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					Australian Society Must be Free
Freedom is a fickle thing, although most
people believe it to be a clearly defined
term. When people are violated of their
perceived rights, half the population can
become righteously indignant and half can
become happy that rules are being set and
followed. There is a certain amount of
order which must accompany the freedom,
or it is consider by everyone to be anarchy.
Freedom for one person would be
considered wishy-washy and rootless to
another. Freedom comes in many forms,
from personal freedom to societal freedom,
between two people or between two continents.
In fact, freedom, in its extremely ethereal and highly subjective from is
touted as the one thing worth killing for by just about (if not every)
nation on earth. And yet, no one can agree about what freedom really is.
It’s an interesting little problem, of course, and it means that each
individual must personally define what they consider to be free and what
they consider to be bondage or violation of those freedoms.
Finally, businesses must also define freedoms within their own ranks
and for how they interact with people and with other companies.
Apparently, everything must be defined, including alcohol and drug
testing. While just about every large and medium sized company
implements employee testing, you can bet that they all do it for
extremely different reasons. In fact, if you tried to mandate why a
company should implement testing, you would probably be met with
scoffing and contemptuous laughter. To each his own, and to each
company its own.
In the workplace, one must control drug and alcohol test prices, as well
as how regularly they implement said testing. One must decide if every
employee will be tested at the same time, or if they will be staggered
over several time periods, and if there is to be random testing available
for dispatch. Drug & Alcohol Testing in Western Australia is full of
possibilities. You could even implement just drug testing, like with our
Oraline drug tests or our Medix drug test, and only use our LifeLoc
FC10 personal breathalyser devices when they seem to be necessary due
to apparent drunken behavior. The possibilities are endless. Call CMM
Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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