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                                     PuLSe     Campus NEWS and Scuttlebutt

                Northampton Community College Heads North                                EXpaNdiNG aCCeSS

     A GRAND
    PIKE COUNTY                                                                                 there were a few families,
                                                                                                but only the wealthy could
                                                                                                afford to send their children
                                                                                                away for higher education.
                                                                                                Sadly, most who left did not
                                                                                                come back. Today, at last,
                                                                                                Northampton Community
                                                                                                College is bringing higher
                                                                                                education programs here.
                                                                                                And so we are very pleased
                                                                                                to welcome Northampton
                                                                                                Community College to
                                                                                                Shohola Township.”
    Guests at the                    industry which would          constant was the desire of        Although the weather
    reception celebrating the        bring millions of people to   the people for education.    outside was frightfully cold
    opening of Northampton           Pike County for vacations.    There was a time when        and windy, Fluhr and other
    Community College’s new          And now Pike County is        dozens of small schools      community leaders gave
    educational center in Pike       becoming suburbia. During     were scattered throughout    NCC a very warm welcome.
    County in December didn’t        the past two centuries, one   the woods, one wherever      “The bottom line is access,”
    know they would be getting a
    history lesson. The instructor
    was not a faculty member,        Now Northampton offers classes leading to
    but a township supervisor.
    “Two hundred years ago
                                     associate degrees in crimiNal justice
    this area was a wilderness,”     and early childhood educatioN in
    George Fluhr told a standing-    Pike county, as well as a specialized diploma
    room-only crowd. “A
    hundred years ago marked
                                     in real estate.
    the beginning of a tourist

   NCC l wiNtEr 005

                                                                                                                  STUDENT ACTIvITY
                                                                                                                  CENTER expected to
                                                                                                                  be ready in time for
                                                                                                                  Commencement on May 26
                                                                                                                  At first it was only a dream. Then it was an architect’s
                                                                                                                  rendering. Over the past few months it began to take shape.
                                                                                                                  Despite the fall monsoons, the new Student Activity Center
                                                                                                                  on NCC’s Bethlehem Campus is expected to be ready in
                                                                                                                  time for Commencement on May 26. The Class of 2005
                                                                                                                  will become the first to graduate in the new facility. There
                                                                                                                  will be plenty of room for family and friends. When set up
                                                                                                                  for graduation, a lecture, or a community meeting, the new
                                                                                                                  gym will seat 3000 people. During the rest of the year it
                                                                                                                  will be partitioned for classes, athletic practices and sports.
                                                                                                                  The building will also house a fitness center, student lounge,
                                        All smiles from left to right: Site Administrator John Drake, President
                                                                                                                  locker rooms, offices and a lot of Spartan energy and pride.
                                      Scott, Board Chairman Karl Stackhouse and fellow trustees David Reed,
                                      Joe Craig and Bruce Palmer rejoice in the opening of NCC’s newest site.
                                                                                                                  More classroom space!
                                                                                                                  As the size of the student body grows, so does the demand for
                                      said NCC’s president, Dr.              Development enabled the              classrooms. Completion of the Student Activity Center will
                                      Arthur Scott, explaining why           College to identify other            enable the College to address the need for more instructional
                                      the College is expanding               needs. Now Northampton               space. As soon as the new building is finished, construction
                                      its efforts in Pike County.            offers classes leading to            crews will begin converting the old gym in the College Center
                                      Scott recalled that 10 years           associate’s degrees in               into eleven new classrooms, including a large tiered lecture
                                      earlier Northampton started            criminal justice and early           hall, two computer labs, and two multi-purpose rooms that can
                                      offering classes in Monroe             childhood education in               be set up in a variety of ways. There will be space for faculty
                                      County. Now the College has            Pike County, as well as a            offices, too, as well as an expanded food preparation area for
                                      three sites there, including a         specialized diploma in               the cafeteria, and lots of room for storage.
                                      full-fledged campus where              real estate.
                                      students can complete                       “We needed a bigger             AFFORDABlE FOR All
                                      degrees in 10 different fields.        and better facility. That’s          NCC has joined community colleges across the state in an
                                      “Will that happen in Pike              why we’re here today,” said          effort to draw attention to an impending crisis that could
                                      County? We don’t know, but             Site Administrator John              impede access to higher education for many Pennsylvanians
                                      the potential is there,” he said.      Drake, thanking the county           and ultimately affect the state’s economic well-being. Despite
                                            County Commissioner              and the township for being           a surge in enrollment, it has been four years since community
                                      Henry Forbes predicted that            so supportive. The College’s         colleges received new funding from the state for building
                                      the expansion of community             suite in the Shohola Business        projects and equipment, forcing many to dip into operating
                                      college offerings would “lead          Center on Route 6 includes           funds to meet those needs. At the same time operating budgets
                                      to bigger and better things.”          three classrooms, a computer         have been hard hit because the state is contributing less per
                                      He pointed out that NCC                lab and a testing room. In the       student than it has in many years. The double whammy has

                                      has been involved with the             months ahead, Drake says             left Pennsylvania’s community colleges with a $32 million
                                      Workforce Development                  the College looks forward            structural operating deficit and a shortfall of $500 million for
                                      Office in Pike County for              to expanding the selection           buildings, classrooms, and technology. Unless action is taken to
                                      several years.                         of courses available to              rectify the situation, community colleges could soon be forced
                                            Close to 700 people              adults interested in personal        to turn away students or to increase tuition by as much as 60
                                      have taken advantage of                enrichment and/or career             percent. The colleges are calling on Governor Rendell and
                                      those programs. More                   development, as well as              legislators from both parties to work together to find a solution
                                      recently, a grant from                 adding a youth program and           that will keep the doors of higher education open for all. For
                                      Pennsylvania’s Department              continuing to work closely           more information or to find out how you can make your opinion
                                      of Community and Economic              with the school districts. u         known, visit

                                                                                                                                                            wiNtEr 005 l NCC         
    fiNance/fuNdraisiNG                                     Strong Support Puts Goal In Sight

    Crunch Time
    The numbers look…promising!

    the final phase of                 ranked among the most loyal    and pledges to one or more        n Creating programs to
    solicitation has begun for         in the country in terms of     of eight strategic initiatives    sharpen student leadership
    “Promises To Keep,” the            supporting their alma mater.   identified in the fundraising     skills and improve educational
    largest fundraising campaign       “They won’t let us down,”      drive. priorities include:        outcomes for high risk/high
    in NCC’s history. At press         Shaffer predicts.              n The creation of an              need students.
    time, $11 million in gifts and          Mack says other donors    educational center on the               The campaign goals
    pledges had been received to-      will also be important to      south side of Bethlehem.          encompass the Annual Fund,
    ward an overall goal of $13.5
    million. The campaign was
    announced in the fall of 2003      this fall the chronicle for higher education
    in conjunction with the inau-      identified “Promises to KeeP” as one of
    guration of Dr. Arthur l. Scott
    as NCC’s third president.
                                       the most ambitious fundraising campaigns
          Will the goal be met?        currently being attempted by any community
    Co-chairs Paul Mack, retired       college in the country.
    chairman and CEO of Mack
    Printing (now Cadmus/Mack),
    and David Shaffer, co-             a successful conclusion.       n land acquisition to             which helps to keep tuition
    president of Just Born, Inc.,      “I’ve been involved with the   accommodate more students         affordable for all students.
    are cautiously optimistic.         College for many years,”       at the Monroe Campus.                  This fall The Chronicle
    “Although we still have a          Mack reflects. “One of the     n Completion of the Student       of Higher Education identified
    substantial amount of money        heartening things about this   Activity Center on the            “Promises To Keep” as one of
    left to raise, community           campaign is the response       Main Campus.                      the most ambitious fundraising
    support has been strong. We        it has elicited, both from     n Updating of instructional       campaigns currently being
    are counting on alumni and         people and businesses who      technology.                       attempted by any community
    friends to put us over the top,”   have supported the College     n Funding more scholarships.      college in the country. u
    Mack says.                         since Day One, and from
          The corporate and            newcomers to the area who

                                                                                     Alumni, parents, and other friends of the College
    Monroe portions of the             recognize what an asset
                                                                                     who have not yet made a gift and would like to do
    campaign are drawing to a          Northampton Community
                                                                                     so, or those who would like to make a second gift,
    close. The alumni phase of the     College is.”
                                                                                     may contact the Institutional Advancement Office
    campaign has just begun. This            So far more than 3000
                                                                                     at 610-861-5451.
    augurs well for a strong finish.   individuals, businesses and
    NCC alumni have consistently       foundations have made gifts

    NCC l wiNtEr 005
                                                                                                                                   dining on
                                                                                                                           So much to be thankful for.

                                                                                                    completion. John Eureyecko,                  Paul’s wife Harriett was
                                                                                                    president of Bel Haven Capital         also recognized for working
                                                                                                    Group, Inc., has taken over            with her husband on behalf
                                                                                                    as chair, and Scott Fainor,            of NCC, and retiring Board
                                                                                                    president/CEO of Keystone              members John Daub, John
                                                                                                    Nazareth Bank & Trust, is now          Diamant and Jim Petrucci were
                                                                                                    serving as vice chair.                 thanked for their service.
                                                                                                          “Paul has done a                       First-year student Stacy
                                                                                                    remarkable job for us during his       Emelyanova spoke about how
                                                                                                    tenure,” Scott told Foundation         the Presidential Ambassador
                                                                                                    guests, explaining that                and Wagner scholarships will
                                                                                                    Foundation assets increased            help her achieve her goal of
                                                                                                    from about $16 million to              becoming a physician. After
                                                                                                    almost $25 million during              emigrating to the U.S., she
                                                                                                    Mack’s tenure. He also praised         overcame a language barrier
                          Paul mack proudly holds his special gift from President Arthur Scott.     the retiring chairman for taking       and a difficult home situation
                                                                                                    on the challenge of a $13.5            to graduate in the top 5 percent
                                                                                                    million fundraising campaign,          of her class at Freedom High
                          the ncc foundation’s                 Foundation, her encouragement        the second largest by a                School. With no money for
                          annual dinner, which pays            of student organizations in          community college                      college, she thought she
                          tribute to the College’s financial   their efforts to raise money         in the country.                        might never become a doctor.
                          benefactors, is always a heart-      for scholarships, and for her              Scott continued, “Paul’s         “Thanks to people who support
                          warming event. This year’s           lead in a pilot project for high     leadership has set the tone for        scholarship programs at
                          celebration, held at the end of      risk/high need students. The         a conscientious, hard-working          Northampton,” she said, “you
                          last semester, was especially        retiring chairman said that in his   dedicated board to follow. . .he       gave me the ability to set a goal
                          emotional. Paul Mack served          last year presenting the award,      has, perhaps most importantly,         for myself and helped me move
                          as host for the last time before     he wanted to make sure “the          served this board with passion         towards it.”
                          retiring after a long and            recipient was extra special, and I   and dedication to the overall                After an elegant dinner
                          distinguished tenure as chairman     think I’ve succeeded.” The dean      health and well being of this          prepared by Sodexho Dining,
                          of the Foundation Board, and         was also commended for her           College that indicates to all          presentations were made to the
                          student speaker Anastasia            role in establishing the Andrea      who know him where his                 new members of the College’s
                          Emelyanova, a recent immigrant       luecke Endowment for the             commitment lies.”                      giving societies.
                          from Russia, gave a moving           former Presidential Ambassador
                          account of how gifts to the          who passed away last year.
                          College change lives.                       The tables were turned
                                 This year’s Chairman’s        on host Mack when NCC’s                             Welcome To The Club
                          Award, which acknowledges a          president, Dr. Arthur Scott,
                                                                                                    The fOllOwINg INDIvIDuAlS AND ORgANIzATIONS weRe welCOmeD INTO
                          member of the College’s staff        made a special presentation          The lAuReATe AND CORNeRSTONe gIvINg SOCIeTIeS: gladys Ackerman,
                          whose work on behalf of the          honoring him for five years          michael and lynn Albarell, The Donley foundation/edward and Inez

                          Foundation has been exemplary,       of service as chairman of the        Donley, Steve and Nancy hovey, James and Pauline Kennedy, herm and
                          was presented to Dean of             Board. Although he is stepping       Kelley Kissiah, michael and Jane Krupa, Robert and Sue Kopecek, lafayette
                                                                                                    Ambassador Bank, william and Patti lehr, Peter locke and Nancy fournier,
                          Students Mardi McGuire-              down from that post, Mack
                                                                                                    martin guitar Charitable foundation, Pennsylvania Rv Camping education
                          Closson. Mack said McGuire-          will remain on the Board to          foundation, Charles and gwen Peischl, Richard and Pat Richardson, St.
                          Closson was selected because         see the Promises to Keep             luke’s hospital, Charles and Pam Tuskes, harold and marcia wagner, and
                          of her personal support of the       fundraising campaign to              Robert and Ronni wilkes. u

                                                                                                                                                     wiNtEr 005 l NCC          5
     coMMUnity                That’s Our Middle Name!

                                                                      A CARTON OF COATS—
                                                                    A SHOEBOx OF lOvE

                    on tour
                                                                    community service                 Bell Run. NCC also served
                                                                    is a priority at NCC              as the drop-off site for the
                                                                    throughout the year, but          Holiday Hope Chest project,
                    Just like the travelinG                         efforts to help neighbors in      conducted in conjunction with
                    troupes of actors that toured Europe            need seem to inspire a special    the volunteer Center of the
                    during Shakespeare’s day, Northampton           fervor during the holidays.       lehigh valley and Moravian
                    Community College students are bringing         This past December, coats         College’s residence hall
                    the Bard’s work to the community. NCC’s         and sweaters overflowed           staff. The campus resembled
                    theatre department has started a new            the cartons that members of       Santa’s workshop as “elves”
                    outreach program, visiting area middle          Team Act 101 set out to fuel a    from NCC collected, checked
                    and high schools to present a one-hour          winter clothing drive. Student    and distributed more than
                    Shakespeare production, “In Lovers’             Governance at the Monroe          2500 shoeboxes filled with
                    Eyes” which features scenes, sonnets and        Campus and the Criminal           goodies to make the season
                    soliloquies from a variety of Shakespeare’s     Justice Club in Bethlehem         merrier for area children. As
                    works, including Romeo and Juliet and A         joined forces with the U.S.       spring approaches, alumni
                    Midsummer Night’s Dream.                        Marines to ensure the success     are invited to join students,
                          Ron Heneghan, associate professor         of its annual Toys for Tots       faculty and staff in taking
                    of theatre, originated the program as an        campaign, while a team of         to the streets on April 15
                    educational experience for the many             28 students, faculty and staff,   to banish litter from the
                    students who may never get to see               recruited by the Nursing          College’s adopted highway
                    a live performance of Shakespeare:              Student Organization (and as      in South Bethlehem, or to
                    “Shakespeare is terrific literature, but more   fleet of foot as Donner and       help out at the Trinity Ark
                    than anything, his work is meant to be          Blitzen), raised more than        Soup Kitchen in Easton where
                    performed, rather than read. Students need      $1200 for the area chapter        volunteers from NCC prepare
                    a way to make connections. This program         of the National Arthritis         and serve a meal on the first
                    brings Shakespeare’s characters to life.”       Foundation during the Jingle      Saturday of every month. u

                          The performers made their off-
                    campus debut during winter break,                            want to lend a hand? Call melissa Starace at
                    making presentations at the lehigh                           610-861-5489 to volunteer.
                    valley Charter School for the Performing
                    Arts and Moravian Academy, and will
                    continue their run through the spring.
                    Those schools that don’t have a venue to
                    host the program are invited to bring their
                    students to the Main Bethlehem or Monroe
                    campuses to view the production.u

    NCC l wiNtEr 005
                                                                                                              Helping Companies Succeed                     bUSineSS

                                                                                                               CENTER FOR BUSINESS
                                                                                                               & INDUSTRY TRACKS
                                                                                                               PERFORMANCE GAP
                                                                                                               preliminary results from the
                                                                                                               “Performance Gap Survey” initiated by NCC’s Center for
                                                                                                               Business & Industry (CBI) last summer reveal a gap of 34 percent
                                                                                                               between the performance of employees in local companies and
                                                                                                               the expectations of employers who responded to the survey.
                                          “NCC has ‘the right stuff’ to create new jobs, new companies,              Dr. Paul Pierpoint, the dean who oversees the Center
                                           and new careers to keep our best and brightest young minds          for Business & Industry, says, “As a first-time measure, a
                                             working right here in the lehigh valley,” State Senator lisa      performance gap index of 34 is only a data point. It is a snapshot,
                                              Boscola said at a news conference announcing a grant for         but it shows a significant difference between what local business
                                         NCC’s electrotechnology Applications Center (eTAC). Standing          leaders know is necessary to succeed in today’s world and how
                                         with her are eTAC’s director, Dr. mike vasilik, at left, and NCC’s    well their organizations are doing to achieve success.”
                                            president, Dr. Arthur Scott. grants from Pennsylvania’s Ben              By measuring the performance gap quarterly and tracking
                                         franklin Technology Development Authority support “the most           changes over time, the staff in NCC’s Center for Business &
                                            promising technological ventures in Pennsylvania,” Boscola         Industry hopes to give employers a tool they can use to improve
                                            explained. NCC is one of the first, if not the only, community     performance within their organizations. When it is fine-tuned,
                                                                      college in the state to receive one.     researchers believe the survey may become a measurement tool
                                                                                                               that has statewide and national significance.
                                                                                                                     The performance gap index is a composite number reflecting
                                        INvESTMENT may pay                                                     responses to 12 questions pertaining to three different aspects
                                                                                                               of performance: competence, commitment and focus. While the
                                        off in more ways than one                                              College is still in the process of building the baseline, Pierpoint
                                                                                                               notes that some interesting conclusions can be drawn from the
                                                                                                               initial survey responses.
                                        Work beinG done                    in conjunction with Governor              When scores were broken out, it was clear that local
                                        by scientists and engineers        Rendell’s technology–focused        employers rate their employees highly on knowing what is
                                        in NCC’s Electrotechnology         economic-development                expected of them. That was the question with the smallest gap
                                        Applications Center may            strategy.                           (28). The item showing the largest gap (41) pertained to how well
                                        make it more economical for              ETAC’s track record           employees “speak up and effectively discuss situations important
                                        Pennsylvania’s manufacturers       is impressive. Over the             to the organization.”
                                        to comply with clean air           past ten years, the staff’s               “This tells us that employers are doing a good job with
                                        regulations. It could also         success in helping companies        top-down communication, but they need to focus more on
                                        create jobs. If ETAC team          improve productivity,               bottom-up communications,” Pierpoint says. In an article written
                                        members find a way to              achieve compliance with             for the November edition of the Center’s e-newsletter, Donna
                                        use low-energy electron            environmental regulations, and      Goss and Don Robertson, co-directors of corporate services,

                                        beam technology to reduce          maximize energy management          offer tips for employers who face this challenge. The topic will
                                        emission of volatile organic       has garnered numerous honors        also be addressed in workshops offered by CBI’s leadership
                                        compounds (vOCs), the              including the Pennsylvania          Development Institute.u
                                        equipment could be produced        Governor’s Award for
                                        locally for sale all over the      Environmental Excellence, the                      for a free subscription to the “Performance
                                        world. The research is being
                                        funded in part through a
                                        grant from Pennsylvania’s
                                        Department of Community
                                                                           American lung Association’s
                                                                           “Clean Air Award,” the Ben
                                                                           Franklin Innovation Award,
                                                                           and the Businesses for the Bay
                                                                                                                3             News” newsletter, or if you are an employer
                                                                                                                              who wishes to participate in the survey, e-mail

                                        and Economic Development           “Partner of the Year” Award.u

                                                                                                                                                            wiNtEr 005 l NCC        
    if you Were to compile
    a list of watchwords for our
    times, “diversity” would cer-
                                       ranging from art to criminal
                                       justice, engineering to nursing,
                                       accounting to computer anima-
                                                                          campus. It earned Club of the
                                                                          Year honors for outstanding
                                                                          community service in 1994.
                                                                                                             reflect “the heart of the
                                                                                                             institution—who we are.”
                                                                                                                   NCC’s president, Dr.
    tainly make the cut. Although      tion. n Members of the college     The College seeks to provide       Arthur Scott, puts it a different
    it is often thought of in terms    family range in age from           a forum for divergent points of    way. In meeting with candi-
    of race, diversity also encom-     infants in the Children’s Center   view. During the most recent       dates for faculty positions,
    passes ethnicity, socioeconomic    who can be as young as six         presidential campaign, the         he tells them up front: “If
    status, gender, sexual orienta-    weeks of age to octogenarians      College served as the site of a    you want to teach at a college
    tion, religion, educational        eagerly learning new skills in     town meeting for John Kerry        where everyone looks alike,
    background, career choices,        community education classes.       and a rally for George Bush.       Northampton Community
    even political persuasion.         n Some students seeking                  NCC’s mission statement      College is not the place for
           By any of these measures,   degrees were unmotivated in        says the College strives to help   you. At Northampton the
    Northampton Community              high school; others were high      students not only to under-        faculty who are most success-
    College mirrors society to a       achievers. n Many couldn’t         stand but to value diversity.      ful are those who celebrate the
    degree not often found in other    afford to continue their educa-    The statement of institutional     diversity of our students.”
    colleges and universities, busi-   tion if it weren’t for NCC; oth-   values also speaks about                 As home to students,
    nesses or civic organizations:     ers come from families of less     diversity, noting that “each of    faculty and staff from many
    n The student body includes        modest means. NCC opened           us contributes in a unique way     different backgrounds, NCC
    more than 1100 Hispanics,          its doors to students with         to the accomplishment of our       might be the envy of other
    African-Americans, and             disabilities long before the       mission.” In an age of political   colleges and universities and
    Asian-Americans, the highest       passage of the Americans with      correctness, such assertions are   businesses that are only begin-
    percentage of any of the col-      Disabilities Act. n The Col-       expected in official documents,    ning to discover the richness
    leges in the area. n While most    lege currently serves close to     but how many colleges have         this dynamic provides. Why,
    students hail from Northamp-       400 students who are capable       alma maters that sing diversi-     then, did the College recently
    ton and Monroe counties, NCC       of doing college work, but         ty’s praises? Penned in 1987,      become the first community
    is the only community college      who have physical, learning,       NCC’s alma mater proclaims:        college in the country to com-
    in Pennsylvania with residence     visual, hearing or psychologi-     “We take strength in our com-      mission Dr. Sue Rankin, a
    halls, making it attractive to     cal disabilities. NCC has also     munity. We take pride in our       highly respected diversity con-
    students from other states and     welcomed gay and lesbian           diversity. And the hopes we        sultant, to conduct a diversity
    around the world. n Part of the    students. n For more than a        share, and the dreams we dare,     climate survey?
    draw is the choice of majors.      decade, the Gay-lesbian-Bi         our unity.” Composer Mario               The answer, according
    The College is a mecca for         Student Union has been one         Acerra, a long-time member of      to Scott, is simple. “You want
    people interested in careers       of the most active clubs on        the faculty, believes the lyrics   to do better. And you always

    NCC l wiNtEr 005
                                NCC not exempt from the challenges that face society as a whole                                                                        sPecial rePOrt
                                                                                                                                                                                           By Heidi Butler

                                                                                     Climate Survey:
IvERSITY                        can.” Rankin praises NCC for
                                taking such a stance. “Typi-
                                cally colleges and universities
                                                                               make insensitive or dispar-
                                                                               aging remarks. The major-
                                                                               ity felt the classroom and the
                                                                                                                               ignored) than heterosexuals
                                                                                                                               or Caucasians. Students and
                                                                                                                               employees who are in the
                                                                                                                                                                              tees are now focusing on four
                                                                                                                                                                              different areas: institutional
                                                                                                                                                                              culture and values; ways of
                                begin talking about diversity                  workplace were welcoming for                    majority in terms of race or                   improving recruitment and
                                issues in response to tensions                 people from underrepresented                    sexual orientation also had a                  retention of a diverse faculty
                                or to outright conflicts. To do                groups and that the campus                      more favorable view of how                     and staff; the challenges of
                                so in the absence of a problem                 was accessible to people with                   welcoming the College is to                    helping students who are
                                demanding immediate action is                  disabilities. Many (84 percent)                 underrepresented groups and                    struggling with “difference”
                                unusual and exemplary.”                        reported taking advantage of                    of how inclusive the curricu-                  succeed and persist to
                                      More than 750 students,                  the opportunity to get to know                  lum is than did individuals                    graduation; and issues
                                faculty and staff filled out the               people from different cultures                  considered to be from                          specific to the Monroe
                                survey administered by Rankin                  or groups.                                      minority groups. And                           Campus. Their work will
                                & Associates last spring. In                         The survey confirmed,                     although most respondents                      enable the Diversity Task
                                general, respondents re-                       however, that NCC is not                        gave the College high marks                    Force to develop a five-year

                                ported positive experiences at                 exempt from the challenges                      for safety, some respondents                   plan that will include measur-
                                Northampton. very few people                   that face society as a whole.                   reported feeling uneasy at                     able objectives and specific
                                (less than 2 percent) said they                More gay respondents (18                        times due to their gender (14                  action steps designed to make
                                had been present at a campus                   percent) and people of color                    percent), race or ethnicity (9                 NCC a model for other
                                event where the climate was                    (17 percent) reported harass-                   percent) or sexual orientation/                colleges—and for a society
                                not welcoming. Close to 90                     ment (primarily in the form                     gender identity (7 percent).                   still searching for a way to
                                percent said they rarely or                    of being the subject of                              Based on the results of                   achieve the goal of equal
                                never heard NCC employees                      derogatory remarks or being                     the survey, college commit-                    opportunity for all.

                                                                                      Diversity Task Force Members
                                elba Carides, instructor, bilingual specialist; Olga Conneen, director, library services; matt Connell, dean, monroe campus; Kathleen Dolin, acting director, nursing; Teresa Donate,
                                associate professor of counseling; Denise francois-Seeney, adjunct instructor of political science; Sharon gavin-levy, professor of english; manuel gonzalez, associate dean,
                                adult literacy & basic workforce development, director, international programs; Rebecca gorton, director, early childhood education programs; Jill hirt, director, planning &
                                institutional research; Janelle howey, resident director; Sharon lee-Bond, assistant professor of biology; James mcCarthy, director, admissions; Timothy molchany, instructor of
                                communications; gail mrowinski, associate dean for community education – monroe, director, youth programs; mitch murtha, assistant director, admissions; Bina Patel, assistant
                                director, early childhood, monroe; frank Pologruto, director, student activities/housing; Kathy Siegfried, director, human resources; frank Stanton, professor of counseling;
                                Anne Taylor, director, grants & foundation relations; marcia Theadford, advising/career link specialist; mary Sinibaldi, director, monroe student services; laurie Ann Tomsho, student
                                activities administrator; edna villegas, instructor, New Choices bilingual counselor; helene whitaker, vice president for administrative affairs; Adrian Yaguez, assistant registrar. u

                                                                                                                                                                                           wiNtEr 005 l NCC              
  it’S aCadeMiC         Celebrating Excellence

  speaking from
  Professor of Theatre Norman Roberts looks back on the
  role Phi Theta Kappa played in his life.

                                             Here is what the professor had to say as the guest speaker at the
                                              Phi Theta Kappa induction ceremony on December 17, 2004.

                                            here’s my pin.                         and was asked to be a member
                                            My Phi Theta Kappa pin. Do             of Phi Theta Kappa. At first
                                            you still have pins? Mine is           I was put off because of my
                                            35 years old, and, when I took         earlier experience with
                                            it out of its little plastic box the   Greek letters. But when
                                            other day after I’d been asked         I thought about it, and
                                            to give this speech, the foam          consulted my theatre
                                            rubber in the box crumbled             professor who assured me
                                            and I thought “How would               that it would “look good on
                                            you know I’m one of you if             my resume,” I went ahead.
                                            I didn’t wear it.” Well, I’m           And here I am, 35 years later,
                                            wearing it now.                        presenting myself to you
                                                  After trying my luck             as a long lost Phi Theta
                                            at college, after high school,         Kappa brother.
                                            and hating student life at                   And was he right, this
                                            a big university that was              community college professor
                                            seemingly run by fraternities          from antiquity? Was being a
                                            and sororities, I left and was         Phi Theta Kappa member good
                                            drafted into the Army. After my        for my resume? Undoubtedly!
                                            military service I enrolled at         When I came back to
                                            Highland Community College             academia after years of more
                                            in Freeport, Illinois, on the          deeply learning my trade at
                                            G.I. Bill. I achieved a 4.0 gpa,       university, and in the world,

10 NCC l wiNtEr 005
                                                                                                          I was welcomed with open             comic retrospective play,
                                                                                                          arms at another community            Moonchildren. Or in April,
                                              New Inductees                                               college, our community
                                                                                                          college, Northampton. For
                                                                                                                                               the musical Working, which
                                                                                                                                               is Studs Turkel’s tribute to
                          The following NCC students were inducted into Phi Theta Kappa in December       years I thought I was hired          working people who make the
                          based on their outstanding academic record and commitment to service and        because my first boss, Mary          world a better place.
                          the ongoing exchange of ideas and ideals:
                                                                                                          Jane Hook, Humanities                     I’m proud to say that
                          mAIN CAmPuS                                                                     Division Chairperson, at the         one thing Northampton is
                          gregory v. Appleton, Blaine e. Barry, Amy louise Bolger, lucille mary Jane      time, was from a farm in the         known for is good acting,
                          Bush, Christina A. Christy, linda e. Davis, Bobby Paul geiger, Rosalyn Rue      Midwest, as I was. But later         including the good acting of
                          green, Kristina Noel horyn, Tamara howard, Debra Ann hudock, Kelly Ann
                                                                                                          I came to believe it was my          those who have gone on from
                          Kempfer, Sarah lynn Kramer, Angela marie Kuehner, wendy J. Kurman-
                          foster, Barbara Rose labriola, lisa michelle larkin, Susan Irene laubach,
                                                                                                          community college experience         here to achieve bachelor’s and
                          Susan Robin manela, ellen m. Ogle, marissa leigh Ott, Thomas Rolf Padfield,     as a student that was more           master’s degrees, and who
                          eric Patrick, Kristine Joann Porter, Abigail Rose Reese, Jessica lynn Saltze,   attractive, and Phi Theta Kappa      have landed good acting roles
                          lisa Ann Shank, Rhea J. Show, Denise marie Sigman, linda m. Silfies,            membership a significant part        and live their lives in theatre.
                          Keisha marie Snyder, marcia l. Stewart, Jennifer leigh Terefenko, Nicole
                                                                                                          of that attraction. After all, Phi        lastly, you might note
                          lynn Thomson, Stacie A. Torkos, Biagio Trama, Chance Phillip Trapp, linda
                          A. voight, laura Beth weber, Niccole lynn wright Nolan, Shawna K. zanders,
                                                                                                          Theta Kappa is the community         theatre majors at Northampton
                          marie C. zengel.                                                                college’s highest honor that         are beginning to make a
                                                                                                          can be bestowed on a student         difference, here, in our Phi
                          mONROe CAmPuS                                                                   in recognition of that student’s     Theta Kappa honor society.
                          Nichole lynn Anderson, evelyn Renee Benefield, laura mary Camm, Camille
                                                                                                          high academic achievement.           One of our best, Elizabeth
                          Theresa Capriglione, Christopher John Catanese, vanessa esbri, Patricia A.
                          fox, Kristen michele frailey, JoAnn Cristi hoffman, Rob Johnstone, Jessica
                                                                                                                So, yes, it was good for       Archibeque, is now an active
                          marie loew, J. marshall mcKay, edward Scott O’Connor, Christine lyn Oliver,     my resume. But for me, the           member of Phi Theta Kappa,
                          myrna Roman, Jean R. Smith, laura Anne Snyder, gina Stevens, elena mary         community college experience         and another, Joshua Faturos,
                          Sullivan, Tammy lynn van why.                                                   itself is even greater. It was       will be joining in the spring.
                                                                                                          at my earlier community              It would please me if, in a few
                                                                                                          college that I found my              years, theatre majors begin to

                                         In Good Company
                          Phi Theta Kappa traces its roots as far back as 1910, becoming a national
                          organization for all junior colleges in 1924. Its founders modeled many            “and here is am, 35 years
                          aspects of the new society after the prestigious senior college honorary           later, presenting myself to
                          society, Phi Beta Kappa. The American Association of Community Colleges
                          recognized Phi Theta Kappa as the official honor society for two-year              you as a long lost Phi theta
                          colleges in 1929.
                                Today, Phi Theta Kappa is the largest honor society in American
                                                                                                             Kappa brother.”
                          higher education with more than 1.5 million members and 1,200 chapters
                          located in 50 united States, u.S. territories, Canada, and germany. for more
                          information on Phi Theta Kappa, check their site at

                                                                                                          “calling,” where I began to          dominate Phi Theta Kappa.
                          The following members of NCC’s faculty and staff have earned member             find the deeper meanings             I’ve no doubt they will.
                          status in Phi Theta Kappa: wendy Abrantes, Scott Barhight , matthew
                                                                                                          of theatre, and later where I              To all of you, let me say
                          Bartholomew, Diane Belles, Barbara Benner, Alissa Biechlin, Carol Boyle,
                          Pamela Bradley, Karen Brady, Rick Chandler, edward ellston, Tina frindt,
                                                                                                          returned to live my life and         that whatever your program of
                          Karen green, Kathleen hamilton, Rebecca hess, Jim l. Johnson, Sherri            develop the theatre program          study, you are representing it
                          Jones, Jennifer Kszak, Sue manela, Debbie Opitz, Yazmin Perez, Norman           at Northampton. It’s been a          well. Your achievements and
                          Roberts, Brenda Schroder, Susan Schultheis, Kathy Siegfried, Keisha Snyder,     30–year commitment, during           your service represent the best
                          melissa Starace, elaine vasko, Cindy woodling.
                                                                                                          which the theatre program            of student work at the college.
                                                                                                          has flourished. And if you           Thank you for listening to me.

                          hONORARY memBeRS                                                                haven’t noticed this flowering,      It was an honor to be chosen
                          Pat ward, matt Connell.                                                         come see our Shakespeare             to speak this evening. It feels
                                                                                                          tour production called, In           like I am returning to the fold.
                                                                                                          Lover’s Eyes, directed by
                                                                                                          my new colleague, Ron                    Good luck on your journey,
                                                                                                          Heneghan. Or, in February,                  as I have had good luck
                                                                                                          the fully produced 60’s                                 on mine. u

                                                                                                                                                        wiNtEr 005 l NCC 11
  happeNiNGs                             Mark Your Calendar

                                  March                                                  april                                                May
    S     M     t    w     t     F S                     S     M     t     w       t    F S                  S     M      t     w      t    F S
                 1                     5                                               1                  1                      5        
                       10    11      1                          5                                            10    11     1   1   1
    1   1    15    1    1    1      1              10    11    1    1      1   15    1             15    1     1    1     1   0   1
    0   1                5                    1    1    1    0      1                                 5           
               0    1                                5                     0                 0     1

  march                                       1 Kraus Drawing                   15 Theatre Production:                1 Program: “SMART

   1–1 Art Exhibit:                             Exhibition Awards                  “Working”                             Careers For Girls”
         Bart Wasserman                          Presentation, 11 a.m.              Main Campus, 7 p.m.                   Main Campus, 1 – 4:30 p.m.
         “Works on Paper”                1 Student/Alumni                           1 Main Campus, 7 p.m.                1 Monroe Campus,
         Main Campus                        Networking Event                         0 Main Campus, 1 p.m.                    6 – 8:30 p.m.
        Opening Reception,                 Main Campus, 5 – 7 p.m.                   Main Campus, 7 p.m.            1 Truck Driving Job Fair
          11 a.m.                        1 Poet David Wagoner                        Main Campus, 7 p.m.               Monroe Campus,
    Health Careers Job Fair                Main Campus, 11 a.m.                                                          9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
     Main Campus, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.                                                                                     0 Spring Job Fair – Monroe
    Theatre Production:                                                                                                  Campus, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
     “Moonchildren”                                   APRIl 16, “SMART Careers For Girls”                               Alumni Association Dinner

     Main Campus, 1 p.m.                         calling all sally rides                                                  Main Campus, 6 p.m.
      10 Main Campus, 7 p.m.             Do you know a bright, inquisitive middle school girl who, with a little        Administrative
      11 Main Campus, 7 p.m.             encouragement could pilot an intergalactic space mission? Discover               Professionals’ Day
      1 Main Campus, 7 p.m.             a cure for diabetes? Or design a bridge that spans the Atlantic?                 Main Campus,
  1 Spring Craft Show                   Give her a chance to participate in intriguing hands-on activities               11:45 a.m. – 3 p.m.
     Main Campus, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.        and to meet women who do “cool stuff” every day as researchers,                latino Mixer
                                         engineers, computer experts, and mathematicians at a workshop                    Main Campus, 5 – 7:30 p.m.
  april                                  designed to encourage girls in 5th to 8th grades to consider careers in        Awards Convocation
    Open House – Monroe                 math, science, engineering, and technology. Choose from two dates                Main Campus, 3:30 p.m.
     Campus, 10 a.m. – noon              and locations: Saturday afternoon, April 16, at the Main Campus
     Youth Chess                        and Thursday evening, April 21, at the Monroe Campus. Reserve
      Championship – Main                your rocket scientist’s seat early by calling 610-861-5559.                   may
      Campus, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.                                                                                           1 Springfest
     Chef-in-Residence:                               APRIl 22, Alumni Association Dinner                                Main Campus, noon – 5 p.m.

      Cooking Demonstration                                    3RD Annual                                              1–1 Art Exhibit: Fine
      Main Campus, 6 p.m.                             white house dinner                                                    Arts Students Annual
         5 Chef-in-Residence:            Step back in time to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt era at the                      Exhibition – Main Campus
           Dinner                        third annual White House Dinner on April 22. What was it like                       Opening Reception,
           Main Campus, 6 p.m.           to live during the Great Depression? What made the Greatest                          11 a.m.
    5 Program:                           Generation great? Enjoy a fireside chat with an historical                     5 Theatre Production:
      “Combating Heterosexism”           impersonator so convincing you’ll think he is the author of the                  “Uncle vanya”
      Main Campus, 11:30 a.m.            New Deal himself. Dine on a meal fit for a head of state and                     Monroe Campus, 7 p.m.
       1 Monroe Campus,                 actually served to visiting dignitaries during one of FDR’s four                    Monroe Campus, 7 p.m.
           12:30 p.m.                    terms in office. Seating for this unforgettable (and educational)                   Monroe Campus, 7 p.m.
    – Art Exhibit: Kraus              evening sponsored by the NCC Alumni Association is limited,                     Community Chorus Concert
          Drawing Awards                 so get your request in early. Admission is $75 per person or                     Main Campus, 8 p.m.
          Exhibition                     $125 per couple with proceeds benefiting the scholarship fund.                 Commencement
          Main Campus                    For tickets or more information, call 610-861-5088.                              Main Campus, 6:30 p.m.

1 NCC l wiNtEr 005
forget the

14 NCC l wiNter 2005
                        [   focus on balanced nutrition and exercise
                        Diet is a four letter word. It might conjure images of deprivation, weight loss
                        typically followed by weight gain, and a focus on food as the enemy. Others
                        interpret the concept of diet less prescriptively, simply as a certain way of eating,
                        a ticket to health, so to speak.
                                                    americans have had a love/hate relationship with diet fads for years.
                                                        We seem to always be searching for that magic pill, that next diet trend that will make us trim,
                                                         toned, and resistant to aging. On our quest for the Fountain of Youth, however, experts have
                                                         always said dietary moderation and regular exercise are a must.
                                                               Duncan Howden, Director of Hospitality Programs at NCC, feels that balanced nutrition
                                                         comes from eating bits of all the food groups and not skipping meals. “When Mom and Dad are
                                                         on fad diets all the time,” Howden says, “there is no normalcy for kids.” A good point, since
                                                         often our childhood eating habits follow us into adulthood. By practicing balance and moderation
                                                         children will be well equipped for healthy eating when they become adults.
                                                               Howden thinks that one of the primary culprits in diet sabotage is that “people don’t know
                                                         how to make foods taste good,”which makes convenience foods more appealing. While the ‘60s
                                                         were a time many people learned to cook by watching the Galloping Gourmet or Julia Child
                                                         on television, today most parents’ schedules are so full that they barely have time for fast food,
                                                         let alone time to improve their cooking skills. To that Howden says, “There are basic [cooking]
                                                         techniques that, if you follow correctly, give good results. One of the pleasures you have in your
                        day is something you eat. You should be able to get joy from a meal at least once a day.”
                              So, exactly what qualifies as dietary moderation and regular exercise anyway? In the 5th century B.C., Hippocrates, the
                        father of medicine, said, “Health results from a harmony between food and exercise.” But harmony is quite a distance from
                        where we are.
                              The 1960s and early ’70s saw the beginning of artificial sweeteners, Weight Watchers, and a concentration on calories
                        (remember Tab, the one-calorie soda?). Dietition Susan Hurd, of Sodexho Dining Services which provides food service to the
                        College says, “In the ’70s meat was bad and bread, pasta, and rice were thought to be healthy.” That meant, of course, that
                        when Dr. Atkins came out with his low carbohydrate/high protein diet, also in the early ’70s, he was in direct conflict with
                        most of society’s beliefs.
                              In the ’80s, the fat-free craze took attention away from the Atkins diet, and programs like Weight Watchers, with its
                        variety of foods and portion control, continued to grow in popularity. But Weight Watchers notwithstanding, by the ’90s
                        portion sizes in America started getting out of hand, due mainly to public misunderstandings about some basic facts, and the
                        advent of super-sized fast-food meals.
                              The misunderstandings started with the inception of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Guide Pyramid’s
                        recommended servings. One example: the innocent bagel. USDA says that a single two-ounce bagel counts as two servings in
                        the bread, cereal, rice and pasta category, the bottom section of the pictogram. Now, the only problem is that most stores and
                        bakeries carry generous four to five ounce bagels—more than twice the amount of the USDA serving size.

                              It’s easy to see how Americans added girth to their waistlines without even realizing it. Add to that our love of super-size
                        fast-food value meals (because, after all, a bargain is a bargain) and the climbing rate of obesity among adults and children in

                                                                                                                       by verna fisher

                                                                                                                                   wiNter 2005 l NCC 15
         A Recipe.

     Fill to the       our country begins to make sense. And if that wasn’t enough, another message society was given in the ’90s was
       brim with       that a low-fat diet would be the gateway to health. Then, companies such as Snackwells came out with low-fat
      nutritious       desserts and snacks, and, as Hurd says it, “gave people a license to eat larger portions.”
           food.             Other diet fads of the ’90s, such as the Zone, designed by Dr. Barry Sears, popular among celebrities,
    Measure just       preached the harmful effects of pasta, white bread, and sugar. A complicated diet with slow weight loss, the Zone
       the right       used a ratio of 40 percent protein, 30 percent carbs, and 30 percent fat, plus a routine of exercise, as part of a
       amount of       lifestyle change.
       vitamins,             Dr. Dean Ornish also introduced his diet, the Ornish plan, in the 1990s. Working with heart disease patients,
  fresh air, and       he successfully proved their health could improve on a diet of severe fat restriction, meditation, and exercise. The
       wholesome       diet was not very popular with mainstream audiences, however, since it was they found it difficult to follow and
         living.       too restrictive.
        Scoop in             Now the Atkins low carbohydrate diet is back, stronger than ever; and the South Beach diet is also a huge
   healthy doses       craze. While it has been touted as low carb, South Beach only restricts carbs in the initial two-week phase
    of exercise.       as a means to detox the body of bad carbohydrate addictions, such as sweets, bread, and pasta. Whole grain
            Stir       substitutes are added back into the diet after the two-week period. Both Atkins and South Beach diets consider
      vigorously       daily exercise to be important parts of the regime to make them lifestyle changes.
   with positive
   repeat daily.
       enjoy for
           life.                                          so, what’s new in diet fads for 2005? “The new trend is leaning
                                                         toward balance and the importance of vitamins and minerals,” says Dietician
                                                       Clarissa MacIntosh. “We are also going back to the old days of variety and
                                                      moderation.” This information comes mainly from the much anticipated new
                                                        Dietary Guidelines for Americans from the USDA, from which they are expected
                                                         to release a updated Food Guide Pyramid in 2005. “It is believed that [the USDA]
                                                         will recommend eating smaller meals throughout the day,” says MacIntosh, “since
                                                         the body functions more efficiently that way, yet still remain low-fat, but include
                                                         more whole grains and protein portions of two to three ounces.”
                                                               Surprise! The idea of a balanced diet has been the same message that experts
                                                       have been espousing all along. In fact, the 1995 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
                                                    recommended “eating a variety of foods to get the nutrients needed to support good
                       health . . . and physical activity to help maintain a healthy weight.” As part of his Zone diet, Dr. Sears suggested
                       we “eat everything in moderation, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and have some protein at every meal.”
                            Many other dietary experts agree with him. Dr. Andrew Weil author of Eating Well for Optimal Health
                       notes in his book that “Food is an important source of pleasure for most of us, and any [diets] that eliminate the
                       pleasure of the experience of eating are certain to fail.” Nutrition expert and author of Portion Savvy, Carrie Latt
                       Wiatt, explains to readers that after understanding what correct portion size is, “you can relax and enjoy your
                       food while extending your life and enhancing your energy.” Susan Hurd comments that “people don’t enjoy food
                       anymore. There is more to food than the glycemic index (the system that rates blood sugar level increases when
                       certain foods are eaten). Bottom line is that people should enjoy food and eating.”
                            If the new trend in diet does go the way of balance, perhaps it will require less thinking and reintroduce
                       the pleasures and health benefits different foods have to offer. The Harvard School of Public Health, whose
                       overarching mission is to advance the health of the public through learning, discovery, and communication, gives
                       high marks for varying our diet. “Variety is as important as quantity,” the organization says. “No single fruit or
                       vegetable provides all of the nutrients you need to be healthy. The key lies in the variety.” As far as quantity goes,
                       Harvard recommends balancing the calories we eat with the calories we burn. That doesn’t really come as a big
                       surprise. It’s pretty much the same underlying message that’s always been there.

16 NCC l wiNter 2005
the shape we’re in
In the recipe for staying healthy, exercise is a key ingredient.
Northampton Magazine asked several faculty and staff how
they mix their own recipe for keeping fit.
                                                                                       IntervIews by verna FIsher

sheri Bollinger, director of the fitness center
at Northampton Community College, says “the guidelines from the ACSM
(American College of Sports Medicine) suggest 30 minutes of moderate
activity per day.” Ideally, of course, this would mean some type of exercise
for at least 30 minutes straight, such as a brisk walk. But, Bollinger knows the
demands people have on their time and says that “breaking exercise down into
chunks throughout the day or week is beneficial.” This would mean that taking
the dog for a 15 minute walk twice a day would count. “Anything,” Bollinger
says, “is better than nothing. When you get someone involved in any level of
exercise, they feel the physical and mental benefits. And that will sometimes
cause them to say, “I love this feeling. What else could I do?”
      “When we exercise we are able to maintain or manage our weight,
Bollinger explains. “If we don’t exercise, beyond the age of 20, each year
we start to lose a half pound of muscle and gain a pound of fat. Doing nothing is the natural                Sheri Bollinger,
process of aging. By exercising we help maintain good body composition of lean to fat ratio.”                 College Center
Other benefits of fitness are stress reduction, a better night’s sleep                                      fitness director,
and a more positive outlook on life. Research has shown that many                                               advocates a
diseases can be prevented with daily exercise. While cardiovascular training                                 common sense
is often considered the most important for overall health, strength and flexibility training also play             approach.
important roles as we age.
      Choosing a physical activity you enjoy is a sure bet to sticking with it in the years ahead. Step
aerobics or mountain climbing may not be for everyone, but chances are that with the array of
activities available, each person can find at least one type of exercise that can become part of his or
her life. A lifestyle change means that something is incorporated into our lives—not just for a few
months, but indefinitely. By eating a variety of foods, being aware of portion sizes, and exercising
several times a week, we will finally have found that magic pill that has eluded us so long.

Dr. Manuel                 five days per               Dr. Art Scott,              days after his first
Gonzalez,                  week at St. Luke’s          President, Northampton      knee surgery he was
Associate Dean,            Hospital and Iron           Community College           golfing. He says he
Adult Literacy and Basic   Run Fitness Plaza.          A sports enthusiast         has now “shifted
Workforce Development/
Director, International    He also lifts weights       for years, Art Scott        from being an avid
Programs                   twice weekly,               has always been             tennis player to an
By day, Manny              and even when               athletic. After five        avid golfer” (but no
Gonzalez is an             his job takes him           knee operations due         cart please). NCC’s
associate dean.            on travels abroad,          to “wear and tear,”         president also keeps
But nights find this       Manny always                however, he has             fit by lifting free
certified aerobics         makes time to               changed some of             weights, and walking
instructor teaching        fit some fitness            his activities. But         two to three miles
cardio kickboxing          training into               not his passion for         five to seven days
and step aerobics,         his day.                    being active—three          each week. >

                                                                                                          wiNter 2005 l NCC 17
                Dr. Charles                     Mardi McGuire-              Joseph Cresko,                to “make sure no one is
                rinehimer,                      Closson,                    Process and Materials         left on the mountain.”
                Associate Professor, Biology/   Dean of Students            Engineer, Electrotechnology   Regardless of the shift,
                Vet Technician                                              Applications Center
                                                Mardi started taking                                      she can be out on the
                Charlie Rinehimer               kickboxing at the           Joe is more than your         mountain up to twelve
                has been working                Fitness Center three        average runner. He            hours, so she is sure to
                out since he was 18             years ago. That, and        has been clocking             drink lots of liquids to
                years old. His current          a membership with           70–100 miles per week         ward off dehydration.
                regime is one and               Weight Watchers             for over 20 years. He         While missing meals
                a half hours of                 helped her lose 40–45       has been competing            can be a job hazard
                weight training,                lbs. She has grown          in marathons such as          for a ski patrol person,
                three times per week,           an appreciation for         Boston, Philadelphia,         Donna loves her form of
                plus doing cardio on            boxers and the shape        Houston and California        exercise: it keeps her fit,
                a treadmill twice a             they are in. “Fast          International since           outdoors, and she is
                week. Since he has              jump roping is harder       college. Running has          able to help others in
                                                                            been a part of his life       the bargain.
                                                                            for so long that he
                                                                            says he doesn’t even          Susan Kubik,
                                                                            question it, he just runs     Vice President for
                                                                            every day, regardless         Institutional Advancement

                                                                            of the weather. To            Meeting with a
                                                                            maintain muscle mass,         personal trainer to
                                                                            Joe also does strength        exercise at 6:30 a.m.
                                                                            training two to three         takes a special type of
                                                                            times a week at the           dedication. But Sue
                                                                            fitness center. “Anyone       thinks “exercise in the
                                                                            can change their              morning is the best way
                                                                            lifestyle and become          to start a day.” This
                                                                            physically fit,” he says.     busy executive takes
                                                                            “You just have to get in      Pilates and threshold
                                                                            sync with a routine.”         classes, in addition to
                                                                                                          cardio and strength
                                                                            Donna Goss,                   training, three times a
                                                                            Co-Director of Corporate      week. While many of
                         Charlie in the gym, pumping for fitness.           Services                      us would want to hit
                                                                            Donna has been a              the snooze alarm that
                made fitness a part             than it looks,” Mardi       member of the National        early in the morning,
                of his life for the             says, “and shuffling is     Ski Patrol at Blue            Sue says “that she is
                past thirty-something           a lot of cardio.” She       Mountain Ski Area for         motivated because
                years, Charlie is               still takes threshold       25 years. She started         she knows the trainer
                well-qualified to               training classes at         out as a ski instructor,      is waiting for her.”
                offer advice to the             the Fitness Center,         and, well, just never left.   Another motivator
                inactive among us:              lifts free weights, and     Her volunteer position        is having a fitness
                “Find something you             does a workout on           has her working every         buddy. She and Mardi
                like,” he says, “then           the treadmill several       third weekend for a shift     Closson have been
                assess your success.            days a week. She also       that begins at 6:30 in        training together for
                Ask yourself, for               keeps herself, and her      the morning. Starting         several years, and
                example, ‘How many              five golden retrievers,     from the top, Donna           even attended Weight
                more baskets can I              fit by running the          makes sweeps down             Watchers together. Sue
                shoot today than I              dogs through a home         the mountain to make          also plays golf and
                did a month ago?’ It            obstacle course, as part    sure trails and lifts are     tennis twice weekly,
                will become a driving           of their agility training   safe. When she works          and each spring
                force. And have a               for competitions they       evenings she ends her         competes with her
                goal, or there isn’t any        enter each spring           shift (often after 10:00      team through the U.S.
                point to it.”                   and summer.                 p.m.) by sweeping again       Tennis Association. u

18 NCC l wiNter 2005
      Diet Wars:
      a BattlefielD
      Diary            by sandy stahl
                           Since thiS iSSue iS devoted to all thingS food,
                           I feel we’d be remiss if we didn’t think about the way millions of
                           people are altering their less-than-stellar food habits to lose a few
                           pounds. While some methods have remained tried and true, others
                           take the spotlight for a while and then fade into the sunset. I decided
                           to don my investigative journalism cap and get to the bottom of the
                            trend. What better way to do that than to personally give it a try?
                                    As the country gets increasingly sedentary, more and more
                              people are looking to atone for one too many desserts or one
                              too few exercise classes. While years ago people turned to the
                             grapefruit diet or the cabbage soup diet, today people are turning to
                             Atkins and South Beach in droves.
                                   But true low-carb diets just seem too extreme for my pasta-
                               loving lifestyle, so I thought I’d take a look at The South Beach
       Our desires               Diet. I figure if it’s good enough for the likes of Bill Clinton, it’s
      “sometimes”                   got to be good enough for me.
     just can’t be                          It’s no trouble tracking down a copy of the book—
         denied!                       everyone seems to have one. The important question is:
                                         how many people have actually used it and achieved
                                          success? The most important factor, of course, is read-
                                           ing the book well and following it to a T. That’s where
                                           the problems can begin.
                                                 I’ve purchased diet books before with the best of
                                           intentions, and then they’ve gathered dust on a shelf,
                                           never to be seen again—at least until it’s time for a ga-
                                          rage sale, or to make room for the next diet book du jour.
                                         There’s just far too much willpower required when there’s
                                      so much good food around. (Maybe this is why the rest of
                                   the staff finds it amusing that I got this assignment.)
                                     Nevertheless, I’ll prove them wrong and give it a shot:

                           Day 1 [1 p.m.]
                                                                                                          illustration by joyce hesselberth

                                                                      I’m reading the book while eat-
                           ing a piece of carrot cake. I know, something’s wrong with this picture.
                           But it’s my favorite kind of cake, left over from a function at the office.
                           If I didn’t eat it, it would go to waste, and that would be very bad.
                                  Interestingly, it seems that my little snack doesn’t quite fit in
                           with the whole idea of a wholesome diet. It’s a real stretch, but I
                           always figure I have a small case for eating it every now and then—it
                           has carrots in it, which are as wholesome as it gets. But I soon learn
                           that even carrots are on the naughty list, even after the strict initial

20 NCC l wiNter 2005
two-week phase is over. (Asparagus is legal, but just not an appealing      [3 p.m.] OK, I admit it’s pathetic, but I’m already ready to
dessert ingredient.)                                                        call in for backup. I know there’s a Butterfinger fun-size bar 10 feet
     Thoroughly depressed, I scrape every last bit of icing off             from my computer. Can I resist?
my plate.                                                                         It’s time to look to someone for inspiration, someone who
                                                                            really has stuck with it for the long haul. A co-worker shares with
[2 p.m.] The book says it promotes a healthy mix of the                     me that she has lost some weight on the South Beach diet since
right kind of carbs balanced with the right kind of fats. So it seems I     embarking on the plan nearly a year ago. I must admit that it’s been
shouldn’t even be thinking of the South Beach plan as a low carb diet       successful—she looks great!
like Atkins.The whole idea of the initial phase of the diet is to detox           I ask her what she likes about the plan. She says once she got
yourself from the cravings which are affecting your health—and              over the strict first phase, it has been easier, and she gets to cheat every
waistline. After the first phase, you can gradually add in certain foods    now and then. She likes the fact that you don’t have to measure foods
so you’re not in as much of a rut. But it seems that most of my favor-      out. All you need to do is watch the intake of carbs. She says the bad
ite foods, even in the last phase, will be for special occasions only.      carbs pop up most often in packaged foods, such as white rice, white
That would be a real lifestyle switch.                                      bread, white potatoes, etc. Of course, that’s all of the foods I like best.
      I can see why those who adhere to the diet are successful. Simply           But what about the goodies? Can she live without them? Can
eliminating a lot of sugars and bad carbs out of your diet must cut         someone possibly go through life without praying at Ben & Jerry’s
your daily calorie count by default. And the foods that are recom-          altar? According to my co-worker, yes. The woman must have
mended fill you up longer than the sugar-filled foods that leave you        unbreakable willpower. She tells me she satisfies her urge only
hungry again quickly. (I am, for the record, still full from the carrot     on special occasions, such as birthdays and holidays. But she also
cake though, and it has been an hour.)                                      admits that staring at the candy dish on her co-worker’s desk can be
                                                                            trying sometimes. And that’s something I can relate to.
[6:30 p.m.] I’m home, and hungry for dinner. Looking in
my nearly bare cabinets, I set out to make something to eat. Judging
by the pasta boxes that line my shelves and the fruit in the bowl filled
with bananas, apples, and grapes on the kitchen island, I’m just too ill-
prepared to begin this diet. I sheepishly prepare a veggie burger (with
                                                                            Day 3 [Lunchtime]                                    Looking at the
                                                                            cafeteria, I see some food possibilities: lean meats, salad, cheese,
bread, cheese and ketchup—yikes) and vow to try again tomorrow.             vegetables. While it would be a bit more limiting to try to find
                                                                            something to satisfy the restrictions of the first phase of the diet, it
                                                                            certainly is possible with a little thought. That got me thinking: Does

Day 2 [7 a.m.]                           Same problem. Since I don’t
like the taste of eggs unless they are in something like French toast or
                                                                            the cafeteria get a lot of requests for special dishes?
                                                                                  I ask Char Hartley, the executive chef of Sodexho, which handles
                                                                            food services at Northampton, if the staff ever alters its offerings to ac-
waffles, I run into yet another snag. I’m the kind of person who has        commodate the latest fad. He says no, pointing out that it would be im-
to pay a lot for breakfast in a diner because all of the meal specials      possible to keep adjusting for trends. “If you have specialty needs, you
include eggs. Cereal, a staple of my diet (I am known to be able to         tend to know exactly what you can and can’t eat,” he tells me. Same
choose from up to six boxes at a time in my house), is a no-no. Same        goes for pointing out which menu items fulfill a particular diet plan.
for the frozen French toast sticks I’m heating up for my son. And a               Makes sense. For example, take all of the low carb food
bagel? That’s not going to work either.                                     that’s out there. A low-carb pita would have fewer carbs than its
       I figure the mug of hot milk (with a shot of hazelnut syrup) I       traditional counterpart, but who’s to say that it’s low enough to fit in
have nearly every morning must be OK without the flavoring. I look          a particular low-carb diet, when often a whole day’s worth of carbs
it up: wrong again. Milk of any kind is to be avoided, at least in the      must be considered?
first phase. Darn. I grab some tea and head out the door. I can always            In fact, he says the cafeteria doesn’t receive as many low-carb
figure out what to eat later.                                               requests as I would have thought. A couple of bunless burgers or
                                                                            breadless sandwiches here and there. Perhaps people who are trying
[9 a.m.] It seems that not liking the taste of eggs causes a                to be disciplined just pack a lunch.
real problem for me. I’m hungry and can’t think of anything to eat. It            Or, if they’re like me, they cheat. I’m having a slice of pizza.
seems too early in the morning for a chicken breast. Hmmm. I’m out
of ideas and the hunger is taking me over. I grab a Cliff Bar, a tasty
energy bar made by the gods.
      I enjoy it like I’ve never enjoyed it before.                         Day 4 [I surrender!]                                  Don’t get me
                                                                            wrong. I definitely see the merits of trying a diet like this. But having
[Lunchtime] Salad greens and chicken breast. Works for                      all my carbs and a little sugar from time to time is just far too
me. Here’s a meal I can actually enjoy. Though I wouldn’t choose to         important to me. I think I’m going to return this book, and make
eat it every day, I can definitely handle it. Top it off with a Diet Coke   a pledge to just try to get up off the couch a little more.
and I’m golden.                                                                  At least until the next diet book comes out… u

                                                                                                                                wiNter 2005 l NCC 21
      FAVORITES     Try Our Baker’s Dozen
                              compiled by dozen
               Sampling NCC’s baker’s Heidi Butler
  Professors provide food for thought for students every
  day, but dit (or woman) doesn’t live augiamconse
Ro doloreman ilit augue dolor acidunton knowledge
  alone. When they’re orpercilit irilit iriuscilla NCC
min ullandi psummolnot in the classroom, manycommy
nosto consed et adio dolum augue el utat. Duisi.
  faculty members enjoy spending time in the kitchen
  preparing special dishes core magnim vel eumsan-
La consenis dio odolenit,for family and friends. If
  your brain zzrit utatet adipissis nulluptat lut hard
drem venimis fried from cracking the books or a volor
  day at the er sim d
iurem velit office, treat yourself to one of these
  “faculty favorites.”
                                                       Healthy Break fast Shake                                          CONtrIButed By
                                                                                                                         Donna acerra,
                                                                                                                         Assistant Professor,
                          1 serving of soft tofu
                          1 banana or strawberries, blueberries,
                             mango, papaya or any combination.           Blend together until smooth.                    “think you you
                                                                                                                         coffee to get
                          1 tablespoon wheat germ                                                                        started? this shake
                          Orange juice or pineapple-orange or                                                            is a great way to
                             tangerine-orange juice                                                                      start the day, and it
                                                                                                                         gives you the protein
                                                                                                                         required to keep you
                                                                                                                         going until lunch!
                             Southern Corn and Bacon Chowder
                                                                                                                         CONtrIButed By
                          1 pound bacon, chopped                         in 3 tablespoons of bacon fat (in dutch         Sherri MeyerS,
                          1 large onion, thinly sliced                   oven) until tender. drain. Cut tips of corn     Professor, Dental Hygiene
                          10 ears fresh corn (or one large bag frozen)   kernels into large bowl. Scrape “milk” and
                          2 cans (14½ oz. each) chicken broth
                          1 medium potato (½ inch cubes)
                                                                         remaining corn pulp from cobs. Add corn &
                                                                         chicken broth, potato and carrot to onion (in   “thethe recipes
                                                                                                                               soup is
                          2 carrots shredded                             dutch oven). Bring to boil. reduce heat &       of Southern Living
                          ¼ cup flour                                    simmer 10 minutes or until potato is tender.    and is great all
                          1½ cup milk                                    Set aside. Whisk together 1/3 cup reserved      year round, but it is
                          1½ cup half & half                             bacon fat and flour in a skillet. Cook over     especially good on
                          1 tablespoon lemon juice                       med-low heat, stirring constantly, 10           cold, wintry days!
                          ¼ teaspoon hot sauce                           minutes or until browned. remove from           It goes great with
                          2 teaspoons salt                               heat & set aside. Add milk and half & half      a crusty loaf of
                          ½ teaspoon pepper                              to vegetable mixture. Cook over medium          bread and a salad.
                                                                         heat, whisking often until thoroughly           everyone seems to
                          (3½ quarts; freezes up to 1 month)             heated. Stir in lemon juice, hot sauce, salt    enjoy it, so indulge
                                                                         & pepper. Whisk in flour mixture and ¾          and forget about the
                          Cook bacon (in dutch oven) until crisp.
                          remove bacon, save drippings. Sauté onion
                                                                         of cooked bacon. Cook, stirring often until
                                                                         thickened. Sprinkle with remaining bacon.
                                                                                                                         calories this time!

                                      Spinach and Strawberry Salad                                                       CONtrIButed By
                                                                                                                         Jackie crocetti,
                                                                                                                         Professor, Nursing

                                                                                                                         “this recipethe
                                                                                                                         wonderful in
photo by randy monceaux

                                                                          2 teaspoons sesame seeds, toasted
                            1 bag spinach torn in pieces                  ¼ cup sugar                                    summer. It goes
                               (or baby spinach leaves)                   4 teaspoons Worchester sauce                   well with grilled
                            1 quart strawberries, sliced                  1 teaspoon minced onion
                                                                          4 teaspoons paprika
                                                                                                                         meat. enjoy!
                                                                          1/3 cup vegetable oil

                                                                                                                                   winter 2005 l nCC 23
                                                                                Vegetarian Chile
           CONtrIButed By
            karen Parker,
            Associate Professor,
         Electronics Technology

          “ this recipe is
    versatile. Start with
                                   1 large white onion
                                   1 large or 2 small peppers,
         the fire-roasted             preferably colorful                     Sauté the onion until soft then add
            tomatoes and           1 28–oz. can Muir Glen Fire roasted        the peppers and lightly sauté. Add
        add (or subtract)             Organic Crushed tomatoes                the tomatoes, beans, and Boca. Warm
    whatever you want.             1 15–oz. can Bush’s Black Beans, drained   thoroughly and spice according to taste.
    At busy times of the           2 or 3 pouches of Boca Meatless
     semester, I make it              ground burger
    on a Sunday and eat            1–2 t. Chile powder
     it all week long. If          Salt, pepper, sugar
      you prefer a more
            varied diet, it
         freezes well.
                                                                                   Boiled Shrim p
           CONtrIButed By
               Bill BearSe,
   Professor, Physical Education   Large or extra large shrimp                Bring vinegar, beer, seasoning and salt to a
                                   24 oz. white vinegar                       rapid boil in a large pot. drop shrimp in for

           “A teacher in
     Georgia shared this
                                   24 oz. regular beer
                                   McCormick’s seafood seasoning
                                                                              only 2 minutes and 45 seconds. reduce the
                                                                              heat if you cover the pot. Serve with cole
      with me 35 years                (ample amount)                          slaw and rolls.
         ago. It’s one of          Pinch of salt
        our favorites all
           year long.
           CONtrIButed By
        richarD trexler,
              Professor, Funeral
                                                  Baked Haddock with Crabmeat
              Service Education

              Steve and
      Mercie Normand
                                   2½ pounds haddock fillets
                                   2½ cups herbed bread stuffing cubes        Lay the haddock fillets in a 13˝ X 9˝
      of the Brunswick             ½ cup chopped celery                       baking dish. Make stuffing mixture with
    Bed & Breakfast in             1 cup sliced mushrooms                     bread cubes, pepper, celery, mushrooms,
    Maine delighted my             1 teaspoon chopped parsley                 parsley and chives. Moisten with ¼ cup
       wife Vickie and             1 teaspoon chopped chives                  melted butter, hot water and mayonnaise.
     me with this meal             ¼ cup butter, melted                       Place stuffing over fillets. Cover with
        that never fails           ½ cup hot water                            shredded cheese. Bake 25–30 minutes @
            to satisfy.
                            ”      ½ cup mayonnaise
                                   ¼ teaspoon freshly ground pepper
                                                                              350 degrees until fish flakes. While fish is
                                                                              baking, sauté crabmeat in 4 tablespoons
                                   ½ cup shredded cheddar cheese              butter. Stir in the wine. Pour the crab
                                                                                                                              photo by philip stein

                                   1 cup fresh crabmeat (2 6 oz. cans         mixture over the fish. Sprinkle with sliced
                                       of lump crabmeat)                      almonds and return to oven, baking 5
                                   4 tablespoons butter                       minutes longer or until completely heated.
                                   2 tablespoons white wine
                                   ½ cup sliced almonds

24 nCC l winter 2005
           Club 2I Crab Cakes with a Kick
3 tablespoons vegetable oil                      1 1/3 tablespoon Old Bay seasoning
1 red bell pepper, cut to ¼ inch dice                (or to taste.
1 yellow bell pepper, cut to ¼ inch dice         * My experience is that too much more
¼ cup breadcrumbs, unflavored                    than a tablespoon is overpowering.)
1 pound jumbo lump crab meat,                    1 jalapeno chili, (or to taste) seeded
   picked over                                       and chopped fine.
¼ cup fresh washed, spun dry                     1 tablespoon minced fresh garlic
   cilantro leaves, chopped                      Fresh ground black pepper to taste.
¼ cup mayonnaise

Accompaniments: chile mayonnaise (like a chipotle mayo); mild horseradish sauce or
horseradish mayo; wasabi mayo. this recipe is also great served on top of a roasted red
pepper couli, or roasted red pepper sauce. In a skillet, heat 1 tablespoon oil over moderately
high heat until hot but not smoking and sauté bell peppers just until softened. Cool peppers.
In a large bowl, stir together bell peppers, crab, cilantro, mayonnaise, Old Bay, jalapeno,
garlic, 2 tablespoons breadcrumbs, and black pepper (to taste). Combine well, but try not to
break up the crabmeat. Chill 20 minutes.

Spread breadcrumbs on a sheet of wax paper. With a greased ice cream scoop or a greased
¼ cup measure, scoop crab mixture into portions and gently shape into ¾ inch thick disks
(the ¼ cup measure really works best for this, minimizing handling of the cakes). Gently
press each crab cake into the breadcrumbs, turning it to coat each side evenly. you’ll get
between 8–12 cakes. to help prevent crumbling during cooking, chill the cakes, covered
loosely, at least 1 hour and up to 1 day.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In a 12 inch skillet heat 1 tablespoon oil over medium high
heat until hot but not smoking and sauté half of the crab cakes until golden brown, 3–5
minutes. turn crab cakes carefully and brown other sides. transfer sautéed crab cakes            CONtrIButed By
carefully to a baking sheet. Add another tablespoon of oil to skillet and sauté remaining        DaviD GoSS,
crab cakes in same manner. On the baking sheet, bake all crab cakes 6 minutes until heated       Associate Professor,
through (5–6 minutes max). Serves 8 as a first course, 4 as a main course.                       Psychology

                                                                                                 “these arecrab
                                                                                                 with lots of
                                                                                                 meat and not much
                                                                                                 filler, so they require
                                                                                                 gentle handling
                                                                                                 during cooking.
                                                                                                 the results are well
                                                                                                 worth the effort.

                                                                                                          winter 2005 l nCC 25
                                                   Macadamia Pork, Peaches and
           CONtrIButed By
           Scott kalaMar,                                                   ´
                                                        Blackberries á la Cre me
            Associate Professor,
                  Culinary Arts
                                    2 two oz. pieces pork tenderloin scaloppine   Coat lightly with flour two tenderized

      “ I developed this
     recipe while taking
                                    1 tablespoon all purpose flour
                                    2 whole eggs
                                                                                  pieces of pork tenderloin scaloppini. dip in
                                                                                  egg to cover the flour. Season with salt and
   continuing education             4 oz. minced roasted macadamia nuts           pepper. Place in roasted macadamia nuts
           courses at the           1 oz. clarified butter                        and completely cover. Place in sauté pan
       Culinary Institute           4 slices fresh peaches                        with clarified butter. Cook on both sides.
          of America.
                             ”      5 fresh blackberries
                                    1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
                                                                                  deglaze the pan with Chambord liquor.
                                                                                  Add heavy cream and reduce to one-half
                                    2 oz. Chambord liquor                         of the cream. Place two pieces of pork on
                                    4 oz. heavy cream                             plate. Arrange peaches and blackberries on
                                    1 tablespoon fresh minced parsley             the pork. Place sauce back on the stove and
                                        salt and pepper to taste                  add parsley. remove sauce and place over
                                                                                  pork, peaches and blackberries. Sprinkle
                                                                                  with cinnamon.

           CONtrIButed By
                PaM taBery,
                                                                             Pinea pple Casserole
              Professor, Biology

          “ this recipe is
        easy to make and
                                    1 can pineapple #2 dole, unsweetened
                                    ¼ pound butter
                                                                                  Cream together butter and sugar. Add
                                                                                  pineapple, eggs and bread. Mix well. Pour
          complements a             1 cup sugar                                   into a buttered 1½ quart casserole. Bake 45
           ham dinner.
                             ”      4 eggs
                                    5 slices of bread, broken in pieces
                                                                                  min. at 350 degrees. Serve with ham.

           CONtrIButed By
                                                                        Bean with Chile Spice
        Sharon lee-BonD,
     Assistant Professor, Biology
                                                                                  drain the can of black beans. rinse with

              this is my
     husband’s creation.            1 can of black beans (15 oz)
                                                                                  cold water 1–2 times. transfer washed
                                                                                  beans to a colander temporarily. Sauté
     this tasty side dish           ½ of a packet of chile spice                  half of a small red onion with butter on
     is easy to make for               (1 packet usually has 13.5 oz)             low heat. Add the washed black beans
        any cook who is             1 tablespoon of butter                        to the sautéed red onions. Add half of a
            on the go!
                             ”      ½ of small red onion
                                    small amount of water
                                                                                  chile packet powder seasoning. Stir all the
                                                                                  ingredients and cook over low heat. Add a
                                                                                  small amount of water to make a “gravy”
                                                                                  sauce. taste, serve and enjoy!

26 nCC l winter 2005
                                     Hot Milk Sponge Cake                                      CONtrIButed By
                                                                                               annie laurie MeyerS,
                                                                                               Assistant Professor,
1 cup granulated white sugar                  Bake in greased and floured 8˝x8˝ or             Administration
2 eggs                                        smaller pan, at 375 degrees for 25–30
1 cup flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
                                              minutes. you can dOuBLe the recipe and
                                              use an 8˝x 10˝ or a bundt pan. Increase the      “Great foror peach
½ cup hot milk                                baking time by 10 minutes.                       shortcake! Serves
                                                                                               9; doubled 18–20.

                           President’s Chocolate Cake
Grease & flour 2–10˝ or 3–8˝ pans             chocolate/butter mixture. Slowly add the flour   CONtrIButed By
2 cups of water                               and sour cream to the mixture, (alternating      kathy FrieDenBerG,
6 squares of dark unsweetened chocolate       the flour & sour cream). Mix well. Bake at       Associate Professor,
½ pound of butter                             350 degrees for 35–40 minutes.                   Radiology
4 eggs (beaten)
4 cups of sugar
¼ teaspoon salt
                                              ½ cup of butter                                  “this is recipe.
2 teaspoons vanilla                           ½ cup of Crisco                                  She always said
4 cups of flour                               1 cup of sugar                                   it is a cake fit for
1 cup sour cream with 3 teaspoons
    of baking soda added
                                              ½ cup of scalded milk
                                              1 teaspoon vanilla
                                                                                               a president.
Boil water. Add chocolate and butter. Let     Cream the butter, Crisco, and sugar.
cool. In a large mixing bowl beat the eggs,   Slowly add milk and vanilla. Add icing
sugar salt and vanilla. Add to the cooled     to cooled cake.

                                                                                               CONtrIButed By
                                                                                               earl PaGe,
                                                                                               Professor, History, Sociology

       Let Your Fingers Do The Walking                                                         “desk.myhave not
                                                                                                        stove is
                                                                                               turned a burner on
                                                                                               in at least 5 years.
½ cup hunger with a pinch of convenience      Call Salvatore’s Pizza, uncle Wesley’s,          My kid and I eat out
                                              red robin’s, Michelangelo’s, or…                 every night or have
                                                                                               take-out in, so this is
                                                                                               what I do.

                                   *    Bonus: Turn to page 4I forBread & Tomato Sou p recipe

                                                                                                         winter 2005 l nCC 27
RItz CaRltoN:
to northampton’s chef-in-residence
lINEup IN Fall, 2003.

28 NCC l wiNter 2005
                             CHEF pooN:
                             woRkS wItH NCC
                             CulINaRy aRtS
                             StuDENtS IN tHE
                             kItCHEN oF HamptoN
                             wINDS REStauRaNt IN
                             NovEmbER 2002.
                             HaNDS Fly aND
                             INgREDIENtS SwIRl
                             aS HE blENDS
                             tHEm INto HIS
                             pERSoNal bRaND oF
                             FuSIoN FaRE.

pRogRam SImmERS aloNg wItH
FaNtaStIC FaRE FoR all by paul joly

                                   wiNter 2005 l NCC 29
jaCk mcDavID:
woRE HIS tRaDEmaRk
ovERallS FRom HIS
NatIoNal tv SHow
tHE CRowD at
northampton’s first                                                                   CHEF kIoNg baNH:
CHEF–IN–RESIDENCE.                                                                    oF tHE twENty maNNINg
                                                                                      REStauRaNt IN pHIlaDElpHIa
                                                                                      uSINg HERbS aND SpICES FRom
                                                                                      HIS owN gaRDEN, woRkS IN
                                                                                      tHE HamptoN wINDS kItCHEN
                                                                                      IN SpRINg, 2004

  BoB Wood isn’t sure exactly When                                 program at ncc that encourages culinary students to get the
  the idea first started niBBling                                  passion and the fire in the belly to be successful beyond their
  at him. But he does recall the                                   expectations, and at the same time get our company chefs to
  instant reaction he received                                     join in and be exposed to top chefs in the country.” commit-
  When he mentioned his thought                                    tees were formed and the Chef-in-Residence program emerged,
  to duncan hoWden, the director                                   funded with an endowment from wood Co.
  of northampton’s culinary                                             to start it off with a bang, wood suggested jack mcDavid
  arts program.                                                    from Jack’s firehouse in philadelphia, as the first chef-in-
       wood, who at the time was president of wood Food            Residence in November, 2000. at the time mcDavid was
  Service Co., now a subsidiary of Sodexho, proposed using         hosting his popular cooking show, Grillin’ and chillin’, on the
  his connections with top restaurants and famous chefs around     food network. he wore his signature overalls and baseball
  the country to benefit northampton community college’s           cap while he entertained the Lipkin theatre audience. the
  culinary arts program. howden lept at the opportunity to         event was a sellout, and the program’s early success helped
  cook up something he hadn’t tried yet in his years running the   keep expectations high for those that followed.
  college’s acclaimed gourmet program. now five years into              now entering its fifth year, the program is fulfilling
  the Chef-in-Residence program, Howden and wood                   several overlapping original missions, according to the
  have introduced nine famous chefs to Northampton students        organizers: it enhances learning for the college’s culinary
  and to hundreds of paying members of the public. the guests      arts and hotel/restaurant management students; it helps build
  come for either or both a monday evening cooking demo            relationships with restaurants and hospitality employers who
  in the college’s Lipkin theatre, where the resident chef         hire graduates; and it helps recruit prospective students by
                                                                                                                                     photos by randy monceaux

  shows off new ingredients and methods, or a tuesday              keeping the program in the public eye.
  multi-course dinner in the campus restaurant, hampton                 Some chefs-in-residence have drawn crowds due to their
  Winds. cooking demo attendees get to sample some                 own celebrity status: mcdavid and chef Joe poon, for
  delectable creations, but it’s the dinner guests who enjoy       example. others draw them in with the name of their
  the complete gustatory experience.                               restaurants. they’ve come from philadelphia’s striped Bass,
       Wood recalls, “i thought, what if we could put together a   and the Grill at the ritz carlton, new York’s park avenue

30 NCC l wiNter 2005
                                                                                gRaCIE SkIaDaS:
                                                                                ExplaINED How SHE SEaSoNS
                                                                                HER DISHES wItH tHE
                                                                                “creative” enerGY that
                                                                                HovERS abovE.

café, and the hotel du pont in delaware.                        a self-proclaimed aquarian (as in age of aquarius). need-
     they all bring memorable experiences to satisfied dinner   less to say, her guests, including a few ex-hippies themselves,
guests and students. one chef even tapped into the “creative    lapped it up. from grillin’ rednecks to seasoned hippies to
energy that hovers above the planet” for some special           park avenue socialites, chef- in-residence has a solid record
ingredients. Gracie skiadas, of Gracie’s 21st century café,     of appealing to anyone who appreciates wonderful food. u

HoSpItalIty pRogRamS

                takE paRt IN
 ncc’s next chef-in-residence event
                DEmoNStRatIoN: april 4
                  cost: $10.00 per person
                 location: lipkin theatre

                    dinner: april 5
       cost: $100.00 per person, limited to 60 guests
                location: Hampton winds

 for more information, call 610-861-5519

                                                                                                           wiNter 2005 l NCC 31
    aLUmNi nOtes

                                                                     is currently working on the        the marriage of their daughter,
                                    1977-Bruce Palmer received       $28 M replacement terminal         Jessica Chladny (general
            we wANt to              a bachelor’s degree from         for the Nantucket Memorial         studies) to U.S. Army Captain
            Hear frOM               Kutztown University. He is       Airport. William resides in        Aaron Gauthier on November
            YOu                     a shareholder/director/CPA at    Nantucket Island, MA.              20, 2004. A full military
                                    Buckno, Lisicky & Co. Bruce                                         ceremony took place at the
                                    and his wife, Judith, have two   2000-Jonathan Miller               Valley Forge Military Academy
                                    children, Amanda and Sara.       of Ephrata is more than            Chapel in Wayne, PA. Jessica
                                    They reside in Nazareth.         halfway toward his goal of an      is teaching art education in the
                                                                     associate’s degree in business     Muskogee School District in
                                    1984-Steve wilson is a           accounting. He is engaged to a     Columbus, GA while Aaron is
  Please send your
                                    section systems manager          wonderful fiancé and has a son.    stationed at Fort Benning.
  news to:
                                    at Mack Trucks, Inc., in         After spending Christmas in
  Northampton Community
                                    Allentown. He and his wife,      California, he will be focusing    1972-Daniel tanzosh of
  College, Alumni Office
                                    Theresa, reside in Bethlehem.    on plans for an August 13,         Nazareth is an analyst at Air
  3835 Green Pond Road
                                                                     2005 wedding. Jonathan says,       Products & Chemicals in
  Bethlehem, PA 18020
                                    1985-Kathleen Gigliotti of       “I haven’t forgot NCC and the      Allentown.
                                    Bethlehem is an administrative   education I got there. It has
  or reach us by
                                    assistant at Lehigh University   helped me come a long way          1975-Mansour A. Farhat of
  e-mail/Phone at:
                                    in Bethlehem.                    and made me a better person.”      Phillipsburg, NJ has retired as
                                                                                                        a captain for the New Jersey
  fax: 610-861-5487
                                    1993-Mary Beth (Anfuso)          Automotive                         State Police after 25 years
  phone: 610-861-5088
                                    Horner is employed by            technology                         of service. He works for the
  Please include your major
                                    LifePath. She and her husband,   2000-David J. Fleetwood            State of New Jersey as an
  and the year you graduated        Thomas, reside in Quakertown.    and Ginger S. Dunn were            investigator/auditor.
  from NCC, along with your         They have three children,        married on October 2, 2004
  address and a daytime             Thomas, Elisabeth, and Emily.    at the Barnhouse Village           1982-Linda M. (Lane) Gaal
  telephone number. The fastest
                                                                     Reception Hall in Bath. David      is the corporate controller at
  and easiest way to share your
  news with us is through NCC’s
                                    1996-Marie Glanz of              is an automotive technician.       Phoebe Ministries. She and
  Alumni Online Community at        Easton is employed by RCFK       The couple resides in Allentown.   her husband, Francis, reside in       Insurance. She has also                                             Bethlehem.
  It’s free to all alumni of        received a CIT-Networking        2002-Joseph Brady of
  Northampton. The Online
                                    degree in 1996 from NCC.         Stroudsburg is a technician at     2002-rachael Dugey
  Community now offers an
  Alumni Notes section where
                                                                     Mark Gray’s Automotive in          of Wind Gap received a
  you can post photos and instant   Advertising Design               Stroudsburg.                       bachelor’s degree from
  updates about you, your family,    2000-Seth rowlands of                                              Bloomsburg University in
  career or interests.              Covina, CA is a real estate      2003-wayne walls of                2004.
                                    agent at Century 21 in           Berwick is employed by Bear
  take a moment                     Glendora, CA.                    CDJ, Inc., in Berwick.             Matthew weldon of
  today to reconnect                                                                                    Harrisburg is an entrepreneur
  with your alma                    Architectural                    Business                           at Top Peak Enterprises.
  mater. we want to                 technology                       Administration
  hear from you!                    1974-william McGuire             1972-edward Chladny of             Business Management
                                    is president of Nantucket        Bethlehem and his wife,            1995-Joyce thompson of
                                    Architecture Group Ltd. He       Nanette, are happy to announce     Pen Argyl recently earned a

32 NCC l wiNter 2005
                                                            master’s degree in instructional   and RAFT (Resource Area           Bethlehem. Kelly also             Amanda and her family reside
                                                            technology from the American       for Teachers). In September       received a specialized            in Bethlehem.
                                                            InterContinental University.       2004 she was presented with       diploma in computer graphics
                                                            She is employed as a full-time     a “Women Making a Mark            in 2004 at NCC.                   2000-Jodi Beth
                                                            faculty member at Lehigh           Award” at the sixth annual                                          Montgomery and William
                                                            Carbon Community College,          San Jose Magazine awards          Computer Graphics                 Andrew Dannels exchanged
                                                            where she teaches computer         presentation in Cupertino,        2000-Amy (eldridge)               wedding vows on May 15,
                                                            networking, computer               CA. She was honored               McKenzie married Mark             2004 at Christ Hamilton
                                                            maintenance and Cisco.             because of her extraordinary      Russell McKenzie on               United Lutheran Church
                                                                                                                                 October 13, 2001 at the           in Stroudsburg. Jodi is
                                                            1997-Melissa Flynn of                                                Iron Lakes Country Club in        employed as a police officer
                                                            Washington, NJ is employed                                           Allentown. She is a layout        for the Bangor School District
                                                            by Nexell Corporation.                                               designer in the Multimedia        and the Bangor Borough
                                                                                                                                 Production Services Group         Police Department. The
                                                            1999-Kimberly e. (Davis)                                             at Rodale, Inc., in Emmaus,       couple resides in Saylorsburg.
                                                            edwards of Conshohocken                                              where she is responsible for
                                                            is a fully-licensed financial                                        direct mail and book layout       rebecca Miller of Nazareth
                                                            advisor with American                                                from manuscript to press.         is a buyer/planner for the
                                                            Express Financial Advisors                                           Amy and Mark became               Follett Corporation
                                                            in West Conshohocken. She                                            Bethlehem homeowners in           in Easton.
                                                            and her husband, Marcus,                                             August 2002.
                                                            celebrated their first wedding                                                                         Culinary Arts
                                                            anniversary on October 18,         spirit of service in the San      Criminal Justice                  Christopher wilson
                                                            2004. They are the parents of      Jose Junior League where          1992-Joanna Hockenberry           accepted a position of
                                                            Ayden William, who was born        she served on the training        of Etters received a bachelor’s   executive pastry chef at The
                                                            on August 10, 2004.                committee and co-chaired the      degree from Penn State            Inn at Little Washington
                                                                                               Done-In-A-Day Committee.          University in 1994. She is        in Washington, VA. He
                                                            2002-raymond Jacobs                She is also an active board       a correctional officer at the     previously was the executive
                                                            of Bethlehem graduated             member of the local chapter       Dauphin County Prison in          pastry chef at Brix Restaurant
                                                            from NCC with honors               of the Association of             Harrisburg.                       and Wine Shop in Napa,
                                                            and is currently working           Fundraising Professionals                                           CA. He is the recipient of
                                                            on a bachelor’s degree in          and is co-chairing National       2000-Amanda elder received        a gold medal for a dessert
                                                            management at DeSales              Philanthropy Day. She             a bachelor’s degree in            and chocolate sculpture
                                                            University. He intends to          is a dedicated member of          criminal justice from DeSales     that he entered in the 2003
                                                            pursue a master’s degree. He       Westgate Church and is            University in 2004. She and       Quady California Dessert
                                                            and his wife, Terry, have two      playing an integral part in its   her husband, Jim, are the         Competition. Christopher
                                                            children, Melissa and Justin.      capital campaign which has        proud parents of Ava Lynn         and his wife, Suzanne, are the
                                                                                               raised several million dollars.   who was born on October 16,       parents of Aaron, who was
top-courtesy of gail hallenbeck/bottom-stephanie albanese

                                                            Commercial Art                                                       2004. Amanda is a youth care      born on January 22, 2003.
                                                            1979-Gail Hallenbeck               Communication                     worker at the Northampton         They reside in Culpeper, VA.
                                                            of Santa Clara, CA is a            Design                            Juvenile Justice Court in
                                                            development director and           2004-Kelly raab of                Easton. She is looking            2001-richard Hoch, ii of
                                                            fundraiser for groups such         Bethlehem works at                forward to doing work as          Hamburg is a firearms salesman
                                                            as the American Red Cross          Christmas City Studio in          a crime scene investigator.       at Cabela’s in Hamburg.

                                                                                                                  1987-traci Anfuso-Young
                                                            Traci received her associate       northamPton community college magazine’s new designer.              adjunct instructor, teaching
                                                            degree at NCC and a bachelor’s                                                                         for the art department on
                                                            degree at Kutztown University,     design. Formerly art director                                       campus.We know her talents
                                                            majoring in commercial art.        of Rodale’s Mountain Bike                                           and experience will take our
                                                            She comes to the College’s         Magazine, she won several                                           publication to the next level
                                                            magazine with 15 years plus        Ozzie Awards for design                                             of alumni mags. We hope you
                                                            experience in publication          excellence. She is also an                                          agree. Welcome, Traci.

                                                                                                                                                                            wiNter 2005 l NCC 33
  DAtA PrOCeSSiNG                    1985-Philip Maro of               of Dr. Vincenzo Ranzino           Allentown. Sierra, who is two
  1976-Joseph Lazorik of             Moneta, VA is a cruise            in Allentown. She and her         years old, is also very proud
  Coopersburg received a             specialist for Cruise Planners    husband, Randy, have two          of her sister. Kerri received
  bachelor’s degree in business      in Moneta, VA.                    children, Serena and Clint.       a bachelor’s degree from
  in 1986 and a master’s                                               They reside in Alburtis.          DeSales University. She was
  degree in IS in 1997 from          Dental Hygiene                                                      recently promoted to regional
  DeSales University. He is          1980-roberta Domlesky             early Childhood                   account manager at Aventis
  an application developer           of Minersville is working         1985-Kerri (warner)               Pasteur in Swiftwater. She
  at Ingersoll-Rand in               as a staff attorney for           Gerencher and her husband,        will be selling vaccines in the
  Annandale, NJ.                     the Honorable John E.                                               New York City and northern
                                     Domalakes in the Schuylkill                                         New Jersey areas. Kerri and
  1976-James A. tomaino              County Court of Common                                              her family reside in Nazareth.
  is a master IT technician at       Pleas in Pottsville.
  Air Products & Chemicals.                                                                              1996-Karolyn Hughes of
  He and his wife, Mary, reside      1984-Maria wallach is                                               Easton works for Receivable
  in Bath and have one child,        employed as a dental hygienist                                      Management Services in
  Salvatore.                         for Dr. Daniel Swartz in                                            Bethlehem.
                                     Williamstown, NJ. She resides     John, are proud to announce
  1977-Joan todaro of New            in Swedesboro, NJ.                the birth of their daughter,      1998-Jodie Ann reed
  Hope is a database analyst                                           Kaelyn Amber, who was             and Randi Russell Strunk
  at Computer Associates,            1988-Susan Speer is a             born on September 7, 2004         were united in marriage
  International.                     dental hygienist at the office    at Lehigh Valley Hospital in      on May 22, 2004 at Faith

  it was a night for
  stories. Dr. Elizabeth “Beth”
  Burke ’73, the first NCC
  graduate to go on to Cornell
  University, confided that she
  named her successful Easton
  veterinary practice after an
  author whose thinking she
  came to admire in a literature               Dr. Elizabeth Burke                        Brian Ajhar                    Robert Fehnel
  course at NCC. Her Thoreau
  Veterinary Hospital now            Rembrandt qualities.” Earlier     also is president of the Wilson         Dr. Robert Mundhenk,
  provides externships for           in the evening Bob kidded         Area School Board. “The pay       professor emeritus of English,
  students enrolled in NCC and       Brian that he didn’t mean the     is zero for both positions,”      also reflected on the long-
  LCCC’s veterinary technician       Rembrandt, he meant “Harry        noted NCC’s president, Dr.        term impact of education.
  program and employs several        Rembrandt of Slatington.”         Arthur Scott in presenting        Over the years he said he has
  of its graduates.                        Brian and Beth were two     Bob with his award. “We are       learned “that we all do have
        Artist Brian Ajhar ’77       of six individuals honored with   all indebted to public servants   an ambition to last beyond the
  whose illustrations have been      the NCC Alumni Association’s      like Bob,” Scott said. “This      time that we no longer exist.”
  published in Time, Newsweek,       highest awards at an evening      college and our community         To be selected by alumni to
  Rolling Stone and a full palette   reception last semester. Robert   have benefited greatly from       receive the Educator’s Award
  of other publications, talked      Fehnel ’75 received the           his efforts.” Bob Fehnel said     made him realize that his
  about how much confidence          Distinguished Service to NCC      he learned many years ago         desire to be remembered had
  he gained in one of his first      Award for the contributions       about the value of volunteer      happened. “I am very grateful
  art courses at NCC when            he has made to the College        work and “found education to      for that,” he concluded,
  Bob Doney—a professor he           in his 18 years on the Board      be an area of special interest”   clearly moved.
  revered—told him a painting        of Trustees. In addition to       in that “seeds will be sown for         The Distinguished
  he’d done had “interesting         serving on NCC’s Board, Bob       generations to come.”             Service to the Community

34 NCC l wiNter 2005
below-photos by randy monceaux/left-courtesy of kerri warner grencher

                                                                        United Methodist Church          She and her husband, William,     special education. In August
                                                                        in Stroudsburg. Jodie is         reside in Harrisburg and          2004 she became engaged and        technology
                                                                        employed by Rainbow              have three children, Laura,       is planning to be married on       1977-Daryl Voorhees of
                                                                        Trail Learning Center in         Christopher, and Maggie.          July 30, 2005. She is employed     Carney received a bachelor’s
                                                                        Stroudsburg. The couple                                            by JR’s Grill and Salad Bar in     degree from Penn State
                                                                        resides in East Stroudsburg.     2001-Jessica Flynn and            East Stroudsburg. Her future       University in 1979 and a master’s
                                                                                                         Richard J. Ehrhardt were          plans include pursuing a           degree from Loyola College in
                                                                        education                        united in marriage on May         master’s degree in counseling      1983. He is the president/owner
                                                                        1974-Luz Jorge-rosario           8, 2004 at Sacred Heart           from Scranton University and       of Stirling Technical Staffing,
                                                                        received a bachelor’s degree     Church in Bath. Jessica           she would like to be employed      LLC in Carney, MD.
                                                                        from Kutztown University and     is employed in the human          as a guidance counselor.
                                                                        a master’s degree from Temple    resources department at MCS                                          1997-Brian Swanson is
                                                                        University. She is an eighth     Industries in Easton. She and     2004-Jenni Pursell of              a current student in NCC’s
                                                                        grade math and science teacher   her husband, Richard, reside      Easton is happy to announce        nursing program. He is a board
                                                                        at East Hills Middle School      in Palmer Township.               her engagement to Josh Morris,     director for NCC’s Alumni
                                                                        in Bethlehem. Luz and her                                          boyfriend of seven years. A        Association. Brian and his wife,
                                                                        husband, Edward Rodriguez,       2003-Loriann Pipech of            2006 wedding ceremony is being     Gabi, reside in Bethlehem with
                                                                        reside in Bethlehem.             Brodheadsville is a student at    planned. Jenni has accepted a      their three children.
                                                                                                         East Stroudsburg University       position as an assistant teacher
                                                                        1975-Ann Gralski received        majoring in sociology with a      at High Bridge School District-    1999-Francis Geueke
                                                                        a bachelor’s degree from         concentration in social work,     Elementary School located in       of Slatington is pursuing
                                                                        Indiana University in 1996.      elementary education and          High Bridge, NJ.                   a bachelor’s degree from

                                                                                                                                                                              skilled workers, this is also the
                                                                                                                                                                              place to come,” she pointed
                                                                                                                                                                              out, praising the leadership
                                                                                                                                                                              of President Scott and his
                                                                                                                                                                              predecessor, Dr. Robert
                                                                                                                                                                              Kopecek. In announcing
                                                                                                                                                                              Lisa’s selection for honorary
                                                                                                                                                                              alumna status, Charles Stehly
                                                                                                                                                                              ’77, a previous award winner,
                                                                                                                                                                              noted that he and Lisa had
                                                                                                                                                                              both been members of the
                                                                                Dr. Robert Mundhenk                          Jay Gilbert            Sen. Lisa M. Boscola      Bethlehem Jaycees. The
                                                                                                                                                                              Jaycee creed says “service
                                                                        Award went to Jay Gilbert        held leadership positions in      honorary alumna award to The       to humanity is the best work
                                                                        ’79. A member of the first       the First Presbyterian Church     Honorable Lisa M. Boscola.         of life,” Chuck recalled.
                                                                        class to graduate from NCC’s     of Whitehall, the Exchange        The first woman to represent       “Lisa does this every day,”
                                                                        funeral service program,         Club of Whitehall, and the        the 135th Legislative District     he observed, “and she does it
                                                                        Jay is the owner of the          Whitehall Township Chamber        in the State House, Lisa is        better than anyone I know.”
                                                                        Gilbert Funeral Home in          of Commerce. Jay accepted         currently serving her second             At the conclusion of the
                                                                        Whitehall and a company          the award on behalf of his        term in the State Senate.          awards ceremony, Alumni
                                                                        that provides professional       family and paid tribute to        In both positions she has          Association President Ken
                                                                        and support services to other    other families who have had       been a strong advocate for         Buck ’75 said that recognition
                                                                        funeral homes. In addition to    an impact on him and on the       NCC. When she speaks to            of achievement by your
                                                                        being a past president of the    College—the Pearsons, the         schoolchildren, Lisa said she      peers is the finest recognition
                                                                        Eastern Pennsylvania Funeral     Palmeris and the Macris—          tells them that NCC is one of      anyone can receive. Calling
                                                                        Directors Association and a      noting, “I learned by watching    the best colleges in the Valley.   them truly deserving of such
                                                                        member of other professional     and by walking in the footsteps   “We are slowly changing            recognition, Buck expressed
                                                                        organizations, he is a member    of others.”                       the idea that you have to go       a heartfelt thank you to the
                                                                        of the Porter Lodge 284F and          The finale of the evening    to a four-year college,” she       award recipients “for being
                                                                        the Lehigh Consistory, and has   was the presentation of the       said. “When businesses need        who you are.” u

                                                                                                                                                                                        wiNter 2005 l NCC 35
  Muhlenberg College and               daughters, LeDora Elizabeth       on December 31, 2004. Jim          Valley Counseling Group
  plans to graduate in 2005.           and Katharine Jane.               and his wife, Kathy, reside in     in Bethlehem. She and her
                                                                         Whitehall Township.                husband, Christopher, reside
  emergency Services                   1996-Louis C. James of                                               in Bethlehem and have one
  2000-Kraig McFadden of               Bethlehem has joined the staff    Steven Urban is a                  child, Zachary.
  Grove City is a member of the        of the Long Funeral Home in       wastewater treatment plant
  U.S. Air Force and has been          Bethlehem. He is currently        operator in Northampton. He        Patrice Steckel is a
  deployed to Oman twice since         the vice president of the         and his wife, Cheryl, reside       behavior specialist consultant
  September 11th. He has also          Eastern Pennsylvania Funeral      in Northampton and have one        at Concern Professional
  been to Afghanistan, Kuwait,         Directors Association and will    child, Elizabeth.                  Services in Bethlehem. She
  and the Horn of Africa. Kraig        serve as the president in 2005.                                      and her husband, Michael,
  obtained an associate’s degree       Louis is also a member of the     General Studies                    reside in Nazareth. They
  in fire science in 2003.             Ancient Order of Hibernians       1993-Sherry Neos-August            have three children, Michael,
                                       Lehigh County Division 1 and                                         Kasey, and Baron.
  2003-Sean Lawrence of                third degree member of the
  Bethlehem is employed by the         Knights of Columbus–Trinity                                          Hotel/restaurant
  City of Bethlehem.                   Council of Bethlehem.                                                2000-Andrea weismiller
                                                                                                            of Bethlehem is a group sales
  environmental                        2000-Joseph Pieszala              and her husband, Eric,             manager at the Hilton Garden
  Science                              of Doylestown received            are proud to announce              Inn Airport & Staybridge
  1977-ronald wagner of                a bachelor’s degree from          the birth of their triplets,       Suites in Allentown.
  Boyertown is employed by             College Misericordia in 2004.     Kayla Briean, 5 lbs. 11 oz.,
  Cabelas in Hamburg as a sales                                          Brooklynn Paige, 4 lbs.            interior Design
  associate/flyfishing outfitter. He   2003-Nathan Kamp of               14 oz., and Taylor Belle, 4        2000-Amy Hoesl of
  previously worked 25 years in        Bethlehem proudly announces       lbs. 12 oz. They were born         Pottstown received a
  the ecological/environmental         his achievement of obtaining a    on May 14, 2004 in Duke            bachelor’s degree from
  service industry on aquatic,         funeral director’s license        University Hospital. Sherry        Penn State University in
  terrestrial and water–related        in July 2004. He is employed      and Eric are adjusting very        2003. She is a receptionist at
  projects across the country. In      at the Long Funeral Home          well to their instant family.      McCormick Chiropractic in
  2003 he spent five weeks in          in Bethlehem.                     They reside in Raleigh, NC.        Pottstown. Amy is engaged to
  Texas as part of the Columbia                                                                             Jason Guest and plans to be
  Shuttle Recovery Team.               2004-James Pusti is               1997-Jon-erick Miller              married on March 19, 2005.
                                       employed by the John J. Pusti     received a bachelor’s degree
  Filmless imaging                     Funeral Home in Hazleton          from East Stroudsburg              Liberal Arts
  1999-Kimberly Johnson of             and resides in Hazleton.          University in 2000. He is a        1997-Anthony tedeschi
  Tamaqua received a specialized                                         claims adjuster/motor vehicle      of Bloomington, IN received a
  diploma from the McCann              General education                 appraiser at Progressive           bachelor’s degree from Rutgers
  School of Business in 2003.          1974-Deborah Heppner              Insurance in Allentown. He         University in 2001 and a MLS
  She became engaged to George         Bozes of Bethlehem has            and his wife, Heather, reside in   from Indiana University in 2004.
  Haldeman on April 23, 2004.          accepted a position at Penchick   Freemansburg.                      He is a public services associate
  Wedding plans are being made.        Photography in Hellertown.                                           at Indiana University’s Lilly
                                                                         2002-william Deremer of            Library in Bloomington, IN.
  Funeral Service                      1975-Jim Corpora graduated        Easton is a referral harvester
  1993-Dr. Donald Allen                from Kutztown University          at The Manhattan Club in           Medical Billing
  received a bachelor’s degree         in 1977 with a secondary          Allentown.                         Specialist
  from Duquesne University             education degree in social                                           2002-Maria Gentis and
  in 1978, a master’s degree           studies. He is currently in his   2004-Jennine Guccio of             George Halas exchanged
  from the University of               27th year as a social studies     Saylorsburg is a senior at West    wedding vows on August
  Pittsburgh in 1985, and a            teacher in the Lehighton          Chester University majoring        22, 2004 at St. Nicholas
  doctor of science degree from        Area School District. Jim has     in psychology and minoring in      Greek Orthodox Church
  Rochville University in 2004.        completed his fourth year as      health. She plans to graduate      in Bethlehem. Maria is
  He is employed as a doctor           an Atlantic Coast Conference      in December 2005.                  employed by the Arlington
  of science in health care            football official. He has been                                       Diner in Stroudsburg. Maria
  administration. Donald resides       selected to officiate the 2004    Michele Phillips is a              and her husband reside in
  in Lemoyne and has two               Liberty Bowl in Memphis, TN       program coordinator at the         Stroudsburg.

36 NCC l wiNter 2005
                                                                                                                     Class of ’95 Culinary Arts                   ALumNi prOFiLe

                                                               Samantha Burns
                                                               Living the sweet life.               By Sharon Tercha

                                                               it takes a woman with              with smoldering jazz and             rage, so I decided to give          before making her way to
                                                               exceptional taste and bound-       lively original art.                 gourmet cooking a try.”             Café Aaron in Easton. “That’s
                                                               less energy to turn a century-           But its colorful charm               Samantha laughed as           where I really started to use
                                                               old bank into something as         is simply a backdrop to the          she recalled some disastrous        my own ideas and try new
                                                               sweet as sugar—but that’s          exquisite cuisine Samantha           attempts at the culinary arts       things,” she said. “Sugar was
                                                               exactly what Samantha Burns        creates in her French-influ-         before training at Northamp-        the next logical step.”
                                                               did. Last year, the 1995 Culi-     enced kitchen. “My husband           ton. “I threw my first large              Samantha and her
                                                               nary Arts grad created Sugar       and I would go out to dinner         dinner party—an anniversary         husband learned about the
                                                               Patisserie—a chic little           and inevitably end up talking        celebration for my husband’s        revitalization project in
                                                               cosmopolitan bistro located        about what we would do if            parents. Everyone in his family     Phillipsburg, and when they
                                                               just over the free bridge in New   we owned a restaurant,” said         is an amazing cook—                 finally felt they were ready
                                                               Jersey. Within its triangular      Burns. “We kept coming back          especially his grandmother, so      they took full advantage of the
                                                               shell, Sugar boasts vaulted        to this idea of a culinary           I really wanted it to be perfect!   group’s assistance to start the
                                                               ceilings and melon-hued walls      destination…someplace cozy           I baked the same cake five          business. “Owning a restau-
                                                               that are artfully accessorized     and fun where you could
                                                                                                  experience new flavors—
                                                                                                  cuisine that was really different.   samantha loves to hire
                                                                                                  So we took a giant leap and
                                                                                                  went to work on Sugar.”
                                                                                                                                       northampton grads. “i know
                                                                                                        When you walk into the         they have everything
                                                                                                  patisserie, you’re immediately       they need.”
                                                                                                   greeted by dozens of outra-
                                                                                                    geous homemade desserts
                                                                                                    bursting from the bakery           times and even then it was          rant is a lifestyle…it’s an
                                                                                                   cases. Like each item on the        horrendous. If I was going          amazing amount of work—
                                                                                                   menu, they’re a true testament      to be any good, I obviously         especially since everything we
                                                                                                    to Samantha’s creative flair.      needed to go to school.”            make is made from scratch.
left-courtesy of sherry neos-august/right-John sterling ruth

                                                                                                        “I went to art school               At Northampton, Samantha       But I have a tremendous staff
                                                                                                        before enrolling at            began to thrive. “I loved it        that helps me bring it all
                                                                                                       Northampton,” said              there,” she said. “The kitchens     together.” Incidentally,
                                                                                                  Samantha. “But I needed a            …the people…I learned               Samantha loves to hire
                                                                                                  creative outlet that was more        everything I needed to know,        Northampton grads. “I
                                                                                                        interactive. It was the        including how to maintain the       know they have everything
                                                                                                            90s and ‘Martha’           highest standards.”                 they need.” u
                                                                                                               was all the                  After a teary graduation
                                                                                                                                         she went to work for Chef
                                                                                                                                         Tell at the Manor House           Samantha Burns celebrated the first
                                                                                                                                                   and served as a         anniversary of Sugar Patisserie by
                                                                                                                                                    pastry cook at the     adding dinner hours to her existing
                                                                                                                                                    prestigious            lunch and bakery business—
                                                                                                                                                    Ryland Inn in          sweetening the deal for Sugar’s
                                                                                                                                                New Jersey. She even       growing mix of satisfied guests.
                                                                                                                                           worked under the tutelage       * To learn more about Sugar, log
                                                                                                                                       of now NCC-professor Susan          on to or
                                                                                                                                       Roth at Susan’s Catering            call 908-387-6777.

                                                                                                                                                                                     wiNter 2005 l NCC 37
  DoNOr prOFiLe                                   Our Four-Star Thanks

  A Shining Star
  Starfish Brasserie: giving the light of education.                                        By Michael E. Nagel

                                                                                                                         Still, given the condition
                                                                                                                   of the space, and the fact that
                                                                                                                   one establishment had failed
                                                                                                                   there already, opening Starfish
                                                                                                                   may have been a leap of faith.
                                                                                                                   “I saw the location as a good
                                                                                                                   location,” says Barrows. “We
                                                                                                                   investigated it in a personal
                                                                                                                   way. We’d just come by
                                                                                                                   at all hours of the day and
                                                                                                                   night and stand around.”
                                                                                                                   The partners continued
                                                                                                                   their casual observations
                                                                                                                   until they were comfortable
                                                                                                                   with the neighborhood and
                                                                                                                   convinced this was the place
    Left to Right: Eric Ruth, Ron Ruth, Sandy Ruth, Dick Barrows, Ira Barrows, and Duncan Howden.                  they wanted to be. Then, with
                                                                                                                   determination, hard work and
  from the street, the                   Barrows, and Dick’s wife,              the Forager House restaurant       the help of a good interior
  Starfish Brasserie beckons in a        Susan. Ira and Susan share             near New Hope, PA.                 designer Susan had worked
  coy yet persistent way. Tucked         hosting duties, while Dick and                After Barrows teamed with   with during renovations
  into the corner of the ground          his staff hold forth in the kitchen.   Ira and Susan, the trio bought     to the Forager House, on
  level of Bethlehem Plaza, it           Dick Barrows has 25 years              and operated the Forager for       December 21, 1999, the
  provides little clue to the passerby   of experience in the culinary          close to 16 years before selling   Starfish Brasserie was born.
  as to what waits inside. The front     profession. A graduate of Ball         it in 1999. An Easton resident,    The restaurant attracted a
  door proves to be a gateway to a       State University with a degree in      the desire to move the business    strong following, and became
  tranquil, elegant, almost surreal      anthropology, Barrows recalls          closer to home brought Barrows     a Lehigh Valley dining
  setting: from the corner bar
  that seems to grow from a wall
  curtained by a waterfall, to the
  intimate dining area that wraps
                                           “it’s funny,” said dick, “people say that it gets
  its patrons in an underwater             easier, but i think it actually gets harder, as
  embrace. The sidewalk-level              each success sets the standard higher.”
  venue is a bonus to the bustle of
  life on Broad Street, the shoppers
  outside an entertaining backdrop       that there were not many places        and company to center city         destination in very short order.
  to your meal.                          to study the culinary arts when        Bethlehem some five years ago.          The Starfish took center
        The Starfish Brasserie (a        he graduated, so he simply             “The basement space intrigued      stage on September 12, 2004,
  brasserie is a French restaurant       plunged into the business.             us,” Barrows says. “It was         when an event the Morning
  serving hearty food) is a              After making his start in              vacant, having once housed a       Call noted as “culinary
  partnership that combines the          Philadelphia, he moved south           pub, and was in disrepair.” But    history” took place there. Dick
  formidable experience and              to Bucks County, were he               it did have some equipment, and    Barrows teamed with Chef
  skill of brothers Ira and Dick         eventually became the chef at          it did have a liquor license.      Michael Corrigan of Madison

38 NCC l wiNter 2005
                                                                                             Medical                           2002-Jenifer Stilgenbauer
                                                                                             transcription                     of Bath works at Lehigh
                                                                                             1996-Susan Manela of              Valley Hospital in Allentown.
                                                                                             Bethlehem is a professional
                          on Main, and Chef Michael              Enter the Ruth              assistant at NCC. She and her     2003-erica Gordon of
                          Adams of The Farmhouse           family and the Brian Ruth         husband, David, have two          Bethlehem is a licensed
                          Restaurant, both in Emmaus,      Scholarship Endowment,            children, Lee and Rena.           practical nurse at HCR
                          to prepare a five-star benefit   which was established by the                                        ManorCare in Easton.
                          dinner for the James Beard       family to honor Brian Ruth,       2000-Kimberly O’Donnell
                          Foundation. The event            whose life was cut short          of Northampton works              radio/tV
                          honored James Beard,             by an automobile accident         part-time for the Medical         1985-David thomas is a
                          generally regarded as a giant    shortly after he graduated        Associates of the Lehigh          managing editor/online editor
                          of American gastronomy.          from Northampton’s culinary       Valley. She and her husband,      for Insurance Journal Magazine
                          With Beard’s death in 1985,      arts program. In creating         Thomas, have three children,      in San Diego, CA. He also does
                          fellow culinary maven,           the fund, the Ruth family         Ryan, Erin and Rory.              freelance sportswriting for a
                          Julia Child, spearheaded an      wanted to honor their son                                           weekly newspaper in La Jolla,
                          effort to transform Beard’s      and to aid students’ dreams       Networking                        CA. Dave left the Lehigh Valley
                          New York City home into          of becoming a chef. The           Administration                    nearly 10 years ago and gets back
                          a showplace of the culinary      Barrows decided to direct         1998-Geoffrey Hall of             twice a year to visit his family
                          world and the center of the      the local portion of the          Easton is an adjunct instructor   and friends. He says he doesn’t
                          Beard Foundation’s mission.      dinner proceeds, $6,000,          in the social sciences at         miss the cold, snow or those
                          Chefs from around the world      to the fund. Ira and Dick         Warren County Community           winter days treking across the
                          have staged dinners at the       Barrows presented the check       College, DeSales University,      NCC campus. “My time at NCC
                          Beard House to benefit the       to Brian’s parents, Ron           and the Monroe Campus of          helped me get where I am today.”
                          Foundation that bears his        and Sandy, and to Ron’s           Northampton Community             David resides in San Diego, CA.
                          name; that list includes Dick    brother Eric. “I like the         College.
                          Barrows, who has presented       idea of donating the money                                          1991-Matt Snyder of
                          three dinners there. More        to support local culinary         Optoelectronics                   Whitehall is busy making short
                          than merely a showplace,         scholarships,” Barrows            technology                        films and will be presenting
                          the Beard House encourages       says. “Hopefully, the idea of     2003-David Kauffman of            two of them at film festivals.
                          excellence in culinary arts      supporting local programs         Easton is a manufacturing         Matt is also modeling/painting
                          and develops prospective         directly will be of interest      associate at T–Networks, Inc.,    with a performance art group
                          chefs through the annual         to the people at the Beard        in Allentown.                     called Zakar. He is also
                          James Beard Foundation           Foundation.”                                                        developing an improvisational
                          Awards, and a steadily                 What’s next for             Paralegal/Legal                   acting troupe called “Out of
                          evolving scholarship program     the Starfish Brasserie?           Assistant                         Thin Air.”
                          funded by events like the one    On December 21, 2004,             1999-Diana ravert of
                          held at Starfish Brassiere.      Starfish celebrated its fifth     Walnutport is a paralegal at      radiography
                                The Starfish event was     anniversary by introducing        the Law Office of Abraham P.      1991-Holly Friedman of
                          a five-course dinner that        their Twenty-O-Five dinners       Kassis in Easton.                 Crown Point, IN is a CT and
                          featured wild east coast         on selected weekdays, a                                             X-ray technician.
                          halibut and rack of wild         three-course meal priced          Photography
                          boar with Swiss chard; a         at $20.05, in addition to its     1988-Lisa Hunter of Los           1999-Sharon Hill is
                          resounding success that          regular menu. As for the          Angeles is a staff assistant at   an ultrasonographer at
                          attracted a sell-out crowd.      future, don’t look for Starfish   the J. Paul Getty Museum in       Monadnock Community
                          And when the Beard House         to get bigger, but rest           Los Angeles, CA. She also         Hospital in Peterborough,
                          expressed a willingness to       assured they will continue to     received a diploma from           NH. Prior to her position
photo by randy monceaux

                          share the proceeds of the        pursue better. “It’s funny,”      NCC in filmless imaging           at Monadnock Community
                          event, as long as the donation   said Dick, “people say that       in 1997.                          Hospital, Sharon was an x-
                          advanced the profession,         it gets easier, but I think it                                      ray/ultrasound technician
                          Dick Barrows brought             actually gets harder, as each     Practical Nursing                 at St. Luke’s Hospital in
                          the opportunity to Scott         success sets the standard         1999-Nicole Sahr of               Allentown. Sharon also
                          Kalamar of Northampton           higher.” Open seven days a        Altamonte Springs, FL is a        received diplomas from
                          Community College’s              week, it is clear the Starfish    staffing coordinator at Interim   NCC in diagnostic medical
                          culinary arts program.           is a recipe for success. u        Healthcare in Winter Park, FL.    sonography in 2003 and

                                                                                                                                         wiNter 2005 l NCC 39
  metals/materials in 1995.              Hospital in Bethlehem.              and the U.S. Senate Sergeant          and marketing business.
  registered Nursing                     1998-Ann Osbun received             at Arms. She is now working           He will be responsible for
  1975-richard Fuller is the             her certification in legal nurse    for the U.S. Capitol Police as        development, maintenance,
  director of a small consulting         consulting and plans on starting    an IT Specialist/Web Content          and growth within existing
  firm in Birmingham, AL.                her own legal consulting            Manager. Carol has a daughter,        and new accounts. Stephen
  The Survey Companies, LLC              business. She is currently          Cara, who is also working in          has also completed training
  performs due diligence for             working at the Pocono               Washington, D.C., as a staffing       courses in the Larry Halt and
  banks and other lenders related        Medical Center. Ann and her         manager for a major recruiting        Dale Carnegie programs.
  primarily to healthcare loans as       husband, Bruce, reside in East      agency. Carol resides in
  well as many other regulatory          Stroudsburg and have two            Arlington, VA.                        Social work
  compliance and financial               children, Brianna and Brandon.                                            2002-Claudia welser-
  monitoring functions. He retired                                           1974-Cathy rogers is an at-           Preziosi of Easton is
  from Cedarbrook Lehigh County          2002-robin Olsen accepted           home medical transcriptionist         currently enrolled at Cedar
  Nursing Home in 1992. Richard          a position as a registered nurse    for Radiology Imaging                 Crest College working on a
  and his wife, Karen, reside in         in the critical care unit at De     Services of Lakeland, FL. She         bachelor’s degree in social
  Hoover, AL and have a son,             Paul. She and her husband,          and her husband, Rick, reside         work and plans on graduating
  Nicholas, who is 7 years old.          Jason, reside in Hampton            in Lakeland, FL.                      in 2006.
                                         Roads, VA where they bought
  1988-Christine Figler                  their first house in 2003. Jason    1975-Patricia Heard is                2004-rachel Kuster is
  received a bachelor’s degree           serves in the U.S. Navy. They       employed by the Wind Gap              pursuing her nursing degree at
  in nursing through NCC’s               have adopted two chihuahuas         Family Practice as an HMO             NCC and expects to graduate
  RN to BSN program with                 and are loving life.                coordinator. Patricia and her         in 2005. She is married with
  Temple University. She also                                                husband, Keith, reside in             two children and resides in
  received an associate’s degree         Secretarial Science                 Bangor. She has two children,         Pen Argyl.
  in radiography from NCC in             Administration                      Heather and Leah Mickey.
  1986. Christine is employed            1987-tamara tucker Mehlig                                                 Sport Management
  by St. Luke’s Hospital in              received a bachelor’s degree        1983-Patricia Heckman is              2004-Gordon Brile of
  Bethlehem and resides in               from Moravian College in            a staff assistant IV at Georgia       Bechtelsville is a student at
  Center Valley.                         1997. She is the assistant to       Pacific Corporation in Easton.        East Stroudsburg University.
                                         the president of NCC. Tammy         Patricia also received an             As a student at NCC he was
  1989-Fay roethke of                    and her husband, Ed Mehlig,         associate’s degree in office          honored as the 2003-2004
  Bethlehem is a nurse at St.            have a son, Braden and recently     administration from NCC in            Resident of the Year.
  Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem.          moved to Wind Gap.                  2001. She and her husband,
                                                                             Randy, reside in Bangor. Patricia     travel/tourism
  1991-robin Fritsch of                  Secretarial Science                 has two children, Crystal and         1992-Nelson wise is a
  Hellertown received a                  Medical                             Rebecca Hockenbury.                   licensing investigator for the
  bachelor’s degree in nursing           1974-Carol Kresge worked                                                  Pennsylvania Liquor Control
  from Jacksonville University           in health care for years before     Small Business                        Board in Harrisburg. He and
  on December 16, 2004.                  moving to Washington, D.C. in       1988-Stephen t. Brown of              his wife, Mary (Barlow) Wise
  She also received ELNEC                1990 to work for a congressman.     Nazareth has joined Harmony           ’92 (registered nursing) reside
  certification for end-of-life          When he lost his re-election bid,   Press, Inc., in Easton as a           in Douglassville. Mary is a
  trainers in 2004. Robin is the         she worked in other positions for   special account manager. He           regional director for Sunrise
  patient care manager of the            a Chief Administrative Officer,     has 20 years of experience            Assisted Living. They have
  oncology unit at St. Luke’s            U.S. House of Representatives,      in the printing, advertising,         four children, Derek, Daren,

           student/alumni CAREER NETWORKING RECEPTION
  You are invited to attend the first Student/Alumni Career Networking
  Reception sponsored by Northampton Community College’s Alumni and
  Career Services Offices. This will provide a unique opportunity for
  students to meet NCC alumni in their field of interest, ask questions,
  make valuable connections and learn from the expertise of our graduates.
                                                                               3          If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Karen Veres,
                                                                                          Director of Career Services at 610-861-5344 or
                                                                                 or the Alumni Office at 610-861-5088

  The event will take place on Wednesday April 13, 2005 from 5–7 p.m. and
  will be held in Alumni Hall 130 A-D. Refreshments and hors d’oeuvres       we hoPe that you will be able to attend and
  will be provided.                                                          look forward to meeting you.

40 NCC l wiNter 2005
                                                                                                                What’s Cooking With The Kopeceks?                      UpdAte

                                     Italy’s Kitchen
                                     Tucked away in the lush rolling hills of Tuscany, the Kopeceks get
                                     serious about cooking. By James Harper
                                     ahhh, the lush rolling                  kitchen of Claudio Piantini,           Italian food is much lighter         Piantini handed out writing
                                     hills of Tuscany. The grape             whose farm is located near the         than the Italian-American            materials, but provided the
                                     arbors covered with succulent           village of Figline Valdarno (the       menu items here at home.”            recipes verbally. “Fortunately,”
                                     fruit on the vine. The enticing         Valley of the Arno). “Claudio                Piantini provides his          Sue says, “there was no
                                     aroma of focaccia baking in             runs a vertically organized            learning experience to groups        language difficulty.” Asked if
                                     the outdoor oven. These are             operation,” Bob explains. “He          for as many as 42 weeks of the       Piantini covered nutrition, Bob
                                     some of the lasting memories            goes out into the fields and           year. Along with the Kopeceks,       is quick to answer: “no way!”
                                     from Bob and Sue Kopecek’s              picks what you’ll be fixing.           there were six others in their       The couple came home with
                                     experience of learning                  Then, for lunch you are                group, from such diverse states      a treasure of 29 recipes. “It’s
                                     authentic Italian cooking in the        served whatever you have               as Hawaii and New Jersey.            taking time to work through
                                     heart of Italy.                         made that morning.”                    Everyone had the opportunity         them all,” Bob says.
                                            When Dr. Robert Kopecek,               Piantini also has his            to participate in all recipes.              During the week,
                                     NCC’s second president, retired         own restaurant in                                                           five days were spent at Figline
                                     in 2003, College staff reached          the village, where                                                          Valdarno and two days
                                     into their own pockets to present       the Kopeceks                                                                in Florence.
                                     him with a unique retirement            were served their                                                                 The small town of
                                     gift. Since his love of the             evening meal, an                                                            approximately 8,000
                                     culinary arts is well known, he         amazing selection                                                           inhabitants is only 20 miles
                                     was given his choice of sessions        of everything from                                                          southeast of Florence, a quick
                                     from the International Kitchen,         soups, soufflés,                                                            trip at best. The Kopeceks
                                     a kind of “clearing house” for          crepes, pastas and                                                          decided to go to Italy a
                                     nearly two dozen week–long              even tiramisu. Bob                                                          week prior to their intense
                                     cooking classes in either               recalls that the                                                            cooking experience, and
                                     France or Italy.                        recipes are really                                                          were able to visit Rome,
                                            The Kopeceks chose the           quite simple. “There                                                        Venice and Florence before
                                     sunny Iberian Peninsula for their       are only four or five                                                       the beginning of classes. The
                                     week of hands-on cooking.               ingredients in each,”      Dr. Kopecek: out of the president’s office,      overall experience was a true
                                            They traveled to the             he says. “And true            into the “classroom” in Italy’s kitchen.      delight for them both. They’ve
                                                                                                                                                         added to their own enjoyment
                                                                                                                                                         of cooking, not just for

                                                                                    Bread & Tomato Sou p                                                 themselves but for the
                                                                                                                                                         pleasure of others.
                                                                                                                                                               They’re planning a
                                                                                                                                                         return trip to Italy at their first
                                         2 Leeks
photo coutesy of bob & sue kopecek

                                                                                                   The basil is added before cooking for flavor.         opportunity. Meanwhile, of
                                         Olive oil                                               n
                                                                                                 When it’s added after, you get fragrance but not        course, there are 29 Italian
                                         1 Kilo (40 oz.) tomatoes,
                                                                                                 much flavor.                                            dishes now in the Kopecek
                                            peeled and mashed                                    n When using tomatoes, taste them before                recipe file. Can the focaccia
                                         2–3 day old stale bread, thinly sliced                  seasoning. If they’re ‘acidy,’ add a pinch
                                                                                                                                                         baked in the outdoor oven at
                                            (no more than ¼˝) 1 slice per person                 of sugar.
                                                                                                 n Add pepper after cooking & more olive
                                                                                                                                                         Piantini’s be duplicated? With
                                         8 basil leaves
                                                                                                 oil before serving.                                     Bob Kopecek’s legendary
                                         Sea Salt to taste (2–3 pinches)
                                                                                                                                                         determination, his many
                                         Slice leeks thinly, then rinse and drain them. Sauté them in olive oil until transparent. Add the tomatoes,     friends back home have
                                         basil, and water (1:1 tomatoes and water). Bring to a boil and cook until the water is reduced 20–30            no doubt. u
                                         percent. Add the stale bread, including the crust, and stir in. The bread absorbs the liquid and thickens the
                                         soup. Heat through.
                                                                                                                                                                   wiNter 2005 l NCC 41
  prOFiLe                     Teamwork Makes Dinners Sing

  The Harmony of
  Hampton Winds
  A culinary performance by an outstanding ensemble.                                   By James L. Johnson

  hamPton winds is                   the original board room [in
  playing your tune. It’s not the    College Center, where the
  light jazz or piped-in classical   main lobby is now] as part of
  adding that just-right touch       a course called dining room
  to your six-course gourmet         operations.” It was a humble
  dinner. You won’t hear it over     beginning, but Hampton
  the fire crackling in its stone    Winds’ mouth-watering menus
  setting, or floating above the     gave main campus-dwellers
  laughter of your friends or the    another reason to cheer the
  whispers of your someone           coming of spring. It would be
  special. This is a musical         five years before the culinary
  drama. It’s played out on          arts/hotel management
  pots and pans, in rattling         program would actually take
  dishes, in the chop chop chop      off, but the restaurant’s future
  of vegetables diced and the        was bright from the start.
  sizzle of a fine cut of meat.             In 1993, with Hampton
  This is the symphony of your       Winds tucked into its current
  meal, expertly orchestrated        home in Alumni Hall on the
  by NCC’s senior culinary           north side of Green Pond
  students; every one of them        Road, the program began. The
  working their instruments to       restaurant is the culminating
  the same sweet song. And           experience of the entire course.
  behind them, making sure your      It is hands-on and real-world,
  food is always on key, is an       and students learn to think on
  expert team of conductors.         their feet to meet customers’
        Chef Duncan Howden,          individual needs and work
  director of hospitality            around all the things that can
  programs at the College,           go wrong in anyone’s day.
  has been choreographing            “Somebody hates tomatoes,
  student symphonies since           or has special dietary needs,                                                                  left-philip stein/right-randy monceaux
  Hampton Winds was born.            or the oven is set too high
  When it first opened, the name     and things burn —you need
  Hampton Winds, developed           to deal with all that,” Duncan
  as an academic exercise in         says. “The show must go on.
  a marketing class, was all         Customers want their meal,
  there was. “The whole thing        not excuses. We make sure the
  started in the late ’80s,”         students are capable of getting
  Duncan explains, “for just         the show on.”
  two days a week, Tuesdays                 Making it to showtime to
  and Thursdays, and only in         play to the 65–seat restaurant
  the spring semester. We used       is a year-long educational         The quality of the Winds food is matched by its ambience.

42 NCC l wiNter 2005
odyssey. Freshmen begin at       their meals: “If the front of    kudos attached to Hampton         we all sort of feed off each
the beginning with the basics    the house isn’t working, it’s    Winds’ notoriety belong to        other’s ideas and then come
in a class called product        going to cause problems in       everyone. “A lot of chefs         up with something that’s
identification. It is a primer   the back, and vice versa.”       have big egos,” he says,          creative in our way. That’s
to the culinary universe         The lesson passed on is          “but that word ‘chef’ is the      the business.”
that includes making sure        important, not only for its      biggest four-letter word                Coming home to
everyone knows what’s            humanitarian appeal, but         in the business. You may          Northampton has been a
what: from a spatula to a        on a practical level as well.    work in this trade and never      welcoming experience for
head of lettuce, and upward      Anyone in a hiring position      be a chef, and that’s okay.       Dan. Chefs Duncan and
to include all types of foods    misunderstanding the value       Everybody contributes.            Scott, as well as the rest
and beverages. “Product ID is    of each team player will         And you can learn from            of the culinary staff, credit
vital,” says Duncan. “Susan      watch employees quit, and        everybody.”                       him with bringing fresh
teaches that course right now    spend a lot of time plugging           That esprit de corps        ideas to the program and to
[see Susan Roth’s story in the   holes in their operation.        is like a marinade for the        the restaurant’s menu. “I’m
sidebar, A True Recipe For            Chef Duncan may be          culinary program. By the          so proud of Danny,” says
Success]. And it’s a blast to    the culinary maestro leading     time they’ve graduated,           Laureen. “I saw him as a
teach. You talk about cheese,                                                                       young kid, and he was great
you get to bring 40 different                                                                       from the start. Just awesome
kinds of cheese in and talk                                                                         – he can cook circles around
about the details. You talk                                                                         anyone.” But Dan has his
about vinegar and there’s 20                                                                        head on straight. “A lot
different kinds of vinegar.                                                                         of students are my age or
Then there’s herbs, spices,                                                                         older,” he says. “I didn’t
meats, grains, flours and on                                                                        want to go in like I knew
and on. So that when the                                                                            everything. We definitely try
students are taught cooking,                                                                        to make things perfect, but
they know, for example, the                                                                         I hone my skills all the time
different kinds of flour and                                                                        and I’m able to learn with
which flour they would use                                                                          the students.”
for cakes and which                                                                                       Cindy Litzenberger,
for bread.”                                                                                         daytime manager of Hampton
      But students are also                                                                         Winds and a 1999 alumni of
taught the down and dirty of                                                                        the program, joins culinary
kitchen life too. At least in                                                                       faculty members Dianne
the early stages of cooking                                                                         Henry, also an NCC culinary
                                              From left to right: Stephanie Haines, Susan Roth,
life they all do their own                                                                          grad (1994) and Stephanie
                                          Daniel Goulet, Duncan Howden, Cynthia Litzenberger,
dishes. They take the stoves                                                                        Haines and Susan Roth
                                             Laureen Taylor, Scott Kalamar, and Dianne Henry.
apart and clean ovens and                                                                           to round out the team that
scrub floors. Duncan’s first                                                                        makes this program cook
job in a restaurant was          his band, but he will be         NCC’s future cooking experts      on all burners. If you’re a
washing dishes; a hot, dirty,    the first to tell you that his   have soaked up a nutritious       food aficionado and want to
and often thankless task.        is not a solo act. Sharing       helping of positive attitude.     turn it into a career, or even
“Having worn those shoes,        the conductor’s stand is a       Ask Dan Goulet, a 2001            just up your knowledge of
you know how it feels when       dedicated group, with well       graduate of the program and       things gustatory, the culinary
somebody treats you in a         over a century of collective     already a veteran, his most       program is the place to do it.
degrading way,” he says.         experience behind them.          recent résumé add-on being        But if you’d rather stay on
“What our students learn         Chef Scott Kalamar loves         the Park Avenue Café in New       the intake side of fine dining,
from us here is that those       the cooking business like        York City. His understanding      remember this: next time
dishwashers are our support      a salmon loves swimming          of teamwork extends even to       you’re in Hampton Winds and
system and without them          upstream. But getting him        the creation of recipes. “Chef    the jazz drifts by your ear,
you can’t survive. They earn     to take ownership of the         Scott is right, the word ‘chef’   listen a bit harder. The real
our respect.” As Laureen         word success is as tough as      is overrated. Every place I       soundtrack of the evening is
Taylor, night manager of         it is with the other seasoned    ever worked it’s the team         a work in progress, written
Hampton Winds says about         members of the culinary          that’s definitely important.      and performed for you by the
wait staff serving the diners    company. For him the             I write all my menus. But         entire ensemble. u

                                                                                                             wiNter 2005 l NCC 43
  prOFiLe                      Susan Roth—Culinary Arts

  Recipe For Success
  From Susan’s Catering to Susan’s teaching.                         By Michael E. Nagel

  sPend a few minutes               1989 after her two children      “Not really,” she says. “I        students help to put it
  with Susan Roth, one of           were born. “I thought I’d        did non-credit classes at the     together.”
  the newer members of              be home more,” said Susan,       College about 15 years ago.             Reflecting on her first
  Northampton Community             “but my business, Susan’s        I’ve also taught classes at my    year as faculty at NCC,
  College’s culinary arts           Catering, just grew and grew.”   shop, and I’ve done public        Roth was impressed with
  program, and the first                  As her business grew, so   cooking demonstrations. I’ve      the diversity of her classes.
  thing that strikes you is her     did her experience. Catering     always enjoyed teaching, so       “Some plan to begin working
  unbridled enthusiasm. The         is a unique expression of        when an opening came up at        immediately upon graduation
  second is her experience;         the culinary arts, with many     the College I applied, and got    if they’re not already, others
  she set her sights on the role    variables including set-up,      the job. And I love it!”          will go on to advanced
  of chef early on and has          menu and working conditions.          Every master of culinary     schooling; while others
                                                                                                       will work in a food service
                                                                                                       setting. The commonality
                                                                                                       is a desire to learn as much
  every master of culinary has those areas                                                             as possible and to do an
  they love mastering most.                                                                            outstanding job.”
                                                                                                             A favorite class for
                                                                                                       Roth is one she calls, “sort
                                                                                                       of a ready, set, cook class.”
  quite a resume. But, true to      “I’ve done receptions in         has those areas they love         The students are presented
  her somewhat self–effacing        fields, where we had to          mastering most. Roth is           with a tray of ingredients,
  nature, it comes out slowly and   bring in every piece of          no exception. “I enjoy            from which they have to
  matter-of-factly, like turning    equipment and every morsel       appetizers, hors d’oeuvres,       prepare a complete meal.
  the pages of a book.              of food,” says Roth. “Still,     garnishing, and cake                    “What I bring to the
        “I’ve always been in        the best feeling in the                      decorating,” she      table is my experience.
  food service,” said Roth, “it’s   world was getting a                            says, “and just     I’ve worked in business,
  always been a part of my life.”   note of thanks and                                coming up        á la carte restaurants, in
        As a student at Parkland    appreciation from a                                with new        institutional settings and

                                                                                                                                        left-randy monceaux/right-illustration by Joe lacey
  High School, Roth attended        bride’s mom or dad.”                               menu ideas.     as a caterer, which I think
  (then) Lehigh County              Roth operated                                     I really         is helpful to our students,
  Vocational Technical school,      her business                                      enjoy the        since many of them are
  then went on to the Culinary      for 15 years before                              restaurant—       considering going into
  Institute of America (CIA),       selling it to an                                it’s like having   catering. I can, on a very
  graduating first in her           employee                                         your own          practical level, tell them
  class in 1979.                    and taking                                        business.        about doing the right thing
        After graduation, she did   her leave.                                        You work to      as an owner and especially
  a student teaching fellowship           Had the idea                               create new        how to be a good co-
  at CIA for six months. From       of coming back                                  menus and the      worker. As I always tell my
  there, Roth worked in New         to Northampton                                                     students, you really need
  Jersey, and then came back        Community College                                                  to love this work, because
  to Pennsylvania, where she        always been in                                                      you’re going to spend a lot
  started a catering business in    her mind?                                                              of time doing it!” u

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