the
                                                                          following: egg/chicken/tuna/turkey salad; gluten-free
If you’ve already run out of ideas for school lunches, here are           sliced meat with cheese slice, tomato and pickle; taco
some tips #om Shirley Bond. We printed this item a year ago               fillings such as bean mixed with salsa and shredded
and Heather Sutherland has abridged it to complement our                  cheddar cheese. Use Food for Life Brown Rice
feature on young people needing a gluten #ee diet.                        Torti"as.
                                                                        • hard - boiled egg for peeling at lunchtime
Going back to school and eating lunch there can be a                    HOT CHOICES: all to be sent in a stainless 8-oz wide-
challenge for celiac kids, since cafeteria food is often not            mouth Thermos.
celiac-friendly. Here is a starter list you can hang on your            • Annie’s Lentil Soup
refrigerator that will aid you in packing up enticing                   • homemade soup or macaroni and cheese
lunches. Make sure to add things you know your child will               • Heinz Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce
love:                                                                   DESSERTS
COLD CHOICES                                                            • cookies / fruit / yogurt / Kozy Shack Rice Pudding or
                                                                          Tapioca Pudding / fruit cup / unsweetened applesauce
• Lundberg Rice Chips or any favourite gluten-free chips
• cheese sticks                                                         • a few Hershey’s Kisses
• Freybe Gourmet Foods luncheon meat                                    • homemade carrot cake
• homemade hummus or other bean dip with celery and/                    • homemade crisped rice squares made with Nature’s
  or carrot sticks                                                        Path gluten-free rice crisp cereal
• plain spreadable cream cheese                                         NOTES
• spreadable cream cheese mixed with crushed pineapple                  Since your child won’t be able to partake of special “hot
  or a teaspoon of favourite jam: vary the flavours to keep              lunch days” at school, send something that is similar. For
  up interest                                                           example, if it is pizza, send a pizza to be warmed in the
• any favourite nut butter                                              micro-wave at the school cafeteria; if this doesn’t work,
• raisins or other favourite dried fruit                                send a regular lunch and organize a gluten-free pizza night
• potato salad with bits of ham, chicken, turkey or boiled              at home that same day.
  egg                                                                   Provide the teacher with a bag of Hershey’s Nuggets to
• mixed bean salad                                                      give to the celiac child whenever there are treats brought
• pasta salad                                                           to class for everyone.
• homemade California rolls

 Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                                            Oct/Nov 2008

 Coconut Cookies                                               Almond Cranberry Cookies
 2 cups flaked coconut                                          2 eggs
 1/2 cup sugar                                                 1 cup almond butter
 1 to 1/2 tablespoons GF flour                                  1 cup sugar
 4 tablespoons melted butter                                   Optional:
 2 egg yolks                                                   1/2 cup dried cranberries
 1 whole egg                                                   1/8 cup hemp seeds
 jam for filling
                                                               Combine eggs, almond butter and sugar. Stir in optional
 Heat oven to 350ºF. In a bowl, combine the coconut,           ingredients including nuts, dried berries and/or seeds.
 sugar, flour, melted butter, yolks and whole egg. Toss with    Place drop cookies on parchment paper, flatten lightly, and
 a fork to mix well. With wet hands, form into walnut sized    cook in oven preheated to 350ºF until golden.
 balls. Optional: make indentation and fill with strawberry     Avoid over cooking.
 jam.                                                          Makes 5 dozen cookies approximately 1 1/2 inches in
 Bake: 12 mins until golden brown.                             diameter.

 Walnut Slices                                                 Cheese Snacks
 1/2 cup oriental rice flour                                    1 cup margarine
 1/4 cup glutinous rice flour                                   1/2 lb Imperial cheese
 1/4 cup potato starch                                         1/2 teaspoon salt
 2 teaspoons sugar                                             1 1/2 cups Celimix of GF flour mix
 1 teaspoon xanthan gum                                        4 cups Crispy Rice (Nature’s Path GF)
 1/2 cup softened butter of margarine
                                                               Roll ingredients into balls and flatten.
 Mix together until crumbs.                                    Bake at 375ºF for 10 mins.
 Bake in 8” x 10” pan at 350ºF until brown.                    Marilyn MacKenzie

 Mix together:                                                     Advice from an expert
 1 1/4 cups brown sugar                                            Helen Griffiths says:
 1 cup walnuts (chopped)
 1/2 cup coconut                                                   “This website, www.foodphilosopher.com
 2 eggs                                                            contains all good recipes from Annalise Roberts’ cook
 1/2 teaspoon vanilla                                              book Gluten Free Baking Classics.
 Spread over base and put into oven to brown. Cut into             If I had to pick one gluten free cook book, this one
 squares. May be iced.                                             would be it.”
 Pat Owen

                                                         Thank you so much for hosting the CCA conference last
Shirley Bond must be quite a surfer. She’s developed     May. We had a blast! The food, especially the banquet, was
a great list of useful websites to browse. I’ve          outstanding! The entire weekend was so well done and
pinched her list and added it to the LINKS page          organized. We appreciated all the hard work and dedication
on our website www.victoriaceliac.org                    and effort from the Victoria Chapter. Thank you again.
All new sites are marked NEW so you can spot             The Abbotsford group meets every Tuesday morning 10:00
them easily. Thanks Shirley.                             a.m. at the Gourmet Gallery in Abbotsford. Come join us
Christine                                                anytime you’re in town.

SHAPES AND SIZES OF JOBS AVAILABLE, ALL FUN. Contact: crushforth@shaw.ca

Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                                           Oct/Nov 2008

                     WHEATLESS IN SEATTLE -- by Shirley Bond

Actually it is called DAVINCI            chain with nice décor. We ate at one      style (thick) yogurts and bliss bars (ice
WHEATLESS IN SEATTLE                     in Lynnwood at Alderwood Mall and         cream bars, 4 per box)
(206-782-9005) and it was a wonderful    then in downtown Seattle at Westlake       
find. This family run cottage style       Centre. Yippee, they have a 15+ item      On to WHOLE FOODS
house has a “Gluten-free” sign in the    GF menu and knowledgeable servers         SUPERMARKET.
front window. In the Greenwood           who will bring special GF soy & dip       (www.wholefoodmarket.com) I like
suburb just north of Seattle, about 5    sauce. Their signature dish, an           their store in West Van, and they are a
minutes off the I-5, we found it was      appetizer called Chicken in Soothing      chain in the US. There are 4 in the
well worth the detour. Lots of           Lettuce Wraps is available GF. We         Seattle area and we went to the one
desserts, including great chocolate      also enjoyed lemon chicken,               right in downtown Seattle. Check out
chip brownies, pear cointreau            Singapore street noodles, ginger          their large GF list on their website.
cheesecake and raspberry chocolate       chicken with broccoli and for dessert,    They have a rice bakery in Seattle, but
cake. Just about any type of             the flourless chocolate dome! I had        all their items from there were frozen,
homemade sandwich. The best thing        read on a blog to specifically request a   no fresh GF baked goods, other than
for our celiac teenager was a decaf      server who is knowledgeable in GF         meringues (choc, mint, vanilla). 
cherry chocolate frappachino – finally    when being seated, and we did that         
she could have what her sister had       each time.                                Our final stop was GLUTEN FREE
enjoyed at Starbucks. And the owner                                                JOE’S MARKET
shared the secret ingredient, ganache, There are 6 OUTBACK                         (www.GFJoes.com) in Tumwater
so we have been able to duplicate      RESTAURANTS in the greater                  Centre, just north of Olympia. Joe has
these at home. Eat in or take out, or  Seattle area, and they are a chain in       a fully GF store with packaged and
both like we did                      the US. They have a GF Thunder              frozen items. He had a selection of
                                       Down Under dessert. We did not try          Kinnikinnick and Glutino products
Full of brownie and cheesecake, we     them this time but Chapter member           from Canada. Here I bought Montina
ventured south to THE FLYING           Tami did several weeks ago. She said:       blend flour (www.Montina.com).
APRON CAFÉ AND BAKERY in “I went to the Outback in Federal Way. It                 Montina is a rice grass that is
Seattle’s university district          is near the SEATAC airport just off          appearing more frequently on GF
(206-442-1115) www.flyingapron.net      I-5.  They had a gluten #ee menu and        recipe web sites but I have not found
All sweet and savoury bakery goods     seemed very knowledgeable.  I had a great   it yet in BC. Shelley Case’s
are GF, organic, dairy and egg free,   meal.” Again, ask for a GF savvy            Comprehensive Resource Guide
many sweetened with Stevia rather      server.                                     reports that Montina has 36 grams of
than sugar and baked with brown rice                                               fibre per cup, compared to 7.3 in
and bean flours. Vegetarian pot pies,   TRADER JOE’S                                brown rice flour and 8.6 in sorghum.
cupcakes, cookies, muffins, soups,       SUPERMARKETS                                Case also reports that Montina is very
lunch fare, coffees and chais, and a    (www.traderjoes.com) Similar to             high in protein and iron.
line up for service even mid           Lifestyles, this chain has 14 stores in
afternoon. Eat in or take out. Several Washington, several in Seattle. They        We did not try them, but Tony
3 & 4 layer cakes were on display, and have a list of GF food on their             Roma’s and Romano’s Macaroni
they make special event cakes.         website. They carry their own brands.       Grill have GF selections and several
                                       They have Trader Joe’s GF granola (3        locations in the Seattle area.
These bakery/cafes were very popular. or 4 flavors). All their yogurts are GF -
Call to check hours, arrive early and  great news as every yogurt other than       With this selection of GF food and
expect to be tempted.                  Activa at Fred Meyers was suspect           restaurants, Seattle was a great choice
                                       due to ingredients or poor labels. We       for our vacation.
We ate 2 meals at PF CHANG’S           shopped at their stores in Lynnwood
(PFCHANGS.COM), and there are 3 and in Federal Way. We bought TJ
or 4 around Seattle. Our first          fresh cooked chicken breast pieces
‘restaurant’ Chinese food since 2003.  (prewrapped in deli aisle) and they
And it was great. PF Chang’s is a      were great for salads etc. Great greek

Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                                               Oct/Nov 2008


Basic Gluten-Free Cooking                                            breads, cereals, and pastas being the most obvious. Most
                                                                     celiacs live like our grandparents did—making
In these classes you will learn just how delightful gluten-          everything from scratch. Fortunately, there are an
free foods can be with instructor Leeann Moir! We will               increasing number of gluten-free products on the
begin with the basics of gluten-free cooking, beginning              market now as demand increases, and it will continue to
with foods we all use, from waffles/pancakes, quiche,                  increase. There is also a lot of information available for
bread, buns, tea biscuits and desserts to Christmas                  people with celiac disease, both printed and on the
treasures like shortbread, fruitcake and pumpkin pie.                Internet.
For the children we’ll throw in some nutritious foods
that they will actually eat, like green soup, falafel                Leeann Moir
burgers, bean and cheese enchiladas, hot wings and bean              Awareness Educator
flour pizza. We will also include nutritious snacks of                Victoria Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association
protein bars and muffins for work or school. Tips on
gluten-free baking will be included in each course set, as           Each of the following classes is different and can be
well as a tour of Thrifty foods Tuscany Village store to             registered for separately or as a group of 5 for a
see their selection of SAFE gluten-free food products.               discounted price:

Registration Fee: Each class is $55 or register for all 5 for        Tuesday October 7th, 6-8pm - Click here to register for
a reduced price of $255                                                       this class
                                                                     Tuesday November 4th, 6-8pm - Click here to register
A Note from the Instructor:                                                   for this class
                                                                     Tuesday December 9th, 6-8pm - Click here to register
I am one of millions of people worldwide with this                            for this class
lifelong disease. Many know they have it; many more are              Tuesday January 20th, 6-8pm - Click here to register
unaware of its presence. They are the ones who suffer                          for this class
unnecessarily and are the reason I have become a celiac              Tuesday February 24th, 6-8pm - Click here to register
awareness educator. Although there is no cure, this                           for this class
disease is put into remission simply by taking gluten out            All 5 Classes - Click here to register for all 5 classes
of the diet. Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley,
regular North American oats, rye, and all the products               OR call Eva at Thrifty Foods at 1 250 483 1222 or
they make their way into – from bottled, canned, and                 1-866 751 1222.
packaged foods to vitamins and pharmaceuticals, with

                                     FRENCH MINT COOKING CLASSES
  Chapter member Carolyn Henson says:

 Denise Marchessault, a Cordon Bleu trained chef who owns a cooking school here in Victoria, is offering gluten free
 cooking courses this fall. She has friends and close family who have Celiac. I’ve taken her courses and they are
 amazing. She has a fish course and an egg course which are also, for the most part, gluten free too.
 Here is the link to her schedule. http://frenchmint.ca/courses/gluten-free.htm

Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                                                  Oct/Nov 2008

  Dine out with confidence in the company of fellow                   Only $25 plus tax! Please, bring extra for tip.
 celiacs and add a new restaurant to your repertoire.
  Open to members and significant others. New members                 Look forward to a cold GF beer. GF Smoken Bones BBQ
  encouraged to join us!                                             sauces available for purchase.

 Smoken Bones Cookshack - Bringing the South to                      RSVP by Friday, October 17 to Ellen Bayens
                                                                     ebayens@telus.net 250-727-6272.
 Your Mouth
 Comprehensive gluten free menu always available!
                                                                     Visit www.smokenbones.ca or call 250-391-6328 if you have
                                                                     specific dietary concerns
 #101-721 Station Ave Langford
 6:30 p.m.,Tuesday, October 21, 2008 
                                                             No drop ins please - seating limited
 Appetizers, Paysan style dinner, dessert, coffee, tea or pop

                                          PROJECT PAKISTAN
                                               Dr. Mohsin Rashid F.R.C.P. (C)

Dr. Mohsin Rashid F.R.C.P. (C) Pediatric Gastroenterologist, is a
member of our Professional Advisory Board and a Medical                   I got 3,000 information brochures on celiac in Urdu
Advisor to the Halifax Chapter. Many of you heard Dr. Rashid              language printed when I was last in Pakistan about four
speak at our TGIF conference in May. I would like to share with           weeks ago. These will be distributed to various medical
you news about the wonderful work Dr. Rashid is doing in                  institutions in Pakistan where they will be kept in the GI
Pakistan where he is the Founder and Patron of the Pakistani              clinics. Interestingly, I have had inquiries from Vancouver,
Celiac Society. Notice he says that there are NO stores se+ing            Toronto and Calgary about information on celiac disease in
gluten #ee food in Pakistan.                                              Urdu or Hindi languages. We have sent several brochures
                                                                          to these areas as well. These are mainly Sikhs or Pakistanis
“Just to give you an update on the activities of the Pakistani            from the Punjab province that are being diagnosed. I am
Celiac Society.                                                           planning to get the brochure translated in Hindi and
                                                                          Punjabi (language spoken by Sikhs) as well. They will be put
The web site has been expanded. I have added printable                    on the web site where they can be viewed and printed.
information brochures, endoscopic and microscopic
images, etc. The images are from my own patients with                     This completes (partially) the first phase of this project i.e.
celiac disease that I have seen here in the clinic. A Recipe              INFORMATION & EDUCATION. The next step is to
page is under construction. I have added a restaurant card                create an executive committee and a medical advisory
in that Section that can be printed and carried by                        panel. I plan to go to Pakistan in March 2009 and hopefully
individuals when they eat out in restaurant. All information              this phase will be initiated. We are also getting inquiries
is available both in Urdu and English languages.                          about availability of stores selling gluten-free foods in
                                                                          Pakistan. There are none right now. This is being examined.
Other links have been given on the web site for people to                 Stay tuned!
get more information in English if they wish. Of course, the
two CCA sites are on.                                                     Have a look at the updated www.celiac.com.pk and please
                                                                          give your feedback.
We are trying to publish a cookbook on gluten-free recipes
made from locally available ingredients. This will be in the              Regards, Mohsin
Urdu language and the information will be put on the web                  September 07, 2008”
site as well. English version will also be available both on-
line and as a hard copy. The cookbook is expected to be
available for free!!

Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                                                 Oct/Nov 2008

           How do we get the fork marks on our Peanut Butter cookies?
          Believe it or not, the question above is one we’re asked     The all-Canadian, 100% gluten-free bakery
          quite often. Some people seem to think we must use a                    even non-celiacs love
          machine that fakes the fork marks on our Peanut            Biscotti                  Cookies
          Butter cookies. But, fact is, they’re 100% real, pressed
                                                                     ! Almond                  ! Chocolate Chip
          on top by real bakers using real forks. Imagine!
                                                                     ! Almond Raisin           ! Classic Raisin
          Nope! There’s nothing phony about PatsyPie® Cookies,       ! Chocolate Chip          ! Peanut Butter
          Biscotti, ultra-chocolaty Mini Brownies and zesty Mini     ! Cranberry Orange        ! Snappy Ginger
          Muffins. We bake them all by hand in small batches,        ! Pecan
          same way you’d whip ‘em up at home—using only the
          best ingredients for the yummiest possible results.        In the freezer section
                                                                     ! Morning Glory with Flax Mini Muffins
          Munch! Crunch! Dunk! PatsyPie treats are as close          ! Double Chocolate Mini Brownies
          to homemade as store-bought can be. Big bags. Big
          value. Check us out at patsypie.com, and then take us
          through the checkout at these fine local stores...
           • Fairway Markets           • Lifestyle Markets
           • Market on Yates           • Market on Millstream
           • Community Farm Store      • IGA Marketplaces
           • Western Foods             • Peninsula Co-op
           • Red Barn Market           • Capers
           • Nutter’s                  • Planet Organic
           • Bread Basket Stores
                    Toll-free: 1-87-PATSY-PIE • info@patsypie.com • www.patsypie.com

Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                                           Oct/Nov 2008

                                 MEMBERS’ LETTERS AND EMAILS

MARKET ON MILLSTREAM AND                                          responsibility that they’ve assumed to provide us with
                                                                  GF goodies. I hope that our members continue to
MARKET ON YATES ARE GF SAVVY                                      support this downtown eatery.
Click on these links to see the listing of gluten free             
products available at the Market on Millstream and                A few days ago, at the Sidney/North Saanich library, I
Market on Yates stores.                                           spotted a book that I’m thoroughly enjoying, ”Gluten-
Market on Millstream                                              Free Girl” by Shauna James Ahern. She’s a young
www.marketonyates.com/millstream/                                 woman from Seattle who was diagnosed with celiac
glutenfree_menu.html                                              disease 3 years ago and she has conquered GF challenges
Market on Yates                                                   with wit, humour, ambition, and great recipes [and her
www.marketonyates.com/yates/glutenfree.htm                        husband is a professional chef!]. She’s also started a
                                                                  foodblog called glutenfreegirl.com which won a 2006
GOOD TIPS FROM SHERRI                                             Best Food Blog award. According to the book cover, the
The Broadmead Bakery in the shopping complex on                   blog gets thousands of hits a day. Shauna described
Royal Oak Drive makes some GF items. I’ve tried their             herself as “a typical Gen-X processed food junkie” prior
GF sugar cookies and their crème brulee......delicious.           to being diagnosed. I’ve just started this delightful,
They also have other GF items - a chocolate mousse cup,           informative book but I can certainly recommend it.
macaroons, meringues, and milk-free, rice bread that is           Likely the Greater Victoria Library will have copies as
baked on Wednesday mornings. The bread that isn’t sold            well.
is frozen for purchase later. I didn’t speak to the owner         Sherri McIntyre
today but from staff report, it sounds as though they are
careful re avoiding contamination.                                NANAIMO RECOMMENDATION 
                                                                  Just wanted to let you know about The Lighthouse
I was at The Joint Pizzeria & Deli on Wharf Street                Bistro (at the waterfront in Nanaimo). I was thrilled
last week for a pizza. The owner and staff have revised            last night when my husband and I went out for dinner
their brochure which now includes a whole section                 and found out that they offer rice pasta with their entree
regarding wheat and gluten free items and info. The               dishes. I had the chorizo sausage(GF)/Bolognese sauce
brochure explains that they take special care and use             with the rice pasta and it was superb. The notation on
dedicated cooking pans, utensils, etc., but, it does state        the menu says “wheat-free” but when I enquired further,
that wheat based products are cooked at the facility as           it appeared that it was gluten-free. They may offer a
well. They suggest customers ask if they have concerns            gluten-free garlic toast in the future if the demand for
or questions. They now offer a GF pasta, nachos, and an            this gluten-free food increases. Just wanted to pass the
“exceptionally rich” GF brownie as well as their pizzas.          word!
The GF pizza toppings are indicated on the brochure. I            Cyndy Gummeson
was impressed with their presentation and the level of

      Lifestyle Markets will be running clinics for the Celiac Home Test during Celiac Awareness Month.
     On October 4, 9, 17, 27 from 10 am to 4 pm. A 2G Pharma representative will be on hand to
      oversee tests and explain the results. Please call Lifestyle Markets' Vitamin Department at
      250-384-3388 to book your 30 minute appointment, free with the purchase of The Celiac Home
      *MUST be eating 2-4 servings of gluten containing foods per day for three months in order for the
      test to be valid.

    Of interest to members: an opportunity to have a relative or friend be screened with a simple,
    pin prick blood test.

Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                                                                      Oct/Nov 2008

                                        if someone in your family has
                                                        CELIAC DISEASE,
                                                                            you may be sharing
                                                                more than just a name

                                                                                                                           Celiac disease



                                                                                                                           Celiac disease



                                                                                                                           Celiac disease

                 Celiac disease is a serious, lifelong                                                                             WITH
                 gastrointestinal disorder. Current research                                                                      CELIAC
                 suggests 1 in 100 North Americans have this common hereditary,
                 autoimmune disease and 97% of those affected are still undiagnosed.
                 A staggering 1 in 10 risk for immediate family members makes it important                                   ONE THING
                 for early screening of Celiac disease for parents, children and siblings. Because having                      LEADS TO
                 one autoimmune disease increases the risk of another, Type 1 Diabetics should be tested
                 immediately. Sufferers of Celiac disease and their families have increased incidence of
                 developing Osteoporosis, Cancer, Infertility, Anemia and other health related conditions.
                 The Biocard™ Celiac Test is a Health Canada approved
                 diagnostic test designed for screening you and your
                 loved ones and is fast, accurate and affordable,
                 with results in just 10 minutes.
                 If you test positive, see your doctor; and continue with a regular diet under
                 their supervision until the diagnosis is confirmed with a small bowel biopsy.                             TEST
           D i s t r i b u t e d b y : 2G P H A R M A I N C .

                 w w w.c e l i a c h o m e t e s t .com
                 Go online to purchase or to find a pharmac y nearest you or call                     9 0 5 . 271. 212 2

Canadian Celiac Association	

        Oct/Nov 2008

Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                                            Oct/Nov 2008

                                                                     Adverse Reaction Reporting
                                                                             in Canada
                                                                 Note: This pertains to reporting adverse reactions to “health
                                                                 products” which would include prescription drugs over-the-
                                                                 counter drugs, natural health products, medical devices, etc.
                                                                 Adverse reactions to foods should be reported to CFIA.
                                                                 Thanks to E"en Bayens for initiating this

                                                                 What is the Canada Vigilance Program?

                   The Joint
                                                                 The Canada Vigilance Program is Health Canada’s
                                                                 post-market surveillance program that collects and
                                                                 assesses reports of suspected adverse reactions to
                                Pizzeria & Deli                  health products marketed in Canada. Post-market
                                                                 surveillance enables Health Canada to monitor the
                                                                 safety profile of health products once they are
             Vegan, wheat & gluten-free choices                  marketed to ensure that the benefits of the products
                 The Joint                                       continue to outweigh the risks.
                                 Hotel Delivery                  The Canada Vigilance Program collects adverse
                                                                 reaction reports for the following health products
                                                                 marketed in Canada: prescription and non-
                                                                 prescription medications, biologics (including
                                                                 fractionated blood products as well as therapeutic
                                                                 and diagnostic vaccines), natural health products,
                 1219 Wharf Street Victoria, BC
                    The Joint
                                                                 radiopharmaceuticals, and cells, tissues and organs.
              389-2226 www.eatatthejoint.com                     Canada Vigilance is a program of MedEffect™

   Why report?
   All health products have benefits and risks. Although health products are carefully tested before they are licensed for
   sale in Canada, some adverse reactions may become evident only after a product is in use by the general population.
   When you report an adverse reaction to the Canada Vigilance Program, the information from your report, along with
   other information, is used to check for new safety concerns about a product.
   What to report?
   You do not have to be certain that a health product caused the reaction in order to report it. Adverse reaction reports
   are, for the most part, only suspected associations. Health Canada wants to know about adverse reactions, especially
   if they:
                 interfere with everyday activities;
                are not mentioned in the information supplied with the health product.
   When reporting an adverse reaction, your pharmacist or other health professional can provide valuable information
   that will help you complete your report.
   How to report?
   There are three easy ways to report an adverse reaction to the Canada Vigilance Program.
        • Report online at www.healthcanada.gc.ca/medeffect
        • Complete a Canada Vigilance Reporting Form and mail postage paid or send toll-free fax to
                     The form and postage paid label are available at www.healthcanada.gc.ca/medeffect or by calling
        • Report by toll-free phone to the Canada Vigilance Program at 1-866-234-2345.
   When you submit an adverse reaction report, you are contributing to the ongoing collection of information that
   occurs once health products are on the market.
   Dr. Thanh Vu, Coordinator, Canada Vigilance Regional Office, BC & Yukon

Canadian Celiac Association	

        Oct/Nov 2008

Canadian Celiac Association	

        Oct/Nov 2008

Canadian Celiac Association	

        Oct/Nov 2008

Canadian Celiac Association	

        Oct/Nov 2008

Canadian Celiac Association	

        Oct/Nov 2008

       Canadian Celiac Association	

                                                                              Oct/Nov 2008

                                                     Advertising in Victoria Celiac         Victoria Chapter Address: PO Box
                                                                                            5457 Stn B, Victoria, B.C., V8R 6S4.
                                                     News                                   Hot Line for advice in a hurry is (250)
                                                     We publish six times per year and      472-0141.
                                                     reach a readership of 400 Vancouver    Victoria Chapter e-mail is
                                                     Islanders who are looking for places   victoriaceliacs@canada.com Chapter
                                                     to shop and eat gluten free.           Reg. Charity #89887-2734 RR0001.
                                                     Deadlines for copy are Feb 1, Apr 1,   Publisher’s Warning The Victoria
                                                     June 1, Aug 1, Oct 1 and Dec 1.        Chapter of the Canadian Celiac
                                                     Advertising Rates                      Association, the editor, and the
    CONTRIBUTE TO OUR                                Full Page $100 per issue               National Office of the Canadian
    December/January                                 Half Page $50 per issue                Celiac Association do not endorse any
    NEWSLETTER.                                      Quarter Page $25 per issue             products, recipes, or businesses
                                                     Advertising contact: Christine         contained in the Celiac News, nor do
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