Arabidopsis University of Wisconsin Madison by alicejenny


									                                                                     Astronaut Jim Voss tends
                                                                         the space crop of
                                    In 2001, Arabidopsis            Arabidopsis! He has taken
                                                                    a sample from the growth
                                     plants were grown              chamber, and is injecting
                                                                     the sample into a bag for
                                         aboard the                   transport back to Earth.
                                    International Space
                                    in growth chambers
    Advanced Astroculture
    growth chambers were
                                       designed at the
   especially designed for              UNIVERSITY OF
     growing Arabidopsis
   aboard the International        WISCONSIN - MADISON!
        Space Station

                                                            WHY grow plants in Space?
                                                            To see how they would react
                              Arabidopsis seedlings         to zero gravity!
                              growing within the
                              Advanced Astroculture
                                                            WHY use Arabidopsis?
                              growth chamber aboard the
                              International Space Station   Because Arabidopsis is very
                                                            easily grown in the extremely
                                                            restrictive conditions aboard
                                                            the Space Station.
A syringe used during the                                   Plus, lab research has
         mission to inject
nutrients into the growth                                   already told us a great deal
      chamber, signed by                                    about the biology of this weed.
       Astronaut Jim Voss                                   This means experimental
                                                            results are easily analyzed!

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