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					                                        Schoo l Wellness News
                                    Volume 2, Issue 1           September 2006

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                                    Putting Your School Wellness Policy Into Action:
•   Principal
    School Food Service
    School Counselor
                                    Beverage Selections to Consider
•   FACS, PE, Health
•   Teacher Break Room              Many schools are making     •       Replace regular pop with            calories to pop.
                                    the move to offer healthy           diet pop in vending ma-
                                    beverage options sold in            chines.                  •          Avoid selling sports drinks.
                                    school vending machines                                                 Sports drink contain signifi-
Included in Issue                   and ala carte lines. Offer- •       Move away from large                cant sugar and calories and
                                    ing kids low-calorie and            serving containers to               are not necessary for nutrient
Walk To School Month            2   nutritious beverages in             smaller size servings.              replacement during the school
                                    appropriate amounts is a            For example, sell 12                day.
Apple Activities for the        2   primary strategy for reduc-         ounce canned beverages
Classroom                           ing childhood obesity.                                          •       Consider placing a milk ma-
                                                                        instead of 20 ounce bot-
                                                                        tled beverages.                     chine in your school. The
Apples as your                  3
                                    Parents sometimes express                                               milk vended in these ma-
“Healthy Food of the
                                    concern about drinking diet •       Sell flavored and plain             chines are marketed in bottles
Month Winner”
                                    soda because of perceived           bottled water. Flavored             and flavors that kids like.
Cafeteria Recipe Corner         3   health risks. Diet soda             water is quite popular.
                                    pops are safe for kids to                                       •       Promote healthy beverage
Fun Apple Facts                 3   consume. Sugar substitutes
                                                                  •     Offer juice in 8 ounce or           choices in your school!
                                    have been thoroughly stud-
Whole Grains Training           4                                       smaller serving sizes.
                                    ied for public health safety.
                                                                        Over consumption of
                                                                        juice contributes to obe-
                                    There are several strate-
                                                                        sity. 100% juice and
                                    gies to improve beverage
                                                                        juice drinks with added
                                    choice offerings:
Included in Upcoming                                                    sugar contain similar
•   What’s new in School Well-
    ness                            National School Lunch Week October 9-13, 2006
•   Nutrition education ideas for
                                    If you never have promoted •        “Vote for School Lunch “
    classrooms                                                                                          •    Cool “Vote For School
                                    National School Lunch               theme toolkit                        Lunch” merchandise
•   Farm to school programs         Week (NSLW) in your dis-
    including school gardening                                      •   Fun activity sheets for
                                    trict or school before, this is
    projects                                                            your students
                                    the perfect year to begin!
•   School physical activity ini-   NSLW is made possible by
                                                                   •    Parent/Student brochure
    tiatives to get kids moving
                                    the School Nutrition Asso-     •    Reimbursable menus
•   Recipes and serving ideas for   ciation.                            based on theme charac-
    school food service                                                 ters
                                    Check out the resources
•   Parent articles to use in       website:                       •    Access to downloadable
    school newsletters                logos for use on menus/
                                    vote                                newsletters, etc.
Volume 2, Issue 1   September 2006                                                                                    Page 2

                                                 October 4 is Walk to School Day
                                                 ties.                                  walkable communities. Walk to
                                                 Registered schools gain access to:     School activities often become a
                                                                                        catalyst for on-going efforts to
                                           •         Stickers
                                                                                        increase safe walking and bicy-
                                           •         Badges                             cling all of the time. A commu-
Celebrate Walk to School Day on October 4, •         Certificates                       nity can choose whether a day,
2006, and promote safe walking and bicy-   •         Crowns                             week, month or even a year of
cling throughout the year.                 •         Frequent Walker/Bicyclist          Walk to School activities works
                                                     Punch Cards
Need event ideas to start a Walk to School
Day in your community? Check out the                                                     WHY promote walking and
Walk to School site     Walk to School in October is an            bicycling?
                                              energizing event, reminding par-
                                                                                         •   To enhance the health of
                                              ents and children alike of the sim-
The Walk to School website contains re-       ple joy of walking to school. It also
sources for promotional materials (graphics, serves as an opportunity to focus           •   To improve air quality and
logos, fliers and banners,) educational mate- on the importance of physical ac-              the environment
rials, and supplemental classroom activi-     tivity, safety, air quality and            •   To create safer routes for
                                                                                             walking and bicycling

Apple Literature for the Classroom

The Legend of Johnny Appleseed
                                                Other books: An Apple a day by
John Chapman spent nearly 50 years of his       Melvin Berger, Apple Tree by Barrie
life in the American Wilderness planting        Watts, The Life and Times of the
apple orchards. Chapman died in 1845, but       Apple by Charles Micucci, The
even after 200 years, some of his tress still   Crooked Apple Tree by Eric Hough-
bear apples. Elementary literature on the       ton
life and legend of Johnny Appleseed.
•   Aiki. The Story of Johnny Appleseed.
    Aladdin, 1987.                              Creative Writing
•   Glass, Andrew. Folks Call Me Apple-         Have students interview and docu-
    seed John. Doubleday, 1995.                 ment their parents’ favorite apple
                                                stories, memories and recipes.
•   Harrison, David. Johnny Appleseed:
    My Story. Random House, 2001.               Have students write about how ap-
                                                ples grow.

Worksite Wellness Resource A Fresh Way to 5 A Day: Minnesota Grown Apples
If your school has an employee well-      A Fresh Way to 5 A Day: Minnesota          Learn about the attributes of Minne-
ness committee, The Minnesota De-         Apples materials can be distributed as     sota apples.
partment of Agriculture has materials     e-mail messages or copied as flyers to
                                                                                     Distribute to school staff delicious
available to promote A Fresh Way to 5     post in work rooms.
                                                                                     apple recipes available from the site.
A Day: Minnesota Grown Apples. Ac-
                                          Download a Minnesota Apple poster
cess promotional materials at
                                          from this website.
Volume 2, Issue 1   September 2006                                                                                 Page 3

Feature Apples as a local “Winning Healthy Food ”
                                                                                     Reason to eat apples
Apples are an abundant Minnesota         •   Encourage parents and kids to shop
Grown fruit! Your school can be part         for Minnesota grown fruit for fall      Apples contain:
of the growing local foods movement.         classroom snacks.
                                                                                     •   A good source of fiber. Fiber helps
•   Promote locally grown apples         •   Have students gather their favorite         maintain steady blood sugar lev-
    through taste testing different          apple recipes and brainstorm ideas          els and may help prevent cancer.
    varieties in the classroom or in         on how to incorporate apples into the
                                                                                     •   A source of potassium, which
    the cafeteria.                           school breakfast and lunch menus.
                                                                                         helps maintain a healthy heart.
•   Ask your food distributor to carry   •   Apples are fun to promote and eat!
                                                                                     •   Phytonutrients, antioxidants,
    Minnesota grown apple varieties.
                                                                                         iron, calcium, Vitamin C and Vita-
                                                                                         min A

School Food Service Recipe Corner: Apples and Fruit Yogurt Dip
Fruit Yogurt Dip                             Tips for Serving Apple Slices        Storing Apples
160 ounces (5 quarts) plain nonfat           • Keep cut apples from               • Store in refrigerator—32-36
        yogurt, drained                         turning brown by pouring             degrees, 85-95% relative
1 1/4 cups brown sugar                          100% apple, orange or                humidity.
2/3 cup orange juice concentrate                pineapple juice (drained          • Keep apples in cartons with lids
2 teaspoons cinnamon                            from canned pineapple) over          closed; keep away from strong-
                                                slices.                              flavored and ethylene-sensitive
Directions:                                  • For a colorful fruit                  vegetables. Apples absorb odors,
Combine yogurt, brown sugar, orange             alternative, place together a        give off odors, and produce
juice concentrate and cinnamon; mix             half apple and a half orange         ethylene gas.
well. Chill. Serve with sliced apples.          and serve in a soufflé cup.       • Typical shelf life is 90 to 240 days
                                                The orange prevents the              if stored under ideal conditions.
80 Servings                                     apple from discoloring.
Serving Size = 1/4 cup                       • Cut apples just before             Preparation Tip
                                                serving.                          Wash apples in water the same
Variation: One part ricotta cheese,          • Use apples that brown less         temperature as the apple to prevent
2 parts non-fat yogurt, drained                 quickly such as Granny            the wax from becoming milky or
                                                Smith apples.                     cloudy.

Apple Facts for the Cafeteria
•   There are 26 Minnesota Grown Apple Varie-                  •    Apples are believed to have originated in
    ties.                                                           a mountainous area between what is now
•   The Honeycrisp Apple is the Minnesota state                     the Black and Caspian Seas by the coun-
    fruit.                                                          try Turkey.

•   Red fruits like apples help maintain a                     •    About 2,500
    healthy heart and memory function.                              known varieties of
                                                                    apples are grown
•   Apples are best when eaten with the peel as                     in the United
    that is where most of the fiber and antioxi-                    States and more
    dants are found.                                                than 7,500 are
                                                                    grown worldwide.
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              The University of Minnesota Extension Service is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

Regional Whole Grains Training Offered this Fall

Whole Grains:                         Training Content                                Training is approved for specialized
                                                                                      training hours to meet School Nutri-
                                      Whole Grains: Keeping Kids from Fal-            tion Association requirements. Par-
 Keeping Kids                         ling Short is a training that looks at ways     ticipants will receive credit for 3
                                      to increase whole grains in school food ser-    hours of specialized training hours
 from Falling                         vices.
                                                                                      or continuing education hours.
                                      Topics covered include:
A comprehensive School Food Ser-                                                      To schedule a course for your food
vice training incorporating all the   •     Nutritional benefits of whole grains      service staff or for more informa-
strategies to integrate whole                                                         tion, please contact:
grains in the school lunch menu       •     Product analysis for nutrition and cost
                                                                                          Mark Schultz: 612.625.8278
and get kids to eat whole grains      •     Taste testing of products and recipes          University of Minnesota
                                      •     Using commodity whole grain products              Extension Service
Whole grains are an important
part of children’s diets. In fact,    •     What qualifies as a full whole grain or
the recently released dietary               partial whole grain
Guidelines for Americans (2005)
and MyPyramid recommend that          •     Improving the acceptance of whole
most Americans eat at least 3               grains by kids
whole grain servicing daily. To       •     Fun nutrition promotion ideas for
get this amount of whole grains in          whole grains in the cafeteria
children’s diets can be tricky.

                                                   Cost $30 per person
Supplement                                                                                                       School Wellness News

5 A Day the Minnesota Grown Way!

                                      Minnesota Apple Word Scramble

This page is the key to the Apple Word Scramble. The next page is the actual game. Note on the game page, the names of all
the varieties are listed at the bottom. Giving the list makes the game easy to play, and perhaps more fun for a family. Or, you
may choose to remove these lines to make the quiz more challenging–you can award prizes based on how many varieties peo-
ple can get.

             TEAMTN                          MANTET
             LEORIO                          ORIOLE
             SHEDSCU                         DUCHESS
             TASTE ARFI                      STATE FAIR
             ABEOCN                          BEACON
             AALUP DRE                       PAULA RED
             STUNCHET BRAC                   CHESTNUT CRAB
             WHYALET                         WEALTHY
             NINJMO                          MINJON
             DRE NABOR                       RED BARON
             KLEANLAD                        LAKELAND
             STINcHOM                        McINTOSH
             61 TESWE                        SWEET 16
             PRICEYSNOH                      HONEYCRISP
             DARLNOCT                        CORTLAND
             RIPEAIR KSY                     PRAIRIE SKY
             SOWTERNTRENH                    NORTHWESTERN
             LDEERWL                         REDWELL
             TARSANP                         SPARTAN
             LOSHARAN                        HARALSON
             FREEIDSI                        FIRESIDE
             GLOYDNEOH                       HONEYGOLD
             EDR ISOULICDE                   RED DELICIOUS
             TENEGR                          REGENT
             DOLENG ICEIDOULS                GOLDEN DELICIOUS
             SEPEAKKE                        KEEPSAKE
                                  A Word Scramble
                      of 26 Minnesota Grown Apple Varieties
Rearrange the letters in each group to spell the name of one of Minnesota’s 26 apple varieties.
Then complete the information at the bottom of the page. Good luck!

TEAMTN                                              _________________
LEORIO                                              _________________
SHEDSCU                                             _________________
TASTE ARFI                                          _________________
ABEOCN                                              _________________
AALUP DRE                                           _________________
STUNCHET BRAC                                       _________________
WHYALET                                             _________________
NINJMO                                              _________________
DRE NABOR                                           _________________
KLEANLAD                                            _________________
STINcHOM                                            _________________
61 TESWE                                            _________________
PRICEYSNOH                                          _________________
DARLNOCT                                            _________________
RIPEAIR KSY                                         _________________
SOWTERNTRENH                                        _________________
LDEERWL                                             _________________
TARSANP                                             _________________
LOSHARAN                                            _________________
FREEIDSI                                            _________________
GLOYDNEOH                                           _________________
EDR ISOULICDE                                       _________________
TENEGR                                              _________________
DOLENG ICEIDOULS                                    _________________
SEPEAKKE                                            _________________

Here are the names of the 26 varieties to choose from: FIRESIDE, HONEYCRISP, SWEET 16,