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									                                                  March/April 2012

Edmonton Woman
    m                 a   g   a   z   i    n             e

                                           Gifts for Mom

                                          The Fat Enzyme

                                           Purple Power

Jodi Abbott
President and CEO,
NorQuest College
Photo by Jason Ness
                               A special evening out!
     Menu Dégustation du mardi au jeudi et service débute à 17h00
     Table d’hôte Menu from Tuesday to Thursday Starting at 5:00pm
       Amuse-Bouche choix du Chef | Chef’s amuse bouche
                       Soupe du jour | Soup of the day
                      Salade verte | Mixed Green Salad
                     Vinaigrette d’oignon, graines de citrouille et fraises
                 Sweet Onion Dressing pumpkin seeds and fresh strawberries
        Ballotine de coquelet | Cornish Game Hen Ballantine
           Roulé avec porc, groseille, brandy, mousseline parmentier, légume du chef
            Rolled with pork, currants and Brandy, potato mousse, chef’s vegetable
                                 Tourtière | Tourtière
                     Boeuf et porc épicé, pâte brisée, persil, oignon sauté
                   Spiced beef and pork, flaky pastry, parsley, sautéed onion
                     Dessert du jour - Dessert of the day
                             Choix du chef | Chef choice
                           Ask your server | Demander à votre serveur

   Par personne pourboire et GST non-inclus | Per person not including gratuities and GST

                      Mother’s Day Brunch
         3-course table d’hôte menu | 3-Cours menu de table d’hôte
8627-91 St., Edmonton, T6C 3N1 (780) 758-6636
Summer is Coming
S   ummer is quickly approaching and
    with spring in the air it is a great time
to refocus on ourselves, especially our
                                                         One of the many great benefits of the
                                                      far infrared sauna is weight loss, which
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health, the people at Sauna Superstore are            red sauna, the infrared rays penetrate deep      They are very focused on education and
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many benefits. Many people feel because it            suit season it is a great time to continue       rely on them. Their goal is to have you
is warm outside, skipping the sauna is no             using the sauna! Another great service           not come back, because you will then have
big deal, although during these months                that Sauna Superstore offers is nutrition        the knowledge and guidance needed to
we should still keep focused and maintain             and weight loss coaching. It is a perfect        continue on your own. Although they do
our healthy lifestyle and health regimen.             complement to using the sauna.                   love it when people come back to share
                                                                                                       their success stories or even just to say
                                                                                                       “Hi.” Nutrition plans and coaching are
                                                                                                       not just there for those who want to lose
                                                                                                       weight either; it is about living abundantly
                                                                                                       and being healthy so we are fully able to
                                                                                                       enjoy the life of our dreams.
                                                                                                           The sauna also has many other benefits
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                                  UNTIL APR. 30, 2012 WITH THIS COUPON                                 once said: “Take care of your body as it is
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                         5 Beautiful Private Rooms to choose from                                          The sauna and a healthy lifestyle will
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                                     DETOXIFICATION                                                    Superstore.
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                 1-866-728-6248                                                                            The services and benefits that Sauna
                                                                                                       Superstore Wellness Centre provides go
        101 - 6734 75 ST. 780-490-5221                                                                 beyond the far infrared sauna. It is defi-
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                                                                                                           Sauna Superstore – Making Your Body
                                                                                                       a Healthier Place to Live.
Vol. 18 Issue 2                                                                                           March/April 2012

                                                                                                                                                    Editorial notes:

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Bert van ‘t Hul
25                                                                     – news & Features –
                                                                      On the Cover –Jodi Abbott ................................... 6
                                                                                                                                                  I  n spring the sun’s beams seemingly
                                                                                                                                                     uncover a new world of growth. Trees
                                                                                                                                                  begin to bud and spring flowers begin
                                                                                                                                                  to bloom with fragrance. This time of
                                                                      Digest ............................................................... 10   renewal seems to give us a nudge to
                                                                                                                                                  prepare for change and growth in all
                                                                      Beauty and fashion items for Mother’s Day ....... 12                        areas of our lives.
                                                                                                                                                      Edmonton Woman Magazine, in this
                                                                      Tips for preparing for golf season ...................... 14                health-focused issue, hopes to inspire
                                                                                                                                                  our readers through information and
                                                                      Mother’s Day gift ideas ...................................... 16           tips, suggesting ways we can begin to
                                                                                                                                                  prepare our minds and bodies for change
                                                                      Upcoming programs and activities ..................... 20                   and growth and treat ourselves special
                                                                                                                                                  this season.
                                                                      Weight loss success: LPL the fat enzyme ............ 25                         On the cover we feature Dr. Jodi Ab-
                                                                                                                                                  bott, president and CEO of NorQuest
                                                                                                                                                  College. Jeannie Chua lends insight into
                                                                      Food and nutrition: the power of purple............ 26
                                                                                                                                                  the achievements and contributions Ab-
                                                                                                                                                  bott has made to our healthcare system
                                                                                                                                                  in the past and also into the secrets of
 28                                                                                                                                               her success on the journey to where she
                                                                                                                                                  is today. Abbott’s message to our readers
                                                                                                                                                  is, “”You can do anything you want if you
                                                                                                                                                  develop your skills.”
                                                                                                                                        6             In her food and nutrition article,
                       – sections –                                                                                                               Anne Stropel explains the “power of
                                                                                                                                                  purple,” listing purple foods we can
                                               Golf – 14                                                                                          include in our diet and entailing the
                                                                                                                                                  health benefits of these phytochemicals,
                             Mother’s Day – 16                                                                                                    such as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant
                                                                                                                                                  and anti-aging properties.
      ProGraMs anD activities – 20                                                                                                                    Learn about LPL for weight loss.
                                                                                                                                                  Interestingly, this enzyme is the secret
                                            health – 25                                                                                           weapon we all possess and can use to
                                                                                                                                                  outsmart fat storage to our cells.
                                    nutrition – 26
                                                                                                                                                      Our beauty article offers ways we can
                                                                                                                                                  improve our appearance this season
                                                                                                                        Photo by Jason Ness
                                                                                                                                                  including an inexpensive and safe al-
                                                                                                          Jodi Abbott                             ternative to costly, painful injections for
                                                                                                                                                  wrinkle reduction.
                                                                        Publisher: Lorne silverstein                                                  Physically, there is nothing more
                                                                        editoriAl: sharon Mayr                                                    enjoyable than participating in an out-
 Published    by:
                                                                        director of MArketing & ProMotions: sharon Mayr                           door sport during the summer months,
                                                                        senior Account executives: anne stropel, Diane Young
 AlbertA business reseArch ltd.                                         executive editor: colin smith
                                                                                                                                                  however we need to prepare our bodies
 #200, 10621-100 ave. edmonton, aB t5J 0B3                              Production: norton Mah                                                    for the physical challenge. Golfing is an
 780-429-1610 Fax 780-421-7677                                          Accounting/records: Jesalyne Van                                          excellent choice and one that requires
 Advertising hotlines: 429-1610, 424-1221, 429-1971                     office/Website: tracy Barrett                                             simple steps we can take to become
                                         circulAtion co-ordinAtor: Francois Laplante
                                                                                                                                                  more flexible and ensure we are ready
no part of this publication may be copied or reproduced without the     food And nutrition Writer: anne stropel
                 written permission of the publisher.                   beAuty And entertAinMent Writer: sharon Mayr
                                                                                                                                                  for the game.
                                                                                                                                                      Enjoy life and good health to the
            Member of the edmonton chamber of                           desk toP Publishing:                                                      fullest!
          commerce and the Better Business Bureau of                    PageMaster Publication services inc.
               central and northern alberta                             780-425-9303                                                – Sharon Mayr for the Editorial Committee

 4                                                                                                                                                March/april 2012 Edmonton Woman Magazine
                                      don’t miss out on life!

                                                                 Contact Professional Audiology Clinic
                                                                 to learn more about exceptional
                                                                 hearing health care, treatments and
                                                                 technologies to help you live life the
  • hearing evaluations and conservation                         way it is meant to be lived.
  • fitting and dispensing of hearing aids
  • servicing all ages & populations                             Proud to provide Edmonton with
  • assistive listening devices                                  high-quality, comprehensive
  • repairs and batteries                                        hearing healthcare by fully trained
                                                                 professional audiologists.

 We deal with a variety of funding programs including:           Dr. Amber Roberts Darragh, M.Sc., AuD,
           Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL)                   FAAA, R.Aud., Aud(C)
           Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)                         Doctor of Audiology, Registered Audiologist
           Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
           Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB)                     Kathleen Jones, M.Ed.,BC-HIS
           Non-Insurance Health Benefits (NIHB)                  Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner

                                                                 Meredith Magathan Haluschak, MS,
                          112 AVE
                                                                 CCC-A, FAAA, R.Aud.
                                                                 Registered Audiologist
                                                     96 ST
                          101 ST

      111 AVE
Royal Alexandra                               110A
    Hospital                                             VE
                                                    110 A

                                            97 S

                                   98 S

        GS                                                  VE
                                                       109 A
  104 ST



                  Hys Centre, 11010 101 St. Edmonton, AB T5H 4B9
                                    99 S

                108 AVE

                                                Fax: 780.426.4076              Email:
                                                                                                                                                the latter for licensing examinations
                                                                                                                                                required by local professional bodies.
                                                                                                                                                    “And because of our experience in
                                                                                                                                                these areas, we sometimes work with

              Bold new
                                                                                                                                                underemployed individuals and help
                                                                                                                                                them succeed in more sophisticated
                                                                                                                                                careers,” Abbott adds. She believes many
                                                                                                                                                employers are willing to take risks when

                 quest                                                                                                                          they see potential in a person.
                                                                                                                                                A good fit
                                                                                                                                                    Reflecting on her own appointment
                    Jodi Abbott syncs                                                                                                           at NorQuest, she comments, “I think
                                                                                                                                                in some ways NorQuest did exactly the
                    NorQuest College                                                                                                            same thing for me. The risk they took

                                                                                                                          Photo by Jason Ness
                                                                                                                                                is that they hired someone who is not
                        with industry                                                                                                           an academic.”
                                                                                                                                                    However, while Abbott has no direct
                   By Jeannie Chua                                                                                                              academic or pedagogic experience, her

      J  odi Abbott would never have entered
         university, let alone complete a doctor-
      ate degree within three years and occupy
                                                                    dents with tremendous support and take
                                                                    absolute interest in them individually, as
                                                                    often noted with appreciation by Nor-
                                                                                                                                                impressive career accomplishments
                                                                                                                                                leave no doubt that she is capable of
                                                                                                                                                heading NorQuest.
      top positions in various organizations,                       Quest graduates in student surveys.                                             As a student and then as a fresh gradu-
      if recommendations from her school                                “They don’t feel like a number, and                                     ate, Abbott worked with the Canadian
      counsellor had been duly adhered to.                          I think that is absolutely huge,” Abbott                                    Paraplegic Association in Edmonton
          That junior high student who was                          adds.                                                                       where she became a dedicated advocate
      yesterday labelled “not university mate-                          Abbott also takes pride in NorQuest’s                                   for people with disabilities. Her career
      rial” has made it today as president and                      leadership role in healthcare educa-                                        took on new heights as she pursued this
      CEO of NorQuest College in Edmonton.                          tion. As a result of being responsive to                                    passion as vice-president of family service
      Abbott took on the role in July 2010.                         the needs of the healthcare industry,                                       with Catholic Social Services.
          Abbott’s pride in NorQuest is evident                     the college now has one of the largest                                          Over the last decade, she has made
      in the enthusiasm she exhibits when talk-                     practical nurse programs and the larg-                                      tremendous contributions to the health-
      ing about her students and staff.                             est healthcare aide program in Canada.                                      care system in her leadership roles with
          “One thing you will see as you walk                       The college is also receiving increasing                                    the Canadian Diabetes Association and
      through the halls or visit the classrooms                     requests from health planners and pro-                                      Alberta Health and Wellness. Her last
      at NorQuest is the incredible passion of                      viders to help meet emerging needs with                                     position before accepting the NorQuest
      our students and staff, and that passion                      new healthcare programs.                                                    challenge was as senior vice-president of
      will take us a long, long way,” she says.                         Another NorQuest strength, observes                                     quality performance improvement with
      “People don’t just work here because                          Abbott, is its role in equipping new Ca-                                    Alberta Health Services.
      it’s a job. They come here because of                         nadians for employment opportunities.                                           Since then, Abbott has lived up to
      the incredible impact we have on our                          This includes those who need further                                        expectations by adapting her manage-
      students. And students choose NorQuest                        education and training, as well as those                                    rial skills and knowledge gained in the
      because they have a clear goal in mind.                       with postgraduate degrees from their                                        complex healthcare world to the aca-
      They are motivated to succeed and that                        home countries who are facing obsta-                                        demic environment. As for being able
      passion rubs off on our staff.”                               cles in re-entering their professions.                                      to inspire students and understand their
          Staff members in turn provide stu-                        NorQuest has programs that prepare                                                                       Continued on page 8

                         OrGanO GOld                                                                    The
                                                                                                     Bali Shop
                                          HealtHy Coffee
                       100% Arabica Beans blended with 100% Organic Ganoderma. Single
                       serving packets... easy to carry, easy to mix! New OrGano Gold is simply
            NEW!       the best in instant coffee!                                                 GOOD EARTH CLOTHING
       Even better, it’s a HEALTHY coffee!                                                                        also clothing from
                                                                                                  India        Thailand                              Nepal      Bali
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            or to join the OrGano Team, contact me today!
                                                                                                    MON to SAT 10 to 6                              CRUISE WEAR
       Dawna Shirley Independent OrGano Gold Representative                                            THURS til 8                                    XS to 3X
                                                                                                       5065 - 50 (MAIN) ST. CAMROSE, AB
          780-758-6052 or 780-914-0370                                                                             780 672 6217

028WB1_DawnaShirley-n.indd 1                                                  3/14/2011 10:16:18 AM
                                                                                          045WB2_The Bali Shop-h.indd 1
        6                                                                                                                                                                    3/20/2012 1:45:38
                                                                                                                                                March/april 2012 Edmonton Woman Magazine PM
                                                                                       Dr. Terence J. Clark
                                                                                           Dr. Jackie Korol
                                                                                        304, 8135 102 St.
                                                                                           Edmonton, AB
                                                                                                 T6E 4A4
                                                                                          (780) 438-6863
                                          General Dentistry                

   B i o l o g y                      T e c h n o l o g y                          E c o l o g y

  • Mercury Free                                              • Ceramic Crowns in One Visit
  • Bio-compatible materials                                  • Digital Lasers
    and procedures
                                                              • Low Radiation Digital X-Rays
  • Environmentally-friendly office
                                                              • Computer Integrated
  • Focus on oral health effects on the                         Dental Operatories
     whole body

                                                    Too busy for two
                                                    dental visits?
                                                    We know you’re busy. That’s why we o            er
                                                    CEREC restorations. With no temporaries needed,
                                                    CEREC is absolutely the fastest way to receive crowns,
                                                     llings, and veneers. All can be done in one visit,
                                                    saving you time in your busy life.
                                                    The one and only for one-visit dentistry.

     Biotec Dental Group has some exciting news!
On April 2, 2012, we will be opening our brand new clinic on Whyte Ave.
This move was inspired by our desire to serve you better in a more
convenient location. The new clinic allows us to expand on the biology,
technology and ecology that we provide to our patients. The new building
will also have other integrated healthcare practitioners, a yoga studio,
daycare, and an organic grocery store with restaurant.
Check out for more info on the unique features of
our new clinic.
                                                                                  Whyte Ave. & 102 St.
                                                       push. That’s why I feel I’m a good fit         Alberta over the next decade, Abbott
           on the cover                                with NorQuest. And that’s why I have           states that NorQuest has a responsibility
                               Continued from page 6   an affinity with the college.”                 to help meet that demand. As part of
                                                       New directions                                 NorQuest’s role as a regional steward
                                                          At the time that Abbott became presi-       for west central Alberta, Abbott and her
challenges, she is up to the task as well,             dent of NorQuest, the college board of         team recently conducted a needs assess-
having experienced the value of encour-                governors had just approved a bold new         ment that covered about a hundred com-
agement and good advice herself.                       strategic plan.                                munities in the area. The study aimed
   Referring to herself as someone who                    The past year and a half has seen Ab-       to reveal the gaps between the interests
was “never a star” and who always had to               bott hard at work leading her team to put      of (potential) students and the needs of
work hard in school, Abbott can relate                 the new strategic plan into action. The        communities. Abbott’s team is working
well to students who have challenges                   initial groundwork included developing         with these communities towards filling
in their life and who have worked very                 new mission, vision and values state-          those gaps, with the target of seeing
hard to get to where they are.                         ments; building a new comprehensive            100 per cent of their graduates find
   As a result of mislabelling by her                  institutional plan; and strategizing for       employment.
school counsellor and teachers, she                    longer term financial stability. The col-      Most Influential Women 2011
might have settled for less had her                    lege also underwent reorganization, and            Abbott also excels in the area of
mother not encouraged her with these                   Abbott is especially excited about the         sports, having been named one of the
words: “You can do whatever you want                   newly formed executive team.                   20 Most Influential Women in Sport
to do. You may have to work harder than                   “We created an area called ‘Trans-          and Physical Activity in 2011 by the
anybody else to get it done, but you can               formation’ to help us move firmly into         Canadian Association for the Advance-
do whatever you want to do.”                           the post-secondary market,” she says.          ment of Women and Sport for her role
   Abbott’s husband Michael has also                   “Our new executive team came up with           as a figure skating judge. She has been
been a major figure in her success in                  five areas of focus, and the one I’m           a judge for 18 years at the national level
education and career.                                  most excited about is to look at every         and for 12 years internationally.
   “That’s why I was drawn to NorQuest,”               program we have through the lens of                From encouraging little kids to
Abbott says. “[My career] could have                   being workforce relevant.”                     continue figure skating despite failure
really gone the wrong way if I didn’t                     Quoting government statistics indi-         to seeing young skaters develop into
have the right people with the right                   cating that about 114,000 people will be       champions over the years, Abbott has
message at the right time giving me the                needed to meet workforce demands in                                            Continued on page 14

                    Dr. N.K. Hans,              MSc. MD. CCFP                               Botox • Fillers • Facial Rejuvenation
                         Clinical Associate Professor, U of A                               Micro Laser Peels, Chemical Peels, Photo Facial,
                      Discover the Secret to Beauty                                                   Permanent Makeup, Facials

  •	 Fillers: Restylane, Juvederm (Lip Enhancement &                      •	 Acne	Treatment
     Volumalift)                                                          •	 Electrolysis
  •	 Skin	Tightening:	Thermage                                            •	 Clear	Scan	Laser	Hair	Removal: Very effective
  •	 Blue	Light: Acne, Actinic Keratosis                                     treatment on all skin types, including ethnic skin
  •	 Vein	Removal: Sclerotherapy, Laser Removal                           •	 Cellulite	Reduction: Lipodissolve
  •	 Laser	Treatment: Acne & Acne Scars, Leg & Face                       •	 Registered	Massage	Therapist: Clinical, Sport,
     Veins, Wrinkle Reduction, Sun Damage & Age Spots                        Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massage                ® of Vivier Canada Inc.

                         Please call 780-440-0556 for a consultation appointment
                         Laser Skin & Vein Clinic • 3907-34 Street, Edmonton, Alberta
                              E-mail: •

  _Meadowbrook-NKHansProfCorp-h.indd 1                                                                                           3/28/2011 11:48:43 AM
 8                                                                                                   March/april 2012 Edmonton Woman Magazine
                                                              Canada to celebrate First                              and girls has risen and may continue to do
            Osteoporosis                                      International Day of the Girl
                                                                                                                     so, according to When There’s No Place Like
                                                                                                                     Home: A Snapshot of Women’s Homelessness
                                                                  Canada will celebrate the first Inter-             in Canada, an analysis of the problem issued
                                                              national Day of the Girl on October 11, 2012,          by the national YWCA.
                                                              following its recent designation by the United             “…We are shocked to report that home-
                                                              Nations. Rona Ambrose, Minister for Status of          lessness is undeniably a women’s issue,” said
                                                              Women made the announcement on March                   YWCA Canada CEO Paulette Senior. “It’s an
                                                              8, International Women’s Day.                          issue for single women, for teenage girls,
         Are you postmenopausal?                                  “On the Day of the Girl in Canada, we              for women with children, for First Nations
            (at least 3 years since                           will invite all Canadians to celebrate girls as        women. In large Canadian cities, 25 to 30
            your last period)                                 important agents of change within their fam-           per cent of people living on the streets and
                                                              ilies and their communities,” said Ambrose.            in shelters are women. It’s time to sound the
                                                              “It will also focus on ways to empower girls           alarm. When women and girls are homeless,
                            Are you 40 to 85                  to reach their full potential and realize their        they are not safe.”
                              years of age?                   dreams. I believe the earlier in life girls under-
                                                              stand that girls’ rights are human rights, the         Child care subsidies
                                                              stronger they become and the brighter their                Some 9,000 families will receive new or
         Are you interested in                                future will be.”                                       increased funding to help offset the cost of
                                                                  On March 24, 2011, the House of Com-
           keeping your bones                                 mons gave its unanimous support to Canada
                                                                                                                     accessing quality child care, thanks to changes
                                                                                                                     to the Alberta child care subsidy program.
           strong and healthy?                                leading a campaign at the United Nations               Effective April 1, the household income
                                                              for designating an International Day of                that qualifies families to receive maximum
                                                              the Girl.
                    Can you attend                                                                                   subsidy will increase by 42 per cent from
                                                                                                                     $35,100 to $50,000.
                      6 clinic visits over a                  Swaziland girls campaign                                   With these changes, it is expected that
                      period of 8 months?                         Crossroads International is launching              26,000 subsidies will be provided to eligible
                                                              the third annual Open Doors campaign                   low- and middle-income families in the 2012-
                                                              for women and girls, with proceeds this                13 fiscal year. More than 4,000 families that
               If you answered “yes” to these                 year flowing to girls’ empowerment clubs               are currently receiving child care subsidy
                  questions and would like to                 in Swaziland.                                          will see an increase to their partial subsidy
              participate in a clinical trial with a              The agency is asking Canadians to help             rate; with 3,200 of these families going to
                                                              raise enough money to fund 200 new spaces              maximum subsidy. In addition, it is expected
              new medication designed to keep                 in the empowerment clubs, to help prevent              upwards of 5,000 new families will apply and
            your bones strong, please contact us.             abuse and the spread of HIV by building                be approved for subsidy in 2012-13.
                                                              girls’ self-confidence, educating them about               For more information about
            Call (780) 407-2833                               their rights and showing them where to turn
                                                              for help.
                                                                                                                     the child care subsidy program go to
                                                                  “Empowerment clubs are helping Swazi
            You may be reimbursed for                         girls survive and thrive,” stated Crossroads           Persons Case Scholarships
            your study-related expenses                       executive director Karen Takacs.                          Fourteen young Edmonton women are
                                                                  For more information about the cam-                among 44 outstanding students recognized
                                                              paign, visit                  by the Government of Alberta with Persons
             Visit:                             Women’s homelessness
                                                                                                                     Case Scholarships this year.
                                                                                                                        The Persons Case Scholarship program
                                                                    Homelessness among Canadian women
                                                                                                                                                              Continued on page 15

030WB2_ABHealth_Sinoveda Study-h.indd 1     3/1/2012 10:29:59 AM
                                                                   The Breast Centre Hermitage
                                                                         12779 – 50 Street
                                                                        Phone 780-475-1866
                                                                   The Breast Centre Meadowlark
                                                                    200 Meadowlark Health Centre
                                                                        Phone 780-489-8430
                   Mammography | Ultrasound                    The Breast Centre Spruce Grove
                                                                        107, 505 Queen Street
                      Bone Densitometry                                  Phone 780-962-0297
                         NEW SITES:                            The Breast Centre Castledowns
                                                                       15309 Castledowns Road
              Insight Lendrum Women’s Imaging                            Phone 780-457-4070
              10381 - 51 Avenue Phone 780-434-9171
                                                              The Breast Centre Sherwood Park
                    The Breast Centre Leduc                            136 Athabascan Avenue
              5307 - 50 Avenue Phone 780-486-8104                       Phone 780-464-1515
                 The Breast Centre Millwoods                        The Breast Centre Heritage                                  Central Booking
              6466 - 28 Avenue Phone 780-486-8103                         2049 - 111 Street                        local 780-669-2222 toll free 1-866-771-9446
                                                                        Phone 780-438-0547                         Fully accredited by the Canadian Association of Radiologists

         008WE1_InsightMedicalImaging-h.indd 1                                                                                                           8/10/2011 1:54:08 PM
       10                                                                                                           March/april 2012 Edmonton Woman Magazine
Why do we self-sabotage?
                          By Zaheen Nanji                          in her childhood on Sunday nights with her family and (the
                           Success Coach                           most common source) emotional eating – using food to make

H     ave you ever wondered why some people can eat what
      they want and don’t struggle with their weight? Often
the answer can be found with this question: “What is your
                                                                   herself feel better. We often make relationships with food and
                                                                   some of these are in our subconscious and are often linked
                                                                   to when we were younger.
relationship with food?”                                               The other component to this is emotional eating. When
    As a Weight Loss Coach, it is interesting to notice the dif-   I hold workshops on weight loss, I always get asked: How can
ference in behaviour and decision-making process between           we break away from that habit? The answer lies in the positive
naturally thin people and people who struggle with weight.         intention behind that habit – what is the person trying to gain
Main drivers are our limiting beliefs and our relationship         from holding on to that behaviour? Every behaviour has a
with food.                                                         positive intention or purpose. For example, when someone
    I have a client (let’s call her Pat) who found herself sabo-   screams or yells, what are they trying to gain by holding on
taging her efforts when she was releasing weight. She had          to that behaviour? Some may say “control,” while others may
been staying away from wheat and gluten products, which            say “to be heard.” Therefore, the positive intention behind
made her feel sluggish and bloated. During our session she         the screaming behaviour is to feel in control or to be heard.
recounted how she had managed to avoid snacks served at a          The same principle applies to emotional eating.
recent conference – which contained wheat and sugar – and              I asked Pat, “What are you trying to gain by eating pancakes
stuck to her own healthy snacks. However, when she went            and feeling comforted – what will achieving that do for you?”
home on Sunday evening, she ended up making pancakes.              After a long silence she replied, “To let loose and have fun
    She asked: “Why do I do that? On one hand I want to            with my family because I missed them all weekend.”
stay away from sugar and wheat, but on the other hand I                There is nothing wrong with seeking security and comfort,
sabotage my efforts!”                                              but instead of forming such relationships with food and feel-
    From my coaching experience I knew this was likely an          ing like it controls you, we can use other resources that give
internal conflict, but I wanted to explore what was going on       us the same feeling. I asked Pat, now that she realized her
in her mind that was guiding her behaviour. I asked: “HOW          positive intention and became conscious of her feelings, what
did you decide to eat pancakes?” She started by answering:         could she do instead to let loose and have fun? She listed
“It was easy to make. I knew my son would enjoy eating             a few things like playing a board game or watching a short
pancakes with me and (then came the slam dunk)… well, dur-         family movie or going to the park.
ing my childhood, Sunday suppers were ‘treat suppers’.” I              In my program, Release the Weight, many clients have learned
asked her to elaborate and she explained: “After Sunday            to change their relationship with foods and their beliefs,
morning church, our family would have a huge meal so by            and it is amazing to see the differences in them. We do have
early evening we were not really hungry and we would end           the power to train our subconscious mind and replace our
up having quick meals.”                                            limiting beliefs with empowering ones.
    I asked: “What was the goal for the type of suppers you had        Zaheen Nanji is a Success Coach, professional speaker and
on Sunday?” She replied: “A special treat with the family and      owns Shanti Wellness Centre. She created the program ‘Release the
then we would end up going back to church at 6 p.m.”               Weight’ and also facilitates various workshops and the‘WealthyMind
    I then asked her the next important question: “WHAT            Retreat’. Visit her websites and www.
made you decide to have pancakes?” She quietly answered: 
“Comfort. The conference had a lot of information to learn.            Note: This information is for educational purposes only. It is intended to sup-
I just wanted some comfort.”                                       plement your current health program, not to replace the care of a licensed medical
    Notice that Pat’s behaviours were guided by what happened

                                                             Personal Coaching                                 Zaheen Nanji
                                                                 in all Areas                                              BSc., CCP, RMT
                                                          in person or by telephone                                 Success Coach

                                            Wealthy and Healthy Mind Retreat
                                                                June 2 and 3, 2012
                                                   Register at
   where transformation and healing occurs                                                                     780-352-0945
Not just
Beauty, fashion items
great for Mother’s Day
             By Sharon Mayr

S  pringtime, needless to say, is a time
   of renewal and rebirth, and with
warmer weather and increasing sun-
shine we often find ourselves ponder-
ing on changes we can make in our
appearance and in our lives.
   We think of spring flowers and the
fragrance of their blooms that creates
the urge to increase our femininity and
“treat ourselves special.” I’ve listed a
few ways we can do something special              Inhibox complex is the powerful          cause our muscles to contract.
for ourselves especially for upcoming          secret ingredient behind the scientifi-        This revolutionary serum from Aus-
Mother’s Day.                                  cally proven success of Freezeframe. It     tralia creates both short and long-term
   To reduce wrinkles and relax facial         contains GABA, an amino acid that we        effects and has had a proven success rate
lines, there is a unique product from          naturally produce in our bodies to relax    of up to 63.13 per cent reduction in only
Delta Cosmetics called Freezeframe             muscles, similar to the effect of Valium.   28 days! London Drugs names it as their
on the market in Canada. It is a safe,         To smooth wrinkles it contains Snap-8       best-selling anti-aging product.
easy, inexpensive alternative to painful,      peptide, a protein that prevents nerve         “The product combines the benefits
costly injections.                             cells from producing the chemicals that                                Continued on page 18

                        Dr. Janice Liao F.R.C.P.(C)
                        Canadian and American Board Certified Dermatologist

            BEFOR E P RO CEDURE                                               AFT E R T HR E E PR OC E DU R ES

               The Pro-Fractional XC laser is like getting a facelift without
                the surgical scars and minimal downtime! Inquire today.
                   Dr. Liao is the first Dermatologist in Edmonton to have the Pro-Fractional XC machine.
                                           Free Consultations for scars and wrinkles.

             ph.   780-482-1548 • 11516 - Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB. T5K 0M8

12                                                                                         March/april 2012 Edmonton Woman Magazine
Not too early to prepare
for golf season
           By Julie M. Sorenson

T   here’s nothing like getting out on
    the green after a long winter, but
when you consider how many times
a swing is repeated during a single
game of golf, it is not surprising that
the season often ends early for players
who aren’t properly prepared for the
physical challenge.
   But there is much you can do be-
fore the season begins to prepare your
body to ensure your golf games are
enjoyable.                                          is to tackle the repetitive, asymmetrical    an office desk and chair all winter, then
   Aerobic and stamina-building                     movements of golf by gently strengthen-      this is even more important.
exercises are the key to beating the                ing your muscles in advance.                     The rotational power in your torso
long walks in the heat of summer. And                   Rotational flexibility, hip flexibil-    relies on the hips, buttocks, thighs,
flexibility and muscle training will                ity, lower back muscles, and shoulder        abdominals, and lower back muscles
help you achieve longer drives, better              strength all play a role in each golfer’s    all working in coordination. So begin
swing consistency, and overall mid-torso            swing. Working these areas will also help    by stretching those core areas. Later
strength.                                           you avoid getting spasms in your leg or      you can begin strength training, but
   It isn’t as if you have to become a              back muscles during a long day on the        still maintain the emphasis on the core
heavy lifting body builder at all! The aim          links. If you have been cramped up in        power zone areas.

                                                    were 10 or 11, competed at the 2010             No one knows how many little fig-
          on the cover                              Olympics.                                    ure skaters have grown up to achieve
                           Continued from page 8       “When Tessa and Scott stepped on          big things with the encouragement of
                                                    the ice, my heart was pounding so            Abbott, but one can sense the empow-
                                                    loud I could hardly hear the music,”         erment she must have given them, as
found tremendous satisfaction in judg-              Abbot recalls. “I remember telling my-       she leaves this message for Edmonton
ing figure skating competitions. She                self during the first 15 seconds of that     Woman readers:
even had the honour of representing                 competition, ‘Okay, calm yourself down,         “You can do anything you want if you
Canada as a judge at the 2010 Olympic               because you’re not competing. You’re         develop your skills. Find out what tools
Games in Vancouver.                                 just here do the right thing and give the    you need to achieve what you want to
   She recalls her proud moment when                right score.’ But it was an overwhelming     achieve, and when you get knocked off
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, figure skat-           feeling. I think it was the pride of being   your feet, just get up – take a break if you
ers whom she had known since they                   there, to represent Canada.”                 need to – but get up and keep going.”

      A plAn for you,                              And you,                     And you.                  There are things you can do
                                                                                                          throughout your life to reduce
                                                                                                          your risk of developing breast
                                                                                                          cancer and detect it early.
                                                                                                          Develop a Breast Health Life
                                                                                                          Plan for every phase of your life.
                                                                                                          It’s never too early or too late.
                                                                                                          to get started.

                                                                                                                                LIFE PLAN

 14                                                                                              March/april 2012 Edmonton Woman Magazine
         The core is the area between the              your arm strength, and have a comfort-                 digest
     knees and chest made up of all the                able grip.                                                                         Continued from page 10
     bones, ligaments, and muscles within.                 Take lessons: The right swing tech-                began in 1979 to honour the 50th anniversary
     There are countless exercises to help             nique can do more than just improve                    of the Persons Case. In 1929, five Alberta
     you work your core, including ham-                your game; it can also spare you plenty                women waged a legal battle and won the
     string stretches, lower back stretches            of unnecessary pain. Working with a                    right for women to be deemed as “persons”
     such as imitating a “cat” doing arches            professional is a great way to learn the               under Canadian law.
     and hunches, gentle torso twists, side            basics.                                                   Emily Murphy, Louise McKinney, Nellie
     rotations with resistance, crunches, and              Warm up and warm down: Take a                      McClung, Irene Parlby and Henrietta Muir
     gentle trunk rotations.                           few minutes to stretch before and after                Edwards are credited with this significant
         Start out slowly. You don’t want to risk      your game. Start with a brisk walk, then               advancement for women and are known as
                                                                                                              Alberta’s Famous Five.
     injuring one of your core muscles, as that        do some light stretching.
                                                                                                                 For more information on the
     would set you back tremendously, and                  Push, don’t carry, your golf bag:                  Person Case Scholarships, see
     may cause you to miss the start of the            Pushing or pulling a bag on its wheels       
     golf season. Warm up for a few minutes            and taking turns riding in a cart can help
     with an aerobic activity of your choice,          you take a load off and prevent a back                 Woman Entrepreneurs
     such as on a stationary bike, elliptical          injury. If you prefer to carry your clubs,             Conference
     trainer machine, or my favourite, walk-           consider using a double strap carry bag                    Alberta Women Entrepreneurs will be
     ing uphill on a treadmill.                        that evenly distributes the weight.                    holding a two-day conference in Edmonton
         The most important factor is to start             Choose the right shoes: Wearing golf               in May. Titled Connecting To Success, the
     early!                                            shoes with good support and the proper                 event will take place May 3 and 4, with an
         Here are a few other simple tips to           fit can go a long way to prevent some                  opening reception on May 2.
     help ensure you have an enjoyable golf            knee, hip and lower back pain.                             On May 3, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs
     season:                                               Drink lots of water: Dehydration                   will also be holding its inaugural Celebration
         Get the right fit: Playing with clubs         can cause fatigue and increase your                    of Achievement Award Ceremony, which will
                                                                                                              honour entrepreneur Arlene Dickinson, co-
     that don’t fit can hinder your game               risk of injury. Water and juice are ideal
                                                                                                              founder of Venture Communications and
     and cause you pain. Consult a pro to              refreshments. Drinking alcohol depletes                Dragon on CBC’s Dragon’s Den.
     ensure your clubs are the right height,           the body’s fluids and can lead to stiff                    To register or for more information go
     are made of a material appropriate to             muscles and soreness later on.                         to

                   Pitch & Putt
                            Golf Course
            18 Holes                                         Par 3


                         For Details Phone:                                                      Challenging 18 Holes
                                                                                               Par 3 as it was meant to be
                780-432-1626                                                       Ladies night every Wednesday 10% OFF green fees & pro shop
                                                                                                                      West of edm on hWy 16
              THE KINSMEN SPORTS CENTRE                                           780-968-7654                       (yelloWhead) to hWy 779
                                                                                                                      (stony Pln overPass) &
                                                                                                                     north 7 Km to entrance

     March/april 2012 1               Woman Magazine                       020WC9_Duffy'sChallenge-n.indd 1
                                                               4/13/2009 1:45:49 PM                                                           4/14/2009 12:57:29 PM
      but the
      Pampering mom on
      her special day
      B   ecause mothers do so much for
          us, every year we honour them
      on Mother’s Day – the second Sun-
      day in May – with cards, gifts and
         Edmonton mothers certainly de-
      serve special treatment on Mother’s
      Day, but perhaps this year, gift givers
      should widen their horizons. Here                                                                                          Divine Body Spa
      are a couple of suggestions.                       sounds of a water fountain and soft             you are leaving her in good hands,
                                                         spa music rush to greet her. Whether            whether she’s receiving treatment
      Let mom relax and rejuvenate at the spa!           she is in a mood for shopping or just           with one of the spa’s highly skilled
                                                         browsing, she will be enchanted by              and personable skin and body spe-
      Divine Body Spa                                    the retail wall showcasing jewellery,           cialists or having a soothing massage
        For all the hard work Mom has                    scarves, handbags, sunglasses and               from one of the registered massage
      put in all these years, isn’t it time she          wallets from names like Coach, Jes-             therapists.
      gets some real pampering?                          sica Simpson and others.                           And if Mom prefers to have her
        Give her a gift certificate to Divine                You can choose from a wide range            feet pampered, she will enjoy her
      Body Spa or better still, take her there           of luxurious skin and body treatments           pedicure while relaxing in a massage
      yourself, for the ultimate Mother’s                to suit your budget and to suit Mom’s           chair and sipping her favourite java
      Day gift.                                          preference.                                     or iced beverage.
        Mom’s relaxation starts the minute                   As Mom enters one of Divine’s                  Want to further enhance the pam-
      she steps into the spa, where soothing             newly renovated rooms, you know                 pering experience? Let Mom take

              A special thank you to all the
              birth mothers who made the
              ultimate sacrifice so that those
                 of us unable to conceive
               could have the opportunity
                    to become parents.
                                                                                       Mayor’s Prayer
                  Christian                                                            Breakfast                association

                  Services                                                       Wednesday April 25, 2012
                     Alberta’s Leading                                                            to Register
                     Adoption Agency                                    Shaw Conference Centre, 9797 Jasper Avenue
                                                                                      Guest Speaker Jack Klemke
                                                                     Come and join other business, professional, and ministerial
                                                                   associates to pray for our Mayor, Councillors and Civic leaders!

028WC0_ChristianAdoption-h.indd 1      4/15/2010 2:22:38 PM _WB2_MayorsPrayerBreakfast-h.indd 1
        16                                                                                                                        Woman 4:38:35 PM
                                                                                                        March/april 2012 Edmonton3/21/2012 Magazine
                            Mother’s Day
                       Mothers hold their child’s hand for a
                       moment and their heart for a lifetime!
                      Pamper your Mother this Mother’s Day!

Mom & Me Spa Package:
Spend Mother’s Day reconnecting to each other in a new way (3 hours).
Receive a Special Gift
Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure,
60 Minute Massage, Spa Lunch                                $185
Mom’s Delight Package:
Show mom you love her! Receive a Special Gift
30 minute Sauna, 60 minute massage and Spa Pedicure         $165
Mother of All Mothers Package:
Treat your mom to a glorious day to remember. Receive a Special Gift
Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure,
Signature Facial, 60 Minute Massage, Spa Lunch           $270
    780.481.9772                         17026 - 95 Avenue
nothing but the best                                                                             braised Alberta lamb shank. You will
                          Continued from page 16                                                 be amazed.
home a little something from the                                                                    The lunch menu includes the bis-
spa’s top-of-the-line products from                                                              tro tourtière and beef bourguignon,
GM Collin, Jane Iredale to Gehwol.                                                               as well daily specials. The French-
   Don’t let this opportunity slip                                                               trained pastry chef sends out a tray
away – show Mom you know she’s                                                                   with an assortment of desserts made
worth it.                                                                                        daily, including our traditional crème
   Divine Body Spa is located in                                                                 brûlée.
Terra Losa at 17026 - 95 Avenue,                                                                    The bistro is open Tuesday to
Edmonton, AB. Visit their website                                                                Friday for lunch and Tuesday to
at                                                                            Saturday for dinner. Closed Sunday
                                                                          Bistro LaPersaud       and Monday. Special Events cater-
Take mom to one of Edmonton’s best new             manuel David and Chef Andrew                  ing and on site banquets facility are
restaurants!                                       Hess.                                         available as well.
                                                      This is a team that will lead you             Call to book your Mother’s Day
Bistro LaPersaud                                   through the streets of Paris right here       brunch soon as space is limited.
  Bistro LaPersaud located in the                  in Edmonton, with such dishes as the             Bistro LaPersaud is located at 8627-
French Quarters of Edmonton boasts                 Parisian onion soup, crispy duck leg          91 Street. Visit or
culinary leader Executive Chef Em-                 confit, pan seared rainbow trout and          call 780-758-6636 for reservations.

not just flowers                                   sentative call 1-800-265-AVON or visit           Not Just Any Old Day...It’s YOUR
                          Continued from page 12                                  Special Day jewellery is not jewellery
                                                       To help shape up your body contour,       for just any’s made especially
of an immediate tightening effect on               L’Occitane En Provence offers Shape           for your special day! This uniquely
wrinkles to those of a reduction in the            Up!, a new line of almond scented prod-       designed “Datesake” jewellery is beau-
appearance of wrinkles over time,”                 ucts to help refine and reshape your          tifully handcrafted to become your
asserts Patricia Barbeau, president of             figure for the spring. Shaping Delight is a   forever keepsake.
Delta Cosmetics. “Within five minutes,             fresh, rich and powerful gel-cream that          It’s not new to Hollywood, as many
the relaxing facial activates to smooth            combines almond bud extracts rich in          celebrities sport this beautiful line of
expression lines for an immediate ef-              flavonoids with an innovative plant com-      jewellery, keeping their momentous
fect.”                                             plex to help eliminate and break down         date near to their hearts.
    Freezeframe is available at London             fat, drain excess fluids, and visibly tone       In 2007 founder Michele Esposito
Drugs, Rexall, Pharmasave, Pharma Plus             and firm the skin’s surface. Its clinically   was searching for a special gift for her
and online at for             proven success is 77 per cent.                fiancé, and remembered a calendar
$89. For more information call 1-800-                  Shower Scrub is a light exfoliating gel   charm her grandfather (a jeweller) had
NO BOTOX.                                          to prepare the skin for the firming prod-     made into a necklace for her grand-
    Want a new vibrant hair colour this            uct application. And after that, to fight     mother to mark their anniversary.
spring? New on the market from AVON                cellulite on the buttocks and thighs, try        Because it had become such a
(the company for women) is Advance                 their Beautiful Shape, which has a micro-     treasure to her grandmother, Michele
Techniques Professional Hair Colour.               exfoliating formula enriched with             decided to create her own calendar
It comes in many shades of blonde,                 lemon extract. It has shown clinically        charm for her man. Soon after, she
brunette, red and black and will be                proven success of up to a 33-centimetre       began to receive requests for similar
available in April for only $10.99.                reduction in thigh circumference and          pieces and Michele started her original
    It is formulated with a lock-in tech-          significant cellulite reduction. Smooth       Calendar Datesake Jewellery and Gift
nology that mends damaged hair and                 Hands is a delicate almond-fragranced         Collection began.
absorbs evenly from root to tip. It offers         cream that will leave your hands soft,           Items in the line include calendar
a no-drip formula and provides com-                smooth and more feminine looking.             charms, bracelets, rings and key calen-
plete grey coverage. The post-treatment                These four new limited editions           dar necklaces to mark your special date,
is formulated with Shea Butter to seal             range in price from $12 to $59 and are        all adorned with a Swarovski crystal.
in vibrancy and shine.                             available at the L’Occitane boutique          Items range in price from $60 to $120.
    “I want colour with conviction, Ad-            in Phase III, West Edmonton Mall. For         For more information or to order visit
vance Techniques performs brilliantly              more information or to order online  or email
with lasting colour and amazing shine.             visit            
And now it’s MINE” – Fergie                            With Mother’s Day fast approaching,          This year don’t just settle for flow-
    For more information or to contact             I have a tip for dropping a persuasive        ers!
a local Avon Independent Sales Repre-              hint to our loved ones.

 18                                                                                              March/april 2012 Edmonton Woman Magazine
                                                                                     Do you believe that you’re amazing and
   Affordably priced
                                      up to   50% off *                          beautiful just as you are - no changes required?
                                                                                 If not, then its time to release YOUR Bad Kitty.
                                                                                   “I was struggling with moving forward in my business, moving past hurt from
                                                                                   a failed marriage, speaking up with my new husband...etc. After one day with
                                                                                     Christie, everything I’ve been working toward is coalescing. It’s like all the
                                                                                     answers to the questions I had have became clear and the struggles have
                                                                                                 melted away. I am happy. I am joyous. I am FREE!”
                                                                                                                 Kelly D., Edmonton
                                                                                                       Call The Bad Kitty for:
                                                                                        • Your next Inspirational and Out of the Box Speaker
                                                                                        • Be YOU Coaching
                                                                                        • Upcoming Classes using Sensual Dance
                                              ������A�                                   Are you ready to take your power back
                                             Kitchen & Bath                                      and start living again?
                                                                                                                        Call Christie at 780-893-9754
 interior renovations                                                                                          
 European design & manufacturing quality.                                                                          
    Make your kitchen unique with our huge selection
                 of colours and materials.
    Our fronts come from affordably priced melamine
      to solid wood or high gloss lacquer with glass.
  Select one of many interior colours at no extra charge.

                                                                                   You are: Beautiful Authentic Divine
 We take care of your project from design to completion.
  for more info visit us @
 2988 Ellwood Dr. SW. - Edmonton 780-235-4078
         *some models only, discount depends on the quantity and style.
                                                                                     Kompletely Individual Totally True You

  In 2012 Banish Ingrown Hairs for Good!                                  046WB2_BadKitty-h.indd 1                                                   3/22/2012 10:03:08 AM

                             By Ashley Malone
                                                                                         Visit One:

    We’ve all seen them. Those pesky red bumps many men and
                                                                                        Visit One:

                                                                                   50 % OFF
 women get after shaving. They are not only unsightly but can
 also become infected and painful. For those wishing to banish
 ingrown hairs for good, laser hair removal may be the answer.                          Visit One:
    What is an ingrown hair?
    An ingrown hair occurs when dead skin cells form over the
 opening of a hair follicle. The hair gets trapped under the skin,                 50
                                                                                    on any service
                                                                                    on any service
                                                                                      Visit Two:
                                                                                    onVisit Two:
                                                                                       any service

 forming a red, irritated bump that can be painful. An ingrown

                                                                                   50 % OFF
 hair can occur just about anywhere on the body. Common

                                                                                        Visit Two:
 areas include the front of the neck in men and the bikini area
 in women.
    How does laser hair removal help?
    Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment of the
 hair and disabling hair in the active growth phase. The hair
                                                                                    on any service
                                                                                    on any service
                                                                                     Expiry date service
                                                                                    on any- MayMay2012 2012
                                                                                              date 31, 31,
                                                                                      Expiry date -- July31, 2012
 sheds, usually seven to 10 days after the treatment. Most people                       Must present 2012
                                                                                       Expiry date - May 31, coupon
 can expect to see a 10 to 30 per cent reduction in the hair after
 each treatment.
    Ingrown hairs are often reduced after just one to two treat-
 ments of laser hair removal. The remaining hair is not only
 reduced, but also has a finer and softer texture. For increased
 hair reduction four to eight treatments are commonly recom-
    To determine if you are a good candidate for a laser hair                                               & Esthetics Centre
 removal treatment Silky Skin Laser and Esthetics offers free                                          & Esthetics Centre
                                                                                                                 & Esthetics Centre
                                                                                             Professional & Affordable Laser Hair Removal TM
 consultations at both their north and south locations in Ed-                                 Professional & Affordable Laser Hair Removal TM
                                                                                               Professional & Affordable Laser Hair Removal TM
 monton.                                                                            Northside: 780.451.4006                 Southside: 780.468.6698
                                                                                    Northside: 780.451.4006                 Southside: 780.468.6698
    For more information call 780-451-4006 (north) or 780-468-                                780.451.4006 co m
                                                                                            w w w. s i l k ys k i n l a s er. Southside: 780.468.6698
                                                                                    Northside:w ysk
 6698 (south) or visit their website
                                                                                                      w w w. s i l k ys k i n l a s e r. co m
  023WB2_Silky Skin Edmonton 1
March/april 2012 Laser-h.indd Woman Magazine                                                                                                                    PM
                                                                                                                                               2/22/2012 4:56:1419
Summer fun and learning
Fill your calendar with programs and activities
T   here are plenty of summer camps
    and activities out there waiting for
you and your kids. We feature here a
                                                in the heart of downtown Edmonton, at
                                                Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue.
                                                Call 780-492-3093 for more information
number for your consideration. Sign up          or visit to register
early to avoid disappointment!                  or download the full program.
Mingle with fellow word lovers                  Make a bold statement: pursue
at Women’s Words 2012                           studies in Residential Interiors
    Women’s Words is back for another               If you love interior decorating and
round of word-worthy fun and learning           would like to take your passion to a new
with seasoned professional writers. Of-         level, consider the Residential Interiors                                 Photo by Justyna Furmanczyk

fered annually by the University of Alberta     Certificate Program offered by the Univer-        session on Tuesday, June 19 at noon, in
(Faculty of Extension),                         sity of Alberta (Faculty of Extension).           room 2-922, Enterprise Square, 10230
    Women’s Words celebrates its 19th               Applying the principles of fine arts,         Jasper Avenue.
birthday with a great line-up of instructors,   architecture, and business, the program
bringing to Edmonton another round              is a comprehensive study of residential           Learn to lead the cheering
of word-worthy fun and learning with            interior fundamentals and applications.           with Power Cheer
seasoned professional writers. Offered          Instruction is by local experts in interior
                                                                                                      Cheerleading, one of the fastest grow-
annually by the University of Alberta since     design, architecture, fine arts, and related
                                                                                                  ing sports in Canada, combines dance,
1994, Women’s Words is a 10-day program         professions.
                                                                                                  gymnastics, jumps and acrobatic stunts,
for all women with stories to tell, open to         Recognized by industry professionals as
                                                                                                  and contributes to a high level of physi-
both established and aspiring writers.          an excellent career-entry program, this set
                                                                                                  cal fitness. It is a true team sport as every
    This year’s program offers 13 work-         of courses will help you gain considerable
                                                                                                  member is crucial to the function and
shops on a variety of themes and genres,        practical experience and learn to deal
                                                                                                  success of the team!
and includes events open to the general         successfully with the challenges of the ever-
                                                                                                      Power Cheer Edmonton offers cheer-
public, such as a panel discussion on “Wit-     changing residential decorating field.
                                                                                                  leading teams for athletes aged three
ness, dissent and advocacy: Writing human           The Residential Interiors Certificate
                                                                                                  to adult. Whether new to the sport or
rights” (with Giller Prize nominee Kim          Program is designed for part-time study
                                                                                                  veterans, athletes develop confidence
Echlin and U of A professor Janice Wil-         and consists of six core courses, each 39
                                                                                                  and excellence not only in physical skills,
liamson) and a special reading by members       hours long, plus a minimum of three elec-
                                                                                                  but also in life skills such as commitment,
of the program’s faculty.                       tives. Courses include: Colour Theory and
                                                                                                  responsibility, leadership, time manage-
    Among courses offered for the first         Application, Green Design, and History of
                                                                                                  ment, respect and good sportsmanship,
time this year are “Writing About Place”        Residential Furnishings. Most courses are
                                                                                                  and many others that are useful outside
(Luanne Armstrong), “Writing from the           offered in the evening.
                                                                                                  of sport.
Inside Out” (Sandra Campbell), “Song-               To get a taste of Residential Interi-
                                                                                                      Power Cheer Edmonton’s core values of
writing Essentials” (Althea Cunningham),        ors prior to applying to the Certificate
                                                                                                  leadership, dedication, loyalty, athleticism
“Crafting the Postcard Story” (Jannie           Program, you can register for the Intro-
                                                                                                  and excellence, along with its philosophy
Edwards), “A Medley of Nonfiction Writ-         duction to Residential Interiors course.
                                                                                                  of building leaders and champions, form
ing for Children” (Joan-Marie Galat),           To register and for more details, visit
                                                                                                  the basis of everything it does.
and “The Fine Art of Fiction” (Margaret or phone
                                                                                                      The club takes its involvement in the
Macpherson).                                    780-492-3093. You’re also welcome to at-
                                                                                                  lives of youth and their families very seri-
    The program runs from June 1 to 10,         tend a Residential Interiors information
                                                                                                                                 Continued on page 22

   Continuing studies, professional development & lifelong learning:
   • Adult & Continuing Education (CACE) • Construction Administration • English Language (ELP)
   • Environmental Resource Management • Fine Arts • Government Studies • Languages
   • MA in Communications & Technology • Management Programs • Occupational Health & Safety
   • Residential Interiors • Spring Session for Older Adults 50+ (ELLA) Apr 30 – May 18
   • Summer Creative Intensives July – August • Women’s Words: Summer Writing Week Jun 1 – 10
   For your free Course Guide, call 780.492.1218 |

 20                                                                                               March/april 2012 Edmonton Woman Magazine
                                 POWER CHEER EDMONTON
                                           ✱ Ages 3 to Adult
                                           ✱ Excellent Coaching Staff
                                           ✱ Character Development Program
                                           ✱ Family oriented
                                           ✱ Performance & Competition opportunities
                                           ✱ Excellent facility
                                           ✱ Travel opportunities
                                           ✱ Competitive fees
                                           ✱ Camps and Birthday Parties

                         Building Leaders
   Give us a rattle: 780 920 5363 & Champions

March/april 2012 Edmonton Woman Magazine                                                                PM
                                                                                       3/2/2012 1:15:16 21
programs and activities                                  “Independent learners become in-          studying, for understanding not merely
                            Continued from page 20   volved in their own learning process and by   to pass the exam. Encouraging students’
                                                     being involved, they start to make mean-      self-reflection in their work and activities.
ously and will ensure your cheerleading              ingful connections with the world outside     Providing authentic materials and experi-
experience brings fun and great memo-                the classroom,” state learning experts Jo     ences, apart from traditional textbooks,
ries. Power Cheer Edmonton is the only               Mynard and Robin Sorflaten.                   and involving students in their educa-
athletic club in Edmonton with a proven                  “They are not dependent on the teacher    tional goals and planning. On a visit to
character development system that gives              for constant instructions, feedback, and      Progressive Academy you may see junior
athletes two programs in one – both physi-           reassurance. Instead of relying on the        high students acting as reading buddies
cal and social/character development.                teacher to do the thinking for them,          in the grade 1 classroom; students in a
    The Power Cheer Edmonton staff                   they take responsibility for thinking and     group on the couch with laptops out,
comprises of coaches with a vast array of            learning themselves. Learning then be-        discussing their novel for book club; or a
experience in cheerleading, and many                 comes more than the rote memorization         group of students baking cupcakes for a
of them have a background of specializa-             of a series of facts, and continues even      fundraising sale.
tion in early childhood development and              after the learner has completed full time         Their belief is that what you learn in
education. They are genuinely interested             education.”                                   the classroom should include real world
in sharing their passion for cheerleading                Progressive Academy is committed          experiences. High school students are out
with athletes while ensuring they reach              to excellence in this educational model.      every Tuesday and Thursday on their ca-
their potential in a safe, positive and fun          Independence is encouraged in students        reer internships, junior high students every
environment.                                         from their start at age 3.                    Wednesday, and there are options classes
    Power Cheer Edmonton ensures all ath-                Our world today has changed dramati-      for students as young as Kindergarten.
letes are developing their skills and reach-         cally from how current parents grew up.           Visit or call
ing their potential while having fun!                The vocabulary of independence in the         780-455-8344 to book a tour.
    For more information, call 780-920-5363          education world has become so popular
or visit www.power                because that is the type of student and       Find business success at
                                                     learner who will succeed in the global        Women in the North
Achieve independent learning                         world today and in the future.                   Women in the North (WIN) is an
with Progressive Academy                                 Schools and families need to work to-     annual conference designed for women
   We hear a lot a talk today about “life long       gether to help foster this in our children.   who are in business or are thinking about
learning” and “independent learners.” But            In what ways can we do this? Among the        starting a business. It’s a perfect opportu-
what does that really mean and how does              ways that independence can be promoted        nity for entrepreneurial-minded women
that translate into the classroom?                   in students are group work, learning and                                   Continued on page 24

          RegisteR now
          for the 2012 / 2013 school year

          Jr. Kindergarten to grade 12

          Contact Robyn at 780 455 8344
          to register your son or daughter.

 22                                                                                                March/april 2012 Edmonton Woman Magazine
                                                                                                                    Michelle Roth


Lethbridge                    Earn a
               Earn a Degree While Degree While
                          University of Lethbridge                         016WB2_Michelle Roth_Realtor-h.indd 1                             2/13/2012 2:29:08 PM

nton CampusEdmonton Campusa Living Earn a Living
               You Earn       You
       Earn a Degree While                                              Work toward a recognized Management degree while
                                         Work toward a recognized Management degree while you
                                         hold a full-time job!          hold a full-time job!

       You Earn a Living                                                                 • 4-year degree programs in Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Manag
                                         • 4-year degree programs in Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing,
                                           General Management and International Management General Management and International Management
                                                                                         • Study full-time
                                         • Study full-time or part-time (evening and weekend programs) or part-time (evening and weekend programs)
           Work toward a recognized Management
                                                                    • Transfer degree courses or complete the full 4-year BMgt degree in Edm
           degree while you hold a full-time job!complete the full 4-year BMgtpreviousin Edmonton
                             • Transfer previous courses or
                                                                                         • Already have a business
                                          • Already have a business diploma? Get your degree in as little as two years diploma? Get your degree in as little as two yea
           •	4-year	degree	programs	in	Accounting,	Finance,	Human	Resource	 in another(2.5 if you have a professional diploma in another field)
                                          (2.5 if you have a professional diploma      field)
             Management,	Marketing,	General	Management	and	International	 about our Aiming for a Program Accounting? Ask about our CA Bridging Program
                                       • Aiming for a career in Accounting? Ask    • CA Bridging career in
           •	Study	full-time	or	part-time	(evening	and	weekend	programs)
                                         EDMONTON CAMPUS                                    EDMONTON CAMPUS                   Find more information (and lif
                                                                                   Find more information (and life-changing opportunities) at

                                                                                     780.424.0425 EARNandL
           •	Transfer	previous	courses	or	complete	the	full	4-year	BMgt	degree	in	Edmonton
           •	Already	have	a	business	diploma?	Get	your	degree	in	as	little	as	two	years	(2.5	if	you	have	a	professional	diploma	in	another	field)
           •	Aiming	for	a	career	in	Accounting?	Ask	about	our	CA	Bridging	Program                                                          3/2/11 4:12:11 PM

          EDMONTON CAMPUS                                              Find more information (and life-changing opportunities) at

        029WB2_University Edmonton Woman
      March/april 2012 of Lethbridge-h.indd 1 Magazine                                                                                                  PM
                                                                                                                                       3/13/2012 1:22:4623
      programs and activities                               Hell!”                                         tlers in the region. Those values continue
                                   Continued from page 22      Women will leave the WIN5 confer-           to guide the summer camping program,
      in the Peace region to gather for a day of            ence with an enhanced appreciation             as described by the camp’s mission state-
      inspiration, learning and networking. To              of entrepreneurship and a rejuvenated          ment: “To nurture personal growth and
      celebrate its fifth anniversary, the Women            personal spirit. Conference attendees will     promote respect for nature, others and self
      in the North Conference (WIN5) has                    also have an opportunity to meet one-on-       through an inclusive, Christian camping
      confirmed two dynamic Canadian women                  one with both Barb and Monica at a book        experience.”
      speakers/entrepreneurs, Barb Stegemann                signing reception immediately following            The Camp Maskepetoon Open House
      and Monica Knight. These two women                    the event.                                     takes place on May 27 from 1 p.m. to 4
      are sure to impress conference attendees                                                             p.m. For more information, and to down-
      with their moving personal stories and                Celebrate 50 years of                          load a camp registration form, check out
      practical business expertise.                         Camp Maskepetoon                     ; or call Andrea
          Barb Stegemann, www.the7virtues .com,                 Camp Maskepetoon is celebrating over       at 780-758-6915. You can also find Camp
      is the first woman from Atlantic Canada to            50 years of camping! Located on 250 acres      Maskepetoon on Facebook.
      land a venture capital deal on Dragons’               of lakefront property on the northwest
      Den. From that experience, she has de-                shore of Pigeon Lake, Camp Maskepe-
                                                                                                           How to have a terrific day
      veloped a collection of perfumes made                 toon has 11 heated, natural log cabins            It is all about choices and knowing how
      from rose petal and orange oils she sources           set among tall spruce and poplar trees.        you are feeling this very moment. You
      from suppliers who employ farmers in                  Campers participate in many activities         can chose to wake up happy and feeling
      countries such as Afghanistan, which are              such as archery, canoeing, crafts, sports,     refreshed, or you can chose to wake up
      in the process of rebuilding their local              spirits, waterfront, campfires and many        angry and tired. It is really up to you.
      economies.                                            more surprises! Experiencing a night              Consider this: if you have unhappy
          Monica Knight,,                 under the stars at the outback, playing        thoughts, they will create unhappy events
      affectionately known as the Pied Piper of             mission impossible in the middle of the        in your life. Say to yourself life sucks, and
      the Prairies, was a presenter at the very             night, and singing around the campfire         watch what occurs. Events will unfold that
      first WIN conference. Monica uses drums               are just a few of the lifelong memories        suck! You put on your shoes and proceed
      and music to tell her life-changing story             gained at Camp Maskepetoon.                    to tie them up and the lace breaks. You
      of living in South Africa. She is excited                 Camp Maskepetoon was named after a         pour coffee and it splashes all over you.
      to be presenting at WIN again and will                Cree chief who embraced Christianity and       Why? Because you asked for it.
      close the conference with her signature               struggled to bring peace and forgiveness          Negative thoughts create negative ac-
      inspirational presentation, “Raise a Little           to the warring tribes, missionaries and set-                                 Continued on page 28

            CAMP                                                                       Live your life...
         MASKEPETOON                                                                      while you change it
         On Pigeon Lake | Since 1956 | Over 250 Acres of Lakeshore property
         Exciting summer programs for 6-15 year olds
                                                                                           It’s time for you to live the life you want!

                Visit our open house on             • Geocaching!
                                                                                           You need a career that will allow you to
                 May 27th from 1-4pm                • Canoeing                             balance work, life, and family—and a
                                                    • Swimming                             college that will, too.
                                                    • Outback                              Massage therapy is a flexible, rewarding
                                                    • Crafts                               career. And at MH Vicars School, you
                                                    • Archery
                                                                                           can go back to school without having to
                                                    • Discovery
                                                    • Drama                                relocate or give up your day job!
                                                    • Games                                           Open House 5-7 pm
                                                    • Mud Pit                                         March 19, April 16
                                                    • Campfires
                Find us on Facebook                 • And so Much More!!                        Relaxation Massage Workshop
                                  For details ph:                                                March 31–April 1, May 12–13
                      (780) 758-6915
 |                                         Call today! 780-491-0574
                  Rent Camp Maskepetoon for your Special Event                   

025WB2_CampMaskepetoon-h.indd 1                                     3/2/2012 10:59:24 AM
       24                                                                                                  March/april 2012 Edmonton Woman Magazine
     The fat
                                                           LPL becomes ultra-efficient at storing fat,            Snacking can be helpful too, but limit
                                                            opening up even more doors to beckon              your snack calories to around 150 calories
                                                              fat right in.                                   or less. Otherwise snacking may lead to

                                                                       According to a study in the New        weight gain. And make sure your snacks
                                                                    England Journal of Medicine, this         are low in sodium, less than 200 milligrams
                                                                    little-known enzyme is also one           of sodium per serving, and low in added
                                                                    of the primary reasons you’re apt         sugar, less than three grams per serving.
     Control LPL for                                                  to regain the weight you’ve lost
                                                                       from dieting. Even going for four
                                                                                                                  Smart snacks include one ounce of
                                                                                                              low-fat cheese with one-half cup grapes
     weight loss success                                                hours without food can spark          (100 calories) or four ounces plain non-
           By Sandra Gordon                                                    LPL into action.               fat yogurt with one-half cup berries (140
                                                                                      “The more you’re        calories), just to give you an idea.

     M    any of us try to shed
          pounds by depriving
     ourselves, which never works
                                                                                   in the fasting state,
                                                                                   the more active LPL
                                                                                  is,” explains Michele
                                                                                                                  With meals, keep LPL under control
                                                                                                              by concentrating on high-fibre, complex
                                                                                                              carbohydrate foods such as rice and beans,
     anyway. Instead, use the secret                                            Vivas, M.S., R.D., a clini-   and fresh fruits and vegetables.
     weapon to weight loss you                                               cal nutritionist and exercise        Compared to protein and fat-rich
     probably didn’t even know                                            physiologist.                       foods such as steak and peanut butter,
     you had – the enzyme in your                                         Unfortunately, when you re-         complex carbohydrate foods aren’t as
     body called lipoprotein lipase                                turn to your old eating habits, the        calorie dense. Consequently, you can eat
     (LPL).                                                LPL remains super-active, so you end back          ample amounts without going over your
         One of hundreds of specialty enzymes              where you started.                                 calorie budget, which can prompt LPL to
     your body produces, LPL’s mission is to                    It’s possible to outsmart LPL though.         store those excess calories as fat.
     transport the fat from your bloodstream               To keep it from going into overdrive:                  Additionally, since high-fibre, complex
     into your fat cells for later use.                         Eat often enough. To keep the enzyme          carbohydrates are digested faster than
         Your LPL activity level is in part deter-         from bombarding your fat cells, “it’s im-          protein and fat, you’ll be more likely to
     mined by your genes. If, for example, your            portant to eat when you’re first hungry,           eat frequently, rather than going for long
     parents were overweight, the LPL level                rather than waiting until you’re famished,”        stretches between meals.
     in your body would most likely be high,               advises Vivas. Generally, that means every             Keep your calorie intake consistent.
     predisposing you to store more fat. But               three to four hours. This will keep your           To make LPL work to your benefit, stick
     your lifestyle can also regulate this special         blood sugar level high enough so your              to a consistent number of calories day
     enzyme to help you lose weight faster.                body won’t go into starvation mode, which          after day, rather than allowing yourself to
     Gatekeeper to fat cells                               activates LPL. To avoid overeating, you            binge one day and cut back on calories
         Think of LPL as a fat transportation              might want to munch on smaller, more               the next.
     system. The enzyme carries the fat in                 frequent meals.                                        Up-and-down calorie intake sets off an
     your bloodstream to your fat cells, where                  “If you normally have cereal and a ba-        increase in LPL. As a result, on days when
     it opens “doorways” to allow the new fat              nana for breakfast, you’ll feel a lot better       you eat more, your body will store more
     in so it can be stored. When you go on                if you save the banana for midmorning,”            of those calories as fat.
     a diet and limit what you eat too much,               recommends Vivas.                                                               Continued on page 28

         100% Natural, chemical free
            Skin care products                                              WOMEN’S WELLNESS
                                                                     Improve Your Coping Skills and Motivate Yourself
                                                                              to Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle
                                                             SOCIAL EMOTIONAL NUTRITIONAL THOUGHT PATTERNS ACTIVITY
                                                                - can affect your ability to manage stress and increase your energy
                                                                                WE HAVE A GROUP FOR YOU
            110%                                                                 (sessions facilitated by trained Social Workers)

               • Eczema • Psoriasis • Acne 
                    • Oily • Dry • Aging                         WOMEN’S WELLNESS PRE & POSTNATAL
                 • Sensitive • Baby • Men
         Home Based Business Opportunities Now Available
                                                              COUPLES INDIVIDUAL FAMILY GROUP THERAPY
                                                                     addressing a wide range of personal issues
          Or Call Kandee (780)681-2226
           For more information or to place an order.
                                                                                    Shelina 780-707-2709

015WB2_Olivier Skin Care-h.indd 1
     March/april 2012 Edmonton            3/2/2012 1:31:57
                                       Woman Magazine PM     027WB2_Nu Step Counselling-h.indd 1                                                        PM
                                                                                                                                       3/2/2012 12:50:2725
                                                 Power of Purple
                                       The foods provide healthful phytochemicals
Alistair Williamson                                                                                                            Esmée

            By Anne Stropel                                                              Another is purple potatoes.
                                                We may live without
H      ealthy eating has become
       a hot topic. And rightly so.
Food is life itself. Without it we
                                                poetry, music and art;
                                                                                      Purple potatoes, as a matter of fact,
                                                                                      are lower in starch than the more
                                                                                      popular russet potatoes and have
do not survive. The human body
relies on food to keep it not only              We may live without                   up to four times the anti-oxidants
                                                                                      than white potatoes. They are a
alive, but healthy and strong.                  conscience and live                   healthy choice.
   What should you eat to achieve
and sustain a healthy body and
                                                without heart;                           Include these delicious foods
                                                                                      in your diet and benefit from the
mind, so that you can enjoy your
life to the fullest? Well, there is             We may live without                   power of purple.
an abundance of information                     friends; we may live                  Braised Red Cabbage with Apples
available, but one thing comes
through loud and clear – we
                                                without books;                           •	2 tbsp olive oil
should consume more fruits and                                                           •	Small head red (purple) cabbage
vegetables.                                     But civilized man cannot                 •	1 large apple, washed, cored,
   Nature, in its infinite wisdom,              live without cooks.                        peeled and chopped
has provided us with a colourful                                                         •	¾ cup water
array of fruits and vegetables,                               – Owen Meredith            •	2-3 tbsp vinegar
as if to entice us to partake. Put                                                       •	1 tbsp sugar (optional), added dur-
together a fruit or vegetable tray            Along with being anti-oxidants and           ing last five minutes of cooking
and you see the endless possibili-            anti-inflammatories, phytochemi-
                                                                                         •	Salt and pepper to taste
ties – the greens, oranges, yellows,          cals are thought to have anti-aging
reds, blues and purples.                      properties.                                Slice cabbage, discarding core
   Yes, purples. Purple fruits                   In addition to their healthful       and any very tough parts. Heat
and vegetables contain health-                properties, phytochenmicals are         the olive oil and sauté the cabbage
promoting phytochemicals.                     responsible for the colour in plants,   without browning. Add the apples,
   Phytochemicals are chemical                such as the deep blue/purple of         water, vinegar, salt and pepper. Cov-
compounds that occur naturally                blueberries and other sensory prop-     er and simmer for about one hour
in plants (phyto means “plant” in             erties, such as the smell of garlic.    on medium heat (or until cabbage
Greek). Researchers believe they                 Some examples of purple foods        is done and water has evaporated).
may help to prevent diseases such             include: eggplant, plums/prunes,        Add more water if needed. Add the
as heart disease and cancer as                grapes/raisins, purple figs, purple     sugar, if using, during the last five
well as offer protection to vision.           cabbage, and purple carrots.            minutes of cooking.

                                                                     Custom Cakes • Party Trays • Imports
                                                                      Specializing in European Products
                                                                     Now That’s Italian!
  N ow That’s Italian!
                                                 DOWNTOWN                                                  SOUTHSIDE
                                                10878-95 Street                                          5028-104A Street
                                                 9-9 Everyday                9-9 Everyday
                                                 780-424-4869                                             780-989-4869

   021WA2_ItalianCentreShop-h.indd 1                                                                            1/13/2012 1:46:09 PM
 26                                                                                   March/april 2012 Edmonton Woman Magazine
      Barbecue with Alberta turkey!                                                     Healthy Learning
          Warm weather is almost here! Among other things, one joy of
      the heat is being able to barbecue more dinners. Let’s face it, food
      tastes better coming off a hot grill. Especially Turkey.
          Turkey is your family’s healthy choice for the barbecue. Not only
      is turkey nutritious, providing a great source of protein, niacin, and
                                                                                        starts with
      phosphorus among others, it tastes great!
          Today, turkey can be substituted into any of your classic and
      all-time favourite recipes. With the variety of cuts and deli options
      made readily available at your local grocery store, consumers are
      substituting ground turkey in such recipes as chilli, tacos, burgers
      and lasagna, to name a few.
          As well, Albertans are more aware that turkey meat is delicious
      on an open-flame barbecue!
          Why not spice up an old-time favourite and try Pesto and Sun-
      Dried Tomato Turkey Kabobs?
          First, you will need the following: eight wooden skewers, ½ cup
      pesto, ½ cup- sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil, 1½ pounds skinless
      and boneless turkey breast, four green onions, 16 cherry tomatoes,
      one yellow pepper cut into 16 strips and one orange pepper cut
      into 16 strips.
          Next, preheat grill to medium-high heat. Soak skewers in water
      for a minimum of 15 minutes. In a food processor, combine pesto
      and sun-dried tomatoes and pulse into a thick paste.
          Cut turkey into 1.5-inch chunks. Toss turkey cubes and veggies
      with pesto mixture to coat. Thread turkey on skewers, alternating
      with veggies, dividing all ingredients evenly between the eight skew-
      ers. Grill for 10 to 15 minutes, turning the kabobs several times until
      the turkey is cooked through and veggies are tender and crisp.
          Serve this on a bed of steamed jasmine rice.
          For this and other great recipes including turkey, visit the Alberta
      Turkey Producers’ website at
                                                                                                 for more information
         Information supplied by the Alberta Turkey Producers

                                                                                      Boulangerie Bonjour – whole grain goodness
                                                                                033WE1_Alberta Turkey-h.indd 1                                       9/26/2011 3:56:23 PM
                                                                                           What is a whole grain? Whole grain is a cereal grain with its three
       Local Organic Healthy... delicious                                             components – germ, bran and endosperm – still intact. The grain has not
                                                                                      been refined. It may have been milled (ground), but all three parts are
                                                                                      still there in the same amounts as in the original grain.
                                                                                           Whole, unrefined grains behave differently in the body than grains that
        Our breads are made from 100% Certified Organic Alberta grains                have been refined. They result in a much slower rise in blood sugar than
                                                                                      refined grains, which is beneficial for all, but especially for diabetics.
        •	 Sprouted Barley/Rye                •	 Organic Rye (milled onsite)               Whole grains are low in fat, a good source of complex carbohydrates,
                                                                                      high in fibre, selenium, potassium and magnesium. A high fibre content
        •	 Multigrain Organic                 •	 Organic Wheat (milled onsite)        helps to control the appetite and keep you feeling full longer. Whole grain
        •	 Ancient Grains/Rye                 •	 Pain au Levain (French               products are a healthy choice for all, and especially for diabetics.
                                                 Sourdough Bread)                          When a grain is refined, the outer layers of germ and bran are removed
        •	 Red Fife/heritage                                                          and what remains is the endosperm or inner layer of the grain. This refined
           wheat/100% whole grain             •	 Caraway Rye                          flour is used in the making of white bread. To make “whole wheat” bread,
                                                                                      some, but not all, of the outer layers may be added back in.
                                                     BAKED FRESH DAILY                     In Canada, it is legal to advertise food products with up to 70 per cent
                                                                                      of the germ removed as “whole wheat.” So you can see that the term “whole
                                                  (no margarine, shortening,          wheat” can be somewhat ambiguous. Although the bread will still have a
                                                                                      high fibre content, the antioxidants (B vitamins and omega 3 and 6 fats)
                                                  additives or preservatives)         found in the wheat germ are missing.
                                                                                           At Bonjour Artisan Bakery, owner Yvan Chartrand mills local Alberta
                                          Pastries - assorted, made instore           grown grain himself right at the bakery. Nothing is removed from the grain.
                                                 with all natural ingredients         The emphasis is on the nutritional value of the bread, so you can be assured
                                                                                      that you are feeding your family the most nutritious breads possible.
                                      Pain au Chocolat - 100% PURE JOY                     Bonjour Artisan Bakery has introduced yet another certified organic
                                                                                      grain, Marquis Heritage, grown locally in Alberta and milled onsite at
                                                                                      the bakery. As with all other products produced by this traditional style
                                         bonjour                                      bakery, there are no preservatives or additives added. It is 100 per cent
                                                                                      wholesome goodness.
                                         artisan bakery                                    Looking for hot-cross buns for your Easter table? At Bonjour Artisan
                                                                                      Bakery, they are made fresh with the finest all natural ingredients, including
                                                                                      real butter and the bakery’s own spice mix. Healthfully delicious.
                                    8612 - 99 Street 780.433.5924                          Visit Bonjour Artisan Bakery at 8612-99 Street today or go to
                                              for more info.
                                                                                           Information supplied by Bonjour Artisan Bakery

013WB2_Boulangerie Bonjour-h.indd 1
     March/april 2012 Edmonton         Woman Magazine               3/21/2012 3:01:47 PM                                                                       27
the fat enzyme
                               Continued from page 25
                                                        pointment just as you would a business            programs and activities
                                                        meeting.                                                                          Continued from page 24
    Keep a diet journal. To keep your LPL                   “If you write it in your day planner,
                                                                                                          tions. Unfortunately, many people look at
level low and your eating habits on track,              you’re much less likely to skip it,” says
                                                                                                          life this way, with anger and doubt and a
record what you eat in a food journal and               Debi Silber, M.S., R.D., president of Life-
                                                                                                          “No, it won’t work for me” attitude.
tally calories and grams of fat daily. Ac-              style Fitness. Don’t think you’ll just find
                                                                                                              Here is another example. You are going
cording to a recent study, a food journal               the time. “It won’t happen,” she says.
                                                                                                          to a movie with a friend and the traffic is
is one of the most effective strategies in                  For most of us, first thing in the            slow. If you place all of your energy on
keeping weight off.                                     morning, before work, is the best time            being late, you will be late. You will hit
    In terms of LPL, a journal can give                 to schedule exercise so it won’t have to          every red light, every slow vehicle and
you a better idea of what your eating style             compete with other tasks and activities           every road construction site. You focused
looks like so that you can make consistent              that can fill up the day. Even if you’re          on being late and you are!
decisions that affect LPL – such as eating              not a morning person, you can train                   Remember, you become what you
more regularly or making your calorie                   yourself to become one by waking up               think. If you just shrug it off as a minor
load more consistent.                                   earlier, having your fitness clothes ready,       setback, that is all it will be. So look at
    Work out regularly. Exercise is one                 and getting right to it.                          things positively and be careful with your
of the most powerful ways to keep LPL                       “It’s a matter of forming a habit,”           thoughts.
activity low. When you go jogging, for                  Silber says.                                          How to Have a Terrific Day Every Day is
example, your muscles gear up to turn                       On mornings you can’t make it to the          an upcoming seminar put on by Executive
fat into energy, rather than store it. While            gym, keep sneakers with you and look              Winners Ltd., at which you can learn to do
this is happening, you are also deactivat-              for ways to get a walk or a jog in during         just that. It takes place May 5 and 6.
ing your LPL.                                           the day, she suggests.                                For more information call 1-888-343-
    Aim to do at least 150 minutes of                       “Doing something on the days you              3318, email or
moderately intense exercise every week.                 said you would is important for main-             go to
Fit tip: Treat exercise as a scheduled ap-              taining momentum.”

Biotec Dental Group: “The natural choice in dentistry”
    Biotec Dental Group aims to harmo-                   exciting technology to assist and enhance          products in construction, from Marmole-
 nize a patient’s dental wellness with their             your dental treatment. Intraoral cameras,          um flooring and wool carpeting to recycled
 overall physical well-being through the                 low radiation digital x-rays, caries detection     materials in the countertops and ceiling
 use of non-toxic materials for dental work,             devices, and lasers all contribute to a truly      tiles. Energy saving lighting, efficient water
 and by focusing on the potential impact                 integrated approach to your dental health.         systems and paperless technologies are
 that oral health can have on the body as                As well, Biotec uses Cerec technology to           also being used to reduce the impact of
 a whole.                                                give you bio-compatible ceramic restora-           the clinic on the environment.
    The cornerstones of the practice are                 tions in one visit.                                    Your health is priority too! Air and water
 bio-compatibility, technology and ecol-                     The opening of their new clinic in             filtration systems were installed and no
 ogy.                                                    the beautiful “Roots on Whyte” building            VOC paints and finishes were used. Even
    Dr. Terence Clark and Dr. Jackie Korol               has given Biotec an opportunity to cre-            the ceiling tiles work to filter out up to 90
 have made a commitment to practise the                  ate for their patients a very unique and           per cent of the aldehydes in the air.
 cleanest and most conservative dentistry                healthy environment to receive dental                  At Biotec, they truly hope that your
 possible. All materials and products in the             treatment.                                         experience with them is a healthy and
 practice are researched to ensure they are                  With your health and the planet’s health       positive one.
 the most bio-compatible available.                      in mind Biotec has created Edmonton’s                  Come experience why Biotec Dental is
    The commitment to your health                        first “green” dental practice. Whenever            “The natural choice in dentistry.”
 doesn’t stop there, either. Biotec employs              possible they use environmentally aware               Information supplied by Biotec Dental Group

  Healthy Eating the Easy Way
  Canadian Goldenflax Seed
  Use the power of 3 - Omega3, lignans, and fibre - to reduce your risk of
  diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.
  Flaxseed is one of 14 foods listed in “Cooking with Foods that Fight Cancer”
  by two leading cancer researchers, Richard Beliveau and Denis Gingras.
                 780-439-7304 or toll free at 1-888-929-7304                                 

  038WB2_Canadian Golden Flax Seed-h.indd 1                                                                                            3/16/2012 12:18:55 PM
 28                                                                                                       March/april 2012 Edmonton Woman Magazine
$ave money                                         Use the public library The public
                                                library has DVDs, CDs, video games, e-
                                                books, and database and internet access
                                                                                                  so you can unload your belongings with
                                                                                                  the least amount of muss and fuss.
                                                                                                      Host a garage sale Garage sales aren’t
Tips to help you spend                                     – all provided for free. You can
                                                              also place an online hold for
                                                                                                  just a form of entertainment for the shop-
                                                                                                  pers – they’re a good way to clear out
less and save more                                              an item you want and receive
                                                                 it within days. Naturally, you
                                                                                                  household clutter and make a few bucks.
                                                                                                  Since larger sales draw bigger crowds, it
         By Andrea Woroch

L    osing weight may be the nu-                                 can also peruse the stacks,      might be an idea to organize your neigh-
     mero uno New Year’s resolu-                                 but that’s so 10 minutes         bourhood to team up for a Godzilla-size
tion, but saving more money is                                  ago. The Edmonton Public          event. Advertising is the most important
always high on the list, and in                               Library also has many pro-          aspect of a successful sale, so don’t forget
these uncertain economic times,                            grams and special events. Check        to figure in the cost of a newspaper ad.
has even surpassed it for many of us.                    out its website,                 Get with the program Heating and
    Eating right and exercising are straight-             Go Guttenberg We’re not talking         cooling accounts for 42 per cent of home
forward, however, in comparison to pay-         about the actor Steve Guttenberg here:            energy costs, some of which is pumped
ing off debts and socking away rainy-day        This is a plug for Project Gutenberg,             into empty spaces and empty houses.
cash. It sometimes feels like winning the       where you can download thousands of free          Installing a programmable thermostat
lottery is the only feasible retirement plan.   e-books from a single website. You won’t          helps control the temperature and your
But put your mind to it and you can get         find recent titles here as only copyright-        bill, with savings from 10 to 30 per cent.
yourself on track financially.                  expired books are posted, but surely you          Try turning down the thermostat by just
    If solvency and savings are at the top      can find something in their 36,000-book           one degree during the winter to cut an
of your resolution list, you’ll want to take    selection to catch your interest. Books           additional five per cent. Space heaters
a gander at these 15 tips for 2012.             are downloadable to your PC, Kindle,              can also help reduce the amount of heat
    Cook it! It’s the same thing every          Android, iOS or other portable devices.           used in empty spaces.
noon: The gang troops out to pick up               Discounts through gift cards There are             Keep money out of sight A great way to
lunch from the nearest deli or eatery.          a couple of ways to save here. First, you can     avoid spending your entire paycheck is to
Then when everybody gets home from              go to sites like and           have funds automatically transferred into
work they order out for dinner. What a          buy discount gift cards, sometimes saving         some sort of savings account. Out of sight
senseless waste of money! With restaurant       as much as 50 per cent off the face value.        is out of mind, right? If you never see the
prices increasing steadily, cooking at home     Secondly, you can exchange gift cards you         cash, you’re less likely to spend it.
is truly the way to go.                         don’t want for cash at the same site. That            Spend cash only It’s so easy to swipe
    Spend a little time on Sunday to cook       way, those cards don’t sit mouldering at          your way to the poor house. Instead, hide
for the rest of the week. It’s fairly easy to   the back of your dresser drawer.                  those debit and credit cards and give
throw together a pot of spaghetti sauce            Gift with daily deals Daily deals are          yourself a weekly allowance. It’s human
that will translate into multiple meals         everywhere, from Living Social to the             nature to part less easily with cash, so
throughout the week. Besides, one can           daily newspaper, and they’re a great way          you’re less likely to splurge on little (or
only eat so much pizza.                         to save on gifts, if you use your smarts.         big) extras.
    Be smart about your smartphone Data         There are a lot of deals for spas, teeth              Of course, this means you’ll have to
and text-message plans eat up budgets           whitening, restaurant meals and so on that        make regular trips to the bank, so make
faster than 4G connects you to Facebook.        are so cheap it must pain the provider to         sure your account is housed at an institu-
Decide what you can live without, then          provide these offers.                             tion that doesn’t charge extra for personal
cut back your plan when it’s time to sign          Make sure you read the small print,            services.
another contract. You might even try            however. You’ll want to consider expi-                Cut down on interest If you have an
creating a family plan with friends and         ration dates and whether add-ons are              ongoing credit card balance, ask for a rate
neighbours, if the provider will allow          included, like restaurant tips and desir-         reduction to trim those painful monthly
you to do so.                                   able services that aren’t included in the         interest fees. Simply call the customer
    Cut the cable Every year it’s another       package.                                          service hotline and tell them that you want
rate-hike email notification: “Due to in-          Swap stuff There are tons (well,               an interest rate reduction, or you’ll take
creased overhead, we’re jacking up your         pounds) of websites where you can swap            your business elsewhere. If the customer
cable/satellite bill another 15 per cent.”      everything from books to children’s cloth-        service rep is unhelpful, ask to speak to a
Cut these money-hungry mongrels out             ing. is the mother of them all,          supervisor who has more authority over
of your life by switching over to free,         but a list of many others is available at         such requests. With a $5,000 balance, even
streaming videos, sports, movies and                               a three per cent rate reduction saves you
television shows.                                  Sell your stuff Consignment shops are          $150 a year. Do the math to realize the
    Coupon it up The Life Channel’s pro-        ready to start laying in stock for spring and     savings potential of a quick call.
gram Extreme Couponing has showcased            summer, so now’s a good time to get your              Andrea Woroch is a consumer and money-
the fact that you can cut your bill with        gently used clothes, shoes and accessories        saving expert for Kinoli Inc., and has been
coupons at the grocery store. What you          ready for resale. You can sell other items        featured among such top news outlets as Good
may not realize is these money savers can       on Kijiji or Craigslist, or for higher-end        Morning America, NBC’s Today, MSNBC,
be used for nearly everything from hotel        items, auction them on eBay. Make sure            New York Times, Kiplinger Personal Fi-
accommodations to office supplies.              you read the selling tips for both websites       nance, and CNNMoney.

March/april 2012 Edmonton Woman Magazine                                                                                                  29
Cool smart phone apps measure noise levels
             By Kathleen Jones                     modes, and the ability to store readings.           It’s often easy to take loud noises
    Every day, we are surrounded by a              As with all all sound measurement apps,         for granted as part of the necessity of
variety of sounds that are at safe noise           accuracy varies somewhat between                living or working in certain conditions.
levels. However, individuals of all ages           devices.                                        TooLoud? provides decibel levels in a
sometimes risk exposure to harmful                     Decibel Meter Pro by Performance Au-        simple numerical display and allows
noises that damage the sensitive structure         dio Decibel Meter Pro is a decibel meter        you to specify filters and offset values
of the inner ear and cause permanent or            on iTunes which provides great graphics         for normal background noise. http://
temporary noise induced hearing loss.              and a decibel reference chart with large
    Inside the ear, small hair cells transmit      digital and analog readouts. The last           id393039065?mt=8.
electrical signals to the brain. These hair        measurements are saved and displayed.               Noise Tube NoiseTube is a research
cells are often harmed or completely               Sound Meter by Smart Tools Co. With             project started in 2008 at the Sony
destroyed by extremely loud noises at              Sound Meter you can measure the en-             Computer Science Laboratory in Paris
home, in the workplace, and as we go               vironmental noise in decibels (dB) with         in collaboration with Vrije Universiteit
about living our lives.                            the Acoustimeter, using your phone              Brussel. Since 2010 the project has been
    Common activities like attending               microphone to measure noise volume              maintained by the BrusSense group at
concerts, working with shop tools, oper-           in decibels, and checking it against a          Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
ating snow blowers, as well as one-time            reference.                                          The goal of the project is to turn
occurrences like explosions, can destroy               dB Volume Meter This application,           smartphones into mobile noise level
these delicate hair cells, resulting in            offers a way to measure audio volume in         meters to enable citizens to measure
hearing loss and even tinnitus, or ring-           the environment around you. Created by          their exposure to noise in their every-
ing in the ears.                                   Darren Gates, dB Volume Meter shows             day environment and participate in the
    Today, with modern technology comes            the approximate decibel level, or SPL,          collective noise mapping of their city
help in measuring the decibel level of             wherever you and your smart phone               or neighborhood. NoiseTube consists
sounds around us. There are some great             are located.                                    of a mobile application and a website
smart phone apps that raise a red flag                 Although quite accurate, the applica-       (visit and register an
when users enter situations in which               tion is mainly a tool for detecting noise       account) where users can submit their
there are high levels of noise that may            levels in casual settings such as at airports   noise measurements to visualise and
contribute to hearing problems.                    or loud music venues. Those operating           share them with others.
    The mobile nature of the smart phone           heavy machinery, explosive devices, or              AWARENESS!™ for Etymotic by Es-
makes it easy to take control of your              exposing themselves to known decibel            sency For audiophiles there is another
health and hearing wherever you are, and           levels over 90 dB should rely on a profes-      great app out there – AWARENESS! for
avoid activities and locations that may be         sional SPL meter.                               Etymotic listens to your surroundings
detrimental to healthy ears. Below is a list           The dB Volume Meter must be cali-           while you listen to music. Any sound
of some great iPhone and Android apps              brated to work optimally and requires           louder than normal background noise
for measuring noise levels:                        an external microphone, which is                can still be heard in your earphones.
    JL Audio Tools by Studio Six Digital           built in to the iPhone 4. http://itunes.            When you purchase Etymotic ear-
The Sound Pressure Level (SPL) feature                  phones such as the hf3, hf2, mc3, mc2 or
on this app is a digital meter, with special       id353432115?mt=8.                               ETY•Kids3 headset+earphones you will
microphone compensation built in to                    TooLoud? Also developed as an               receive the activation code to unlock your
correct the iPhone mic, to get the best            iPhone app, TooLoud? Is a sound level           App. For info go to
possible readings. SPL Upgrade adds A              meter tool that shows you the noise levels          Kathleen Jones M.Ed.,BC-HIS is a Hearing Aid
and C weighting, octave band weighting,            in your environment and warns you if you        Practitioner at Professional Audiology Clinic. Article
                                                                                                   adapted from information from the Healthy Hearing
ANSI Slow, Fast, Peak, Impulse, and LEQ            should be wearing earplugs.                     website. Supplied by Professional Audiology Clinic.

                                                   o              -2   betes?
                                                  Do You Have Type- Diab
                                            Research          e University of Albert invite yo
                                                    hers at the                    ta                   cipate   
                                                                                             ou to partic
                                                    iabetes Complication
                                            in the Di                             o help dete
                                                                        ns Study to          ermine:  

             hy some pe
           “Wh                 h diabetes develop complicatio
                      eople with                                     thers don’t
                                                            ons and ot         t?”

                              e       tion, visit www.ach
                      For more informat                                       l-free at
                                               or call us toll
                          1-85       BCD (2223 or email achord@
                             55-819-AB           3)              @ualberta.   .ca.

  031WB2_Alberta's Caring for Diabetes-h.indd 1                                                                                     3/1/2012 4:22:34 PM
 Denturist gives patients something to smile about
A     t the Heritage Den-
      ture Centre, denturist
Marc Wagenseil is giving
                                                                                             Denture quality ranges
                                                                                             from average to premium,
                                                                                             depending on the tech-
patients something to                                                                        nique and materials used
smile about.                                                                                 to fabricate them.
   For the past 19 years,                                                                        “Even in today’s age,
Wagenseil has provided                                                                       you get what you pay for
personalized caring serv-                                                                    and it’s important to know
ice to patients from his       Heritage Denture Centre is conveniently located in the what you’re paying for,”
office in the Heritage Pro- Heritage Professional Building. “The building with the green he says.
                               roof” next to the Pentecostal Church. Parking is free.
fessional Building, #207,                                                                       A graduate of the Den-
2841 - 109 Street.                                            turist program at NAIT, Wagenseil is required
   He specializes in fabricating dentures – single, to complete 100 hours of continuing education
upper and lower, or partial – creating personalized within a five-year period to maintain his license.
looks with a comfortable fit and a more natural In fact, he exceeds the requirements, having in-
appearance.                                                   vested more than 200 hours in education within
   “All work is performed in-house,” notes Wagen- the last five years.
seil, who has 24 years’ experience                                                      This allows him to better serve
in the field.                                                                        his patients keep up with the
   Average denture materials wear                                                    latest advances in dental technol-
down within a five- to seven-year                                                    ogy, such as the Digma, a device
period, so it is recommended                                                         that uses ultrasonic waves to
that most dentures be replaced                                                       measure jaw movement, which
at that point.                                                                       is now in use at the Heritage
   Aging dentures can cause ex-                                                      Denture Centre.
tra wrinkles around the mouth,                                                          Patients of the centre have
although the changes are gradual                                                     shown their appreciation for
and most people do not notice                                                        Wagenseil’s efforts. A file folder
them soon enough. Eventually the                                                     overflows with letters and cards
face can have a sunken appear-                                                       from happy patients giving testi-
ance. They can also contribute to                                                    monials to his abilities.
or aggravate health problems and                                                        “This note is to express my
even affect your personality.           Marc with a picture of his grandmother appreciation for all your careful
                                        who lived into her 107th year. He
   “I have patients who have been attributes this wonderful relationship and caring work. The end result
afraid to smile anymore because with his understanding and empathy of far exceeds my expectations and
they are so conscious of their all seniors needs.                                    reflects the highest standards of
dentures,” says Wagenseil. “It is so                                                 a true professional,” writes one
satisfying to have a patient smile and be confident satisfied patient.
after fitting them with new dentures.”                           Combining advances in technology with 24
   As part of his personalized care, he allows pa- years of experience, Wagenseil can provide the
tients to choose the quality of denture they want. best care and product to his patients.

                        Please Call Us!                 780-436-7386
                                           #207 - 2841 - 109 Street

017WC1_Heritage Denture Centre-h.indd 1                                                                   5/17/2011 2:23:50 PM
                                         A division of Congdons

     Serving the breast cancer survivor since 1982                  Ladies Boutique

    Focused on the Whole Woman

     Mastectomy Products
     Breast Forms and Bras
     Mastectomy Swimwear
     Lymphedema Garments
     Compression Stockings

                 Professional . Compassionate . Discreet

                                                                             Plenty of FREE Parking


                                     15830 100A Ave, Edmonton

                                        Toll Free: 1.800.252.9368

001WE1_Congdons-h.indd 1                                                               6/20/2011 4:24:48 PM

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