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Interesting Twist in Hemsley Estate Matter


Estate planning lawyers will always remind clients that they have choices when it comes to asset transfer.

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									Interesting Twist in Hemsley Estate Matter

Estate planning lawyers will always remind clients that they have choices when it comes to asset
transfer. Simply using a last will is unnecessarily limiting, and you must consider the realities of
probate because wills are intended to go through probate.

Probate is a legal process that opens the door to estate challenges. There are ways to arrange for the
transfer of assets outside of the probate process and lessen the possibility of a successful challenge.

To see a real-life example of what can happen during probate look no further than the case of the
recently deceased actor Sherman Hemsley. You may remember Hemsley as the individual who played
the character George Jefferson on the classic television sitcom The Jeffersons.

Hemsley lived in El Paso, Texas and he had no children. The actor was never married either, but he did
have a longtime, live-in partner who was by his side at the time of his death.

This woman, Flora Enchinton, was named in Hemsley's will as the executor of the estate and sole heir.
However, the matter has been stalled in probate court because of an interesting twist.

Though Enchinton states that she never heard her partner mention having a brother, an individual
named Richard Thornton has challenged the will. He says that he is, in fact, the rightful heir to the
Hemsley estate because of the fact that he is the late actor's brother.

Even when it would seem as though everything is pretty simple and straightforward unexpected
surprises such as this can materialize. Whether or not you use a will and whether or not your estate is
subject to probate, a well-drafted estate plan can eliminate the possibility of someone claiming to be a
long-lost heir. Because probate is public, however, it is more likely to open the door to someone who
wants to press a claim.

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