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CSU Bakersfield Department of Nursing RN to BSN Completion


									                                            CSU Bakersfield

                                        Department of Nursing

                                        RN to BSN Completion
                                         Program Handbook

This document was prepared for students who would like to obtain a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing after
completion of an Associate Degree in Nursing. Those interested in applying to this program must hold an
active California RN license.
                California State University, Bakersfield Department of Nursing

                    RN to BSN Completion 2013-2014 Program Handbook

                                      Table of Contents

I.     Admissions & Eligibility, Advising, & General Education ………………….………..       3-8

          Program Admission ……………….…..…………………….…                           3-4

          Program Eligibility …………………………………...………                          4-5

          Application Processing ……………………….....…...….……                    5

          Post-Acceptance Requirements ………………………...…….                     5-6

          Advising ………………………………………………………                                   6

          CSUB General Education ……………………..………………                          6-7

          Transferring From a Community College …………………….                  8

II.    RN to BSN Completion General Program Information ….……………………….….             8-10

          Program Cost………………………………………….………..                               8

          Program Schedule ………………………….…………..……..                           9

          Course Descriptions ……………………………………………                            9-10

III.   Clinical Requirements and the Public Health Certification……………..………..….     10-11

          Clinical Requirements ………………………………………..                          10

          Required Clinical Documentation…………………………..…                     10-11

IV.    Services for Distance Education Students ……………………………..…..…………..             11-12

          Individual Distance Advising ………………………………...                     11-12

          Registering for Online Courses ……………..…..……………..                 11

          Online Service Directory ………………………………………                         12

                           I. Admissions & Eligibility, Advising, & General Education

The Department of Nursing at California State University, Bakersfield proudly offers the Online RN to BSN
Completion program. The RN to BSN Completion program utilizes the Blackboard system to provide higher
education access to Kern, Tulare, and Antelope Valley students online. This program is a great option for students
who would like to obtain a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing after completion of an Associate Degree in Nursing.
Students may complete the baccalaureate degree in twelve months. During this time, students are also required to
complete all general education requirements for the degree by the last quarter of the program. We are no longer
accepting applications on a first come, first served basis. All applicants will be ranked based on the completion of
General Education requirements, prerequisite GPA, Math/Science prerequisite GPA, California and County
residency, and an on-campus interview. Points will be awarded based on the completion of this criterion. Please
review the policies and requirements in this handbook carefully, as the program policies and procedures are subject
to change.

                                               Program Admission
Pre-Application Requirements
    1. Review the “Key Facts” form available at the Department of Nursing Office (RNC building on-campus) or
        online at to ensure all prerequisites and eligibility requirements
        are met.
    2. Visit your junior college counselor/advisor and ask for a copy of the CSU Breadth course list. Complete
        lower division general education courses (Area A-D, American Institutions requirement, Foreign
        Language, and GRE: Gender, Race, and Ethnicity). The CSU Breadth courses must be complete prior to
        transferring. You will only be allowed to have one of these courses in-progress or out-standing at the time
        the application is received. If transferring from more than one college, you will need to submit all
        transcripts to one college and request a general education certification. Please note that you still will need
        to submit one paper copy of all transcripts with your application packet and one electronic copy to the
        Office of Admissions and Records (after completing the University application at
    3. Review the upper-division General Education requirements for CSU, Bakersfield. Students are strongly
        encouraged to complete all general education (upper and lower-division) prior to entering the program.
Application Process

    1.   Apply to CSU, Bakersfield on February 1, 2013. Online applications are available through
    2.   Once you have applied to the University, send an official, general education certified, transcript from each
         college/university attended to the CSUB Office of Admissions and Records:
                       California State University, Bakersfield
                       Office of Admissions and Records
                       47 SA
                       9001 Stockdale Highway
                       Bakersfield, CA 93311-1022
    3.   Attach one official, general education certified, paper transcript from each college/university and high
         school attended to the RN to BSN Completion Program application.
    4.   Apply to the RN to BSN Completion program by submitting a complete program application packet
         (detailed instructions included in the application) including the Essential Functions signed portion, during
         the application submission period (February 1, 2013-March 29, 2013) to:
                       California State University, Bakersfield,
                       Department of Nursing, ATTN: Brynn Schock
                       29 RNC
                       9001 Stockdale Highway
                       Bakersfield, CA 93311-1022.
         If you reside in the Antelope Valley area, you may submit your application to the main office at the
         CSUBAV campus (please indicate that you are submitting the RN to BSN Completion Program
    5.   Applicants will be required to come to campus for a pre-acceptance interview.

    6.   Review Clinical Requirements (see page 12). Clinical documentation will be required later in the program
         (details TBA). Please do not complete or submit the required documentation until after you have been
         officially admitted to the RN to BSN Completion program.
    7.   Review the Nursing Student Handbook.

                                                Program Eligibility

Eligibility will be determined by the completion of the following requirements:
      Complete the following prerequisites with a “C” or higher):
               o Anatomy w/Lab
               o Physiology w/Lab
               o Microbiology w/Lab
               o Inorganic or Organic or Combination Chemistry w/Lab
               o Critical Thinking
               o Statistics
               o Advanced English Composition
               o Public Speaking
      Must have a grade point average (GPA) of 2.8 or greater in the last 60 semester/90 quarter units of college
          course work.
      Must be in good standing at the last college/university attended.
      Must have no more than 5 general education courses outstanding or in-progress at the time the application
          is submitted.
      Be admitted to California State University, Bakersfield.
      Have an active California RN license.
      Have a current CPR certification from the American Heart Association.
      Must have a computer with internet access and a current email address.
      Must have the ability to travel to Bakersfield for the pre-acceptance interview and to complete the on-
          campus orientation, background check, and required clinical hours as assigned.
      Have completed an Associate Degree in Nursing (A.D.N.) from an accredited college nursing program.
For a list of equivalent prerequisite courses from a California community college, please visit:

Prerequisite Repeat Policy: Students may only have one repeated prerequisite course.
Eligibility/Prerequisite Course Failures Policies: Students/applicants that have achieved less than a grade of “C”
twice in the same required prerequisite course or less than the grade of “C” in three different prerequisites are
ineligible to enter the nursing program. The Department of Nursing holds to a five-year forgiveness policy on
prerequisite course failures. A prerequisite is defined as any course that would meet a specific nursing requirement.
Withdrawal “W” Policy: Students with more than 28 quarter units of Withdrawals “W” on their transcripts will be
ineligible for the program. Complete term withdrawals will not affect eligibility.
Grade Replacement Policy: The most current grade in a prerequisite will be used on the application and to
calculate the prerequisite GPA (even if it was lower the first time the course was taken).
Eligibility/Previous Student Policy: Previous RN to BSN Completion students that have stopped-out will not be
allowed to apply for entry to the RN to BSN Completion Program.
Foreign Nursing Students or Students with Foreign Transcripts. Students with an active International Student
Visa will not be eligible for the program and will need to con-tact the International Student Programs Department at
(661) 654-6124 for more information. If you are a U.S. citizen, but have foreign transcripts, you will need to get
your transcripts evaluated by two separate entities.
Nursing Course Work Evaluation (Foreign Nursing Students Only)
For Nursing course work evaluation information, please contact the CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign
Nursing Schools) by phone at (215) 349-8767 or visit their website at and request a course-by-
course evaluation.
General Education Evaluation (Foreign Nursing Students Only)
For an evaluation of your general education, you will need to get two transcript evaluations (one for the Admissions
and Records Office, and one for the program application) from an Evaluation service. You may contact the
following to complete this process:

    Institute for International Credentials Evaluations at California State University, Fresno
    5150 North Maple Avenue, M/S 56
    Joyal Administration, Room 211
    California State University, Fresno
    Fresno, CA 93740-8026
    (559) 278-7622; Fax: (559) 278-7879
    E-mail: Website: (information
    obtained from

                                               Application Processing

I have submitted all required materials to both the University and to the RN to BSN Program. What now?
The University Application ( Once your application to California State University, Bakersfield
through is submitted, and you have submitted an official transcript from all colleges attended to the
Office of Admissions and Records, you will need to wait for the University to receive and process your application
and to evaluate your transcripts. This process can take several weeks, so do not worry if you do not receive a
response right away. If accepted to California State University, Bakersfield, you will receive an acceptance packet
from the University that includes your new student identification number and an invitation to attend the CSUB New
Student Orientation on-campus. You will not need to attend the CSUB New Student Orientation; the Nursing
Department will have their own Orientation for accepted students. You may check on the evaluation of your
transcripts two ways; once you receive your acceptance packet, you may access your records and your University To
Do List at using your NET ID (to find your NET ID, please
visit and by accessing your Degree Progress Report . To speak with someone about
your transferred course work, you may contact your evaluator through the Admissions and Records Office by calling
(661) 654-3036.
The Nursing Application: Students who submit the RN to BSN Completion application will receive an email
response notifying them that their application has been received. Once your application has been reviewed and
evaluated, you will receive the “Status of Your Application Report” by email (this may take several weeks). Once
the application deadline has passed, you will receive an invitation for an on-campus interview. After the interview
points are added to an applicant’s primary points as follows: Grade Point Average, GPA (last 60 semester/90quarter
units), CA/County residence, and remaining GE. The application will be ranked in accordance to the overall points.
Acceptance and denial letters for admission from the Program Director, Michelle Kinder will be send out promptly
once the interview phase is complete. If entrance to the program is denied, the letter will describe the nature of your
denial. If accepted to the program, the acceptance letter will feature instructions to begin the program.

                                          Post-Acceptance Requirements
Background Check & Drug Test
A background check will be required at the time of admission to the RN to BSN Completion program. Background
checks will be purchased and requested (at the expense of the student) through (please
refer to your acceptance letter for details and instructions). There is a $68 fee required when you login. You will not
need to submit anything to the Department of Nursing (do not send the password); the Nursing Department Chair is
the only person with access to this information. The Nursing Department will only be notified when this requirement
is complete. There will also be a mandatory drug test. Details will be provided to each student upon acceptance.
The RN to BSN Completion Orientation
Once accepted, new students will be given a list of post-acceptance requirements (see acceptance letter) and will be
invited to a mandatory on-campus orientation (please note that this is separate from the CSUB New Student
Orientation, in which you are not required to attend). The Program Orientation will allow you to meet your Nursing
faculty, staff, and fellow students and will provide you with an opportunity to get information regarding the clinical
requirements. You will need to bring $5.00 cash or money order to cover the cost of your clinical identification
badge. Students must bring all required documents (will be noted in the acceptance letter, including a passport
photo) to the orientation. Please note: Students who are accepted to CSUB any term other than Summer will need to
attend the CSUB New Student Orientation (please contact the RN to BSN Completion Advisor for details). The RN

to BSN Completion Advisor does not attend all orientations, so please come to the main orientation and register for
Clinical Badge
Students will need a clinical badge for the Community Health Practicum course (Nursing 442). This requirement
must be complete prior to beginning the Summer quarter and will be due at the time of the program orientation.
Students must submit a $5.00 money order or personal check and either a passport photo or a digital photo (must
have a plain background and be taken from the shoulders up). The clinical badges will be dispersed on the first
clinical day by the clinical instructor.

Pre-Application Advising (RN to BSN)
Students interested in the RN to BSN Completion program should meet with the Program Advisor one year prior to
applying to the program. This is to ensure that students complete all required CSU Breadth courses necessary to
transfer to the University. It is strongly encouraged that students schedule time each semester/quarter to meet with
their advisor for educational planning and for pre-application advising. Pre-application advising provides a general
overview of previous course work of both the general education and prerequisites, and is used to determine
eligibility for the RN to BSN Completion Program. Students may submit unofficial transcripts by mail to the
Advisor, Brynn Schock, to complete the pre-application evaluation at a distance. Students who have been meeting
regularly with the Advisor will not need the pre-application evaluation.
RN to BSN Completion Program Advising
Once accepted to the RN to BSN Completion program, students must consult with their advisor each quarter to
discuss registration, to complete their plan to complete all graduation requirements, and to discuss their term course
load. Concentration Outline updates will be sent out each term via email. Students should discuss any changes with
the Program Advisor.
RN to BSN Advising on Blackboard (BB9)
Accessed through BB9, the RN to BSN Advising course allows students to locate important documents and links
regarding general education requirements, nursing requirements, ask questions, view the Frequently Asked
Questions, see your Advisor’s weekly schedule/office hours, view the orientation, and communicate with your
          To login to the Advising Course please follow the following directions: Add the Advising course titled,
          “RN to BSN Student Advising”, to your online course list through BB9. All online Nursing lecture courses
          will require you to add their course through BB9.

                               CSU, Bakersfield General Education Requirements

In addition to the Nursing course work, students seeking the BSN must also satisfy the requirements for general
education. Upon completing the “Application for the Baccalaureate Degree” form in Admissions and Records, two
terms prior to graduation, the University Evaluations Office will evaluate all completed course work and determine
if the requirements for general education have been met. California State University, Bakersfield requires that all
undergraduate students satisfy the requirements for both the lower-division and upper-division general education to
graduate. Students are encouraged to communicate with Brynn Schock each quarter to ensure timely completion of
all general education course work.

Students already awarded a Baccalaureate degree from a California State University or another university, in an-
other major of study, will not need to complete the general education requirements listed below; students with an
approved foreign or private BA or BS degree will need to complete the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement
(GWAR) prior to graduation. Please contact your Evaluator in the Office of Admissions and Records at (661) 654-
3036 if you have already received a BA/BS from another University to verify that all upper and lower-division
course work is complete. If your prior degree was from a foreign university, you will need to have your degree
approved by the Evaluations office in Admissions and Records. Contact your University Evaluator at (661) 654-
3036 for details.

Lower-Division General Education

Area A: Communication in the English Language (Please see community college CSU Breadth Course

    1: Speaking and Listening*
    2: Writing and Reading*
    3: Writing and Critical Thinking*: Logic or Critical Thinking; Must be complete within 45 resident units at
Area B: Mathematics, Life and Physical Sciences
   1: Physical Sciences*
   2: Life Sciences (Waived for Nursing Students)
   3: Science Lab*
   4: Mathematics*
Area C: Arts and Humanities (three total courses; one from each section)
 (Please see community college CSU Breadth Course Requirements)
   1: Art or Performing Art
   2: Foreign Language
   3: History
   4: Literature
   5: Philosophy/Religious Studies
Area D: Social and Behavioral Sciences
   1: Cultural Anthropology or Sociology (see number 5 below)
   2: Economics (Waived for Nursing Students)
   3: Political Science
   4: Introduction to Psychology
   5: Introduction to Sociology or Cultural Anthropology (see above)
US Constitution/California State and Local Government: Political Science
U.S. History
Foreign Language (two years of high school foreign language or completion of one college quarter/semester of
   foreign language.
* This section is satisfied with completion of all RN to BSN Completion prerequisites

Upper-Division General Education
Upper-Division general education courses are higher-level courses necessary for graduation from CSU, Bakersfield.
You must take all courses (with exception of the GRE requirement if already satisfied by community college course)
in residence at CSUB. There is no guarantee that the Theme courses will be offered online each term. Prior to each
quarter (fall/Winter/Spring), you will receive a list of online courses available that satisfy the upper-division
requirements by email. For more information about transferrable GE courses, please contact the Admissions and
Records Office at (661) 654-3036 or visit and select “All Courses Satisfying
All Requirements”.
    Theme 1: Natural Sciences and Technology (waived for Nursing Students)

   Theme 2: Arts and Humanities (One course from this section; must complete Areas A & C prior to taking this

   Theme 3: Social and Behavioral Science (One course from this section; must complete Areas A & D prior to
   taking this course).

   GRE: Gender, Race, Ethnicity (One course from this section)

   GWAR: Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (One course or Exam). This requirement may be satisfied
   by either taking the GWAR or by completion of one upper-division writing course (see below for details).
   Students who choose to satisfy this requirement by taking the GWAR must sign up and pay the testing fee and
   come on the scheduled testing day (see Testing Center’s website for details). Students, who complete this
   requirement by taking an upper-division course, may take any approved course listed on the Testing Center’s
   website. The following courses are offered online (please read course description for mandatory meeting times:
                      •   COMM 304: Tech & Report Writing

                        • ENGL 305: Modes of Writing
    For more information about the GWAR (study tips, grading, schedule, fees, etc.) or the approved courses, please
    visit the Testing Center’s website at:
                           Transferring from a Community College to CSU, Bakersfield
Lower-Division: The lower-division requirements may be satisfied with junior college transfer credit (listed on page
7). Typically, students who graduate with their Associate’s Degree in Nursing have not met all of the requirements
for the areas listed below. All areas are not required to be admitted to the University, however, students are required
to complete the CSU Breadth Course List and get a general education certification prior to applying to the RN to
BSN Completion Program (students may only apply to the program with one lower-division course in-progress or
outstanding). Students transferring from multiple community colleges are responsible for sending all transcripts
from other colleges to the one main college they plan to transfer from to complete a passalong general education
certification. Students will need to request a general education certification from only one college when requesting
transcripts. Students must also submit official transcripts from all colleges attended. Please visit your community
college advisor/counselor for assistance with the completion of the CSU Breadth Course List. If you are
transferring from Antelope Valley College, Bakersfield College, or College of the Sequoias, please review the
roadmap section of the “Advising” menu for details regarding your transfer.

                            II. RN to BSN Completion General Program Information

                                                      Program Cost
Tuition for the full-time RN to BSN Completion program will be charged to the student promptly after enrollment
has taken place. Once enrolled in courses, students may access their balance through MyCSUB. The overall cost for
the one year RN to BSN Completion Program will depend on part or full-time enrollment status each term. Students
will be charged a flat, full-time tuition rate each term for enrollment if units exceed 6.1. Students are responsible for
paying tuition and purchasing textbooks in a timely manner. Failure to pay tuition will result in the student being
dropped from all attempted course work. For an estimate of current fees associated with tuition and other on-campus
expenses, please refer to the CSUB 2011-2013 catalog, under “Schedule of Fees”. Tuition and University fees are
subject to change. Further payment information may be obtained from the Student Financial Office (located across
from the Admissions and Records Office).
     1. Cost to Apply to the Program: (estimate: $85.00+)
              a. University Application Fee: $55.00
              b. Nursing Application Processing Fee: $30.00
              c. Transcripts: Three copies total from each college/University attended (please see page 27). Cost
     2. Post-Admission Costs: (estimate: $13,713.00)
              a. Background Check: $68.00
              b. Professional Liability Insurance: $20.00
              c. Clinical Badge: $5.00 (plus the cost of passport photo –optional-)
              d. Health Clearance: Varies
              e. Tuition and Books: $3,400 (estimate per quarter)
              f. GWAR (Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement): $25.00 testing fee (optional)
     3. Graduation Cost ($119.00)
              a. Application for Graduation: $40.00
              b. Public Health Nurse Certificate Expenses
                         i. Transcript Fee: $4.00
                        ii. Board of Registered Nursing Fee: $75.00
              c. Graduation Ceremony (cap/gown/announcements/alumni/etc.): Please contact the campus
                  Bookstore for information
Total Estimated for Full-time Program: $13,917 (Program cost estimate is subject to change. Please see your
CSUB Catalog for further details and updates)

                                                  Program Schedule
The RN to BSN Completion program requires that students complete the designated Nursing courses each quarter in
addition to the required general education courses to satisfy the requirements for graduation from CSU, Bakersfield.
RN to BSN Completion students will have course work in research, community health, and professional leadership.
This program also assists students to prepare for graduate-level Nursing programs.

Full-Time Track

Summer 2013 (10 units)                                            Fall 2013 (16-26 units)

Nursing 345: Pathophysiologic Basis of Illness and Disease (5)   Nursing 357: Foundations of Nursing Research (4)
Nursing 410: Professional Nursing Concepts and Issues (5)        Nursing 489: Experiential Prior Learning (12)
                                                                 Recommended: Theme 2 & GRE

Winter 2014 (15 units)                                         Spring 2014 (25-35 units)

Nursing 441: Community Health Nursing (5)                      Nursing 493: Advanced Leadership Seminar II (5)
Nursing 442: Community Health Practicum (5)                    Nursing 499: Independent Study (NCLEX) (20)
Nursing 492: Advanced Leadership Seminar I (5)                 Recommended: Theme 3 & GWAR

                                                  Course Descriptions
Nursing 345 Pathophysiologic Basis of Illness and Disease (5)
Focuses on disease processes in the human and encompasses the study of disordered or altered functions. Defines
relationships between human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and microbiology. Using a systems assessment
approach, provides the basis for treatment of disease states. Acute and chronic alterations will be identified. A
framework incorporating genetic, congenital, traumatic, and acquired risk factors across the life-span resulting in
pathophysiologic alterations will be discussed. Prerequisite: Admission to the RN-BSN Program.
Nursing 357: Foundations of Nursing Research (4)
An introduction to planning a research project based upon a simple nursing problem. Includes: definitions of terms,
methods for writing problem statements, sample collection procedures, choosing data collection instruments, data
analysis, protection of human subjects rights, developing a nursing research proposal. Prerequisites: MATH 140 or
PSYC 200, completion of Level II nursing courses or enrollment in RN to BSN program.
Nursing 410: Professional Nursing Concepts and Issues (5)
This course provides the students with opportunities to explore and critically analyze nursing theories and
conceptual models. The relationship between nursing theories and nursing practices will be emphasized. Students
will also examine the characteristics of nursing as a profession and the roles of the professional nurse. Current and
evolving ethical, legal, political, and economic issues facing the profession of nursing will be discussed and
analyzed. Prerequisite: Admission to the RN-BSN Program.
Nursing 441: Community Health Nursing (5)
Principles, theories, and concepts of community health nursing are utilized to generate an understanding of the roles
and functions of community health nurses. Special focus is given to the nursing process and nursing roles needed to
promote system stability and maximum functional status of families, groups, aggregates, and community. This
course is designed to encourage the critical thinking necessary to perform competently in community health nursing.
Prerequisites: Level III Nursing courses or equivalent for RN-BSN students.
Nursing 442: Community Health Nursing Practicum (5)
Concepts and theories of community health nursing are utilized in the application of the systems model. Special
emphasis is given to use of the nursing process with families, groups or aggregates. Laboratory Practice.
Prerequisite: Level III Nursing courses or equivalent for RN-BSN students. Prerequisite or Co-requisite: NURS

Nursing 489: Experiential Prior Learning (12)
Evaluation and assessment of learning that has occurred as a result of prior off-campus experience relevant to the
curriculum of the nursing department. Requires complementary academic study and/or documentation including a
portfolio. RN-BSN students only, by petition. Prerequisite: NURS 410. Credit or No credit.
Nursing 492: Advanced Leadership Seminar I (5)
This course focuses on theoretical principles to provide nurses with the knowledge base to be an effective
leader/manager in today’s healthcare environment. Students will identify their own leadership and management
style. The concepts of power, strategic planning, advocacy, change, collaboration, and resource management will be
discussed. Prerequisite: NURS 357. RN-BSN students only.
Nursing 493: Advanced Leadership Seminar II (5)
This course focuses on the nurse's role as a leader/manager in a healthcare setting. Emphasis is placed on the
implementation of leadership principles and how they are used to define the nurse's management style. Students
will complete a culminating project within their own practice setting that demonstrates nursing leadership. Students
will identify a nurse leader within their organization to mentor them in completing their culminating project.
Prerequisites: NURS 357 and NURS 492. RN-BSN students only
Nursing 499: Independent Study (NCLEX) (20)
Individual projects, such as directed reading, for students qualified to carry on independent work. For RN-BSN
students, the passage of the NCLEX examination provides credit for this course. Prerequisite: NURS 357 or
permission of instructor.

First Term Course Policy: If you accept a seat in the program and are unable, for whatever reason, to successfully
complete the first quarter of courses, you will be ineligible to reenter/reapply to the program in the future.

                         III. Clinical Requirements and the Public Health Certification

                             Clinical Requirements for the Public Health Certification
Once students complete the requirements for graduation from the RN to BSN Completion Program, they are eligible
to apply to the Board of Registered Nursing for a Public Health Certificate. This program meets the minimum
requirements for the PHN certification through the following two courses:
Nursing 441: Community Health Nursing (5)
Nursing 442: Community Health Nursing Practicum (5)
Students must complete clinical hours during the winter quarter (ten weeks, one day per week, approximately ten
hours per day– see clinical instructor for current information) at a clinical site in Kern County to satisfy the hours
required for Community Health (Nursing 442). This course is required and meets the minimum eligibility
requirements to apply for the Public Health Nurse Certificate.
For more information regarding the Community Health Practicum course (Kern County), or placement, please
contact Professor Judy Pedro at (661) 654-2050 or by email at Please refer to the Department of
Nursing Preceptor Handbook (available through the Department of Nursing website) for preceptor qualifications,
roles, and responsibilities.
For PHN application and information, please visit the Board of Registered Nursing website (
and review pages 15 of this document. Once the BSN degree has been posted, all students will receive directions to
complete the PHN application process via email.

                                         Required Clinical Documentation
The Nursing Department must have the following on file for each student prior to the beginning of the community
health course meeting. Failure to do so will result in the student missing the first course meeting and any subsequent
meetings with their preceptor.
     Professional Liability Insurance (PLI)
     Do not purchase until after October. It will expire if purchased too early.
         1. Pay at CSUB’s Cashier Office (ADMIN East Bldg.) or online through MyCSUB (see page 17)
         2. To pay online, login to mycsub> campus finances> (Use the drop down menu “Other financial”) select
             “payments”> “make a payment”(you may also view the online “MyCSUB Tutorial for more details).

    Health Clearance
    You will complete the RN to BSN Health Clearance through the Student Health Center on-campus (661) 654-
    2394. You will not be required to go to the Health Center to complete your vaccinations or required tests; these
    may be done at your local physician’s office or hospital. In order to complete the Health Clearance, the Student
    Health Center must receive a completed copy of the Student Health History form and other required documents
    (please contact the Student Health Center for a list of required paperwork). For more information, you may visit
    their website at: Once the Health Clearance has been granted, the
    Nursing Department will need written authorization to pick it up from the Student Health Center. If you would
    like your form to be picked up, please send the authorization form by fax to the Student Health Center (661)
    654-3301. You will not receive a copy; it will go directly into your student file.
    CPR Certification
     Submit a current copy of the American Heart Association CPR Certification. It must be the BLS for Health
    Care Providers Certification. When an updated card is received, please make a copy and submit it to the
    Nursing Department for your file. A current copy must be on file at all times with the Department of Nursing.
    RN license
    A current copy of your RN license must be on file with the Department of Nursing.
    Mask Fit Testing
    Can be performed at: Central Valley Occupational Medical Group Inc.; 4100 Truxtun Ave #200; Bakersfield,
    CA 93301 (661) 632-1540 –or- through any doctor or hospital. Upon completion, please submit a copy (must
    be valid for one year) to the Department of Nursing.
    Health insurance or Declination Form
    Please submit a copy of your medical insurance card. You may submit a Health Insurance Declination form in
    place of the copy. Please submit the clinical requirements by the due date (see acceptance packet) to:
                                       California State University, Bakersfield
                                   Department of Nursing, ATTN: Brynn Schock
                                         RN-BSN Program Documentation
                                         9001 Stockdale Highway, 29 RNC
                                               Bakersfield, CA 93311

                                 IV. Services for Distance Education Students

                                             Individual Distance Advising
Students in the RN to BSN Completion program will have access to an area advisor for advising. Advisors are
available for face-to-face advising or advising at a distance (via phone or email).
BB9 Advising Course (RN to BSN Advising): There will be a Blackboard course designated for advising. The
quarterly newsletter, information about specific courses, registration, and graduation requirements will be posted.
Program-Specific Services: All students who are accepted to CSU, Bakersfield are required to attend an on-campus
Orientation. As an RN to BSN Completion program student, you will not be required to attend the, traditionally
mandatory, CSUB orientation; new students will be asked to attend the RN to BSN Completion Program Orientation
on-campus at the time of acceptance.
Campus Online Services: California State University, Bakersfield offers many services for distance learning
students such as: online journal and article search, online textbook ordering, online academic forms, online
registration and access to student records, class search, catalog, Financial Aid advising by phone (by appointment
only), online job search (Runnerlink) and much more! Please see below for more information and links.
                                            Registering for Online Courses
All RN to BSN Completion Nursing lecture courses are available online through the Blackboard system. You may
visit and log in to Blackboard at:
Students are responsible for obtaining course textbooks through the Runner Bookstore (see page 32).
How to Register For Nursing Courses
You will be automatically enrolled in the required Nursing courses each term, but will still need to log in to
Blackboard and self enroll in the courses within the system (select your course using the drop down menu once
logged in; for assistance logging in or if you have questions about BB9, you may visit: Once courses begin,

you will be able to view your course syllabus, materials, and lectures. Some instructors may also contact you prior
to the start of the course and provide you with a course syllabus.
How to Register For General Education Courses
In addition to the required Nursing courses, you may also choose to enroll in general education courses. To do this,
you will need to go to MyCSUB ( and
click the option labeled “Add a Class”. You will then be asked to select the appropriate term and search for the
course title. Once you find the course that you would like to register in, you will need to click on the five digit
number (at the top of the course box) to view the course information. You will need to verify that the course is
offered at the campus that you attend (i.e. Main Campus or Antelope Valley) and the course format (if the course is
taught online or on-campus). Once you find the right course, you will then select the course to add. If you encounter
enrollment errors, you will need to contact the advisor, Brynn Schock, for assistance. Please notify your area advisor
of any changes to your Concentration Outline (updated each term).

                                               Online Service Directory
Admissions and Records: Provides assistance with transcript evaluations, graduation application, add/drop forms,
Blackboard: Online portal to distance education courses. This will be the primary access point for your online
courses. This requires you to enroll yourself in the courses before the first day of class and you will need a username
and password (please visit to find your login information). Technical assistance may
be obtained by viewing the “Student Resources” section of Blackborad (BB9) under the login screen
( You may also contact the Help
Desk at (661) 654-2307.
Career Development Center: Call and speak with the Career Counselor, Melanie Butler, regarding resume writing
and cover letters, search open local and out-of-area positions through RunnerLink (must sign up and login to utilize
this free service), and view job hunting tips and career related services. (661)654-3033
Financial Aid: Meet with a Financial Aid Advisor by phone, obtain scholarship information, FAFSA information,
and much more! (661)654-3016
MyCSUB: Check transcripts, Degree Process Request, class search/course registration, etc. To login, you will need
to find your user name and password (please visit to find your login information).
Runner Bookstore: Find new and used books and order textbooks and graduation apparel online.
Student Financial Services: Inquire about fees due or payments. (661)654-3225.
Testing Center: Get scheduling and preparation information about the GWAR (Graduate Writing Assessment
Walter Stiern Library: Locate research articles, books, and receive personalized assistance from the Nursing
Subject Librarian, Ying Zhong.


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