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									                      New England Region of the Sports Car Club of America, Inc. presents the
                         August 23-24, 2008 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Loudon NH
                    Supplementary Regulations - Held under the SCCA General Competition Rules
                              Sanction # 08-R-286-S (Regional) 08-E-287-S (Enduro)

 1. Course Configuration: North Chicane and NASCAR                      After the event, refund requests must be made via email
    turns 1 & 2                                                         or in writing to the Registrar and postmarked no later than
 2. License: The following licenses will be accepted for                10 days after the event.
    regional competition. SCCA Novice permits with the               7. Cancellation - The event organizers reserve the right to
    school requirements completed, SCCA Regional, National              cancel/postpone this event should circumstances beyond
    and Pro Licenses. In additional, the event is open to               their control develop. When possible, all entrants will
    SCCA members who hold the following license: BMW                    receive advance notice of such action with advice on
    CCA Club Racing-Full competition, FIA, HSR, ICSCC,                  refund arrangements.
    IMSA, MCSCC, NASA, PCA Full competition, Ontario                 8. Alcoholic Beverages - No alcoholic beverages may be
    Region CASC, SCCA Pro Racing, SVRA, VMC,                            consumed in the Paddock or Pit Area before the end of
    Waterford Hills, West Canada Motorsports Asst. These                the day’s race program.
    licenses must be left with registration during the event.        9. Track Rules - The Chief Steward has the authority and
 3. Entry- Enclosed entry must be completed and returned                the responsibility for enforcing all rules contained in the
    with appropriate fee to the Registrar listed on the form.           GCR, the event Supplementary Regulations, and the
    Entries may be made electronically or by mail. To be                Track Specific Rules.
    eligible for the Early Entry fee, registration must be           10. Meetings - Drivers’ meetings may be called. Listen for
    completed before the close of the electronic registration           announcements attendance is mandatory.
    on Tuesday August 19th or by US mail postmarked                  11. Scrutineering & Impound – Scale time will be listed in
    Thursday, August 14th.                                              the schedule. Impound will be per the GCRper the GCR.
    Entrants registering after the above date will pay the           12. Paddock – Speed limit for all vehicles is 15 mph and all
    regular entry fee. Payment may be made at the track                 traffic signs must be obeyed. Any person operating any
    during registration hours.                                          vehicle must operate that vehicle in a safe manner.
     A $20 fee will be charged for all checks returned unpaid           Violators will be subject to action by the Chief Steward.
    from the bank.                                                      There shall be no parking of vehicles on the paved roads
    There is a $10 compliance fee included with the                     in the infield between the tunnel and the track gate at
    registration fee for SRF, FE and SM cars. All NARRC                 Turn 10 or from the track gate at Turn 1A to either the
    classes will be recognized. See:              tunnel or the Turn 10 gate.
4. Registration Credentials - All event participants must            13. Pits & Grid: Pits and grid area is restricted to SCCA
    register during scheduled hours and sign a release. They            members with appropriate credentials only. SMOKING IS
    will be issued credentials at Registration. Lost credentials        PROHIBITED. Trackside signaling may be done only
    will not be replaced. All participants (except those on             after all cars have taken the Green Flag. (This includes
    weekend memberships) must wear their photo ID. Extra                restarts.) No vehicles other than racecars involved in
    crew passes may be purchased. Vehicle passes are                    Tech or Impound are to be parked in the pit area. Service
    available at the discretion of the Registrar. All drivers will      vehicles may not be parked behind the pit wall. No
    be required to have a Medical Information tag attached to           refueling in the Pit or Grid area.
    their helmet. These will be available at Tech.                   14. Starting Procedures- All pace laps at the start of each
5. Minor Waivers: A new minor waiver must be completed                  race will be made using NASCAR 3&4. Cars will come
    annually. A .pdf version of the form can be downloaded              down the hill into turn 10, and make a right turn onto the
    and printed in color from:                                          back straight of the oval, continue through NASCAR 3&4,            the pace car will turn into pit lane, and cars will take the
   Remember that the signatures on that form MUST be                    green at start finish. Cars will maintain pace car speed
   witnessed by a Registrar or Steward OR notarized.                    until given the green flag. Cars, which do not maintain
6. Crew - The entry fee paid to New England Region                      pace car speed, may be black-flagged. Starts that are
   permits access to the track for one driver and crew,                 waved off will continue to use NASCAR 3&4, until given
   unless otherwise stipulated. Anyone arriving after the               the green flag. Any restarts during the race will be made
   close of registration must pay a non-refundable admission            using the normal racing course.
   fee to the track to enter the grounds or wait until the next      15. Timing on first lap - There is no AMB loop on the oval in
   scheduled registration. Only the driver or crew chief can            NASCAR 3&4, so no lap records may be set on the first
   add or change names on the crew list.                                lap. The Timing clock will start when the first car passes
   Withdrawal of Entry - In the event that a car cannot                 the Timing Building (at approximately the same point as the
   compete (car never sets a tire on the track) The Registrar           AMB loop) at the end of the pace lap(s). The start of the
   must be informed of withdrawal of entry ASAP via email,              initial racing lap and race-clock will be at the start/finish line
   phone or at track Registration. A Request for Refund form                      st
                                                                        as the 1 car crosses the start line at the starter's stand.
   is available at Registration and can be handed to the                All race and qualifying sessions will be timed. Results will
   Registrar at the event.                                              be per the GCR
17.16.Transponders Are Mandatory - All cars must be                 Although the monitoring of these frequencies is                  Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
   equipped with a working AMB Tranx260 transponder.                acceptable, their use during the event is not allowed by
   The Transponder # must be given to Registration.                 anyone other than an NER designated official.
   Rentals May Be Available from the Track.
17. Sound – NHMS track sound limitation is 100db. Cars                   ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENTAL REGULATIONS
   posting over 100db will be black flagged or given a sound
   board as soon as possible during the session so                       “LITTLE LeMANS CHALLENGE” 3 HOUR
   immediate correction may be made. Sound will be                                          ENDURO
   measured per the GCR.
18. Vehicle damage: Any car that has sustained structural
   damage must be taken to Impound for inspection. The               Purpose of the Event: The “Little LeMans Challenge”
   driver of that car must report to Race Medical.                     This is endurance race for closed wheel cars to be
19. Injuries - To be eligible to receive medical benefits from         held at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, a 1.6 mile
   our insurer, any participant who sustains an injury (no             asphalt course located at Loudon, NH. This event is
   matter how small) must go to Race Medical and have a                part of the Northeast Division Enduro Series for
   green card completed.                                               classes AS, ITA, ITB, ITC, ITS, SSB, SSC, SM, SSM,
20. Last Lap Signal - Whenever possible, the last lap in a             T2, T3. “Although other classes are eligible to
   race will be shown by the Starter displaying a sign with a          participate (ITE, T1, SPO, SPU, GT1, GT2, GT3,
   number one to the field. This display, or lack thereof, is          GTL, EP, FP, GP, HP, IT7, and Legends), they will
   non-protestable and informational only.                             not be awarded Series points."
21. Checkered Flag - A checkered flag may be displayed at
   additional stations to end an untimed warm-up session.           1.    Entry: The early entry fee is $200.00 for the first
22. Victory Laps - May be allowed. No more than 2                       driver and $100.00 for each additional driver. The
   crewmembers may accompany a driver on a victory lap                  team name must be listed on all drivers’ entry forms.
   and they must be inside the passenger compartment.                   Each additional driver must fill out a complete
23. Trophies – Distribution rules per GCR or better and will            entry form.
   be posted in garage 1.                                           2.    Number of Entries: The registrar will accept 40
24. Points - Points will be awarded as per                              entries for this event. The registrar will establish a       Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
   NERRC/NARRC/NYSRRC SCCA Enduro Series rules.                         waiting list which will be used if cars cannot make the
25. Group Over Subscription - If a run group is over                    race.
   subscribed, the group will be split into 2 qualifying            3. Late Entries: Late entries will be accepted at the
   sessions. Each session will last 15 minutes. The fastest             track as late as 9am Saturday August 23, 2008
   40 qualifiers will race in the original run-group; the               unless the field is filled.
   remaining cars will be moved to a new run group (chief           3.4. Oversubscription:        In   case      the   race     is   Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
   steward’s discretion) as a consolation race. No points               oversubscribed, the registrar will take all entries
   awarded for consolation races regardless of finish                   postmarked or entered online in order of entry. If on
   position. Cars that did qualify but not in the top 40, may           any given day the field becomes oversubscribed, the
   wait at false grid of their original run group in case of a no       registrar will choose at random from the entries on
   show by a top 40 entrant. Alternates will be filled using            the day the race becomes full. Subsequent entries will
   final qualifying times in the order they qualified, #41 will         be put on a waiting list. Every entrant, successful or
   receive the first option followed by #42, 43, etc. Alternate         not, will receive an email or phone call indicating their
   grid positions will be after the last original qualifiers.           entry status and their number on the waiting list.
26. SM &SSM Compliance - All SM and SSM cars must                       Those on the waiting list may be accepted in the
   use Toyo Proxes RA1 205-50/15 Spec tires.                            order of their wait list number for entry at 9am on
27. GTL: Must meet all current GTL rules and regulations                August 237, , 2008 if there is space in the field (due
   with the exception of mandatory use of an SIR when                   to cancellations or no-shows).
   specified. All engines currently listed in the current GTCS      5.    Numbers: Car numbers will be assigned on first
   with an SIR may optionally use choke sizes, at the listed            come, first served basis. The registrar will indicate
   weights, as published in the 2007 GTCS for GTL. Engines              the assigned number on the entry confirmation.
   not listed or showing choke sizing in the 2007 GTCS will         6.     Cancellation: The registrar must receive any
   be required to comply with current GTL specifications.               cancellations in writing on or before August 18, 2008
   This is a temporary classification to help teams adjust to           to receive a full refund. After this date partial refunds
   implementation of SIR restrictors at a Regional level. This          will be made at the discretion of the Registrar.
   consideration will terminate 01/01/2010.                         7.    Qualifying: The starting positions will be determined
28. Race Clock - At the chief steward’s discretion the                  by the fastest timed lap in the Saturday qualifying
   session clock may continue to run during a Black or Red              session as specified in the GCR. Any driver who is
   flag situation.                                                      entered in the Enduro may drive during the qualifying
                                                                        session. Any driver may start the race and need not
29. listing.Radio Frequencies: Emergency Services,
                                                                        be the same driver who qualifies the car.
   Race and Event Control will use the following radio
                                                                    8.    Race Length: The race will end when the leader
   frequencies for the operation of this event, 151.625
                                                                        passes start/finish after time expires. If the leader is
   151.655 151.715 151.895 152.700 154.515 154.570
                                                                        not running, the race will end when the highest place
      running car passes start/finish after time expires. The           equipment may be stored outside this space. The pit
      length of the race will be the distance covered by the            marshal will enforce these requirements and his/her
      race winning carThe race length shall be the distance             decision is final. Due to the number of pit spaces two
      covered by the overall winning car in three hours.                cars may be assigned to each space. If you want to
9.      Race Winner: The race winner will be the car that               share with a specific competitor please indicate so at
      completes the most laps in the allotted time.The race             check in.
      will end when the leader passes start/finish after time     21.     Mandatory Equipment: Each team must have
      expires. If the winner is not running, the race will end          available in the pit area one 10lb 60 BC fire
      when the highest place running car passes start/finish            extinguisher and ten pounds of absorbent
      after time expires.                                               material (oil-dry or kitty-litter). Absorbent material
10.     Team Entry: All drivers and working crew (on pit                must be used immediately to clean up any spilled
      row) must be current SCCA members.                                fluids.
11.     Team Leader: For multiple driver cars, the team           22.     Refueling in the Pits: refueling may be done when
      must designate a team leader. This should be the                  the driver is in the car and the engine is not running.
      entrant or driver listed first on the entry form. The             No one may work under the car while refueling. At all
      team leader will be the only one who can officially               times when the fuel cap is removed or fuel cans are
      speak for the team.                                               over the wall a crew person must be positioned on pit
12.     Team Responsibilities: Any penalties incurred by                lane for the sole purpose of manning a 10lb fire
      an individual driver will be considered to be incurred            extinguisher. All persons handling or touching the
      by all drivers on the team for the purpose of event               refueling apparatus during refueling must wear fire
      scoring.                                                          retardant clothing, face covering, and gloves (the
13.     Driver Requirements:          Per GCR 3.1.4SCCA                 same specification as for driver’s gear). Absorbent
      national, regional, and novice permit holders..                   material must be used immediately to clean up any
14.     Sound: All cars must meet a 100db sound limit at all            spilled fuel. Refueling containers may not exceed
      times. Any car violating this limit (even once) may be            eleven gallon capacity. All teams must restrict fuel
      black-flagged and must make modifications to                      spillage; a drip pan must be utilized when refueling
      resolve the problem prior to re-entering the course.;             cars not equipped with fuel cells.
      tech sticker removed, and will not be allowed to return     23.     OVERHEAD Refueling Equipment: Overhead
      to the track until adequately muffled. A vehicle which            refueling rigs or pressurized refueling apparatus will
      is black flagged for sound a second time will not be              not be permitted. All refueling equipment is subject to
      allowed to re-enter competition.                                  the approval of the Chief Steward.
15.     Fuel Tanks: Fuel tank capacity may not be larger          24.     Refueling on Course: Refueling on course will not
      than 110% of stock size listed in the car’s MVMA                  be permitted. The driver must wait for the tow-truck
      book.        Any       car       may       have       its         and be returned to the pits.
      tank pumped to check tank capacity. Any car found           25.     Pit Stops: All cars shall make one pit stop, for a
      in violation will not be allowed to compete until it is           minimum of three minutes in duration. Clock is to
      brought into specification. “Additional penalties may             start when the car comes to a full stop. Each team
      be imposed or requested by the Chief Steward."                    must time itself, but officials will also time (officials do
16.     Refueling Modifications: No modifications may be                not release the car at the end of time). Cars leaving
      made to T1, T2, SSB or SSC cars either for the                    early will be black flagged to return to the pits to
      purpose of easier access or quicker filling of the fuel           complete the balance of their required stop and any
      tank unless authorized by the specifications for that             penalty the Chief Steward may impose. Driver change
      class. “Additional penalties may be imposed or                    can be performed during refueling. Required pit stop
      requested by the Chief Steward." . IT/AS cars must                must start after the first 15 minutes or before the last
      conform to their class specification.                             15 minutes on the official race clock. All pit stops that
17.     Damage: Any car sustaining severe structural                    involve refueling must be three minutes minimum and
      damage during the event may, at the discretion of the             engine shall not be running during refueling. Only four
      chief steward, be prevented from re-entering the                  crew members may be on the pit lane side of the wall
      competition until repairs are made.                               at any time to conduct refueling, changing tires, or
18.     Disabled Cars: Disabled cars on course will first be            conducting repairs.       The driver must be inside,
      moved to a safe position and then towed to the pits               entering or exiting the car or he/she counts as a crew
      as soon as is safely possible.              Drivers are           member. The designated refueling fire safety crew
      encouraged to reach a safe location (flag station)                member does not count against this limit as long as
      before stopping their car.                                        the fuel system is open, and that person may perform
19.     Pit Area: No smoking in the pit area. No welding in             no other function.
      the pit area. No shorts, no sandals, no bare feet, no       26.      Repairs: If a team needs repairs after the race has
      minors in the pit area.                                           started that cannot be made in the pit lane or if the
20.     Pit Spaces: Each team will reserve a pit space upon             chief steward does not want them made in the pit
      signing in at registration. Each space will be twelve             lane, the car may be returned to the paddock to make
      feet long along the pit rail and will extend eight feet           repairs. Driver must receive permission of an official
      into pit row from the rail and twenty feet behind the pit         to reenter the course from the paddock.
      wall (leaving a pathway between the fences). No
27. Trophies: Trophies will be awarded to the top 10%        Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
    of the finishers. To be eligible for trophies, the car
    must have completed 75% of the number of laps
    completed by the overall race winner. There will be
    no trophies for position in class. Other trophies may
    be awarded at the discretion of the Event Chairman.
28. Points: will be awarded as per NESCCA Enduro
    Series guidelines.
29. Transponders Are Mandatory - All cars must be
    equipped with a working AMB Tranx260 transponder.
    The Transponder # must be given to Registration.
    Rentals May Be Available from the Track.

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