; Overview mental Illness in Child and Adolscents
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Overview mental Illness in Child and Adolscents


In todays America mental illness in children is a very common disease. May be there are physiological or genetic factors for the mental illness in children. As soon as possible consult the child psychiatrist to get the best and early result.

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									Facts About Mental Illness in Children:
 In America, one out of
every five children of age
under 19 has mental health

 More than 50% of lifetime
causes of mental illness starts
before the age of 14.

About 13% of kids between
ages 9 and 17 have anxiety
Common Symptoms of Mental Illness in Children :
   Depression
   Anxiety
   Eating Disorder
   Self Harm
   Suicide
   Disruptive Behavior
   Violence in School or Family
   Poor Performance in School
   Substance Abuse
    Effect of Mental Illness in Children:

 Disobedience: The children start disobeying their
  parents and elders. They refuse to do any work given to

   Suicidal Tendency: Sometimes children may try to
    commit suicide and self harm, if it is no treated on time.

 Poor Employment: If a children will grow with such
  mental illness may not get employment in the
     Treatment of Mental Illness in Children

 Parent Support: This is very important part for
treatment of mental illness. The parents must support
their children and must made aware of their strength and
made them positive.

 Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy by child psychiatrists
will be very effective part of treatment of mental illness
in children.

 Medication: Apart from these medicines can also be
used if needed in order to balance the chemical
composition of brain.
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