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How to view digital magazine on iPhone,iPad and Android mobile device


How to view digital magazine on iPhone,iPad and Android mobile device

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									How to view digital magazine
on iPhone , iPad and Android
       mobile devices
Nowadays, mobile devices is so much
popular, such as iPhone, iPad, Android
Phones, tablets, etc.

Plus digital magazine software, you can
access to any information and resources in
any time, any places.
It’s amazing to read digital magazine on
those mobile devices.

But how to create e-book that can be view on
Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro can help you
make digital publications which can be
viewed on mobile devices.

Only a browser is needed in a mobile device.
It’s so convenient for you to read anywhere .
Following are steps in detail:
 First, you have to make a flipbook supports mobile
  Please open digital publishing software, import your
  PDF and publish flipbook as HTML. Please remember to
  tick the check of ‘Create mobile version’.
 Next, pleaser upload all files and folders under output
  folder to your website. You can refer to this tutorial for
  how to do it via FTP.

  Please upload the whole folder, not just some of files.
 After, please click 'Show HTML Code'
    button after you published successfully.
    Copy and paste the code into your web page's
    source code in the appropriate location where
    you want your SWF file to display.

 Finally, your flipbook is uploaded to web.
  You can visit that site from browser on your
  mobile online.

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