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Christopher J Williams - Williams Capital Group



New York                           Financial
                                                         Responsive. Experienced. Conservative.

                                       As Seen In… Forbes, October 19, 2009

                      Clients Come First at
               Williams Capital Management, LLC
I   t was early in the spring of 2008, and
    September’s market meltdown was still
several months away. Despite the fact that
                                                investor of assets would be determined
                                                by our ability to provide our clients with
                                                complete liquidity – in other words, our
the money markets were still functioning,       fund needed to permit our clients to
Williams Capital Management, LLC, the           access as much cash as they need at the
adviser to Williams Capital’s prime money       time they need it,” Williams says.
market fund, was becoming increasingly                As it turned out, the new and more
concerned about the lack of liquidity and       conservative strategy, which allowed the
declining safety of clients’ investments.       fund to maintain its triple-A ratings, was
As a result, the company decided to take        in the firm’s best interest as well. “Several
decisive action.                                clients who initially withdrew their
       In a move that exemplified a bias for    money decided our new conservative
conservatism, and that later proved to be       approach made sense for them after all.
beneficial for both the Manhattan-based         Furthermore, they appreciated Williams
investment management firm and its clients,     Capital’s ability to meet their liquidity
Williams Capital Management restructured        needs despite the market difficulties,”
its signature money-market fund.                Williams says. “The fund continues to
       “After a great deal of consideration,    grow and provide competitive returns in
we decided that decrease in market              our conservative strategy.
liquidity was sufficient justification for us          “Our understanding of this market
to convert our prime money market fund,         and our anticipatory actions have enabled
which invested in corporate credits such        us to continue to grow during a difficult             Chris Williams, Chairman and CEO
as commercial paper, to a U.S. govern-          period,” he adds.                                     Williams Capital Management, LLC
ment money market fund,” says Chris                    In May 2009, the firm was hired by              The Williams Capital Group, L.P.
Williams, Chairman and CEO of Williams          Goldman Sachs to manage $1 billion in
                                                                                                    and local governments, and institutional
Capital Management and its parent               U.S. Treasury and government agency se-
                                                                                                    investors. Established in 1994, it is among
company, The Williams Capital Group,            curities. The new mandate from Goldman
                                                                                                    the most active underwriters of taxable
L . P. By S e p t e mb e r 17, the day the      Sachs significantly expanded Williams
                                                                                                    fixed-income and equity securities. In
Dow Jones Industrial Average posted its         Capital’s assets under management and
                                                                                                    2008, it served as lead or co-manager on
biggest one-day point drop in seven years,      enhanced the firm’s profile in the market.
                                                                                                    more than 100 corporate debt and equity
the fund had already safely divested itself     Williams says, “The investment assign-
                                                                                                    transactions with an aggregate principal
of short-term corporate securities for          ment not only enhances our credibility,
                                                                                                    amount of over $200 billion.
approximately 90 days.                          but also allows us to bring our conser-
                                                                                                         Best known for its investment bank-
       As expected, Williams Capital’s new      vative investment strategies to a wider
                                                                                                    ing activity, The Williams Capital Group
and more conservative strategy initially        group of clients. We expect Goldman
                                                                                                    consistently ranks among the 15 most
led to a significant outflow of shareholder     Sachs’ investment will play a significant
                                                                                                    active underwriters of corporate debt.
funds. Even so, the firm was certain that       role in helping us grow our business.”
                                                                                                         “We are largely employee owned,
the switch to government securities was
                                                                                                    with the passion to provide a level of
the right move, and was consistent with         Diversified Financial                               service that gives clients a reason to
its risk-averse strategy and obsession
with protecting its clients’ interests.
                                                Services Organization                               keep doing business with us,” Williams
                                                     The Williams Capital Group is a                says. “We recognize that Williams Capital
“We recognized that our success as an
                                                diversified financial services organiza-            can achieve long-term success only if we
                                                tion that provides investment and capital           help our clients achieve their business
 Williams Capital is built on:                  markets services to corporations, state             objectives every day.”

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