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					Our Online Registration Solution
    Product Portfolio

• We offer 3 products aimed at different types of customer in the soccer
• All products can operate stand alone or can be integrated to offer a
  reliable and effective solution
• Online registration is currently only available on our Club Centre product,
  however several League Centre customers have used it in an integrated
Advertize your registration on
Your home page
The site visitor can read
a step by step guide as
to how the process

Then he clicks on a
link to purchase a
registration item
The parent then
completes a form about
The next page is the
registration form of the
player. A lot of the
information is
transferred from the
previous page to avoid
retyping it eg address

Each forms is
customized to meet you
specific requirements
The form continues with
all your terms and

Eg Playing history,
waivers etc

The parent has to
check the box to state
that he agrees to them

The process will not
proceed until he has
checked off all the
At the bottom of the
form is a continue

You can only continue
when all the boxes are
checked and all the
mandatory fields have
been completed
You next arrive at the
shopping cart page

You can now see a list
of what items are in the
shopping cart

From here you can
purchase a second
registration if you need
to, ie for Georges little
sister or if you have
finished you can
proceed to Pay Pal to
pay by clicking the
‘Proceed to Checkout’
The Pay Pal page is set up
with your club name on it.
We can also place your
logo on Pay Pal if you wish

The user now has 4 ways
of paying

1) Via his Pay Pal account
2) With his Visa card
3) With his Mastercard
4) With his AMEX card

All credit card transactions
are performed over a
secure network using Pay
Pals SSL certificate
                                                           Dixie Soccer Club
                                                 400 Matheson Blvd. E. Unit 17
                                                                     L4Z 1N8

Dear Tim
                                                                                   After purchase two emails
You purchase has been completed for the following                                  are sent to the parent.

2010 Indoor registration under 10 & 11 – George BAIGENT -          $125.00         The first is from Pay Pal
Please reply to this email if you have any questions regarding this registration
                                                                                   with a summary of the
and purchase                                                                       purchase

Regards                                                                            The second is from our
The Dixie Soccer Club                                                              web server on your behalf.
This email may be used as your tax receipt if you are claiming the Children's
                                                                                   For text see opposite
Fitness Tax Credit. Full details are given below
                                                                                   The club is BCCed on
Player              - George BAIGENT                                               each email sent from the
DOB                 - July 16, 2010                                                web server but not the Pay
Program name        - 2010 Indoor registration under 10 & 11
Amount Received     - $125.00
                                                                                   Pal email
Amount Eligible     - $125.00
Fee paid by         - Tim BAIGENT                                                  The emails can be
                                                                                   customized if you wish
The club will have a series
of back office tools to allow
you to manage the

All of these can be
exported to MS Excel
  "Our online registration solution from E2E Soccer was not only easy to use but it was also a huge time
  saver for those of us who run the club. As a result we are insisting that all our members register online
  this year"
  Dennis Hartmann
  President of Lynwood Centennials Soccer Club

  "We had talked about moving to an online registration service for years but we never found the solution
  we wanted until we met E2E Soccer. Their solution is so user friendly for both our members and our
  staff that we now encourage all our members to use it.”
  Nancy Figliola
  Office Manager of Dixie Soccer Club

  "This system is great. Registration is so much easier than how we did it last year – by hand! E2E
  Soccer has responded incredibly well to all of my requests, and our registrants have had nothing but
  great things to say about the online registration process. Our club will certainly continue to use this
  great service that E2E Soccer provides for many years to come."
  Diane Crosetta
  Registrar of Saugeen Shores Soccer Club

  "Our members have been thanking us for the easy and simple online registration solution from E2E
  Soccer. Members are able to register at their convenience, saving them time and gas and decreasing
  our office workload at the same time. In our first three weeks 50% of our registrations were online
  and with this response we're sure that our next season online registrations will be sure to increase
  saving us even more workload."
  Stella Haskin
  Office Manager of Belleville Youth Soccer Club
   Further Information

Tim Baigent
(613) 839-0606

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