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									tips on caring for the pool because of high

Cleanliness of the pool water does need to be maintained to get the experience a pleasant swim in good
weather conditions ..

Maintaining a pool of dirt is easy,

but it becomes a problem when you want to clear the water that has been contaminated ..

In addition to being a major problem for the owners (because it makes the environment unsafe),

also would ruin the whole scene in the surrounding area ..

If the dirt is not taken seriously,

it can be turned into a green pool caused by the collection of green algae in the pool water ..

It can be associated with some imbalance of several chemicals in the water ..

The fact to remember here is that these algae proliferate in a short time and may contain other
organisms such as bacteria in the water ..

Therefore, the

it is important to clean the pool as early as possible ..

Below are the steps that will help in cleaning algae from pond water:

1. The first step to cleaning a green pool is to remove debris from the pool that can be entered into the
pool due to wind, precipitation above normal, and so on ..

Make sure that you check the levels of alkaline and acidity (pH) of water ..

It has a specific range to ensure that the water is suitable for swimming activity ..

If the level has dropped below the Chlor specific limit of 1 ppm,

then it is an indication that the water is not suitable for health and skin ..

Supplies pool contains a chemical test and can be obtained from local ponds Supplier in your area ..
2. After testing the waters and identify the pond filled with algae,

we then need to shock the water ..

Surprising here is not a shock,

but a very strong chemicals that can kill bacteria ..

The dosage recommended by the manufacturer must be followed and adhered to kill bacteria ..

Adding a dose of shock is needed if the problem is more serious ..

3. Make sure that you begin screening applications after you complete surprise in the pool ..

It is important to be done continuously during the day and clean the filter at least four times in one day

This is considered the most important step in the process of cleaning the pond ..

4. Check out continues from the beginning to the end to see if there are some algae that are still left on
the sides and bottom of the pond ..

Brush and clean with a good vacuum to prevent the chance of algae formed back in the water ..

5. You can still repeat the steps above to ensure that the pool is completely free of dirt or bacteria ..

You can also add Algasida and meeriksa Chlor level once a week to ensure that you do not suffer from
the same problem the pressure ..

Congratulations clean the pool.

BY, Rian Cocolate

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