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					December and January 2010/11

                                                                                This is one of the two new
                                                                                       baptismal windows
                                                                                           at St. Boniface.

Panto starts off our Christmas season                                                    We know Christmas is really on the
                                                                                         way when we hear Sarah-Jane
                                                                                         Stockman muttering ‘Mince pies,
                                                                                         mince pies’ - yes it’s time for the YCs’
                                                                                         Christmas panto. Audiences at this
                                                                                         year’s ‘Snow White and the Seven
                                                                                         Dwarfs’, enjoyed an evening of fun and
                                                                                         confusion - some of it intentional. Well
                                                                                         done to all the YCs and their many
                                                                                         helpers, whose energy and
                                                                                         enthusiasm continues to make this
                                                                                         Bunbury tradition such a treat.

                                                                                         Tree of lights
                                                                                         A very big thank you to all those who
                                                                                         have sponsored a light on our
                                                                                         Christmas tree. Their generous
                                                                                         donations –almost £500 so far - will
                                                                                         be used for the restoration of our
                                                                                         beautiful church. Many people sponsor
                                                                                         a light in commemoration of a loved
                                                                                         one or to celebrate a happy event. If
                                                                                         you are reading this before Christmas
                                                                                         it isn’t too late to make a donation and
                                                                                         have an inscription written into our

Watermill appeal gets underway                                                           Book of Lights.
                                                                                         Contact Lucy Munro 260487

                                                                                             Come to church
                                                                                            this Christmas !
                                                                                          service times on page 5

United Utilities have agreed to sell       cover legal and insurance costs. Any
Bunbury’s historic watermill to a          donation will be gratefully accepted:
charitable trust for a nominal sum. The    please post your cheque, payable to                                This lovely Santa
trust hopes to preserve the mill and set   ‘Bunbury Watermill Trust’ into the box                                is by Bunbury
up a museum and education centre.          provided in Burrows butchers.                                           School pupil
Before ownership can be transferred,       Enquiries to Ernest Croley 260344.                                  Harry Anderson
they need to raise an initial £5,000 to                                                                                  aged 4

          A Happy Christmas to all our readers
Congratulations to Annette and
Charles Kinsey of Haughton on the
arrival of Oliver David on Oct 29th, a
brother for Thomas and James.
Jim and Jean Walker are grand-
parents. Here are four generations of
the family with Annabella Mary-Jean,
born on 21st Aug to Adam Walker and
his wife Kate.

                                           Congratulations to Bryony Barker and
                                                                                      We are very sad to report the death on
                                           Stephen Milbourne of Congleton who
                                                                                      26th November at St. Luke’s Hospice
                                           married on 26th Nov at St. Boniface.
                                                                                      of Bunbury’s Dennis Clauson after
                                           Bryony’s grandparents, Alfred and
                                                                                      several months illness. Our thoughts
                                           Enid Candy, lived in Beeston, and her
                                                                                      are with Betty, his family and all his
                                           mother Jan Barker was baptised and
Welcome to Sienna Lilly, daughter of                                                  many friends.
                                           married in the church.
Adam Malley and Kerry Porter of
                                           Bunbury Garden Club’s next meeting
Haslington, baptised on 28th                                                          All the best to Ken and Hilda
                                           will be a quiz in the Village Hall on
November at St. Boniface:                                                             Musgrave who have left Bunbury for a
                                           18th Jan. Everyone welcome.
Congratulations to Billie-Dan                                                         new flat in Winsford, after over 25
Vanderspil, from Australia, great-niece    Primary aged children, please come         years here. Their former home, on the
of Lin Gates, confirmed at St. Boniface    and join in the St. Boniface Nativity      ‘island’ in the centre of the village, is
(after baptism here last year). Bishop     Play during the service on Sunday          part of local history, having at one
Alan Chesters conducted the service,       19th December. Costumes will be            timebeen home to the village ‘lock-up’.
his last at St. Boniface before moving     provided. Rehearsal is on Sunday 12th      Hilda has suffered ill-health for some
to Lingfield, Surrey.                      December straight after church, but        time and we hope that life in their new
                                           don't worry if you can't make the          home will be easier for them both.
                                           rehearsal. Please arrive by 9:30am on
                                           19th to take part.
                                                                                       This month please pray especially for
                                           Do you enjoy
                                                                                       Alyssa Williams, Carole Ridley,
                                           singing ? The
                                                                                       Jenny Chesters, Paul Rathbone,
                                           St. Boniface
                                                                                       Becky Bebbington, Patrick Ryan,
                                                                                       Jean Healey, Mary Williamson and
                                           choir meets
                                                                                       Betty Clauson and family.
                                           on 2nd, 9th
                                           and 16th Dec                                We pray for all those suffering in
                                           at 7.30pm to                                body, mind or spirit.
                                           rehearse for
Congratulations to Derek and Melody        the carol
Burrows who recently celebrated their      service on
                                           19th Dec,
                                                                                      Sing round the Tree
25th Anniversary and Roger and Meg
Fairweather who celebrate their            under the                                  Why not join in the community carol
Golden Wedding on 29th December.           enthusiastic direction of Nicola           singing around the tree in Bunbury
                                           Howbrigg, pictured here. All welcome,      Village centre at 6.30pm on Christmas
Thanks to Sue Watson of Spurstow for
                                           even if you have missed the first          Eve? And don’t forget the Good
her long service as a distributor: Sadly
                                           rehearsal.                                 Companions will be serving mulled
Sue has had to give up for personal
                                                                                      wine and mince pies afterwards in the
reasons. Thanks to Reg Unsworth for        Editors’ thanks: Many thanks to all
                                                                                      Village Hall (collection for charity).
stepping in.                               our distributors for another year’s work
We published the wrong date last           in rain or shine. Special thanks also to
month: the Tarporley High School           Liz and Andrew Morton, Peter Crump         Please note that the deadline for the
“Budget Ball” takes place on May           and Eric Wallington who help us every      February Link will be Friday 14th
21st 2011.                                 month, and to all our many                 January. The magazines will be in
                                           contributors.                              church on Sunday 30th January.
                     Make a Christmas cake
                               (but read the recipe first)
  2 cups flour, 1 stick butter, 1 cup of water, 1 tsp baking soda,       Check the wine. Now shift the lemon juice and
  1 cup of sugar, 1 tsp salt, 1 cup of brown sugar,                      strain your nuts. Add one table. Add a spoon of
  lemon juice, 4 large eggs, nuts, 2 bottles wine, 2 cups of             sugar, or some fink. Whatever you can find.
  dried fruit.                                                           Greash the oven. Turn the cake tin 360 degrees and
                         Method                                          try not to fall over. Don't forget to beat off the
  Sample the wine to check temperature. Take a                           turner.
  large bowl, check the wine again to be sure it is of                   Finally, throw the bowl through the window.
  the highest quality, pour one level cup and drink.                     Finish the wine and wipe counter with the cat…..
  Turn on the electric mixer. Beat one cup of butter                     Walk very
  in a large fluffy bowl. Add one teaspoon of sugar.                     carefully to
  Beat again. At this point it's best to make sure the                   Tesco and
  wine is still OK. Try another cup. Just in case.                       buy cake.
  Turn off the mixerer thingy. Break 2 eggs and add
  to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried
  fruit. Pick the flipping fruit up off floor.                           Bingle Jells!
  Mix on the turner. If the fried druit gets stuck in
  the beaterers just pry it loose with a drewscriver.
  Sample the wine to check for tonsisticity. Next,
  sift two cups of salt. Or something.

 Scout hut - can you help?                                               More blessed to receive?
 Hopefully you will have noticed the rapid construction of
 the new Scout Hut near Bunbury tennis club. The slate                   Are you a Christmas martyr? The one who has to do
 roof will be on by the end of November and then work can                everything, from making the cake to buying the presents to
 get going on the internal fit out.                                      doing all the cooking? Is it a matter of pride, of power, to
 Whilst we have enough money to complete the build, we                   prove we can do it all? Receiving is an art, one that requires
 are looking for help saving money on internal fittings. In              grace on our part.
 particular, we would like to hear from anyone who might                 When we let others into our lives, and accept their offers of
 be able to help source the following:                                   help, we not only make life easier for ourselves, but we give
 Flooring suppliers and installers; Kitchen suppliers and                that other person the sense that they have something worth
 installers; Suppliers of sanitary ware; WCs, basins,                    giving and we value them.
 taps; Hot water cylinder; Decorator; CCTV/alarm                         It doesn’t matter if Auntie brings a cake a bit burnt round
 equipment and installation.                                             the edges, or wobbly icing. It is done with love. It doesn’t
 Please contact me if you can help! Many thanks,                         matter if the children upset your colour scheme when they
 Christopher Moss - Project Manager for Bunbury Scouts                   decorate the tree. It is done with joy.
 Tel: 07801 640267,                               Accept that the amateur washers–up may not reach your
                                                                         high standards. Family members, you know who you are -
                                                                         prise yourselves away from the Telly and computer games
Santa dash for Railway children                                          and pitch in and help. When everyone does their bit, love
                                                                         and generosity triumph over selfishness and pride.
Railway Children's annual Santa Dash takes place on                        Lord, help me to know my limitations,
19th December in Nantwich. It's a great way to start                       I cannot do everything.
Christmas with all your friends and family and children of                 Give me the grace to share,
any age can take part. There will be free mince pies and                   And to accept help with love and generosity,
mulled wine and of course, everyone gets a santa suit!                     So that by receiving                                                  I may show the giver that I value their gift to me,
                                                                           As Jesus values my gifts to him.
                                                                           Amen                                          Pat Edgley
The St. Boniface link to the Christmas tree
                                                   and then all the family decorating       As it fell, the oak split into four pieces
                                                   it (including the cursing as we try      revealing a young pine growing in its
                                                   to untangle the lights from last         centre. Boniface suggested that the
                                                   year!) and then standing back to         people take this pine as a symbol of
                                                   admire the finished result which         their new-found Christian faith because
                                                   seems to epitomize Christmas.            its shape points toward Heaven, and its
                                                   I had always thought that the            evergreen foliage reminds us of eternal
                                                   Christmas tree was not a Christian       life.
                                                   symbol, but had some pagan               Perhaps this year, as well as being the
                                                   origin. However, it would appear         spirit of Christmas in your home, with its
                                                   that in fact it has its roots in both,   lovely smell, lights and decorations, the
                                                   and that a great deal of symbolism       tree can also be a reminder that
                                                   has grown up around the lovely-          Christmas is not just about eating and
                                                   smelling pine.                           drinking too much, or of buying and
                                                   In some parts of Scandinavia, for        receiving presents, or even about
                                                   example, a myth of love surrounds        watching Zulu on Boxing Day. The tree
                                                   the pine. It is said that this tree      is a symbol of the link between heaven
                                                   grew from the blood of two lovers        and earth, with its roots reaching into
                                                   who had been wrongfully executed         the earth and its branches soaring into
                                                   in the forest. During the Christmas      the heavens, and reminds us that Jesus
                                              season, strange lights can be seen            was - and still is - that same link, and
As those who know me will testify, I can                                                    that by believing in Him we will not want
get a bit grumpy at Christmas! I do not       shining in its branches as a testimony
                                              of their innocence and love.                  for anything more.
like Christmas shopping, don’t like
turkey much, and can never think what         But it is our own patron saint in             Now, I must go and wrap that electric
to buy anyone. The ironing board cover        Bunbury, St Boniface, who provides one        drill for my wife’s present. Happy
which I (lovingly) bought my wife one         of the first references to the Christmas      Christmas!
year was not a real success. There is,        tree as a Christian symbol. One               Nick Sanders
however, one bit that I do like and that      Christmas Eve in 8th century Germany,
is the Christmas tree. There is               St Boniface gathered newly baptized
something about the tradition of driving      Christians together to renounce
off and choosing one, bringing it back in     paganism by cutting down the sacred
the car, struggling to get it in the bucket   oak under which they once sacrificed.

                                                                                                 5th December
                                                                                                 Christingle, 4pm, Bunbury

                             Tilly’s                                                             12th December
                                                                                                 Carol Service, 4pm, St. Judes.
                                                                                                 19th December
                                Coffee Shop                                                      10am Nativity - Bunbury
                                                                                                 11am Carol Service, Calveley
                                                                                                 6.30pm Carol Service, Bunbury.
                                                                                                 Christmas Eve
                                                                                                 4.30pm Crib Service, Bunbury
                                                                                                 7.30pm Communion, Calveley
       open 7 days a week open for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.                           11.30pm Midnight Communion,
       eat in or take-away and childrens menu                                                                  Bunbury
       gifts and greeting cards, free wi-fi access                                               Christmas Day
       fully licensed to sell wine and beer.                                                     9.30am Communion,
       only closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and 2nd Jan.                                       St. Jude’s
                                                                                                 10.00am Family Communion,
       Bunbury Lane, Bunbury, tel:261591

How the church supports our children
Franklin Roosevelt said that we           Encouragement and support from              worth investing in, not simply because
couldn’t always build the future for      parents are very important. Laura           they are the future of the church, but
our youth, but we could build our         believes that adolescence is a time         because they are loved and valued by
youth for the future.                     when young people often seek – and          our heavenly Father and it’s our
One person who passionately believes      need – to confide in someone other          responsibility to communicate that.”
that is our church youth worker, Laura    than their parents, and though it can               The future of youth work
Warrington.                               sometimes be difficult for parents to                   at St. Boniface.
                                          accept that their child doesn’t always
“If there is one thing that God can do    want to talk or share with them, she        Laura has achieved much in her time at
for young people, it is to give them a    believes it is actually healthy and a       St Boniface and we are grateful to her
solid foundation that will stand them     good thing for them to talk to someone      for her ministry and the easy rapport
in good stead for the rest of their       else. – ‘It is a time when young people     and trust she has established with our
lives,” she says.                         need to grow, to find out who they are -    young people. But the hard truth is that
For the past 19 months Laura has          and presents a wonderful opportunity        the church – like everyone else – is
been working with young                                                                               working with reduced
people in Bunbury through                                                                             funds. The post of Youth
St. Boniface Church.                                                                                  Worker can only
                                                                                                      continue in this current
“Bunbury is blessed with a                                                                            financial climate if it is
population of young people                                                                            self- funding. This means
that have so much potential.                                                                          that unless we can find
They are involved in so many                                                                          £400 a month, for a
wonderful extra-curricular                                                                            period of two years, to
activities. I want to see them                                                                        add to funding already in
develop into young men and                                                                            place, we will not be in a
women whose faith helps                                                                               position to replace
them achieve their best in all                                                                        Laura. All her good work
these areas. It is important                                                                          will be in vain, and it will
that they have the chance to                                                                          be the young people of
explore Jesus’ life and love                                                                          Bunbury who lose out.
and be changed by Him.
                                                                                                     We are asking parents,
“It’s not about being preachy to young            Laura on a youth work trip          grandparents and all who have an
people” she says. “They get enough of     for the Church to provide this service’.    empathy with our young people to
that at school. As a youth worker for                                                 consider pledging a small amount of
the church who has time to listen to      Laura will be leaving St Boniface in July
                                          to go and work on a Bible translation       money each month – whatever you feel
them, I can show them that God is                                                     you can afford (£5, £10, or any other
bothered about them and is relevant       project overseas. With the average age
                                          of churchgoers in the UK now topping        amount) – to help fund a new youth
in their situation.” In her time here                                                 worker.
Laura says she has seen young             67 years, Laura believes youth work in
people grow and develop into mature,      the church is vital. She will be sad to     If you consider the amount you pay in
well-rounded and confident                leave St. Boniface but hopes a              subs for Guides, Brownies, Scouts etc
individuals. She adds, ‘It is a joy and   replacement can be found and funded         then this small monthly pledge towards
a privilege to see God at work in their   to continue her work, be a role model       youth work is very good value for
lives”.                                   for the young people in the church and      money! If you can contribute in any way
                                          someone they can relate to. It would be     please fill in the form below. All pledges
There is a tradition in Bunbury of the    a real shame if the children in Bunbury     will be received most gratefully and
church being involved with our young      felt there was nothing for them in the      treated in total confidence.
people, and the Young Christians’         church as they approached their
Pantomime is still a mainstay of the                                                  Many Thanks
                                          teenage years. “I believe, in providing
village calendar. We need to              for a strong and vibrant youth ministry,    Children and Young Christians
recognise the value of this legacy and    we are following the commandment to         Committee, St. Boniface Church
continue to invest in this ministry.      ‘make disciples’. Young people are

   I wish to pledge the sum of ………. per month, to support Youth Work at St. Boniface.
   Address……………………………………………………………………………….……                          Please return this form to
                                                                                             John Mason, Church Treasurer,
                                   ……………………………………………………………………....                            3, Flaxyards, Eaton Road,
   Tel.No…………………………………….                                                                     Tarporley, CW6 9GL

What is the X Factor all about?
The word ‘Christmas’ means the Mass,          he can become the answer to every            gives us, between the true and the
Eucharist or Communion service when           question we face in our lives.               false, the real from the unreal and the
we remember the birth of Jesus Christ –       Thirdly, X is what you put on a ballot       vital from the trivial.
the Christ-mass. The shops are full of        paper, to show which candidate you’ve        Most obviously though, X is the most
Christmas cards, for wishing each other       chosen. So every time we see the             suitable symbol for Jesus because it
a happy Christmas. Frequently, we find        abbreviation Xmas it can remind us that      represents a cross. Jesus was born on
the word Christmas shortened to Xmas,         we have chosen to support Jesus              the first Christmas Day but the reason
to the annoyance of some of us. But           throughout our lives and that we seek        he was born was so through that he
whatever our feelings, I expect we’re         to follow him day by day and to be           should die! His death on the cross
fighting something of a losing battle         guided by him in all the choices we          shows that self-sacrifice is the most
and perhaps we can instead try to draw        make.                                        powerful force in the world: that God is
something good out of the abbreviation.                                                    stronger than death. So, seeing the
In fact ‘X’ is a very good shorthand          Then, fourthly, in all the best Treasure
                                              Island stories, X ‘marks the spot’ – the     abbreviation Xmas can remind us that
symbol for Jesus Christ, because of the                                                    the cross gives amazing meaning to the
range of meanings that the letter X has.      place on the map where the buried
                                              treasure is to be found. Jesus is our        birth at Bethlehem.
First, X is in fact the first letter of the   treasure – more precious than gold or        One more suggestion though. When we
word Christ when it’s written in Greek,       silver, giving real worth and value to our   put an ‘X’ on a letter, it means
as the whole of the New Testament             lives.                                       effectively ‘sealed with a loving kiss’. So
was. In Church carvings or embroideries                                                    the cross is a sign of love – the
we often find the first two letters of the    Fifth, we can even use Xmas to make
                                              us think about X-rays! X-rays are            crucifixion of Jesus was God’s way of
word ‘Christ’ in Greek, intertwined,                                                       making it crystal clear that God loves
looking like X-P. So X is a good biblical     wavelengths of electro-magnetic
                                              radiation which enable us to see             each one of us and seeks our love in
abbreviation for Christ.                                                                   return.
                                              through things to what’s underneath
Then anyone who studied algebra at            the surface. So Jesus gives us ‘X-ray        Is this what ‘The X Factor’ is really all
school will know that ‘X is the unknown       vision’ to see beneath the superficial       about? Happy Xmas!
quantity’. Many test questions require        tinsel of human life, down to what really
you to find the value of X. So it’s a good                                                 Eric Wallington
                                              matters: eternal relationships with
symbol for Jesus, for Jesus is an             friends and family and between us and
unknown quantity until you’ve looked          God. Knowing Jesus helps us to
into him and come to know him. Then           distinguish, using the X-ray vision he

                                                                                            Tattenhall Plastering Services
                                                                                               Domestic & Commercial
                                                                                                 Tiling, Wall & Floors
                                                 Early morning milk and newspapers
                                                    7 days a week in Bunbury area                     Tel:01829 770458
                                                        01270 841480 anytime
                                                                                                      Mob:07962 260022
                                                   Full dairy and newsagency service
   Free Range Bronze Turkeys,
    Geese Ducks & Chickens,
    Beef, Pork, Lamb & Goat,
  Sausages,Chipolatas and Bacon
        made on the farm
                                                                          J&M Cars
                                                                             (based at Wettenhall)
                                                                            Private Hire/Taxi Service
        Order now for                                                             4-16 seaters
   Open Tues-Friday or order online
                                                                      Airport/Station, Business, Weddings,
         Free local delivery                                          Restaurants and all social occasions
  Tim & Marnie Dobson 01829 260437
                                                                            Lady drivers available                               Tel: 01270 528006 or 629788 Mobile 07951 590 756
            Radmore Green Farm
   1 mile past the Nags Head at Haughton                            

Winner Best Speciality Meat ‘09

Youngsters plant in                                                Bunbury School is tops
Sadlers Wells Wood                                                 On 12th November Bunbury School Headteacher Alyson
                                                                   Thacker was delighted to be invited to the Scottish
                                                                   Power/ Trinity Mirror Chester area School of the Year
                                                                   Awards evening after the school was nominated for the
                                                                   award by two separate parents. She was even more
                                                                   delighted when the school was declared the winner. Many
                                                                   congratulations to the staff for all their hard work,
                                                                   especially for the many after-school and extra-curricular
                                                                   activities they undertake.
                                                                   Mrs Thacker said, “Many thanks to the parents who
                                                                   nominated us. Watching our pupils grow and develop is a
                                                                   great reward for the tremendous effort the staff here put
                                                                   into their jobs each day. But being nominated and
                                                                   winning something like this is just the icing on the cake!”

                                                                   Operation Christmas Child
                                                                   Thank you to all for the wonderful support for the OCC
                                                                   Shoebox Appeal. The filled boxes will bring such joy to
                                                                   children who have so little. Also thanks to Bunbury
                                                                   School, our churches and shops for distributing leaflets
Sadlers Wells Wood saw a flurry of activity on November 13th
                                                                   and collecting boxes.
when friends of the wood met to do some essential
maintenance work. They were joined by members of                   Over 100 boxes have now been taken to the Wrexham
Earlybirds pre-school who came along with their parents to         Depot ready for dispatch. This year’s destinations will
plant some seedling trees. Sadly we must report that vandals       include Azerbaijan, Haiti, Kosova, Romania, Swaziland,
have yet again destroyed the wood’s notice board.                  Kenya and Ukraine.         Jane Overy

 Well done to Bunbury Explorers who spent their evening              You can see from this picture that there was a large
meeting on Children in Need Day collecting door-to-door for           turnout for Remembrance Sunday in Bunbury. The
 the charity, raising over £450. Thanks to all those who             parade included many young members of the Scout
       opened their doors and gave so generously.                    and Guide movements alongside the British Legion.
It’s official:
Christmas is dangerous
                                                                               We wish you all a joyful
Stop press..the following has been taken from a top-secret leaked report on
                                                                               Christmas and a peaceful New
health and safety by the Christmas Inspectorate ……..
  Little Jesus, sweetly sleep, do not stir; We will lend a coat of fur,        Blessings from Rick and Lin.
  We will rock you, rock you, rock you: We will rock you, rock you, rock you
                                                                               Nick, Alex, Emily and Lizzie
“Fur is no longer appropriate wear for small infants,                          Sanders wish all their friends in
both due to risk of allergy to animal fur, and for                             Bunbury a very joyous and fun-
ethical reasons. Therefore faux fur, a nice cellular                           filled Christmas and a Happy
blanket or perhaps micro-fleece material should be                             New Year!
considered a suitable alternative.
                                                                               With best wishes for Christmas to
Please note, only persons who have been subject to a                           all our friends, Arthur and Joan
Criminal   Records  Bureau   check  and   have  enhanced                       Cowap.
clearance will be permitted to rock baby Jesus.
                                                                               Kath and Peter Collinge wish all
Persons must carry their CRB disclosure with them at all                       their friends a Very Happy
times and be prepared to provide three forms of                                Christmas and a peaceful and
identification before rocking commences.”                                      healthy 2011
    Dashing through the snow In a one horse open sleigh                        Wishing all my friends in Bunbury
    O'er the fields we go laughing all the way                                 a peaceful and fulfilling
“A risk assessment must be submitted before an open                            Christmas. With love,
sleigh is considered safe for members of the public to                         Pat Edgley.
travel on. The risk assessment must also consider                              Blanche and George Wilgose
whether it is appropriate to use only one horse for such                       wish all their friends and
a venture, particularly if passengers are of larger                            neighbours a happy Christmas
proportions. Please note, permission must be gained from                       and all the best for 2011.
landowners before entering their fields. To avoid
                                                                               In their Golden Wedding year
offending those not participating in celebrations, we
                                                                               Meg and Roger Fairweather
would request that laughter is moderate only and not
                                                                               send love and happy Christmas
loud enough to be considered a noise nuisance.”
                                                                               greetings to all their friends and
    While shepherds watched their flocks by night all seated on the ground     neighbours.
    The angel of the Lord came down and glory shone around
                                                                               A happy Christmas and a
“The union of Shepherds has complained that it breaches                        peaceful New Year from the
health and safety regulations to insist that shepherds                         Crotty Family.
watch   their   flocks   without   appropriate   seating
                                                                               Paul, Maria and Poppy
arrangements being provided, therefore benches, stools
                                                                               Rathbone wish you all the
and orthopaedic chairs are now available. Shepherds have
                                                                               season’s greetings and a very
also requested that due to the inclement weather
                                                                               happy new year, with love x.
conditions at this time of year that they should watch
their flocks via cctv cameras from centrally heated                            Greetings to all our friends and
shepherd observation huts. Please note, the angel of the                       neighbours from Jill, Lucy and
lord is reminded that before shining his/her glory all                         their families.
around she / he must ascertain that all shepherds have                         Wishing everyone a very happy
been issued with glasses capable of filtering out the                          Christmas, love from the Melias
harmful effects of UVA, UVB and Glory.”
                                                                               A very happy Christmas from
    Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose.                     everyone who works at Bunbury
    And if you ever saw him, you would even say it glows.                      School
“You are advised that under the Equal Opportunities for                        Happy Christmas to all gardeners
All policy, it is inappropriate for persons to make                            from the Bunbury Gardening
comment with regard to the ruddiness of any part of Mr.                        Club.
R. Reindeer. Further to this, exclusion of Mr R Reindeer
                                                                               Donations totalling £70 have been
from the Reindeer Games will be considered
                                                                               made to the Salvation Army
discriminatory and disciplinary action will be taken
against those found guilty of this offence. A full
investigation will be implemented and sanctions -
including suspension on full pay - will be considered
whilst this investigation takes place.”


All aspects of joinery undertaken
        Wardrobes
        Kitchens
        mitred work tops
        Doors
        Laminated floors

      07941 586277 Day
      01270 610748 Eve

                                                                                            Geoff and Nigel Burrows
             Tarporley Dental Practice                                                                  Dip. F.D.

                              established 1978
                                                                                          Funeral Directors
                  Dental care for all the family
        Ozone therapy - painless restorations without injection
                                                                                          Complete funeral
        Preventive dentistry                                                             arrangements
        Cosmetic dentistry - crowns, bridges, veneers                                   Personal day and night service
        White fillings (mercury free)
        Tooth whitening                                                                Tel: 01270 524243
                        New patients welcome
                                                                                         A.W.Burrows & Son
                                                     Snowdrop Villa,
                                                                                         Swanley, Nantwich
 Denelea, Nantwich Road, Tarporley Telephone:01829 732213 (24 Hours)                     CW5 8QB

                                            Mercer & Co
                                                 Nantwich and Market Drayton
                                            A wide range of services in all aspects of
                                                 accounting and bookkeeping

                                               New Business Start Ups
            For all your                       Company formations
            electrical and                     Limited Companies                            Small animal, farm animal and
            building                           Self Assessment                                       equine vets.
            requirements                       Payroll and bookkeeping
                                                                                             24 hour veterinary cover from our
                                               VAT                                             fully-equipped hospital.
                                               Accounts, tax and financial planning
                                                                                             No answering machines, phones
                                                                                              always answered and service
                                                    Free initial consultation                     provided by our own
                                            Free bookkeeping package and lesson,                    dedicated staff.
                                            Saturday and out of hours appointments.
    Tel: 01829 730738                                  Personal service                           01270 610322 (pets)                      Friendly and approachable                    01270 610349 (farm animals)
                                                                                                 01270 628888 (equine)

                                               01270 619955.                                      Equine Centre, Hurleston,
                                                                                                    Nantwich CW5 6BU

Gwalior childrens charity
                                                  Every day we went to cottage           Home". It currently houses 47 children
                                                  No.2 to help with the six children     and adults and the conditions are
                                                  there who have cerebral palsy.         awful. The rooms are dark, bare and
                                                  The carers are a lovely couple         covered in excrement. Many of the
                                                  who live there with their own son.     children are locked up and do not have
                                                  We would get the children              clothes, and there have been numerous
                                                  washed and dressed and feed            incidences of physical and sexual abuse
                                                  them their breakfast before            occurring there. In comparison,
                                                  taking them for walks in their         Snehalaya is like a breath of fresh air.
                                                  wheelchairs. At 9am the children       The children there are so happy; they
                                                  met in the main hall for               are fed and clothed and have a roof
                                                  assembly, where they sang the          over their heads. They are each other’s
                                                  Indian national anthem and two         family; it has saved their lives.
                                                  other songs in Hindi. Although we      Snehalaya is special and unique, there
                                                  couldn't understand the words,         are few other places like it in India, and
Readers will remember that local             we were soon la-la-ing along!               we feel lucky and privileged to have
medical students Katie Everton and           During our time with the charity there      been able to spend time there.
Laura Mulcahy spent time at the              were numerous fun events that we got        We have been bowled over by the
Gwalior childrens charity in India this      involved with. On Independence Day          support that we have received whilst
summer. Here they explain something          there was a patriotic ceremony, with        fundraising and are so thankful to
of what they found there. The charity        lots of cheering, flag raising and flower   everyone who donated towards the
has grown over the years to provide a        throwing. We even got up on stage to        running of the Gwalior charity. It costs
Children's Hospital, Local School and        perform a Bollywood inspired dance          £5000 to run per month but the charity
Children's Home - ‘Snehalaya’ (which         (much to everyone’s amusement!)             receives no government support, relying
means home of love in Hindi). We lived       Snehalaya was originally set up with        entirely on fundraising to keep going.
in Snehalaya, and found it to be the         one main focus; to take children from       The charity’s website is:
most incredible place.                       the local government run orphanage
63 children live there, most of whom         and bring them to a better, cleaner         or to donate, our just giving page is:
came from state orphanages. Many of          place where they could attend school,
them have chronic illnesses and              be loved and cared for and be children      Thank you!
learning difficulties. Those that are able   once again. Most of the children living
attend a local school, whilst the others     at Snehalaya used to live at the            Katie Everton and Laura Mulcahy
are taught on site.                          government orphanage, named "Mercy

                                                                have moved to spacious new premises at
                                                                                      Unit 1
                                                                                  Bank Farm
                                                                               Calveley Hall Lane
                                                                               Calveley, Tarporley
                                                                               Cheshire, CW6 9LB

                                                                         tel: 01829 260230 / 260811
                                                                              Fax: 01270 528785

                                                    MOT testing station                     Courtesy cars available
                                                    A/C Service and re-gas                  Free collection and delivery
                                                    Tyres, batteries and exhausts             within a 10 mile radius
                                                    Service bays                            Fast, friendly and efficient
                                                    Servicing: all makes and models

    Professional Workmanship

    T: 01270 629911
    M: 07980 125719

                                                  RS Developments                       Howard Anderson
                                                                                        For all your painting and
We offer the full range of Bookkeeping;             All aspects of building work        decorating needs
Management or Year End Accounts; Payroll; VAT; 
Self Assessment and Corporation Tax.                undertaken:                         01829 260450
For a free initial consultation please call  
0845 056 9775 or e‐mail us at                            Extensions                   07968 901167
mail@bartlett‐                                New builds
Johnson                                                  Stonework
                                                    Call Richard Spibey for a free
Building                                            estimate 07766 525184 or
                                                    01270 528559
                                                                                            Nicola Roberts, expert in
                                                                                           curtains and soft furnishings
Contractors                                         Parkside Farmhouse,
                                                    Calveley Hall Lane, Calveley.
                                                                                            Tel: 01829 262464 or 07903 825837
                                                                                           Yew Tree House, Long Lane, Haughton, CW6 9RN

General builders,
maintenance and
property                                              Sienna Decking                    Fancy Dress Hire
                                                                                        Over 400 costumes
repairs.                                              Decking,design and installation   Medieval, 1970s, 1920s, film stars
Free                                              Hard or soft wood
                                                                                        & many more
                                                                                        Wigs, hats & party products.
estimates                                         Pergolas, arbours,
                                                  garden carpentry.                     Charlie Vegas: 07725 324232
                                                  Free estimates

PK Plumbing 
kitchens and bathrooms 
All domestic plumbing, heating, 
radiators, valves, sinks and taps. 
No job too small 
Complete kitchen and bathroom 
renovating  service. 
Fully project managed  
from start to finish. 
Contact Paul 
262474/07894 877207 
bpec and WRAS certification 

                                                                                    Cheshire’s only direct
                                                                                      supplier of DELL
                                                                                    Specialists in upgrades
                                                                                      and repairs
                                                                                    Broadband provision

                                                                                    Internet & E-mail service providers

                                                                                    Full networking and cabling
                                                                                    Virus removal & reconfiguration

                                                                                    Comprehensive web design
                                                                                      & E-commerce solutions
                                                                                    Efficient personal service

                                                                                          Kevin Thompson
                                                                                           01829 261685
  Bunbury Property Maintenance
                                                   Aura                                   M 07773 321779
 Paul Griffiths                                Holistic Beauty Spa

 01829 260975
 07814 403479                                 Exotic facial & body treatments
                                                 Waxing, eyelash tinting,
                                                   Manicure & pedicure               Digital information technology ltd
                                                Sports & remedial massage
                                                   Indian head massage
                                                  Reiki, Hopi ear candles
    Andrew Dean                                 Bridal & evening make-up

      (Dip. N.T.C., C.G.L.I., A.V.C.M.)
                                                     Wyvern House
                                                 Bunbury Lane, Bunbury
                                                Tel: 01829 260330
                                                                                     Mobile spray tanning
                                                                                    Private to your home
                                                                                 Look good, feel great before
                                                                                      you hit the beach
     Piano tuning, repairs                                                                 Accredited trained
         And restoration                                                                   Special Occasions
                                                                                              Prom Nights
       Tel: 01829 261222                                                                   Spray Tan Parties
                                                                                      Adele 07903 544715

     For all your usual beauty
                                          SOVEREIGN WINDOWS
        treatments & more
             Including:                   Established 1984
   Jessica Manicure & Pedicure
      Bio Sculpture Gel Nails
        Fake Bake Tanning
         Hollywood Lashes
                                          Quality Windows
         Airbase Make-up                  High Security Internally Glazed
       Sterex Ear Piercing,
“Non-surgical Facelift” Microcurrent
                                          Fully Guaranteed for 10 Years
       & Dermatone Facials

    260663/07868 563258
  Home appointments available             Tel: Philip Stubbs 01829 260166

                        R F Burrows & Sons
                          Family Butchers
                                           Established 1924
                                    Members of the QGuild of Butchers

       Let us supply you with all that you need for your Christmas celebrations:
   Christmas Poultry:- Choose from our local,             Items from the delicatessen:- olives; cooked meats –
   free range Cheshire Turkeys or our Copas Bronze        chorizo, salami, parma ham, pancetta; pork pies
   free range Turkeys, geese, ducks, Capons,              and a wide variety of cheeses.
   Beef and ham joints                                    Condiments:- cranberry sauce, Mrs Darlington’s
   Variety of award-winning sausages:- chipolatas;        preserves and chutneys. Chatwins Christmas
   pork & leek; pork & herb; Cumberland                   puddings and mince pies, Lindy’s cakes, Cheshire
   Sausagemeat, bacon, stuffings.                         Farm Ice Cream and much, much more ….

                     We pride ourselves in providing a personal service.
                 Please pop in for a Christmas order form so we can prepare
                     your Christmas fayre to your specific requirements.
                    Last date for ordering your turkey is 18th December
                         Ring 01829 260342 or Email:

                                                             Our Vicar is Rick Gates
Valentine’s Charity Ball                                     He is always available in times of sickness,
                                                             bereavement or any distress.
      MacDonald Portal Hotel, Tarporley                      Contact him at The Vicarage, Vicarage Lane, Bunbury,
   Saturday 12th February                                    or on 01829 260991 or

                 7.30 for 8pm                                 Other church contacts:
        3 Course Meal & Dancing ’til late                      Peter and Kath Collinge (pastoral support) 260077
              Ticket price £37.50                              Churchwardens: Barbara Croley            260344
                Available from                                                 Walter Done      01244 332563
  Jane Brown 260683, Shân McParland 261424                     Secretary       Neil Dewson-Smyth        261680                                Flowers         Margaret Bourne          260944
                                                               Churchwardens: Brigid Sayce              260865
                                                                               David Wright             260467
                                                               Secretary       Ann Posnett              261154
                                                               Organist        Ann Badrock              260343
  A Christmas Treat                                           Calveley
                                                               Churchwardens: Barbara Croley            260344
 Come and enjoy an evening at Calveley Church                                  Walter Done       01244 332563
      Wednesday 8th December 7.30pm                            Organist        John Batchelor           261056
                                                               Secretary       Sue Woodward 01270 522822
         Margaret Bourne will show us
 how to create Christmas Flower Arrangements.                 The Link is edited by Lucy Munro 260487, email
     All proceeds to Calveley Church funds           and Jill Robey 260081.
    (supporting next year’s Flower Festival)
      Tickets £5.00, refreshments included.                

St. Jude’s                                   December
We are now nearing that time in the
year when turkeys begin to looked                       5         8.00am          Holy Communion       St. Boniface
                                                                  9.30am          Holy Communion       St. Jude’s
worried, and the Christmas puddings
                                                                  10.00am         Family Worship       St. Boniface
are due to be harvested.                                          11.00am         Holy Communion       Calvleley
By the time that you read this, we                                4.00pm          Christingle          Bunbury
should have the results of the
St. Judes’ Christmas Fair, an increase                  8         10.00am         Holy Communion       St. Boniface
on last year we hope.
                                                        12        9.30am          Holy Communion       St. Jude’s
Why are we so interested in money you                             10.00am         Family Communion     St. Boniface
may ask? St. Jude’s has heavy                                     4.00pm          Carol Service        St. Jude’s
financial needs: not only do we have                              4.30pm          Evensong             St. Boniface
the normal charges such as heating,
lighting and the Parish Share to find,                  15        10.00am         Holy Communion       St. Boniface
but we also have to pay the cost of the
visiting clergy that we employ to                       19        8.00am          Holy Communion       St. Boniface
maintain our programme of weekly                                  9.30am          Morning Service      St. Jude’s
                                                                  10.00am         Nativity Service     St. Boniface
services. As I'm sure you agree, any
                                                                  11.00am         Carol Service        Calveley
active and lively church needs a                                  6.30pm          Carol Service        St. Boniface
weekly service to meet the Christian
needs of the people of the parish.                      22        10.00am         Holy Communion       St. Boniface
Unfortunately our visiting clergy do not
work for love.                                          24        Christmas Eve
An additional expense this year is the                            4.30pm          Crib Service         St. Boniface
                                                                  7.30pm          Holy Communion       Calveley
cost of the improvement to the sound
                                                                  11.30pm         Midnight Communion   St. Boniface
system in the church. which is now so
efficient that you can hear what                        25        Christmas Day
people are thinking!                                              9.30am          Family Communion     St. Jude’s
A note from last month: our Harvest                               10.00am         Family Communion     St. Boniface
Festival contributions went with
St. Boniface’s to Save the Children.                    26        8.00am          Holy Communion       St. Boniface

Our carol service this year will be held                29        10.00am         Holy Communion       St. Boniface
on Sunday the 12th of Dec at 4pm. It
will be led by an old friend of St Jude’s,   January
the Rev. Whitehead. Musical                             2         8.00am          Holy Communion       St.Boniface
reinforcement will be provided by the                             9.30am          Holy Communion       St. Jude’s
Alpraham Singers.                                                 10.00am         Family Worship       St. Boniface
                                                                  11.00am         Holy Communion       Calveley
The funeral of Dorothy Davies took
place on November 4th. Dorothy was                      5         10.00am         Holy Communion       St. Boniface
the President of Tilstone Fearnal W.I.,
a post she had held since 1997. She                     9         9.30am          Morning Service      St. Jude’s
first joined at the early age of 15 -                             10.00am         Family Communion     St. Boniface
could this be a record? It is a truism to                         4.30pm          Evensong             St. Boniface
say that Dorothy will be sorely missed.
May she rest in peace and rise in                       12        9.30
Glory.                                                            10.00am         Holy Communion       St. Boniface

We are always looking for any items of                  16        8.00am          Holy Communion       St. Boniface
local news: please pass anything                                  9.30am          Holy Communion       St. Jude’s
suitable to me. Many thanks,                                      10.00am         Family Worship       St. Boniface
                                                                  11.00am         Matins               Calveley
Bob Gardner 260555
                                                        19        10.00am         Holy Communion       St. Boniface
Pudding Club
As this Link is being compiled the                      23        9.30am          Holy Communion       St. Jude’s
                                                                  10.00am         Family Communion     St. Boniface
Target 1250 team are hard at work
planning their next fundraising event,                  26        10.00am         Holy Communion       St. Boniface
the Bunbury Pudding Club on
December 3rd. One recent evening                        30        9.30am          Holy Communion       St. Boniface
was spent sampling dessert wines: it’s
a hard job but someone has to do it...                  2         10.00am         Holy Communion       St. Boniface
More next month.
     The Dysart Arms
                 opposite St Boniface Church, Bunbury
“A truly classic English village pub...”
AA Pub Guide

“A civilised chatty dining pub
attractively filled with good          Cheshire Dining Pub of the Year
furniture in thoughtfully laid out             2000, 2004 and 2009
                                                   (The Good Pub Guide)
rooms; very enjoyable food, lovely
garden with pretty views…this
well-run country pub gives rise to an intimate and homely but still very social-
feeling atmosphere. Food is tasty, attractively presented and fairly priced.”
The Good Pub Guide

“They’re proud too of their food, and rightly so…Warm, intimate, friendly...
the place runs on well-oiled wheels.”
Alastair Sawday’s Special Places

“Open fires, heaving bookcases and mismatched furniture create a relaxed,
informal feel…Menus change daily and feature fresh, tasty British and
Mediterranean dishes”
Michelin Guide to
Eating Out in Pubs

   Open all day for good food, decent wine and cask ales
 Bowes Gate Road, Bunbury, Tarporley CW6 9PH              Tel: 01829 260183

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