What are Your Plans for Halloween?

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					What are Your Plans for Halloween?

         As Halloween season creeps around the corner, everyone is trying to find the perfect costumes
and the best thing to do come October 31st. Every year it is the same routine of going door to door to fill
up bags of candy. Why not make this year super special and mix up the tradition. The OC Fair & Event
Center in Costa Mesa is hosting a spooky special Halloween Foodtacular, complete with truck to truck
trick-or-treating and gourmet food options. Costa Mesa is putting a spin on their usual weekly food truck
fare by adding special Halloween treats and having a DJ to play ghoulish music. You can get a taste of all
the greatness that surrounding Costa Mesa restaurants offer while engaging in Halloween activities.

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        Hosted from 5:30pm to 9:30pm, costumes are encouraged for this fun family attraction in Costa
Mesa. This event is not just for kids. There will also be alcoholic beverages provided to adults that are
21+ while they indulge in the delicious food. This activity can be great for friends, families and couples to
get into the Halloween spirit. Make this Halloween one to remember by kicking aside the traditional
Halloween festivities to enjoy an eventful night at the OC Fair & Event Center.

        If you don’t think that the truck to truck trick-or-treating is enough, there are several
surrounding beautiful communities in Costa Mesa to trick-or-treat at. Not to mention as you walk
through the city you can enjoy the beauty of local art. There are a variety of sculptures, statues and
beautiful landscaped parks in Costa Mesa that makes the city enjoyable to visit. After a long night of
Halloween activities, you and your family or friends can take a stroll on one of the many beautiful
Orange County Beaches. Both Huntington Beach and Newport are just a short drive from their
neighboring town of Costa Mesa.

         After choosing to visit Costa Mesa to spend your Halloween, all you will need to worry about is
finding the perfect costume. You can be at ease in knowing that your plans for Halloween will be full of
excitement and fun. For those people that want to continue their Halloween fun late into the night,
there is a variety of surrounding Costa Mesa hotels that you can stay at. Make this Halloween not only
fun, but safe as well!

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