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									               Robert Wyland- A Renowned Marine Life Artist

                                                Robert Wyland is the foremost marine
                                                artist in history. His art has managed to
                                                create a very realistic portrayal of a part of
                                                the world very few get to witness in their
                                                real lives. In this way, Wyland paintings
                                                are not only special because of his
                                                impressive skill and the work’s life like
                                                quality, but because of the artist’s ability
                                                to transport the viewer and show them an
                                                entirely new world.

                                               Robert Wyland grew up far from the Ocean
                                               in Madison Heights, Michigan. As young
                                               as the age of 3, Wyland was fascinated
with dinosaurs and other prehistoric beings and began painting them. The artist’s biggest
childhood hero was Jacques Cousteau and he also wanted to be a scientist and study
marine life. Wyland would go on to do exactly that, as an enthusiastic scuba diver and
researcher, he uses his art as a way to communicate what he has discovered to a mass
audience. Wyland studied painting and sculpting in school and today is known for his
fortitude in multiple mediums.

The most famous of all Robert Wyland paintings are the artist’s 100 Whaling Walls. The
Whaling Walls transformed Robert Wyland into a household name. Because of their
impressively grand true to life size they stood out in the art community. Because of their
accessibility, often outside and often available to view for free they launched the artist’s
work to a new level of notoriety. They are also spread out in more than 70 cities in 12
countries on 4 continents. In 2008, Wyland finished the impressive series by painting in
front of the Great Wall of China for the 100th in the series. The largest of these is also
the largest mural in the world. It can be seen free of charge and covers the entire Long
Beach Convention Center. It is 128 feet long and 105 feet tall. It took 700 gallons of
paint and a number of marine animals that are all painted to their actual size. It is the
largest artistic representation of marine life in the world, and many would argue, the
most impressive as well.

Many consider Wyland the greatest environmental artist in the world. Not only are
Wyland original paintings amazing, but Robert Wyland is an even greater environmental
activist. He has used his art and his status as a celebrity artist to raise awareness for the
protection of the oceans and marine life. He uses his art as a means for his message.
Beyond communication his message through his art, Wyland also has been the force
behind many public programs and outreach efforts. He created the Wyland Foundation to
help promote clean and healthy waterways, water conservation, and the protection of
marine life. Today, Wyland tours the world not only to promote this effort through his
original art and his words, but he works as an actual field scientist scuba diving, testing
water, and speaking to children about his mission. Robert Wyland is a great artist and a
great humanitarian. He has found a unique way to bring his two loves together and the
world is lucky in many ways to have his great talent.

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