How To Do A Businees Pitch - Do's and Dont's

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					How to do a business pitch
The Dos and Don’ts
Whether it’s a presentation, a board style pitch
or just a one – on – one meeting, pitching for
new business can be difficult, especially in this
economic climate.

We’ve compiled a key Dos and Don’ts list to help
you deliver a winning business pitch every time.
…your research
 Know your target inside out.
 Research everything from their products and services
  to their working culture and values.
 Find out what exactly they want from a supplier: a
  long-term relationship, someone to integrate into their
  culture, a outsourced expert…
  Anticipate what it is they want and prove you can do it.
… memorise the agenda

 Make sure you know exactly what to expect from the
  meeting, even if it doesn’t end up running to plan.

 Identify whether all points have been covered and
  where you need to fill in the gaps.
… be confident

 Confidence can be hard to find sometimes,
  particularly when you are stood in front of company
  doing a pitch.

 Tame your nerves by preparing and truly
  understanding your numbers, your offering and what
  unique selling points you provide.
… know your goals and allow
room for negotiation
 It’s important to have a clear idea of what it is you
  want to achieve and how much you are prepared to
  sell it for.

 It is rare that a negotiation doesn’t happen,
  therefore you need to have some room for
… make a great first impression

 Everyone has heard it before but it is true, it only
  takes one bad first impression to ruin a deal.

 Make sure you are wearing suitable clothes and look
  the part.
… undervalue yourself
 Sometimes it is better not to have a sale than
  to undersell your products.

 Walk into the room knowing your own value
  and accept nothing less than what you know
  you’re worth.
… hard sell
 Times have changed and it is no longer acceptable to
  go in and do a hard sell.

 Change your approach and make it more empathetic.

 Create a rapport, generate a relationship and build
  from there.
… deviate from the point
 Time is money and that is your goal.
 Waffling takes up time and will not be
  welcomed by those receiving your pitch.
 Stick to delivering the facts and creating a
  successful working relationship.
The secrets to sales pitch success:
 What do they want from me at this meeting?

 Why do I want to be at this meeting?

 What is the agenda?

 Can I detect a hidden agenda?

 What is my bottom line position?
The secrets to sales pitch success:
 What will I be happy to get out of the meeting?
 Where am I willing to negotiate to?

 What are my best skills and how to
  they relate to this pitch?
 Do I understand the culture of this
  company and the people I am
  presenting to?
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Description: Pitching for new business can be one of the hardest tasks within your role particularly in this economic environment. We have compiled a simple Dos and Don’ts list to aid you in any new business pitch whether it is a beauty parade, a presentation, a board style pitch or just a one – on – one meeting.