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									Core Elements & Features Of SDLC Solutions

SDLC, known as software development life cycle is a structure or system of defining tasks performed at every step in
the software development process. The structure is followed by a dedicated development team within an software
or IT enterprise. It comprises of a detailed plan that describes the way to develop, retain and substitute certain
software. The life cycle delineates the methods for enhancing the software quality and total development

Elements In The SDLC Procedure
Software development life cycle comprises of certain elements, they are:

      Planning
The most crucial parts of software development, requirement analysis or requirement gathering are generally
performed by a set of experienced and skillful engineers in the enterprise. Post the requirements are collected from
the end users, a scope document is generated which determines the scope of the assignment and is also
      Implementation
In this phase the software engineers start to write the code as per the clients’ needs.
      Testing
This procedure is all about searching bugs and defects within the established software.
      Documentation
Each step in the assignment is documented for future reference and for the enhancement of the software in the
development procedure. The design documentation process might also include writing an application programming
interface, i.e. API.
      Deploying and Maintenance
The software is executed once it has been sanctioned for the release.
      Software Maintenance
Software maintenance is conducted for any kind of future reference. Software enhancement and new requirements
might take longer than the time required to set up the initial software development.

Most companies today comply with the standard industry processes or lightly modify their SDLC versions for guiding
internal development. Users can search about SDLC on the web for greater details on multiple SDLC stages and
relevance of each level. Furthermore, leading solution providers specializing in agile methodology have come with
advanced SDLC solutions. It consists of the following features:

       Requirements Management Tools
       Test Management
       Issue Management
       Risk Management
       Release Management
       Document Management
       IT Project Management

Other than this, SDLC features such as Configuration and Build Management can be attained by incorporating the
third party tools making use of simple bi-directional transfer of information set up for the integration platform. In
addition to that, the new age SDLC solutions also provides a systematic and organized process for every stage in
software development. This makes sure that all kinds of functional user requirements and strategic goals are

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