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									Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are writing to inform you of a change of procedure at school regarding the use of cell phones
and other hand-held electronic equipment. The 2011-2012 Procedures and Policies for Parents
and Students handbook for the Jefferson Parish Public School System states,

               The use, possession, or operation of any electronic communication device
               …by students in school buildings, on school premises, on school buses, or
               at school-sanctioned events are prohibited unless authorized by the

In the past, we have allowed cell phones and other electronic devices on campus as long as they
were turned off.

Ongoing and recent technological advances have enabled cell phones and other hand-held
electronic devices to become multifunctional and far more sophisticated. For example, nearly all
phones now have the capability to take photos and/or video and allow access to the Internet.

We have encountered incidents where phones/iPods have been used completely in unacceptable
and inappropriate ways on school premises. Some of these incidents include students taking
photographs or videos at school (including inside restrooms), posting said photos/videos to social
networks, and/or inappropriately text messaging. Parents and guardians should be aware that
there are members of the school community who must not, under an circumstances, appear in
photographs or videos.

At Meisler Middle School, we are committed to safeguarding our students and have updated our
policy on cell phones and hand-held electronic devices. Effective Monday, February 13, 2012,
these devices will no longer be allowed on school premises during regular school hours.

The National School Safety and Security Services, a national consulting firm specializing in
school security and school emergency/crisis preparedness training, assessments, and school
safety consulting for K-12 schools supports this position. Please visit their web-site at for more information.

Students who are found in possession of cell phones or other hand-held electronic devices after
February 13 will be subject to disciplinary action. (Cell phones and other hand-held electronic
devices found during parish mandated weekly classroom searches are also subject to these
disciplinary action.) Disciplinary consequences are listed below:

1st offense—1 hour detention after school
2nd offense—2 hour detention after school
3rd offense—1 day in-school suspension

We appreciate your cooperation and ask that you discuss this with your son/daughter. If you
have concerns, you may call the school at 888-5832 to arrange an appointment with one of our

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