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Must Have Off Road Car Accessories from TJM

Air Down Gauges
You never know when you will need tires and more so during
you’re off road escapades. Air Down Gauges fixes your tire
quickly and easily downs your tires for those extreme off road
conditions. These gauges are rugged and can be carried
anywhere. It is durable and accurate from 0 to 60 PSI. The
anodized aluminum barrel with automatic bleeder valve and
the heavy Duty air hose and fittings with hands free clip on air
chuck make these air down gauges a must have during your
adventure trips. It also comes with a rubber gauge guard

Dash Panels
You do not want keep looking for stuff while you are taming the
terrain. TJM Dash Panels are a great way to keep your most
used items in front of your eyes. It takes care of all your handy
belongings like your Cell Phone / PDA, Sun Glasses, GPS, or
loose change. They provide a separate area to keep your car
free of clutter and add a dash of beauty with a wide range of
colours to choose from.

Fuel / Water Cans
TJM understands the need for liquid. Yes not only for you but
for your vehicle as well. Without fuel and water both you and
your car will not be able to go any further. So make sure you
carry our Fuel and Water Cans. TJM offers you a wide variety of
fuel and water containers ranging from the minimal capacity to
metal jury cans suited to today’s modern style. These cans are
interchangeable and stackable to help create the perfect
combination of fuel, water, and storage and safety equipment.
The fuel containers are highly secure and meet all regulations
and are environmental friendly.

Off Road Jacks & Accessories
Punctured tires are a thing of the past with TJM lifting jacks.
These steel jacks should not be confused with the regular jacks
in the market. They are stamped with four high-strength steel
parts and suited for use in the toughest of terrains. The result is
the same rigorous quality standards but with a lower price.
These high quality jacks are finished with powder coat for a
durable finish. They are gold zinc-coated and come with top
Winch-Connector Clamp fitted as standard with every Hi-Lift
Jack Two-Piece handle and socket making it the most reliable
and durable design.

Recovery Straps also knows as tow straps are a must have when
you are off terrain. These straps are designed to do just that
recover your vehicle from the aggressive wilderness out there.
Recovery Straps are offered in several different options and
weight ratings depending on your vehicle. Also offered is a tree
trunk protector, these are designed to give you a different
angle for winching without damaging the tree.

Tow Hooks and D-Rings offer a safe and secure place to attach
you Recovery straps too your vehicle. Without using one of
these items you run the risk of damaging your vehicle and or
the actual Recovery Strap. Trusted throughout by experts and
off road car fanatics TJM manufactures products for not only
heavy usage but for normal car owners as well, for public
transport, race teams, and many other applications around the

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