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									Adoption Checklist for social workers 3

                                                    PLACEMENT OF CHILDREN FOR ADOPTION
                                                               (LAC process)

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   Many of the tasks below will be worked at the same time.
   All forms are available on the Children’s Shared Drive unless otherwise stated (i.e. ‘hard copy’).
   Actions highlighted in bold, can be completed by SSA with authorisation to do adoption work

Action required to be undertaken                                Timescale                                Responsibility & format               Completed

1. Placement Planning meeting chaired by Adoption Team          After Agency decision                    Adoption link worker, foster carer,
   leader or Practice supervisor. Covering all arrangements                                              fostering social worker, Child's
   for planned introductions to the prospective family,                                                  social worker, adoption social
   meeting between adopters and birth parents, information                                               worker
   to be provided including Life Story book.                                                             Adoption Placement Plan (H2
                                                                                                         if another agency’s adopter/s)
2. Child’s Social Worker to notify IRO of proposed date of      Following Planning meeting               CSW
   placement so that statutory reviews can be planned.
   Also notify KISKA in all cases, so that contact
   arrangements are flagged, and the Adoption & Special
   Guardianship support team if placement is in Kent. For
   placements in other local authority areas make contact
   with the relevant adoption support team as necessary.

3. Contact agreement discussed with birth relatives and         Before placement                         Adoption link worker and child's
   prospective adopters. Where face to face contact is                                                   social worker
   envisaged K.I.S.K.A. should be invited to meeting

    The Contact file should be set up in readiness for the                                               Child’s social worker and

                                                                        September 2009
                                                              Checklist 3 – Placement for Adoption
    arrangements to be put in place by KISKA when the                                                      authorised SSA
    adoption order is granted. (see Contact Policy – Section
    5) and will include -
     A full copy of the Adoption Order
     A copy of the CPR (or Form E); the Prospective
        Adopters Report
     Schedule 11 Report
     Background or placement letter
     Contact agreement signed by all parties
     Date of review of contact arrangements
     Clear record of any contact between placement and
        making the Adoption Order
     Up to date addresses of all parties
     Clear note of any agreements made regarding
        letters, cards, photographs etc. to be kept on file
     Clear note of any risk factors on to the front cover
     An ecomap of contact relationships, including
        changes of name.

4. Adoption Placement Plan to be signed by adopters, &           Acceptance from adopters must be back     Adoption social worker/Child's
   letter on payment of legal costs to be provided               before child placed                       social worker
                                                                                                           APP & Standard letter
5. Preparation work with child continues, and photographs,       Dependent on age of child, should be      Child's social worker
   details of adoptive family shared                             earlier when appropriate
6. 'Later life' letter completed and given to adopters           Before placement                          Child's social worker
                                                                                                           Appendix 5 – Adoption
7. Introductions start                                                                                     Fostering Social worker and
                                                                                                           Child's social worker in contact
                                                                                                           with foster carers. Adoption
                                                                                                           Social worker in contact with
                                                                                                           adoptive family
8. Meeting between adoptive family and birth parents             During introductions or after placement   Child’s social Worker/Adoption
                                                                                                           Social Worker
                                                                                                           Appendix 7 – Adoption
9. Mandatory Notifications of Placement                          Prior to Placement                        Authorised SSA
    Former GP                                                                                             Standard letters
    Former Health Visitor (child under 5)
    Agency Medical Adviser
    Kent Health Authority
    LAC nurse
                                                                         September 2009
                                                               Checklist 3 – Placement for Adoption
         New GP
         New Health Visitor
         New Consultant Community Paediatrician
         Former School
         LAC Education Adviser
         New School
         Letter to Child Benefit
         Notify Adoption Support Services Adviser (team
          leader of ASGS for placement in Kent. Identify
          individual for placements in other local authority

10. Mid way review of introductions –                                                                 Adoption link worker chairs
Meeting ensures following completed
 Adoption placement plan
 Placement letters and notification
 Adoption Support Plan
 Documentation regarding the child
 Letter to KISKA setting out contact arrangements

11. Placement Day, ensure adopter/s receive -                    On day of placement for adoption     Child's social worker is present for
   Agreement form for when child is placed                                                           child leaving foster carer
   Copy of last statutory review
   copy of Court Orders
   Placement Information Record
   Assessment & Progress Record (?)
   IHA/RHA with medical advisers comments
   birth certificate
   life story book
   medical consents
12. SS7 to cancel fostering allowance and alter child’s          On day of placement for adoption     Child’s social worker
    placement information
13. Child visited                                                One week post placement              Child's social worker Placement
                                                                                                      Information Record
14. Statutory Review - this will usually take place in the       One month post placement             Independent Reviewing Officer
    adopters home and they must be fully involved and
    consulted about attendees and arrangements
15. Statutory Review (see 13)                                    4 months post placement              IRO
16. Statutory Review (see 13)                                    6 monthly until order granted        IRO
17. Child's Medicals updated                                     6 monthly (under 5)                  Child's social worker to liaise with
                                                                 Annually (over 5)                    adoptive parent (s)

                                                                         September 2009
                                                               Checklist 3 – Placement for Adoption
18. Application for adoption order to be made to the Court          By agreement after 2 review – child must   Prospective adopters/Adopters
    which made the care order                                       have lived with adopters for 10 weeks      Social Worker
19. Directions hearing                                              Once application submitted                 CSW will be required to serve
                                                                                                               papers on the birth parents
                                                                                                               CSW/Adoption SW/LA legal
20. If leave to contest is given adopters legal fees will be paid                                              Standard letter
    by KCC
21. Adoption Order report                                           When notified by court                     Child's social worker & adoption
                                                                                                               social worker
                                                                                                               S.43 report
22. Attend Adoption Hearing                                                                                    Child's social worker
23. Letter to adopters on granting of Adoption Order                                                           Child's social worker

24. Date of adoption order must be entered on the electronic        As soon as order granted                   Authorised SSA
    system to change child’s legal status

25.   Urgent tasks completed e.g. –                                 Within 8 weeks of adoption order –
     Completion of life story book                                 maximum before electronic record is
     Later life letter for the child                               locked
     Contact file to be transferred to KISKA                                                                  Appendix 4 - adoption procedures
     Copy of the Adoption Support Plan to Adoption & Special
      Guardianship Support Team
     Child’s adoption files to be signed off by the superviser
      and sent directly to County Archive Department,
      Commercial Services, Kings Hill
Please note this procedural table should be read alongside the Adoption Procedures, flow charts & the Contact Policy & Procedure
It is the third of 3. The pre panel and matching process are printed as separate checklists.

Many timescales given are set by Statutory Guidance. If there is good reason for the timescale being exceeded this should be discussed in
supervision and recorded.

Contact Numbers:
Central Adoption Panel Team                                          Tel: 01233 898619               E-mail _CFE Adoption Panel

Social Worker for Adoption Resources                                 Tel: 01233 658616               E-mail:

Adoption & Special Guardianship Support Team                         Tel: 01795 566227               E-mail:

                                                                            September 2009
                                                                  Checklist 3 – Placement for Adoption
Kent Independent Support for Kinship & Adoption            Tel: 01622 693692               E-mail:

West Kent Adoption Team                                    Tel: 01732 525320               E-mail: Adoption Duty West Kent – CFE

East/Mid Kent Adoption Team                                Tel: 01233 658633               E-mail: Adoption Duty East Kent - CFE

Policy & Performance Officer for Adoption, Fostering,              Tel: 7000 4696                E-mail

                                                                  September 2009
                                                        Checklist 3 – Placement for Adoption

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