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									                                                                                      NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS
                                                                                                                      ELIGIBILITY CENTER

 The NAIA Eligibility Voucher is designed to permit clearly eligible students to participate in winter and spring sports as soon as
 possible. Proper submission allows 1) the certifying NAIA institution to include the student on the institution’s eligibility certificate,
 and 2) the student to participate in intercollegiate competition while the NAIA Eligibility Center renders a decision.

 Vouchers may be submitted only for students who meet the following:

             1.   Have registered at and submitted their complete profile; and
             2.   Are enrolled as full-time students at the certifying NAIA institution for the winter/spring 2012 term; and
             3.   Will be participating for the first time in NAIA winter and/or spring sports at an NAIA institution in the winter/spring
                  2012 term.

 By submitting this voucher, the institution certifies that the student is eligible under all institutional, conference and NAIA

 For students enrolled in one or more previous terms at your institution prior to the winter/spring 2012 academic term, the
 completed voucher must be accompanied by an official transcript submitted by your registrar for all coursework completed
 by the student at your institution (incl. inter-terms, if applicable).

 PLEASE USE CAUTION: Submission of a voucher for a student later determined ineligible will result in serious
 consequences (forfeitures, loss of additional eligibility and additional sanctions or penalties as determined by the National Eligibility
 and/or Conduct and Ethics Committees).

 1.   Complete and sign the Voucher Form (FAR must sign)
 2.   If applicable, complete and sign Transcript Submission Form for NAIA Members
 3.   If applicable, attach the student’s official transcript from your instititution (and any other documentation required for eligibility
 4.   Send items 1-3 to the NAIA Eligibility Center using one of the following methods (please do not send this instruction page)

       Hardcopy - Overnight shipping           Electronic Transcript Exchange Svc.            Secure Online Drop Box for NAIA Registrars
       NAIA Eligibility Center -Transcripts           Avow                                   For NAIA institutions that do not participate
       1200 Grand Blvd. Suite 100                     ConnectEdu                             in an electronic transcript exchange service,
       Kansas City, MO 64106                          Docufide by Parchment                  a secure, web-based “drop box” has been
                                                      e-Script Safe                          established. NAIA Registrars may use the
                                                      National Transcript Center             drop box to forward NAIA transcripts and
                                                      National Student Clearinghouse         the voucher form.
                                               Follow instructions from the respective        Drop Box instructions were sent directly to
                                               service. Select the NAIA Eligibility           registrars via email.
                                               Center as a designated recipient.

 5.   The NAIA Eligibility Center will confirm acceptance of the voucher on the school’s Short List. An additional notification will be
      sent via email to the Conference Eligibility Chair.
 6.   After receiving confirmation the voucher has been accepted, the FAR can add the student to the official eligibility certificate.
        (ECP Users…Include the student’s ECID and voucher accepted date on the certificate. (In ECP, remember to check EC
        Determination. Add the ECID information. Check “force eligible” and enter “Voucher date mm/dd/yy” in the message box.)
 7.   Once the NAIA Eligibility Center completes its review of this student, the center will communicate its decision to the student,
      member institution and conference eligibility chair.

                  Questions? Please contact the NAIA Eligibility Center at or 816-595-8300.
                                                                                     NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS
                                                                                                                     ELIGIBILITY CENTER

                                  NAIA ELIGIBILITY VOUCHER FORM
                                        For 2012 Winter/Spring Sport Students

  Student Name:                                                                 NAIA Eligibility Center ID #:

  NAIA School:                                                                  State:


  Date of this student’s competition after voucher submission:


  By signing this form, I attest that the student meets the conditions established for voucher submission and that the student has
  satisfied all requirements for initial eligibility under NAIA, institutional and conference regulations.

  By signing this form, I agree, as a representative of the certifying institution, that if additional information is requested by the
  NAIA Eligibility Center related to this student’s eligibility, the institution will provide the information requested within 10 calendar
  days or withhold the student from further competition until the NAIA Eligibility Center is able to make a determination.

  By signing this form, I further agree that submission of a voucher for a student later determined ineligible will result in serious
  consequences for the student and institution, and loss of privileges to submit eligibility vouchers during the remainder of the current
  academic year and the following full academic year.


  FAR Name (please print)                                                  Cell Phone

  FAR (signature)                                                          E-mail



  Conference Name

  Conference Eligibility Chair Name                                        E-mail

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