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					                                         Memorandum of Agreement
             Partnership for Human Services (Associate Degree) - Psychology (B.A.)

              Horry-Georgetown Technical College and Coastal Carolina University

This Memorandum of Agreement establishes a partnership between Horry-Georgetown Technical
College and Coastal Carolina University for the development and implementation of a completion (2 +
2) program for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Coastal Carolina University. This
partnership is designed to increase the higher education opportunities for the graduates of Horry-
Georgetown Technical College’s Associate in Applied Science (effective Fall 2009) Technology
Degree in Human Services program.

Coastal Carolina University (CCU) and Horry-Georgetown Technical College (HGTC) agree to
provide the opportunity for a seamless transition for Human Services graduates of the Technical
College to the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University.

Horry-Georgetown Technical College is a multi-campus, publicly supported comprehensive
community/technical college, part of the SC Technical College System and is authorized to award
associate degrees, diplomas and certificates. Coastal Carolina University is a public, mid-sized,
comprehensive liberal arts-oriented institution offering bachelor’s and Master’s level degrees. Both
institutions are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Horry-Georgetown Technical College agrees to:
   • Provide coursework for the completion of the associate degree in Human Services with student
      advisement for transfer coursework.
   • Consider additional course offerings for transfer to fulfill CCU’s core.
   • Assist with marketing and recruiting of associate degree graduates.

Coastal Carolina University agrees to:
   • Accept a maximum of 76 credit hours of articulated HGTC coursework towards Coastal
       Carolina Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. .
   • Facilitate advising of Horry-Georgetown Technical College students for a seamless transfer of
       courses to Coastal Carolina University. The University will provide staff for collaboration in
       order to advise Technical College students who wish to transfer to Coastal Carolina University.

Horry-Georgetown Technical College and Coastal Carolina University both agree to:
   • Collaborate for joint utilization and/or scheduling of facilities, faculty and support services.
   • Review this Memorandum annually and amend as mutually agreed upon. At minimum, the
      Memorandum will be renewed every three years, if mutually acceptable.
   • Monitor and adapt, as needed, to ensure successful implementation to meet the needs of
      Technical College transfers. The institutions will continue to coordinate for the purpose of
      curriculum alignment.

In order to receive transfer credit, students must do the following:
    1. Complete the Human Services Associate Degree that includes specific courses identified by
       this agreement.
    2. Earn no less than the grade of C in any course;

   3. Meet with a Coastal Carolina University advisor before enrolling in University coursework.
      This is recommended prior to graduation from Horry-Georgetown Technical College or as soon
      as possible following associate degree completion.
   4. Complete additional TRANSFER general education courses either before or after transferring
      to the University, at either the Technical College or University.
   5. Meet admission criteria for transfer admission.

Attachment: Program Plan for Students


______________________________                     __________________________
David W. Evans            Date                     Shirley L. Butler        Date
Assistant Provost                                  Assistant Vice-President/Dean
Technical College Engagement                       University Transfer Programs

_____________________________                      ____________________________
Robert Sheehan    Date                             Marilyn J. Fore        Date
Provost                                            Senior Vice-President-Academic Affairs

_____________________________                 _____________________________
David A. DeCenzo, President Date              H. Neyle Wilson, President  Date
Coastal Carolina University                   Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Coastal Carolina Univ.        Horry-Georgetown Technical College              Cr.   NOTES
                              ENG 101                                         3
                              MAT 110                                         3
                              SOC 101                                         3
                              PSY 201                                         3
                              PSY 203                                         3
                              CPT 101                                         3
                              PHI 110                                         3
                              SOC 205                                         3
                              SPC 205                                         3
                              HUS 101                                         3
                              HUS 205                                         3
                              HUS 208                                         3
                              HUS 209                                         3
                              HUS 212                                         3
                              HUS 216                                         3
                              HUS 230                                         3
                              HUS 231                                         3
                              HUS 235                                         3
                              HUS 237                                         3
                              HUS 250                                         4     Will not Transfer to CCU
                              HUS 251                                         4     Will not Transfer to CCU
                              HUS 260                                         3
                              68 credits required for Associate in                  Total: 60 credits hour
                              Human Serv. CCU will accept 76 cr.                    transfer to CCU.
ENGL 102                      ENG 102                                         3     HGTC or CCU*
PSYC 202                                                                      3
PSYC 225/L                                                                    4
BIOL 121/L                    BIO 101                                         4     HGTC or CCU*
ENG 205/287/288 or HIST       ENG 202/203/205/206 or HIS 101/102 or           6     HGTC or CCU*
101/102/202 or PHIL 101/102   PHI 110
SPA 120                       SPA 102                                         3     HGTC or CCU*
ENG 277, GEOG 121, HIST 111   GEO 102 (as available at HGTC) or HIS           3     HGTC or CCU*
or 112, POLI 101, RELG 103    101 or 102 or REL 101 or PSC 101
HIST 201 or POLI 201          HIS 201 or PSC 201                              3     HGTC or CCU*
PSYC 226/L                                                                    4
A second science plus lab     BIO 210                                         4
PSYC 400/401/407                                                              3
PSYC 410/440                                                                  3
PSYC 302/420/421/423/425                                                      3
PSYC 415/450 /460                                                             3
PSYC 480/L or 483/L                                                           4
PSYC 484                                                                      3
PSYC 479/L                                                                    4
                              Total (if all at Coastal Carolina University)   63
                              Bachelor of Arts In Psychology requires
                              120 credits


The Human Services associate degree to Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is not a course-by-course
transfer, but a 2+2 program. Students who complete the requirements shown above for the Associate
in Human Services Degree are transferring a minimum of 60 credits to Coastal Carolina University and
may transfer an additional 16 credits to meet Coastal Carolina University program requirements, up to
the maximum of 76 credits.*

In addition to completing the Human Services associate degree program at HGTC, students may select
16 credit hours (up to 76 credits) from the following for additional transfer courses: ENG 102, BIO
210, ENG 201, GEO 102, HIS 201 or PSC 201, SPA 101.

*Coastal Carolina University will accept a maximum of 76 credit hours in transfer.


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