The Hand That Rocks the Cradle is the Hand That Rules The World by md786980


									Central Idea

This poem is written by William Ross Wallace, (1819-1881). He was born in
Dexington, Kentucky. HiBs first poem appeared in 1837. He was lawyer by
profession, but spent more time on literature. He composed patriotic
songs during the civil wr which became popular. He possessed a splendid
imagination as well as poetic diction.

Central Idea
The Central idea of this poem is that the first, noblest and most sacred
mission of the mother is to bring up children. Mothers are the real
builders of our nation, in the sense that the character of a children
made or marred by the mother. It is said that:
“Educate women or mothers and the Nation will take charge of itself.”

A French idealogist Charles force said:
“One could judge the degree of civilization of a country by the social
and political possession of its mother.”


This poem is written by famous American poet William Ross Wallace.
The poet is paying his homage to the mothers because of their holy and
sacred task. The mothers bless the palace, cottage and poorman’s equally
and make them colourful. Mother’s carry out a great sacred responsibility
of bringing up the children. In this world, which is full of evils and
vices, a mother is a mark of guidance and protection.
Mothers are the actual trainee of the children. Her affection enables the
children to recognize divinity and obey command of Allah. A child’s
character depends directly upon the mothers.
Behind every success of accomplishment of the great people is the hand of
their mother. Due to the caring guidance which is given in a dedicated
and caring manner, a mother can mold the character of a child in good
Mother’s words are so sanctimonious that they are sure to accepted
because they are strengthened by the worship of angles. So it is true
that a mother’s hand that brings up a child is the same that governs
every sphere of life.

Question and Answers

Q.1 Why does the poet compare mother’s hands to a rainbow?
Ans. The poet find resemblance between the mother’s hands and a rainbow
because “rainbow” is symbol of peace, pleasure and happiness. It
indicates that the storm has passed and difficulties have gone. Similarly
a mother is a symbol of pity and pleasure who creates a peaceful and
coming atmosphere for the whole family.

Q.2 What is guided by angles and how?
Ans. The chestity and grace of mothers is guided by angles. No one can
destroy the spirit of the true mothers because it is protected by the
holy angles. They bring divine blessings to the mothers which help the
mothers to struggle with the tediums of life.

Q.3 Explain how the poet gives the credit for all great achievements of
people to their mothers?
Ans. The poet gives the credit for all great accomplishment of people to
their mothers because all the great personalities are prominent in the
world due to the careful bringing up to their mothers. It’s only the
result of mother’s caring guidance and training that the world is passing
with the periods of humanstary and great successes.

Q.4 Describe the role of a mother?
Ans. The role of a mother is to bring up and train the children. Mother
is an actual guiding force for the children because due to her training a
child can instigate a high moral character. Mother also infest in the
children the spirit to know the difference between good and evil. A child
is virtuous or his bad character depends upon the guidance of mother.

Q.5 Why does the poet compare infancy (childhood) with the tender
Ans. The poet compares infancy (childhood) with the tender fountain
because childhood is just like a sophisticated and delicated fountain
which can be led to any stage of life i.e. good or bad. It is only a
mother who can guide a very young soil to his destination success it or

Q.6 What does it mean by “Sunshine streamed or evil hurled.”
Ans. Sunshine is a symbol of goodness and virtue. This phrase means that
the structure of a man’s character depends mainly upon the mother’s. If
the training of mother is goo it mean that she has infested a high moral
character in her children. But if the guidance is not good and child’s
character will prevail by evilness.

Q.7 Why does the poet say that the prayers of mothers on earth mingles
with that said in heaven?
Ans. The poet says so because the prayers of a mothers are so sacred and
holy that they are accompanied by the holy prayers of angle. So that,
these prayers are enforced and strengthened. The words of mother keep a
sanctimonious status to God, which cannot be neglected because they are
also strengthened by the worship of angles.

Q.8 Describe the poetic diction of William Ross Wallace?
Ans.William Rose Wallace composed patriotic songs during the civil war
which became popular. He was a friend of Edgar Allen Roe whom he
resembled both in temperament and habits. He possessed a splendid
imagination as well as poetic diction.

Q.9 How can the mother keep the young heart open and for what?
Ans. Mother has a very divine task to complete which starts right from
the beginning of the child’s life and continues till the end. She keeps
the young heart open in such a way that the child can understand and
accept the divine commands of Allah.

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