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									Market Research
A Boon to Accelerate Your Business

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   Market Research revenues expected to grow by 3.1% in 2012 alongside the increasing corporate
   profits and marketing budgets – a report by IBISWorld.

   Market Research is a process of gathering information about consumers and competitors to
   analyze and identify consumer trends, best prospects and plan business strategies.

   Though Market Research was conceptualized and executed back in 1920s, it has not been more
   than a decade since marketers started using it for their business. Blame it on the advent of internet
   which has influenced the trends of technology, consumer needs, economic conditions and many
   more. And these constant changes in trends demanded for new business strategies that are more
   resistant to changes.

   To chalk out new strategies, marketers needed information about consumers’ needs, market
   demand, competition, marketing channels, etc. Who else could give this information other than
   Market Researchers!

   The Process of Market Research:

                                                Define the Research Objective

                                                  Determine Research Design

                                       Identify Data Sources and Methodology to follow

                                              Estimating the Value of Information

                                       Design Data Collection Forms and Questionnaires

                                                 Design Sample Plan and Size

                                                         Collect the Data

                                                  Analyze and Interpret Data

                                        Prepare and Submit the Final Research Report

                                          Give Solutions that Best Suit the Business

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   Benefits of Market Research Service:
        Determine profitability of the market

        æ in-depth understanding of the Customer and their needs

        æ new product opportunities

        æ risks involved in business

        æ accurate price points

        Understand your marketing position relative to your competitors

        æ the risk of business failures

        æ deficiencies in sales promotions and marketing policies

        æ reasons for loss of customers or business

        Determine the marketing channels suitable to your business

        æ future market trends

   To get all these benefits you need to choose a reliable Market Research firm that can understand
   your business needs and chalk out strategies that do not hamper your existing ROI. Keeping this in
   mind, Strategic Outsourcing Services has added the Market Research feather into its cap to enable
   growth for more customers.

   You can bank on our Market Research experts at Strategic Outsourcing Services for perfect
   solutions to best suit your business requirements. By employing these solutions in your business,
   you can achieve great propelling results along with an edge over your competitors.

   So, here we go, step ahead and try out our Market Research service and see how your ROI spikes

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