Soundscape Rubric

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					                                                          Soundscape Rubric

                      D/Beginning                 C/Satisfactory                 B/Proficient                       A/Excellent
                   Little to no variety in  Some variety of                 Variety of sounds that    Variety of sounds that create a
Creativity          sounds                    sounds apparently                suggest some themes,       context among different aspects of
                   Obvious choices only      randomly placed                  common elements or         everyday life, creating a strong
                    used                     Sounds selected from             evoke a certain mood       sense of story or movement among
                                              obvious sources                 Continuity created         moods or building theme
                                                                              Unusual elements          Unusual sounds mixed with
                                                                               added to expected          everyday sounds create surprise in
                                                                               sounds                     the listener

Musical            Realizes 1 musical         Realizes 2 musical            Realizes 3 musical        Realizes more than 3 musical
Elements            element                     elements                       elements                   elements at a variety of levels

                   Brings no supplies         Brings some supplies          Brings main supplies      Brings all supplies and extra
Presentation       Comments irrelevant        Few relevant                  Makes comments             materials to provide student choice
                    to musical elements         comments relate to             relevant to musical       Uses materials in a fluid manner to
                   Disjointed                  musical elements               elements                   enhance understanding
                    soundscape                 Some continuity in            Verbal explanations       Soundscape creates a polished,
                   Verbal explanation          soundscape                     provide a context and      sophisticated impression and
                    rambling or disjointed     Verbal explanations            clear statement of         audience interest
                                                give some basic                intent                    Makes sophisticated comments in
                                                indication of intent                                      verbal explanations showing deep
                                                                                                          understanding and significant


 EMUS 300 Class, University of Regina, Cheryl Mantei, Sandra Falconer Pace                                                     October 11, 2012

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