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									iPhone 5-A revolutionary handset from Apple
•   Apple iPhone 5 is the latest handset to arrive from the house of the Cupertino-based
    telecommunication giant. It comes with a huge 4-inch touch screen.

•   Apple iPhone 5 is the most popular handset in the market. Let’s have a look at its major attributes:


•   The design of the smartphone is the chief reason behind its popularity. The design is similar to the
    previous version. Still, the lay out seems appealing. At 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm, the device is
    compact. Apple has produced a device which is very slim. Moreover, the weight has been reduced
    to 112 grams. It seems that Apple intended to make a highly portable device, and also succeeded in

•   There is a lot of unused space on the front of the smartphone. Most mobile manufacturers try to
    minimize unused space on their devices, but Apple is not following the trend.

•   Moving on, the unattractive hole of a 30 pin connector at the base is absent. We commend this
    change in the device. iPhone 5 looks great in both white and black color options. It also utilizes a
    two-tone design, and the metallic body looks marvelous.

•   This smart phone looks much better than its competitors from Android camp. The only complaint is
    that it easily gets scratched.

•   Apple iPhone 5 arrives with a bigger 4-inch IPS LCD display. This screen gives the
    resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels. A 4” touch screen is included because users were
    unsatisfied with the 3.5-inch screen in previous versions.

•   It should be remembered that only the length of the screen has been increased.
    This makes for a taller handset. The Cupertino-based telecommunication giant
    claims that the new iPhone is still comfortable to hold. We also agree with the
    manufacturer. It is very easy to hold the handset, but we still prefer devices that
    are proportionally larger in both directions.

User interface:

•   The iOS 6 looks same as the previous iterations. We don’t blame the manufacturer
    as the platform is already mature. It is almost impossible to improve the iOS
    operating system. Still, we get a few minor enhancements.

•   The most important change is the inclusion of an additional row of applications.
    Folders can keep an additional row of applications as well.

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•   The snapper on the iPhone 5 comes with the same 8 MP sensor as the one on the previous version,
    churning out images of 3264x2448 pixels resolution. In addition, the snapper module is 18%
    smaller. Apple has also included a fresh panorama attribute. The interface is roughly same, over the
    earlier iOS build.

•   iPhone 5 shoots videos in 1080p. We found the quality to be quite average for a high-end device.


•   Apple iPhone 5 supports 4G LTE networks. It is also the first handset in the series to support dual-
    band Wi-Fi. It has Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP support, which can be used to transfer files. Finally, it
    has A-GPS & GLONASS support, similar to its predecessor.
Final words:

•   This handset is definitely impressive. That’s why it is selling like hot cakes in the market. If you want
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