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					                  The Canadian Institute in Greece
                    de l’Institut canadien en Grèce
 Spring 2011, No. 27                                                        printemps 2011, no 27

        President’s Message
    The Canadian Institute is preparing to             On the subject of our staff in Athens, both
welcome its first Neda and Franz Leipen            Dr. Tomlinson and Dr. David Rupp, the
Fellow in September, as well as its first intern   Director of the Institute, have once again been
to come from Wilfrid Laurier University.           renewed in their positions for three year terms,
These are two new opportunities for Canadian       at the latest meeting of CIG’s Board, held in
students, one graduate and the other               March at Wilfrid Laurier University. In total,
undergraduate, to study and experience life in     23 people attended that Board meeting, either
Greece from the perspective of the Institute.      in person or through a conference call hook-
                                                   up. It marked an important milestone for CIG,
     Despite rather dismal economic news           the 50th meeting of the Board since the re-
emerging regularly from Athens, the                founding of the Institute in 1994, and an
intellectual life of the city, especially the      occasion to remember. So, as Lord Stanley’s
various branches of Hellenic studies, has          Cup, the Canadian grail, is fought over for the
hardly been more vibrant. The lectures and         next two months, I shut down my computer for
other cultural events at Greek and foreign         the evening and head home to watch some of
institutions    in   Athens     seem     almost    the night’s matches, wishing you all a very
overwhelming in their diversity and number,        productive and enjoyable summer.
but it is the social events, often following
lectures, where our students will meet peers of
other nationalities, form friendships and
develop future contacts. This is what I regard
as most memorable, and most valuable, from
the two years I spent as a student in Athens in
the mid-‘70s. Simply in terms of breaking the
ice to develop these contacts and friendships,
though, there surely is no better opportunity
than “Darts Night” at the Red Lion Pub, close       Board meeting participants, from left to right:
to the Athens Hilton, every Tuesday, organized     Gerry Schaus, Sheila Campbell, Jane Francis,
for years now by our Assistant Director,           Zographia Welch, Alexis Young, Barb Hill
Jonathan Tomlinson. Everyone can throw a           and Jeff Banks
dart, and is welcomed into this convivial
gathering of the young and young-at-heart of       Gerry Schaus
the international community in Athens.

                    The Canadian Institute in Greece
                      L’Institut canadien en Grèce                                            From the Editor
                            59 Oueen’s Park Crescent
                           Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C4
                                    CANADA                                                    The Institute’s website
                         Tel./téléphone (416) 978-8150                                   continues to make progress,
                       Fax / télécopieur (416) 978-7307
                   E-mail/ poste éléctronique: gschaus@wlu.ca                            thanks to the help of Chris
                                                                                         Stewart, artist and photo-
                                     In Athens:                                          grapher, as well as spouse of a
L’Institut canadien en Grèce/ The Canadian Institute in Greece                           staff member at the Canadian
                              Odos Dion. Aiginitou 7                                     Embassy in Athens. We look
                           GR - 115 28 Athènes/ Athens
                                                                                         forward to even closer
                                GRECE/ GREECE
                       téléphone/ tel. 011-30-210-722-3201                               cooperation with the Canadian
                      télécopieur/ fax 011-30-210-725-7968                               Embassy through his kind
                  poste électronique/ E-mail: cig-icg@cig-icg.gr                         assistance.
                          Web site: http://www.cig-icg.gr                                     Nikitas Terzis is a Greek
                heures d’ouverture: de lunedi à vendredi, 9h à 13h
                 opening hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00-13:00                            novelist who has included the
                Directeur/Director of the Institute: Dr. David Rupp                      Canadian Institute in his latest
         Directeur Adjoint/Assistant Director: Dr. Jonathan E. Tomlinson                 novel. We are privileged that
                                                                                         he has contributed a wonderful
      The Canadian Institute in Greece is a non-profit, charitable organization
                                                                                         article for this issue of our
incorporated in Canada and dedicated to promoting Greek-related archaeology and
    scholarly research. It has legal and financial responsibility for the Canadian       Bulletin.
     Institute in Greece, the body, active since 1976, through which the Greek                At the recent AIA
  government awards permits to Canadian scholars for field work. CIG maintains           conference in San Antonio,
   premises in Athens that include a research library, a lecture room and a small        Prof. Robert Weir gave a paper
    hostel. In both Greece and Canada it supports public activities that promote
    understanding of the history and culture of the Greek peninsula and islands.         on ancient astrology used as
 The Bulletin is published semi-annually by the Canadian Institute in Greece. The        propaganda on coins that
  editor welcomes articles in English or French on relevant topics of interest and       caused a stir in the Greek press
  scholarship and on CAIA-related activities. Please send contributions by email         and he has kindly written an
                          to: ibegg@trentu.ca or by post to:
                                                                                         account for our readers about
     D.J.I. Begg, Editor,39793 Fingal Line, St.Thomas, ON, Canada N5P 3S5
                                  tel. (519) 631-2434                                    the subject of his paper and the
                                                                                         reaction to it.
  L'Institut canadien en Grèce est un organisme philanthropique à but non lucratif            Once again I have been
 enregistré au Canada dont la mission est de promouvoir l’archéologie grecque et         prevailed upon by our
  la recherche académique. L'organisme, qui assume la responsabilité juridique et
    financière de l’Institut canadien en Grèce sert, depuis 1976, de pont entre le       President, and have written an
gouvernement grec et les institutions canadiennes au moment de l'octroi de permis        account of how far afield
 de travail sur le terrain. L'organisme possède des locaux à Athènes lesquels sont       historical research can lead in
  dotés d'une bibliothèque, d'une salle de conférence et d'une hôtellerie. En Grèce      Greece, in this case beyond the
  comme au Canada, il subventionne des activités publiques visant une meilleure
                                                                                         depths most archaeologists
  appréciation de l’histoire et de la culture de la péninsule et des îles grecques. Le
 Bulletin de l'ICG est publié deux fois par année par l’Institut canadien en Grèce.      reach, right into the ancient
    Le rédacteur invite les lecteurs à contribuer au dynamisme du Bulletin en lui        Underworld itself.
  faisant parvenir des articles en français ou en anglais portant sur les activités ou
   des sujets d’intérêt de l’Institut. Les articles devront être envoyés par courrier        Ian Begg
      électronique au : ibegg@trentu.ca ou par voie postale à l'adresse suivante:
   D.J.I. Begg, rédacteur,39793 Fingal Line, St.Thomas, ON, Canada, N5P 3S5,
                               téléphone : 519 631-2434

     Director’s Report                  us also through our Facebook and
                                        Twitter. In addition, Chris has
      Since my last report we have      started to examine and to catalogue
had a busy and interesting five         the collection of b/w photographic
months at the Institute in Athens.      negatives relating to Greek
Our hardworking graduate intern         architecture donated by Prof. Fred
from Brock University, Lana             Winter (University of Toronto).
Radloff, left in mid-December and
she was followed in mid-January                                                Sarah Madole (ASCSA), Rosa
by another undergraduate intern,                                               Tsakona (Hellenic Ministry of Culture
                                                                               and Tourism), Amalia Kakissis
April Ross, from the University of                                             (Archivist, BSA)
Waterloo. Both of them continued
the work of cataloguing the new
books which we had ordered or
that had been donated to the
Library and then checking and
correcting the Library's catalogue.     Alison and Chris Stewart,       Zoe
Their work ethic was excellent!         Delibasis (Embassy of Canada)
      We have also been joined by
a volunteer. Chris Stewart is the            As always we had an active
husband of a member of staff of         series of lectures and events for
                                        our local Association of Friends.      Richard       Anderson   (Architect
the Canadian Embassy in Athens,                                                Emeritus,      Agora   Excavations,
an artist and photographer with a       These     well-attended    affairs     ASCSA), Martti Leiwo (Director,
background in IT as well. Chris is      included:                              Finnish Institute)
advising us on and assisting with       November 3: Lecture, “Mycenaean
                                        Architecture and the Construction of   December 8: Lecture, “Eastern
increasing the Institute's visibility
                                        the Mycenaean State” by Dr. Rodney     Boeotia in the Late Bronze Age” by
on the Internet. For example under      D. Fitzsimons (Associate Professor,
his guidance we continued to                                                   Dr Brendan Burke
                                        Department of Ancient History and      (Assistant Professor, Department of
improve the Institute's website,        Classics, Trent University)            Greek and Roman Studies, University
adding a guide to graduate                                                     of Victoria)
programs in Classical Studies and
Archaeology in Canada. Further,
Jonathan and I started a blog at the
beginning of February, www.cig-
icg.blogspot.com. At least once a
week we keep our friends and
supporters up-to-date on the
                                                                               John Cannis MP, Brendan Burke
Institute's    activities.  Another                                            (Victoria), Alison Stewart (Embassy
regular feature is the “Book of the                                            of Canada), Mayor of Kalymnos
Blog”. The purpose of these mini-       Barbette Spaeth (ASCSA), Rodney
reviews is to bring attention to the    Fitzsimons (Trent)
new additions in the Library and to
emphasize the range of our
holdings. Any Canadian scholar
who donates his/her book,
monograph or edited volume to the
library will be featured. We hope
the Institute's library will be the                                            Metaxia    Tsipopoulou  (Hellenic
repository for all publications                                                Ministry of Culture and Tourism),
relating to Greece published by         Stefanie Kennell, Rosemary Donnelly    Irene Lemos (Oxford)
Canadian scholars. One can follow       (Athens Centre), Nigel Kennell (CYA)

February 9: Lecture, “Rich Man, Poor       Architectural       Correlates      ofAfter a review of the fieldwork and
Man: Reconstructing Social Status in       Urbanization at Azoria, East Crete” byactivities of the Institute in 2010/11,
the     Ancient      World      from       Rodney       Fitzsimons     (Associatethe featured lecture will be given by
Archaeological Bones” by Michael           Professor, Department of Ancient      Robert      Weir     (Department      of
MacKinnon (Associate Professor,            History     and     Classics,    TrentLanguages, Literatures and Cultures,
Department      of     Anthropology,       University)                           University of Windsor). It is entitled
University of Winnipeg).                                                         “Antiochos VIII and the Star of
                                                                                 Destiny”. (See his article below)
At Prof. MacKinnon’s lecture, the                                                      We are looking forward to a
Institute introduced a new "annual                                               busy spring and summer in Athens
tradition." That is a pitta cutting to                                           along with the arrival of the York
welcome in the New Year and to wish                                              University undergraduate intern.
good health, productivity and love to      Dione Dodis, Nikitas Terzis, Ann Please come and visit us in person at
the Institute and its members.             Baker, Zoe Delibasis (Embassy)        the Institute in the near future! In the
                                                                                 meantime, keep following us on our
                                           March 23: Lecture, “Searching for blog and on Facebook.
                                           Plato's Academy: Post-war Efforts” by
                                           James     S.    Murray    (Professor,      David W. Rupp
                                           Department of Classics and Ancient
                                           History,     University   of     New
                                           Brunswick).                                    Intern’s Report
                                                 The last event on April 6th for           Last fall I had the pleasure of
                                           our Friends was the screening of the      completing a three-month internship at
                                           Canadian movie The Child Prodigy /        the Canadian Institute in Greece. As a
                                           L'Enfant prodige. This examination of     Master’s student in the Classics
                                           the bittersweet life of the pianist and   Department at Brock University in
                                           composer Andre Mathieu was well           Ontario, the opportunity to study
                                           received.                                 overseas was beneficial for my thesis
                                                 The Assistant Director and I        research which discusses the potential
                                           rewrote, expanded and reorganized the     utility of unprovenienced antiquities.
                                           “Guidelines for Permit Applicants and     Though there are ethical issues
                                           Permit Holders”. The purposes were        associated with many unprovenienced
                                           to update it in terms of the current      artefacts, there are those that do not
                                           Ministry of Culture and Tourism           have this concern. My thesis proposes
The cutting      of   the    Institute's   requirements,     clarify   ambiguous     pedagogical approaches that make full
vasilopitta                                sections, add necessary information       use of these materials in museums and
                                           and requirements that were absent         educational institutions through public
                                           from the previous version, and to         displays and private instruction.
                                           streamline the application process        During my internship in Athens, I had
                                           both for the applicant and for the        the opportunity to visit museums
                                           Institute. This document is available     throughout Greece and to observe how
                                           now for perusal on the website.           they approach the display of
                                                 The copy editing and correction     antiquities     with      and    without
                                           of page proofs for the 16 contributions   provenance and provenience.
                                           of monograph No. 6 in the series:               In addition to visiting museums, I
                                           Publications of the Canadian              was able to participate in the larger
                                           Institute in Greece, entitled, Euboea     international community to which the
Catherine Parnell (Irish Institute),                                                 Canadian Institute belongs. As a
                                           and Athens: Proceedings of a
April Ross (CIG, Waterloo intern)                                                    result, there were lectures at the
                                           Colloquium in Memory of Malcolm
                                           B. Wallace. Athens, 26-27 June 2009       foreign institutes in Athens that I
February 23: The presentation of a                                                   attended where I learned about various
                                           were completed just before we closed
murder mystery set in Athens                                                         topics in Greek history and networked
                                           for the Pascha break. We expect that
involving stolen ancient coins, Bird of                                              with other graduate students and
                                           this volume will be published in May.
Prey, by the author Nikitas Terzis.                                                  professionals, whom I could ask about
                                                 The Institute's annual Open
March 9: Lecture, “Making an                                                         my research interests, doctoral
                                           Meeting will take place on May 12th.
Archaic City: The Social, Political and                                              applications and programs, and other

educational opportunities. Moreover,    with a procedure. He will explain how    hailed, praised, the child prodigy
working at the Canadian Institute       one's life experiences, carried to an    seemed to have everything to succeed.
brought me into contact with Canadian   extreme, can establish the framework          From the top of his vertiginous
scholars throughout Canada and          of the book - its primary secret, basic  successes, to depths of torment, the
allowed me to contribute to Canadian    plot and character relationships. One    life of the “Little Canadian Mozart”
archaeological endeavours in Greece.    may then proceed to inject a             blends into his music. A romantic and
Thank you to Dr. Jonathan Tomlinson     thoughtful collection of scenes and a    passionate composer wishing for
and Dr. David Rupp for making this      few secondary characters into a real     happiness, his story is nevertheless
an amazing experience in every way      environment to complete the closed       played on tragic notes.
possible.                               world of the novel. In a thriller this        Luc Dionne's movie is a fanciful
                                        world must be full of mystery, intrigue  reconstruction of Québécois pianist
     Lana Radloff                       and excitement to draw us in and away    and composer André Mathieu, who
                                        from the drab one we inhabit.            began composing at the age of 4. At
                                                                                 age 6 Mathieu gave his first recital of
                                        Wednesday 9 March, 19.30                 his own composition, and was later
                                        Lecture by Rodney Fitzsimons             pronounced by Rachmaninov to be “a
                                        (Associate Professor, Department of genius, more so than I am”.
                                        Ancient History and Classics,
                                        Trent University)                                 Ottawa Friends
                                        “Making an Archaic City: The
                                        Social, Political and Architectural           During Fall/Winter 2010-11 the
                                        Correlates of Urbanization at Friends of CIG – Ottawa Chapter
                                        Azoria, East Crete”                      organized the following lectures:
                                             Perhaps the most striking                The     first   lecture   entitled
                                        development       accompanying       the “Radiochemical Dating Methods in
                                        emergence of the Greek city-state (ca. Archaeology-The Shroud of Turin and
                                        1200-480 B.C.) was the appearance of More” was presented by Don Wiles,
                                        new urban centres whose form, Professor                  Emeritus,     Carleton
                                        contents and construction provided the University, Ottawa, ON. This lecture
                                        most visible and effective means of was organized by the Canadian
                                        creating, reinforcing and symbolizing Institute in Greece –Friends of Ottawa
                                        the social, political and economic Chapter in partnership with the
Lana Radloff                            relationships that characterized the Archaeological Institute of America in
                                        new “polis” system.                      Ottawa and was held at the Library
                                             Excavations at the site of Azoria and Archives Canada on October 19,
    Athens Association of (East Crete), conducted from 2002 to 2010, 7:30 p.m.
                                        2006, brought to light an unparalleled        Prof. Wiles, described several
               Friends                  collection of architectural data largely technical methods for dating ancient
                                        unobscured by later building activities objects and discussed which of these
                                        that provides one of the best could be applied to archaeological
Programme of events for Spring
                                        opportunities to study the architectural artifacts and which are not useful for
2011                                    correlates of state formation and this purpose. A number of the
                                        urbanization in the Greek world.         methods involved the use of
    Wednesday 23 February, 19.30
    Presentation by Nikitas Terzis                                               radioactive atoms noting that carbon
                                        Wednesday 6 April, 19.30                 dating was one such candidate but
   (Novelist; Author of Bird of Prey)   Canadian Movie: “The Child potassium-argon was not a useful
        “Synthesis of a Thriller”       Prodigy / L'Enfant prodige” (101 alternative. Thermoluminescence was
     Bird of Prey is a mystery thriller minutes; French with English another useful method. The famous
set in the international archaeological subtitles; 2010)
community of Athens. The disappear-                                              case of The Shroud of Turin and other
                                             On the keyboard, the young hands relevant examples were presented and
ance and secret auction of five ancient fly rapidly and the melody rises. For
coins lead a Canadian professor of                                               discussed.
                                        the child, nothing is easier; he hears        The more than 150 guests
numismatics to the centre stage of a    the sounds in his head. These hands attending this lecture had a chance to
struggle without rules.                 belong to 6-year-old André Mathieu.
     Nikitas Terzis will recall how he He won his audiences and inspired meet the speaker and discuss his
developed Bird of Prey, to show that concerts halls in London, New York, informative presentation at a pleasant
writing a novel is a conscious process Paris and around the world. Adulated, reception that followed the lecture.

     A second lecture entitled “The       area is one where illegal searching and      little direct evidence of the type of
Humble Dead- Mortuary Ritual in the       excavation is a constant threat. As a        questions put to the oracle, but
Mycenaean Hinterland” was presented       consequence, methods were developed          evidence suggests that the vast
by Prof. R. Angus K. Smith, Brock         that were useful in recovering as much       majority were of a practical nature
University. The lecture was organized     information as possible, even of the         involving the solution to present
by the Friends of CIG, Ottawa             most thoroughly ransacked remains.           problems such as the outcome of wars,
Chapter, in partnership with the local    Such information presented evidence          business dealings, court cases, etc.
society of the Archaeological Institute   for mortuary rituals used in the             The shrine was the subject of power
of America, the Canadian Institute for    Mycenaean cemetery of Ayia Sotira.           struggles over the centuries among
Mediterranean Studies, the Parnassos           Among the more than 200 guests          various states with Sparta dominating.
Hellenic Cultural Society and the         present were many dignitaries                Control of the oracle and its sanctuary
Embassy of Greece. It was held at the     including Senator of Parliament, Miss        enjoyed great prestige and the
Library and Archives Canada on            Pana Mercharnt and the Ambassador            opportunity to get divine blessing for
November 16, 2010. The generous           of Greece to Canada Mr. Eleftherios          its activities. Shrines were also the
contribution by Mr. Peter Fustanellas,    Anghelopoulos           who        highly    repository of fantastic treasures in
a prominent businessman in Ottawa,        complimented the efforts of CIG to           precious metals in the form of votives
helped offset much of the expenses for    bring to Ottawa such informative             which could be readily converted into
this event.                               lectures and thanked the speaker             funds to fuel campaigns. The recourse
                                          saying that people like Prof. Smith are      to the oracle flourished at the time
                                          the true ambassadors of Hellenic             when there were many small
                                          culture to Canada. The lecture was           competing city states (early in Greek
                                          followed by a reception kindly               history) because there were many
                                          provided by the Embassy of Greece.           current issues to be addressed. While
                                               A third lecture entitled”The            the widespread practice of divination
                                          Oracle of Zeus at Olympia and the            continued after the 4th century BCE, it
                                          Projection of Power              in the      probably became obsolete because the
                                          Peloponnese” was presented by Prof.          oracle likely ceased to be consulted by
                                          Susan Downie, Greek and Roman                the absolute monarchs of the new
                                          Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa,        Hellenistic kingdoms who did not
Prof. R. Angus K. Smith                   ON. It was held at the National              want their power to be diluted by
                                          Library and Archives Canada on               reference to higher powers.
                                          February 1, 2011. This lecture was                 The presence of many students
                                          organized by the local chapter of the        from the Ottawa and Carleton
                                          Archaeological Institute of America in       Universities among the over 150
                                          partnership with the Friends of CIG –        guests present, was welcome.          A
                                          Ottawa Chapter, and the Parnassos            reception followed the lecture.
                                          Hellenic Cultural Society of Ottawa.               On March 2011, Carleton
Dr. Andreas Vikis, Dr. Helen                   In this most informative lecture,       University, Greek and Roman Studies
Tryphonas, Prof. Angus Smith,             Prof. Downie, traced the history of the      Programme, invited Christos Doumas,
Senator Pana Mercharnt, Ambassador        oracle from its origins lost in time         emeritus professor of pre-historic
of Greece to Canada, Mr. Eleftherios      (3000 BCE) through its most active           archaeology at the University of
Anghelopoulos,     Mr.      Theodossis    usage 7th-4th centuries BCE. The             Athens to speak to a large audience of
 Demetracopoulos, Embassy of Greece       lecture was highlighted by photos of         students and other guests. The first
    In this eloquent presentation,        numerous votive artifacts and of the         lecture      entitled    ‘Akrotiri,   a
Prof. Smith informed the audience that    thick layer of fatty burnt soil-a            Cosmopolitan Bronze Age Harbour
during the summers from 2006 to           testament to the enormous number of          Town on the Mediterranean’ was
2008 the Canadian Institute in Greece     burnt offerings (animals). The speaker       presented by Prof. Doumas on March
sponsored     excavation     of     the   went on to say that the altar itself,        22, 2011 at the Minto Centre, Carleton
Mycenaean cemetery of Ayia Sotira         which has not survived, was a mound          University. Prof. Doumas is well-
near Koutsomodi in the Nemea Valley       of ash/bone ‘plaster’. However, there        regarded as one of Greece’s most
in Greece which contains a total of six   is a great deal of written evidence          outstanding experts on its ancient
chamber tombs. One of these was           relating to the shrine (Pindar,              past. The Archaeological Institute of
rescued from looters in a 2002 salvage    Sophocles, Xenophon, Plutarch).              America in partnership with the
operation by the 4th Ephorate of          While there was a single Mantis (high        Friends of CIG – Ottawa Chapter, and
Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities,    priest) at the height of the shrine’s use,   the Parnassos Hellenic Cultural
and the project led by Prof. Smith        there were numerous ‘wandering               Society seized this opportunity and
excavated the other five. Sadly, the      seers’ experts in divination. There is       organized a second lecture by Prof.

Doumas entitled ‘The Art of Thera           Take me for instance.                  “It fits right in.”
(Santorini)’ . This truly interesting       I was born in Greece, raised and             The course was FAH 101,
lecture based on his beautiful         educated in Canada and now live in          Ancient Art History. At the end, I had
publication ‘The Wall Paintings of     Greece. What am I, Canadian or              no time to date the girls I had met in
Thera’ (1992), was presented to an     Greek? Let's look at my professional        class. But I did have to pass the exam,
equally large number of guests in the  life. I am a practising electrical          so I learned all about pediments and
presence of the Ambassador of Greece   engineer who writes mystery-thrillers.      metopes and even Hermes of
to      Canada      Mr.     ElefhteriosAm I a realist or a dreamer? And what       Praxiteles. What Dad couldn't explain,
Anghelopoulos. It was indeed a         am I doing here, rubbing shoulders          Professor Shaw had absolutely no
unique experience to have such a       with the archaeologists on the adjacent     difficulty with.
distinguished guest speaker in Ottawa! columns of the Bulletin? It doesn't               Time passed on. I moved from
     Another lecture entitled ‘The     make sense, does it?                        Canada to Greece, I earned my living
Kyrenia Ship:        A Voyage of            Most of life's mysteries don't         as an electrical engineer and I started
Discovery’ is scheduled to be          make sense. But as soon as we learn a       writing mystery-thrillers as a hobby. It
presented by Helena Wylde Swiny,       thing or two, lo and behold, the oddest     was just before the 2004 Summer
Curator of the Semitic Museum,         item suddenly becomes the most              Olympics that I started to think about
Harvard University, on May 8, 2011 at  natural. I mean heavier than air flying     my third novel. My first one, The
7:30 p.m., Library and Archives        machines didn't make any kind of            Edge of Oblivion, had just been
Canada, Room A. The ancient            sense two hundred years ago, but            published in Greek as The Adventures
Kyrenia Ship, around 2300 years old,   when we discovered the venturi              of Asher, Frude, Bonham, and I had
was found off the port town of         principle and jet propulsion, they          just completed my second one,
Kyrenia (Cyprus) in the late 1960’s. Itbecame flying buses.                        Fantasy Land. So as I embarked on
remains the most complete ancient           My first contact with archaeology      my third novel. Besides the characters
ship to have been found, excavated,    came on May 10th, 1957 when I was           which I had already sketched out in
lifted, preserved and reconstructed.   hardly four. I know the exact date          my head, I wanted an interesting
Two replicas of the ancient            because I have a photograph with a          environment - something I would love
merchantman       have    sailed    thedate. I am the little guy in the picture.   to research and enjoy writing about.
Mediterranean and have been filled     The big guy is my Dad. It was a very        This had to be archaeology.
with a replica cargo-contributing      eventful day. It was the day I visited            What happens in any novel is
much to experimental archaeology.      the temple of Olympian Zeus, the day        extraordinary. It has to be, to hold our
This lecture is organized by the       I first set foot on the Acropolis, and      attention. We don't want to read about
Parnassos Hellenic Cultural Society in the day I saw my first real snake as I      John taking the garbage out and Mary
partnership with the Archaeological    was looking down from the ramparts. I       cooking; we can see them doing that
Institute of America and the Friends ofsaw a much larger snake made of             next door. So to offset the extremities
CIG – Ottawa Chapter.                  marble, inside the Acropolis museum.        in character and plot, and to make the
     In summary, thanks to the         “I don't know what's so important           story believable, we need an authentic
continuous presence and support of     about all of this,” Dad had said, “but      setting. Internet and library research
members and friends of CIG, the AIA,   people come from all over the world         can       provide    information,     but
the CIMS, the Parnassos Hellenic       to see and admire these stones.” Well       archaeologists move in a human
Cultural Society, the Embassy of       now, what was this that even Dad            environment not easily accessible to
Greece and the generosity of Mr.       couldn't explain?                           those outside it. If my characters and
Fustanellas, CIG in Ottawa made             Many years later, I was a fourth       their academic world were to be real, I
available to all present a rich lectureyear engineering student looking for        had to gain access to it. I had to meet
program for the past season and look   an interesting non-technical course I       the appropriate people and visit them
forward to another equally successful  had to take. 'Psychology' was filled        at their place of work.
series of lectures in the upcoming     and 'African politics' seemed boring.             I write in the first person and my
Fall/Winter session.                   One of my friends came to the rescue.       narrators are much like myself:
                                            “There is this course” he said,        Canadians who find themselves in
     Helen Tryphonas, Ph.D.            “where 90% of the class is women.”          Greece. If my characters were to be
     President                              My God! What an incredible             English-speaking archaeologists, they
                                       figure! After three whole years in the      had to operate within the international
                                       engineering desert of 3% femininity,        archaeological community in Athens. I
   A Fake Archaeologist here was an oasis! I attended the next                     'googled' my enquiry, and being
                                       class, and it was only after I checked      Canadian, I found myself on the
     Some of us are not just perplexed the audience, that I wondered what the      doorstep of the Canadian Institute in
or confused but all muddled-up. At course was about.                               Greece. From there on, things moved
least it seems that way.                    “Fa something,” said my friend.        very quickly. Dr J. Tomlinson gave

me the e-mails of archaeologists and I    make as much sense as heavier than         grandfather had found on the hills
attended a few events given by the        air flying machines?                       outside Edinburgh in 1934 to have it
CIG and other schools. I had a lively           But even if I am a poor fake         vetted by the knowledgeable shop-
four-hour lunch with Dr. Mac              archaeologist, I did do one thing          owner. It was indeed a coin of the
Wallace, sadly no longer with us, who     properly. One day, not too long ago, I     Roman period, in fact a tetradrachm of
filled me in on real archaeology and      took my father up to the Acropolis. I      emperor Probus minted in Alexandria
numismatics. I visited the upper storey   stood him on the corner of the             in 277/8 AD, which meant that it was
of the Stoa of Attalos II and walked on   Parthenon and showed him the               inscribed in Greek (hence my and my
the grounds of the British and            stylobate curvature and the columnar       father's inability to read its "Latin"
American Schools. I found myself          inclination and spacing. I didn't take a   inscription!). But how did such a coin
listening to archaeologists and talking   photograph and I have truly forgotten      get from Egypt to Scotland, especially
with archaeologists. I noticed how        the date. There's one thing though I       in a time after the abandonment of the
they dressed and how they behaved. I      will never forget:                         Antonine Wall? From that point on,
began to understand what they were              The smile on his face.               I've been hooked, principally by the
like. All this study was probably                                                    idea of the stories, the unknown
enough for an actor, but certainly            Nikitas Terzis                         history, that coins must have
insufficient for a writer. You see, a                                                witnessed and perhaps could be
writer must proceed even further; he      Visit my website: www.nikterzis.gr         induced to tell. So, I make it my
must convince his readers that he is an   and               my              blog:    scholarly practice to pinch pennies
archaeologist himself.                    nikitasterzis.blogspot.com                 until they squeal their secrets, which
     It took more work to manage that,    Follow me on Facebook & Twitter            I've been doing in recent years for
and when I thought I had grasped it, I    Read my 3 novels:                          excavations at Mytilene, Stymphalos,
started writing my new novel. And the     The Edge of Oblivion (2004)--A man         Helike, and Kenchreai. I didn't,
people I had met in their professional    with amnesia investigates his turbulent    however, write my dissertation on a
lives soon stood in as my characters. I   past on the island of Karpathos, Mount     numismatic topic --something which,
gave them fictional private lives of      Athos and Toronto.                         as an advisor told me, would be the
course. It's one thing to be muddled-     Fantasy        Land      (2008)--Love,     "kiss of death" when trying to find an
up personally and quite another to        friendship and revenge on the island       academic position-- though my work
muddle the very people who have           of Ios.                                    on Roman Delphi did involve some
helped you. The result? My new book,      Bird of Prey (2010)--The auction of a      coins.
Bird of Prey, is now available from       stolen coin becomes a struggle without          I have been interested in
Amazon.com. Dr. G. Schaus and Dr.         rules. Mystery, intrigue and peril in      astronomy for even longer, ever since
Tomlinson have said some nice things      the archaeological community in            I got a book on the subject for my
about it, but more important, they        Athens. Bird of Prey is available          seventh birthday. Indeed, until I was
offered me the chance to write            through            Amazon            at    in grade twelve and discovered that
something in the CIG Bulletin.            http://www.amazon.com/Bird-Prey-           professional astronomers are really
     You may feel that I am out of        Nikitas-                                   just a kind of mathematician --
place. What am I doing writing            Terzis/dp/1453771670/ref=tmm_pap_t         something I could handle, but totally
something in here? Call me a fake, if     itle_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1285295926&sr           devoid of romantic appeal-- I was
you like. I won't be offended. A story-   =1-7                                       planning to do astronomy as a career.
teller is a fake by definition. But in                                               Nevertheless, I've kept up my interest
writing a mystery-thriller with an                                                   in backyard observing and have a
archaeological     and      numismatics        The Star of Destiny                   couple of telescopes in my garage (a
background, I was given a very real                                                  90 mm refractor and a 200 mm
place in your world. I am being treated        I have been interested in ancient     Schmidt-Cassegrain).
like I am one of you. Do I deserve this   coins since 25th January, 1983, the             The idea to combine these two
honour? Well, you should be the judge     precise day when I happened on a           interests in the paper that I
of that. Buy, borrow or download my       London, ON coin shop, in whose             presented at AIA and will be doing
new novel, and read it. Hopefully I       window display was a velvet-lined          again for CIG next month came to
will not only convince you that I know    tray bearing a few, dark coppers and a     me while I was walking the picket
your world and its sinister side, but     card reading "ROMAN COINS! Your
make your heart beat a little faster,                                                line during the three-week faculty
                                          choice: $15 each." I couldn't believe      strike at the University of Windsor
make you miss your bus-stop, force        my eyes, so I went inside to find out
you to sit up while you are reading it                                               in the fall of 2008. Fresh air,
                                          more: could they possibly be genuine?
in bed. And after you read it, you may                                               exercise, and an indefinite
                                          A few days later, I returned with a
pass your verdict. Am I a convincing      coin, reputedly Roman, that my             postponement of professional
fake, or not? Does my place here

commitments greatly foster a state       visible from Antioch, the capital of
of creative lassitude, I find.           the Seleukid Empire, I found a set
     I had often been struck by the      of very favourable occultations of
odd iconography on the reverses of       Venus as well as of Jupiter in
the very common tetradrachms of          Cancer by the Moon at the
Antiochos VIII, an obscure               beginning of his sole reign in
Seleukid ruler. So far as I could        January 121 BC, i.e. around the
tell, it was a unique representation     time he killed his mother, the
of Zeus with a star hovering above       overbearing Kleopatra Thea. This,
the palm of his outstretched right       I felt, was the explanation for the
hand and a crescent Moon just            coin type.
above his head. Given the lack of            Why was this type so short-
obvious parallels or inspiration, I      lived, i.e. just seven years, until he
began to wonder if the crescent          was expelled from Antioch by his                    Zeus
and the star actually referred to        brother, Antiochos IX? The answer
real, astronomical bodies and were       here, I believe, is also astrological:
                                                                             received an email out of the blue
not simply decorative elements (as       a     series     of   very baleful  from one Owen Jarus who puts out
so often is the case). The more I        occultations by the Moon not only   an online magazine (Unreported
looked into the culture of the late      of Mars and Saturn but of them      Heritage News), had read my
Hellenistic period, the more I           both at the same time, a very rare  abstract for the AIA paper, and
thought that I was on to something       event that happens only once every  wanted to do an interview by
here, i.e. that some kind of             2000 years or so, soon marred his   telephone. I obliged, and a few
astronomical phenomenon was              sole reign and foretold his         days later I had word from him
being represented and reinterpreted      expulsion from the throne.          that my story was now online, both
in some astrologically favourable                                            at his site:
way. A big help here was the work                                            (http://www.unreportedhertitagene
of Michael R. Molnar, an                                                     ws.com/2011/01/2100-year-old-
astronomer who also collected                                                greek-copin-may-have.html)
ancient coins (e.g. his Star of                                              and at another one:
Bethlehem; The Legacy of the                                                       (http://historyoftheancientworl
Magi book, Rutgers U.P., 1999).                                              d.com/2011/01/2100-year-old-
     Various spectacular events                                              greek-coin-may-have-marked-rare-
(solar     eclipses,     comets,     a                                       astronomical-event/)
supernova) are attested for the 2nd                                                One of these two postings
century BC, but they are only                                                seems to have been the source of a
special to a modern observer, and                                            story in a Greek newspaper, Ta
not at all significant or beneficent                                         Nea, which ran a version of my
                                                      Antiochos VIII
to an ancient expert. The only                                               story a few days later, on January
possible phenomenon that could                                                  th
                                         I gave my paper at the AIA 17 :
involve both the moon and a bright
                                         meeting in San Antonio this (http://www.tanea.gr/default.asp?p
object represented on the coins by
                                         January and it seemed to be id=2&ct=4&artid=4613426)
a star, and that would be both
                                         positively received at the time. I
significant and propitious to the                                                   Since then, I have had
                                         was pleased but didn't think much
astrologers of the Hellenistic                                               sporadic emails from interested
                                         of it until a few days later when I
period - after all, why advertise a                                          people around the globe who are
disaster, literally a dys-aster? - was                                       curious for more details. At this
the lunar occultation (or eclipse) of                                        point, I am strongly considering
a planet.                                                                    working my paper up as an article
     When I looked up what                                                   for publication.
occultations would have occurred
in the time of Antiochos VIII and                                                 Robert Weir

         Mission to the                     with a trickle cascading about 200         similar underground rivers waiting to
                                            metres straight down a precipitous         be discovered.
         Underworld                         cliff into a small stream of the Krathis        Modern speleologists traveling
                                            river, which flows into the Gulf of        around the small lakes in inflatable
     For several years, I have been         Corinth. It was this waterfall that        rubber     boats    have     discovered
studying the archival papers of the late    Gilbert and his friends trekked to see.    Neolithic tools. The same region of
Prof. Gilbert Bagnani in preparation             After taking a train from Athens      ancient Arcadia was known in
for a book on his life in Greece from       to Diakopto, the travelers went up to      classical antiquity for its caves, when
1921 to 1924. When you are pursuing         the cave monastery at Megaspeleion         in Greek mythology the maddened
research, it can lead you to very           (which later blew up in a disastrous       daughters of King Proitos believed
unexpected places.                          explosion in 1934), and on to the          that they were cows and took refuge in
     In August of 1923, an Italian          historic town of Kalavryta before          a cave.
border mission was trying to define         hiking up Mt Chelmos and on to the              This underground river is
the frontier between Greece and             waterfalls of the Styx. In late summer     strikingly reminiscent of what we
Albania when its members were               there was not even a trickle of water to   think the ancient Greeks envisioned as
forcibly removed from their car and         be seen, and then they hiked back to       the entrance to the Underworld. It can
shot to death. In retaliation, Mussolini,   the coastal railroad at Akrata. Today      hardly be a coincidence then that the
who had only recently seized power in       there are several hiking paths in the      River Styx of ancient Greek myth and
Rome, sent his navy to bombard and          area but those closest to the waterfall    legend was located in this area, and so
occupy the island of Corfu, and he          itself are arduous and treacherous with    may have been inspired by such
also demanded a public funeral, an          loose stones and, since the cliff can be   underground rivers.
enormous fine and an investigation          seen from a distance, it seems likely           Thus it was that researching
among much else.                            that Gilbert and the ladies hiked only     Gilbert Bagnani’s spy mission of
     At this time, Gilbert Bagnani was      within viewing distance of the             1923, which had been conducted
studying archaeology at the Italian         cascading Source of the Styx. Even so,     under the guise of a hike to the Source
School. His father Gen. Ugo Bagnani,        the waterfall is several mountainous       of the Styx in Arcadia, led me to an
had served before the war as a military     kilometres inland away from any            underground river flowing straight
attaché in London where he met Count        railway line, and a very credible cover    from the Underworld.
Ferdinando Perrone, who was now the         for the real reason for his trip there.
Italian military attaché in Athens.              When I was driving around the             Ian Begg
Perrone asked Gilbert to check out the      area in a rented car and studying the
military possibilities of the railway       local topography to determine the
along the south shore of the Gulf of        easiest “assault” on the arduous trek to       Student Conference
Corinth, and especially what points         the waterfall in order to retrace
were vulnerable from the sea. Three         Bagnani’s steps, I came upon a local            On March 18th and 19th the Greek
decades earlier Italian engineers had       tourist attraction, the Cave of the        and Roman Studies Department of the
constructed a very narrow gauge             Lakes at Kastria near Kalavryta, Το        University of Victoria hosted the
railway running southward up a              Σπηλαιο των Λιμνων. On a hot               biannual CIG Graduate Student
winding gorge from Diakopto on the          summer’s day it was irresistible to join   Conference, entitled ‘People and
Gulf to Kalavryta. In addition, the         a tour group and enter the cooler,         Peripheries: Living on the Edge’.
Italian ambassador asked Gilbert to         nether regions.                            Graduate students and undergraduates
report on the political feeling in the           Part of the length of this            from the University of Victoria,
Peloponnese.                                serpentine cave consists of a long         Wilfrid Laurier University and the
     For his first effort at “spying,” as   series of small underground lakes and      University of Toronto presented
he wrote to his mother in Rome, he          pools. In places it is perhaps about 40    excellent       papers       spanning
decided as a cover to invite two older      metres high and is at least a few          Mediterranean history, culture, and
Greek ladies to join him on a hike          kilometers long, with only a half          archaeology. The keynote speaker was
through Arcadia to the so-called            kilometre being publicly accessible        Professor Mark Lawall of the
Source of the River Styx.                   (“Photographs forbidden”). Distant         University of Manitoba, whose talk,
     One of the legendary rivers of the     vistas beyond enormous hanging             ‘Blurry Edges: Transport Amphoras
Underworld, it was famed for its            stalactites are awe-inspiring, and         and Economic Zones in the Eastern
miraculous powers, whether protective       certainly well worth the visit.            Mediterranean (ca. 550-100 BC)’
or lethal, and to take an oath by the       Although water gushed out above            perfectly encapsulated the tone of the
Styx was the most sacred oath. Oddly,       ground from a lower level in 1922, the     conference. The quality of papers was
both Hesiod and Pausanias described         upper levels were not discovered until     excellent, and attendance was very
it as a high waterfall, now identified      about 1964. The region’s geology           healthy with several members of the
                                            suggests that there may well be other

CIG Board of Directors in attendance,   ultimately reflected a desire among       Athens,     26-27      June     2009.
including Board President Gerry         not just the Boeotians, but most          Publications of the Canadian Institute
Schaus, and members Elaine Godwin,      Greeks to train their citizen troops to   in Greece. No. 6, Forthcoming 2011
Brendan Burke, in addition to Mark      defend their territorial integrity in a
                                                                                  For further information about CIG
Lawall.                                 world dominated by predatory
                                                                                  monographs, see “Publications” on the
                                                                                  Institute website: http://www.cig-
                                             With papers like this the
                                        conference attendees were confident
                                        that the study of the Greek past in       See also: Stefanie A. H. Kennell (ed.).
                                        Canada has an excellent future.           On Site: Canadian Archaeologists in
                                                                                  Greece. Motibo Publishing 2005
                                            Brendan Burke
                                                                                          Open Meeting
Ryan Hughes,      Jessica   Romney,                                               The Canadian Institute in Greece /
Brendan Burke
                                                                                     L'Institut Canadien en Grèce
                                                                                     Annual Meeting / Réunion
                                        Jacques Y. Perreault (ed.) Women and
                                        Byzantine Monasticism. Proceedings
                                        of the Athens Symposium, 28-29             Prof. David W. Rupp (Director /
                                        March 1988. Publications of the                        Directeur)
                                        Canadian Archaeological Institute at       The activities of the Institute,
                                        Athens, No. 1, 1991                                    2010-2011
                                  Efthalia C. Constantinides, The Wall
                                  Paintings      of     the      Panagia           Prof. Robert Weir (University of
Mark Lawall, Elaine Godwin, Gerry Olympiotissa at Elasson in Northern                          Windsor)
Schaus                            Thessaly. Publications       of    the           Antiochos VIII and the Star of
                                  Canadian Archaeological Institute at                         Destiny
                                  Athens, No. 2 (2 vols.), 1992                    Thursday 12 May / Jeudi 12 mai,
                                        David       Jordan,      John    Traill                 19.00
                                        (eds.). Lettered Attica: A Day of Attic   Danish Institute at Athens / Institut
                                        Epigraphy. Proceedings of the                     Danois à Athènes
                                        Athens Symposium, 8 March                       Herefondos 14A, Plaka
Group photo at end of conference        2000. Publications of the Canadian                    Reception
                                        Archaeological Institute at Athens,
     One excellent paper (among No. 3, 2003                                      Το Καναδικό Ινστιτούτο στην
many), may serve as an example:
Ruben Post, a graduating student from Nigel M. Kennell, Jonathan E.
the University of Victoria, examined Tomlinson (eds.). Ancient Greece at              Ετήσια Εκδήλωση
the development of an official military the Turn of the Millennium: Recent Καθ. David W. Rupp (Διευθυντής)
training regimen in the Boeotian Work and Future Perspectives.                  The activities of the Institute,
League during the Hellenistic period. Proceedings         of     the    Athens            2010-2011
In the early fourth century BC, the Symposium,                18-20       May
Boeotians,     known     as    military 2001. Publications of the Canadian Καθ. Robert Weir (University of
innovators, became predominant in Archaeological Institute at Athens,                      Windsor)
Greece, but this hegemony was lost to No. 4, 2005                               Antiochos VIII and the Star of
the Macedonians in 338 BC, and the Gerald P. Schaus, Stephen R. Wenn                       Destiny
Boeotian League soon after slipped (eds.). Onward to the Olympics.                 Πέμπτη 12 Μαΐου, 19.00
into political unimportance. In the Historical Perspectives on the
                                                                                  Ινστιτούτο της Δανίας στην
fourth century BC, training programs Olympic Games. Publications of the
for citizen infantry had been all but Canadian Institute in Greece, No. 5,                  Αθήνα
nonexistent in the Greek world, and 2007                                           Χαιρεφώντος 14A, Πλάκα
yet by 245 BC it became compulsory                                                         Δεξίωση
for Boeotian men to train intensively   D. W. Rupp, J. E. Tomlinson et al.
in various forms of combat from the (eds.).        Euboea       and    Athens:
age of twelve until they left military Proceedings of a Colloquium in
service around sixty years of age. This Memory of Malcolm B. Wallace.

                                                   Financial Statements
CIG Assets/Liabilities as of April 21, 2011 ("book values" for Funds)
CURRENT ASSETS CANADA                                                  2011                          2010          2009        2008
Cash (on hand and bank accounts)                                       14,898                         7,903         5,838     17,811
Operating Endowment Fund                                              257,100                       172,640        93,147     82,791
Rosenbaum-Alföldi Fellowship Fund                                      90,200                        77,816        47,987     44,473
Desmarais-Foreman Library Fund                                         61,600                        55,398        53,522     52,038
Thompson Fellowship Fund                                               89,700                        78,160        60,313     56,018
Leipen Fellowship Fund                                                200,900                       164,621         1,078
Building Fund                                                          10,700                         9,808        21,329     15,968
Director's Honorarium Fund                                              8,800                         6,758         6,860      5,281
Total                                                                 733,989                       572,964       290,073    274,380
Cash on hand*                                                           4,463                         4,169        (3,591)     1,308
Dollar account                                                          5,193                           188          9,929     8,357
Euro account*                                                           3,325                        13,569          6,365     4,778
Transfer from Canada - in transit                                      15,000                        10,000              -         -
Total                                                                  27,981                        27,926        12,703     14,443
Canada and Athens: Net current assets                                 761,970                       600,890       302,776    288,823

N.B. All figures are reported for information only and are unaudited.
* as converted to Canadian Dollars

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