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					Stefania Gobbi                                    BA Translation and Interpreting

T +39 339 6517499
                                                                               DOB: 07/03/86
                                                                            Nationality: Italian

I am a diligent and hard worker and enjoy challenging tasks in both individual and team work.
My many multicultural experiences, living in different countries, have taught me to adapt easily
to new cultures and I enjoy mediating between them. This background has shaped me into a
versatile, curious and enthusiastic person who is always eager to learn something new.

     Italian, mother tongue
                                                     Thai, very good conversational level
     Spanish, native speaker level
                                                     Modern Greek, beginner level
     English, fluent level
                                                     Japanese, basic knowledge
     French, fluent level

   Monna Lisa, Paris                                                         (Jan - Mar 2011)
    • Liaison interpreter between French/English/Spanish & Italian and hostess for interna-
      tional fairs (Premiere Classe, ZOOM by fatex and Trano¨ covering topics such as fashion,
      finance, business, culture and general social interaction. Involving interpreting, commu-
      nication, customer reception, relations and engagement.

   Evernote Corporation                                                      (Aug - Sept 2009)
    • Coordinator for the translation into Italian of multiple Evernote clients including: web,
      mobile devices and native clients. Involving Italian and English web application and web
      site technical terminology; experience translating technical text and web sites.
   University of Bologna, Italy                                              (Nov - Dec 2008)
    • Translation of the web sites for the wine companies Villa Trentola and Poderi dal Nespolo
      Snc. to Spanish as part of a University program. Involving working to a deadline, team
      work, technical text and web site translation.
   University of Bristol, UK                                                  (Jun - Jul 2008)
    • Placement in the Department of Italian preparing translation course texts and exercises.
      Involving time management, communication skills and team work.
   Gobbi & Mazzariol, Italy                                                    (2004 - present)
    • Occasional work as a liaison interpreter and translator between Thai/English/Spanish
      & Italian. Interpreter and hostess at the Valencia Jewellery and Watch making fair
      (Mar 2004). Involving business and jewellery terminology, interpreting, communication,
      customer reception, relations and engagement.

Voluntary work: AFS International (2004 - 2006), a not-for-profit organisation providing
intercultural exchanges. This experience allowed me to develop more confidence in coordinating
large groups of people (20-30 people) and encouraging cooperation and cultural mediation.

   MA in Conference Interpreting                                               (2009 - on-going)
    • SSLiMIT, University of Trieste, Italy: at the Advanced School of Modern Lan-
      guages for Interpreters and Translators. Competences in simultaneous and consecutive
      interpreting from Spanish/English/French into Italian and Italian into English.
    • Exchange program CIUTI: between Oct 2010 and May 2011 at Paris l’Ecole Sup´rieure
      d’Interpr`tes et de traducteurs (ESIT). Improvement of French fluency and experience
      with French culture.
   BA in Translation and Liaison Interpreting (110/110)                            (2006 - 2009)
    • SSLiMIT, University of Bologna, Forli, Italy: at the Advanced School of Modern
      Languages for Interpreters and Translators at Forli. Languages studied Italian, Spanish,
      English and Japanese. Final mark achieved 110/110 equivalent to: First grade.
    • Erasmus program at the University of Bristol: between Sep 2007 and Jun 2008 at
      the Faculty of Arts, Modern Languages Department. Experience of British culture and
      improvement of English fluency.

   Diploma de Estudios Hisp´nicos. Superior Level (First Grade)                    (2004 - 2005)
    • University of Salamanca, Spain: Graduated in May 2005 from the program Diploma
      de Estudios Hisp´nicos. Improvement of Spanish fluency and experience with Spanish
      culture. Final Mark achieved: Sobresaliente equivalent to First Grade.
[School]: Venice Technical Institute: I.T.S.T. F. Algarotti (1999 - 2004): Graduated
with 100/100 comprehensive mark as a result of the sum of the following partial scores: written
exams 45/45 points; oral exam 35/35 points; school credit 20/20 points; extra score 5 points.
Further specific evaluation by the Board of examiners also concerning particular tests passed
with extremely positive results. Muang Khong School, Thailand (Jun - Dec 2003): Six
months studying in a Thai school as part of an AFS exchange program.

[Extra Qualifications]: EFL (English as a Foreign Language) - 85% achieved at the University
                     o                            c
of Ottawa. DELF (Diplˆme dEtudes de Langue Fran¸aise), Level II.

[Other skills]: CatsCradle (web site content localisation software), Pootle (online translation
management tool), Microsoft Windows and Office environments.

About Me

During my life I have had the priceless opportunity to live in many different countries and
experience and adapt to very diverse cultures. I have spent long periods of time living in Italy,
Thailand, Spain, Canada, France and the UK. Over this time I developed a strong understanding
and appreciation of languages, cultures and their subtile nuances. This has made me deeply
value multicultural dialogue and exchange. Furthermore, the frequent changes of environment
have sculpted my character into a highly flexible, adaptable, curious and tolerant person.

Ms Mathilde Elbaz (MonnaLisa)                         Mr Igor Afanasyev (Evernote Corp.)
+33(0)1 43 55 63 01                                            


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