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Hawaiian South Shore LLC Jan 2009 Newsletter Volume 1 issue 11 You Surf Authority
                                                          YOUR SURF AUTHORITY”
                                                EXPERT ADVICE & FRIENDLY STAFF

                                     NEWS LETTER
                                       DEC 2008

By David                                                        By Keith

  Happy New Year and Thank you for a Great Holiday Sea-         Aloha All,
son We seen a lot of familiar faces during the holidays and
we Truly Appreciated The Support . The new faces were           Happy New Year! And thank you for your con-
also really encouraging to see. If any folks have comments,     tinued support over the years! It was really good
suggestions or questions, please and I really mean it, Please   to see you all again over the holidays, especially
give us a Call at 597-9055 or email us at hawaiiansouth-        those of you whom I haven't seen or talked to in We are truly always trying to improve our      over a year! Again thank you for shopping at
selves so we can give you better service and better products.   Hawaiian South Shore in 2008!
If you see a product on line or in a magazine and we don’t
carry it, let us know and will check it out , also comments     In 2009 We will be working even harder to ser-
about the paper are welcomed.                                   vice you better and get you the best and latest
                                                                products available.
This Month we have a Free DVD party lined up on the 17th
at 7pm in our Mauka Parking lot, it’s the Lost DVD 5’5 x 19     We will also be having special events to look
1/4” DVD its actually a re-release of a 1997 DVD. When          forward to in 2009.
pros got word of the DVD production most wanted to be in
the Film riding their own Round nose fish boards , Lost was     Besides the free movie nights, we will be having
going to use it for bonus clips but they got so much footage    2 sample sale/swap meets in 2009. We will also
they added it the DVD also with Kelly Slater riding the Cole    continue with our annual blood drives and we
Trunk board at a contest , the Round nose fish boards are       will be offering private and public demo days so
blowing up… We didn't get our Lost boards in yet… they          you can try out the boards before you buy. These
should be done by the end of this month… we got most of         are just a few events planned for 2009 with many
them as 5 fin designs.. .usually they are either Twins or       more being planned for this year.
Quads but we figured it was more versatile for people to
have the five fin design… Also we just hooked up with Cole      I hope 2009 will be an even more epic year for
Surfboards so we will be getting some Trunk boards, if you      you all and stay stoked!
don’t know what the Trunk board is you have to check out
Cole surfboards website… we will feature it in our next
months newsletter…
Oh back to the Movie party we will be having one every
month on the Second Saturday so come down and enjoy the
evening with us. If you or someone you know wants to play
some music to promote themselves tell them to give us a call
and we can do a mini concert before or after the DVD party,
and if they have a CD they want sell they can do it their and
keep the proceeds.

       Hawaiian South Shore LLC Jan 2009 Newsletter Volume 1 issue 11 You Surf Authority                             2
    Free Movie Night & Board Give Away
                                                                           DVD Review
   Jan 17th 7PM HSS Mauka Parking Lot
        Movie Lost 5’5” x 19 1/4” Redux

                         This Video is Really Good Lost has
                         done numerous DVD Parties in the
                         Mainland and we are doing a Free

                         DVD movie night with Keola the
                         Lost rep and he is Providing us a
                         board to give away at the Movie
                         Night on Jan 17th. Bring your own
                         cooler and chairs.

                          "5'5 x 19 1/4...and other oddities"
                          has never been made it to DVD and                  Dudecruise
in anticipation of the ten year anniversary of its first release
(1997) it will finally be re-released later this year on DVD       Dude Cruise is the first movie
as a bonus section to "5'5 REDUX"                                  from Irons Bros. Productions.
- Chris Ward, Cory Lopez, Aaron Cormican and other
World Class surfers through the years riding anything but a
standard thruster.
                                                                   The new film company formed by
-Ward on an 5'5 RNF Aviso.                                         Bruce and Andy Irons, and the first-
-Ward on a MR Retro 80's Twin Fin and MR 1979 Retro                ever movie featuring the DC surf
Single Fin (see Ward teaser above).                                team and just the DC surf team.

-Cormican on a Four Fin Shark (Click on Videos above for        This dvd showcases Bruce Irons,
                                                                Dane Reynolds, and Ry Craike tear-
-Cory, Shea, Ward and others riding RNF Quads in Indo.
                                                                ing it up in Australia and Hawaii.
Lost Surfboards has strived to make alternative boards that     Dane seems to get longer segments
actually perform, not just boards that look good while wear- in this movie so if you’re a Dane Rey-
ing a beavertail wetsuit. Beavertail wetsuits didn't work       nolds fan you’ll enjoy this dvd.
back then and they don't work now - just like everyone          This is a very entertaining movie with
else's fish. For more on Lost Surfboards
                                                                some really good surfing and some
"The movie that made it standard for nearly all surfers to      funny parts.
have a "fish" in their quiver, and gave all shapers a boost to The only thing is they should have
their business" -Xanadu (master shaper)                         had more footage of Bruce surfing
                                                                and also they could have made this
"...Losts vid (5'5"x191/4") made ten years before the Retro     movie a little longer instead of just
Fish trend, has never gotten enough credit for what it did to 30 min.
incite the openmindedness of surfers to alternative boards in
today’s world...It was so ahead of its time, and the surfing is Want to purchase one? Cant make it
still better than what’s being done on fishes today" -Joel      to the store Call 597-9055 order it
Tudor                                                           and get it in two days or go to

        Hawaiian South Shore LLC Jan 2009 Newsletter Volume 1 issue 11 You Surf Authority                 3
                                                                           Nose Rocker—Has a fair
          NEW!!!! Sub Vector                                               amount you will able to take
                                                                           off late with out a problem.
           Shaped by Dave Parmentor
             9’3” x 29” x 4 1/4”
                                                                           The deck is concave and feels
               Weight 22.5lbs
                                                                           more comfortable while paddling
                Diamond Tail
                                                                           for long period of time… the
         Fins 2+1 , Quad , Thruster
                                                                           back goes into a vee shape on
         Rider Weight up to 250lbs
                                                                           the deck.
This Board is our Best selling board in our SUP line
up, we have people waiting for the next shipment and                          All C
                                                                                   4 Bo
have preorder these. Demos are available for you to                          deck      ards
                                                                                    pads    in in
try out. Don’t be fooled by the size it will carry up to
                                                                                         …        clude
250lbs!!! - Want to try one? Call and tell them you                                                     a
read it on the news letter and you will get to use it
for FREE (Half day Demo Free this is only for peo-
ple that have subscribed to the news letter)

Why do so many like the board?

•   Its more stable then the 10’6 and even the 11’
    Sup boards they are using right now!!! - The                                  5
    last couple of weeks of Dec it was windy and           Fin set up— Comes with
    being out in the surf most have a hard time with       fins boxes
    their boards ,but this 9’3” is super easy to stay
                                                              Ride  2+1 (small side fins
•   When paddling to catch a way the board does            and long center fin) like
    not “Yaw” (does not deviate from its path) so its      board style.
    a lot easier to catch waves
•   The fin set up is awesome. 2+1 for long board            Quad set up is good for
    feel, quad for proformance                             fast down the line and
The 9’3” Subvector was design off of Dave’s origi-         at the top so you can
                                                                                  a 2+1
nal design the “Stub Vector”. He took a lot of the         the board better than
attributes from the stud vecotr to make the 9’3” Sub-      set up
                                                           Tail—is wide … help you
vector ,the rails is very thick with a concave deck and
thinned out Rails in the back.                                                      tails
The concave deck provides a very low center of              waves faster and wide
gravity it goes into a double concave making it easy        keeps board loose
to thins out the tail to give you performance.

Dave also designed to so it does not yaw when pad-
dling and this board paddles very fast.

       Hawaiian South Shore LLC Jan 2009 Newsletter Volume 1 issue 11 You Surf Authority                    4
        Customer Profile                                                   Surfing Rules
                                                                 Last month one of our readers suggested
                                                                 that I start writing about Surfing rules and
                                                                 etiquette. So I am going to be featuring one
                                                                 rule every month and go over it detail…
                                                                 Mind you this is not rules that I “think” are
                                                                 rules but I am getting advice from the ex-
                                 Derek Tang                      perts “Transworld Surf” & “Surfline”
                                                                 Don't drop in on or snake a Wave
                                                                 In other words, do not catch a wave once another
                                                                 surfer has claimed it by being in a deeper or more
How long have you been surfing?                                  effective position at takeoff.
22 years and still going strong.                                 Dropping in and snaking are the two most com-
                                                                 mon ways in which we blow each other's fun in the
What boards are you riding currently?                            surf. Both are usually caused by greed, and involve
9’0 Infinity Secret Weapon “Rad Noserider”, 9’0 Infinity
                                                                 a ride-crippling interference by one surfer on an-
Secret Weapon
What do you like about those boards?                             The drop-in happens like this: Surfer A is closest
Thick and fast. Can surf almost any conditions.                  to the curl, paddles into and catches the wave, only
                                                                 to find that Surfer B -- the dropper-in -- has also
How many boards do you own now? What are they?                   caught the wave, from further out on the shoulder.
5 boards. 10’0 Infinity Rad Noserider, 9’0 Infinity Secret       Surfer A is then blocked from making a successful
Weapon Rad Noserider, 9’0 Infinity Secret Weapon, 6’4”           ride. The two surfers may collide, accidentally or
CK Hybrid, 10’6” Danai SUP.                                      deliberately, but it's unlikely that either will enjoy
                                                                 the wave to its fullest. At some critical surf spots,
What do you enjoy most about surfing?                            Surfers A and/or B may even be placed in physical
It’s just me and nature. I like the challenge to try all types   danger as a result.
of conditions and surf spots. I find peace of mind and soli-
tude if I’m having a bad day. Surfing always cheers me up        Drop-ins can and do happen by accident, as well
so lucky for me I’m in the water about 4-5 times a week.         as through frustration and confusion in a crowded
It’s pretty much a good addiction and a passion of mine for      lineup. To avoid dropping in, practice the three Ls:
some time now. I’ve met so many interesting people in the        Look, Listen, and Learn. Always Look to your in-
water and enjoy talking with them from time to time.             side toward the curl before committing to the wave,
                                                                 just to make sure nobody's already in there. Listen
What do you do for a living?                                     for the common warning - a hoot or whistle from
Try to keep the peace working for HPD.                           the surfer in position. Learn from your errors - if
                                                                 you drop in, make sure you're off the wave as soon
What do you do when you're not surfing or working?               as possible, say sorry, and make sure the other
Sorry, I’m either at work or in the waves. Ultimate bache-       rider's OK before going on with your session.
lor so I don’t have to share any time with a lady friend.
                                                                 A more subtle, yet potentially more offensive
How long have you been shopping at Hawaiian South                form of ride interference is the snake. This move is
Shore?                                                           very bad etiquette, a greedy exploitation of the gen-
About 2 years.                                                   erally understood drop-in rule, and is usually prac-
                                                                 ticed by competent and aggressive surfers. Snaking
Any last words?                                                  works like this: Surfer A, in position and having
I would like to thank Keith and Dave for offering such           waited his or her turn, begins to paddle for the
great service to the surfing community. Always helpful           wave. Surfer B (the snake) waits until A's focus is
and good professional sales people. Keep up the awesome          purely on catching the wave, then makes a quick
work and see ya in da water.                                     move to the inside and takes off, claiming the

                                                                 Cont next page...

       Hawaiian South Shore LLC Jan 2009 Newsletter Volume 1 issue 11 You Surf Authority                              5
..Cont Surfing Rules                                       Takayama Fiber Glass Surfboards
wave. If both surfers end up riding, it appears A
has dropped in and is in the wrong, yet both surf-
ers, and usually most onlookers, know otherwise.

 Snaking can be distinguished from dropping in,
in that it's rarely accidental. The result, however,
is less predictable, and if A is also a competent
surfer, bad feelings and even arguments may oc-
cur. If you're being snaked repeatedly by a single
surfer, don't react -- it's unlikely to be personal.                                         F
                                                                                          or those that
Simply move to another area of the break, putting                                     check out our website
yourself and the snake out of each other's wave-                                      you might noticed that
catching rhythm. If you find yourself being persis-                                   we are carrying Don-
tently snaked by a range of surfers, you may be                                       ald Takayama fiber-
sitting too wide of the takeoff to fully claim the                                    glass boards again.
wave; paddle deeper and make your intention                                           For about year or so
clearer.                                                                              were not carrying the
S pecial note to beginners:                                                           boards but now we are
                                                                                      keeping a pretty good
You may occasionally note surfers breaking these
drop-in codes, riding around each other, and grin-                                    stock and the glassing
ning away in the process -- obviously enjoying the                                    and color work is un-
wave share. Very likely they're friends or ac-           real. We are proud to have them in our shop
quaintances who've taken off on the same wave
deliberately, or who're making the best of an acci-
dental drop-in. This should NOT be a signal to
                                                         One of the best sellers Models is the DT2. This is
you that dropping in is just fine at that particular     the performance nose rider model that has been in
spot.                                                    the Takayama line of boards for a while. The DT2
                                                         has a pretty flat rocker, with a round pin tail, 2+1
Next Month— Paddling out                                 fin set up. Good for waves that are from Knee to
  When paddling out to or within a break, it's your      well over head size. We usually try to keep this one
responsibility to stay out of the way of riders on       in stock. We also carry all other models and we do
waves.                                                   take custom orders. Call 597 9055 or email us ha-

                  Quad Set up
  T  ry a quad set up with different size fins other than the standard trailer fins that come on the board and you will
feel your board come to life and really appreciate what the Quad was designed to do. Most quads will come with a
very small fins for the rear but after trying many different set ups and also talking to many that come into the shop
we have found that putting a larger back fin set up works 100% better.
F or example if you have a FCS set up try M5 in the front and M3 in the back… the Back fin will look larger than
you are use to but you will get better drive and the board will still snap at the top. That goes for Futures, use the
Standard 475 in the front and use something like a YU and feel the board come to life… The key is to make sure
your back fin is just a little smaller than the front but not the tiny trailer type of fins…. Use the more normal size
fins. We have demo fins available for you to us at not cost… just bring a Valid credit card and an ID and we
will loan the fins. Call us 597 9055 or email us and we will help

       Hawaiian South Shore LLC Jan 2009 Newsletter Volume 1 issue 11 You Surf Authority                             6
Nine-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater (USA) has won the Billabong Pipeline Masters a record sixth time
today. The victory is Slater’s sixth of the 11 event 2008 ASP World Tour season.
"It’s inexplicable,” Slater said of his win and banner season. “I’m just stoked. I wasn’t even worried about surfing
the event, so to surf it and win and get that board (a Gerry Lopez designed surfboard trophy). I’ll cherish that for
Slater has made the Pipeline Masters final 10 out of the 17 times he has entered the event winning in 1992, 1994,
1995, 1996, 1999 and again today. His 2008 win comes nine years after he last clinched the Pipeline crown in ‘99.
“My season is all about nines,” Slater said. “Winning this event nine years later, I needed a 9th in the ninth event
of the year to win my 9th ASP World title, it’s crazy."

                                      Top 15 WQS Qualifiers for       2009 ASP Women’s World Tour Surfers:
                                      2009 (these guys will join      1 – Stephanie Gilmore (AUS)
                                      the top 27 on the WCT)          2 – Silvana Lima (BRA)
                                      Curran, Nathaniel USA           3 – Sofia Mulanovich (PER)
                                      Davidson, Chris AUS             4 – Layne Beachley (AUS)
    Short                             Bourez, Michel PYF
                                      Kling, Gabe USA
                                                                      5 – Amee Donohoe (AUS)
                                                                      6 – Samantha Cornish (AUS)

    Board                             Khodr, Jihad BRA
                                      Weare, David ZAF
                                      Kerr, Josh AUS
                                                                      7 – Melanie Bartels (HAW)
                                                                      8 – Rebecca Woods (AUS)
                                                                      9 – Jessi Miley-Dyer (AUS)

    News                              Muscroft, Nic AUS
                                      *Bacalso, Kekoa HAW
                                      Emslie, Greg ZAF
                                                                      10 – Jacqueline Silva (BRA)
                                                                      11 – Chelsea Hedges (AUS)*
                                                                      12 – Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS)
                                      Boal, Tim FRA                   13 – Rosanne Hodge (ZAF)
                                      *Barca, Dustin HAW              14 – Bruna Schmitz (BRA)
                                      Pires, Tiago PRT                15 – Paige Hareb (NZL)
                                      MacDonald, Phillip AUS          16 – Alana Blanchard (HAW)
                                      Courtney, Drew AUS              17 – Coco Ho (HAW)

TOP 27 Requalifiers for2009
Slater, Kelly USA                                          Other Surf News
Durbidge, Bede AUS
Burrow, Taj AUS
                                  T  he Stab Mag guys stirred up some interesting info from the rumor mill on the
Parkinson, Joel AUS               North Shore in the last few days. You like team rider rumors? Here are some of
Hobgood, C.J. USA                 the best kicking round…
Buchan, Adrian AUS                - Andy Irons will take next year off to chill and do some surf trips. He will aim
Souza, Adriano de BRA             for a wildcard in 2010. Billabong is backing him all the way, and has just given
Fanning, Mick AUS                 him a new five-year deal. (Parko's just signed up for another five, too.)
Martinez, Bobby USA               - Wonder why Bobby Martinez has been shredding Pipe with no stickers on the
Flores, Jeremy FRA
                                  nose of his board? He's no longer riding for Reef. Despite the tough economic
Stedman, Luke AUS
                                  times (and his management persuading him to put ink on paper), Bobby walked
Patacchia, Fredrick HAW
                                  away from an offer that was three-quarters of what he'd asked for. When he sim-
Irons, Andy HAW
                                  mered down, Bobby went back to Reef, saying okay, I'll take the deal, but Reef
Ward, Chris USA
                                  had withdrawn. It's goanna be tough trying to find a company with $500k kick-
Otton, Kai AUS
                                  ing round in its marketing budget right now. But Bob has signed some of the
Reyes, Tim USA
                                  smarter deals in surfing. Remember seeing huge Monster energy drink green and
Perrow, Kieren AUS
                                  black "M" on the bottom and deck of his board? Rumors suggest this nets him
Whitaker, Tom AUS
                                  around $US300k.
Neve, Dayyan AUS
Irons, Bruce HAW                  - As always, Dane's endorsements are the subject of constant speculation. The
Picon, Michael FRA                latest has it that the golden child is going to break his deal with Quik to join
Reynolds, Dane USA                Analog. With Burton's backing, Analog's certainly got the cash. But Dane has
Knox, Taylor USA                  not suggested he's even thinking about moving, so the rumor remains unfounded.
Hobgood, Damien USA
Alves, Heitor BRA
                                  Regarding sponsorships, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the
Smith, Jordy ZAF                  coming months. Considering the economy as it is, re-evaluation of financial
Dunn, Ben AUS

       Hawaiian South Shore LLC Jan 2009 Newsletter Volume 1 issue 11 You Surf Authority                              7
A good friend of mine that recently got back in to surfing after 30 years has a Jewelry store that started
in 1936 selling quality jewelry and has unsurpassed customer service, Man!!! 1936 that is a long time…
you know they have to be doing something awesome to be around that long….. Hans is a one of the nicest
people you can meet and I am totally stoked that he and his daughter “Aja” will be helping me with a
column every month in the news letter...if you have any questions about Jewelry please give them a
call at 533 1633 they are located in downtown Pioneer Plaza. This month you will get a little back
ground on Sasaki Jewelers and Birthstone info… Hey if you are looking for a birthday gift and January
is the person b-day you have to get a birthstone… I’m totally not sure but I don’t think people give birth-
stones as gift as much as they did back in the day….so you can buck the trend and give them a birth-

  History Of George Sasaki Jewelers
 In 1936, with only a fourth grade education, George Hideo
 Sasaki first opened a jewelry shop while working at the
 Oahu Railway Company. In 1947, he traveled to Kansas
 City and enrolled in watch making school, seeking to
 broaden his knowledge and expertise.                            Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to all
                                                                 the January babies! Garnet is the birthstone
 George Sasaki Jewelers was first located in the Boston          for the moth of January. It is a widely avail-
                                                                 able gemstone that comes in every color ex-
 Building, and opened in 1955. As business steadily in-          cept blue – from pale orange to rich cinna-
 creased through a reputation of honesty and integrity           mon, light rose to deep violet, or olive to
 spread mainly through word of mouth, George made his            green grass. Garnets have been a favorite
 first trip to New York in 1958 to purchase diamonds and         gem throughout history, both for personal
                                                                 decoration and for magnificent accents in
 other precious stones, the first retailer in the state of Ha-   castles and churches.
 waii to directly import jewelry from the Mainland.
                                                                 If you are not a January baby there is still
 Shortly after his graduation with an AB in Architecture         reason to be interested in this beautiful stone.
 from the University of California at Berkeley in 1972,          Garnet is the stone of passion and courage.
                                                                 The garnet is also known as the stone for suc-
 George's son Hans began work for his father. In 1977,
                                                                 cessful business. It helps to become moti-
 Hans completed work at the prestigious Gemological Insti-       vated and productive, and attracts good luck
 tute of America and received his degree as a Graduate           in business ventures. This is a great stone to
 Gemologist.                                                     give to your boss or yourself if you would
                                                                 like to advance in your career.

 Sasaki Jewelers moved into the Pioneer Plaza in 1980,           F  or more information or if you are interested
 and has since provided customers with an unsurpassed            in purchasing a Garnet please contact:
 level of quality, value and service that is unmatched.
                                                                           George Sasaki Jewelers
                                                                          900 Fort Street Mall #1555
                                                                             Honolulu, HI 96813

      Hawaiian South Shore LLC Jan 2009 Newsletter Volume 1 issue 11 You Surf Authority                           8

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