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Action, not reaction


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									                                       Action, Not Reaction
                                     In our daily lives, we encounter the difference
                                     between action and reaction all the time.
                                     Action is denoted by calm, rational thinking,
                                     whereas reaction is denoted by emotional,
                                     automatic, internal reactions to circumstances.
                                     Many people think that emotions are what
                                     make us human, but they are in fact just a tool.
                                     Any tool can be used effectively or abused
                                     mercilessly. Emotions are not meant to be
                                     abused, but frequently they are, and we allow
                                     our own emotions to be mishandled or treated
                                     in ways that they shouldn’t be. Life is not a
random spattering of events, where things like emotions and external circumstances
enter our lives, and we have no control over such matters. Rather, life is a collection
of individual choices, and we allow or prohibit things according to our own tastes.
Reaction is something which can be very detrimental. You can react and say things
which you soon regret or which hurt people who you do not wish to harm. You can
react and cause physical damage to yourself and others without thinking of it. You
can react and withdraw from healthy relationships, because your emotional
programming tells you to not trust anyone in your life. Reactions can be dangerous
things and they can spiral out of control. It is so much better to act, rather than
react, and to avoid giving in to emotion at all costs. It is especially important to
avoid reaction when dealing with someone who is under the influence of drugs or
alcohol. At CMM Technology, we understand that some of your employees may be
abusing substances or may occasionally abuse them in or near your jobsite. This is a
legal liability, as well as being dangerous to you and your coworkers. That is why
we encourage you to check out the cost of drug and alcohol testing equipment at
CMM Technology. Our LifeLoc FC10 personal breathalyser devices and our Lion
SD 400 and Lion SD 500 devices are reasonably prices and available for shipment
today. Our Drug & Alcohol Testing are also high quality, including our Medix urine drug
test and our Oraline saliva drug tests. Call CMM Technology today for more
information:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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