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TeleMarketing Process


We get in touch with the clients to evaluate their needs and understand existing telesales requirements. Identify the need and chalk out plan to give the best results possible to the clients.

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									The Telemarketing

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   The Telemarketing Process

        Need Evaluation                         Plan Creation                        Handling Calls

                     1                                      2                                  3

                                                                                    Clients approve
                                                                                    the plan and
                                                                                    send their
                                            Clients provide                         process details
      Client                                basic database
                                            information, or in                                 4
      Clients contacts
                                            case they don’t
      us with an
                                            have a database,
      enquiry to set-up                                                             We create a
                                            we create it for
      a telemarketing                                                               telemarketing
                                            them. Queries and
      team                                                                          team to take calls
                                            details regarding
                      1                     timelines,                              on client’s behalf.
                                            information                             We initiate the
                                            exchange and                            calling process
                                            expectations are                        and based on
      Strategic                                                                     evaluation of
      Outsourcing                           set.
                                                                                    initial calls, we
      Services                                              2                       improve the
      We get in touch                                                               process if
      with the clients to                   We identify the                         necessary. We
      evaluate their                        given                                   ensure that calls
      needs and                             requirements and                        deliver results as
      understand                            prepare a plan                          per the plan.
      existing                              that is sent to the
      telesales                             client for
      requirements                          approval.
                                                                          3                                  5

Website:                               Email:                                            Call Us:        080-41435564, +91- 9901065612

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