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					                                      Theater Report

               Drama Musical Ramadhan “ Kasidah Cinta sang Sahabat”

       Exactly on 11th of September,2009 , I watched the theater which is showed in
Rumentang Siang Art Center in Kosambi, Bandung. The theater is showed in 3 days on
10th,11th, and 12th of September. That was my first time saw the theater, it was very, very
impression. The theater which is presented by Theater Senapati Bandung, the title was “
Kasidah Cinta Sang Sahabat”. I think it was an amazing drama musical theater, made me
very so amaze, as a man who was not have a knowledge about the drama and art theater,
so I felt glad saw the theater, about the musical, lamp design, some properties and their
exciting acts certainly. The theater was told the story about the struggle and the faithful of
the Muslims as followers of our prophet, Muhammad SAW to defend Islam. It took from
Muslim history which fought the Quraisy. As we known that there were 2 communities,
that was Muslim, who worship to Allah and Kafir who always worship to statue/ berhala,
which name were “ Lata and Uza”. In Jahiliyah, the muslim work hard through war to gain
the Quraisy who was always forced and annoyed the Muslim, they thought that Muslim
was broke the role of Quraisy and their God. But the Muslim never gave up, they trust
themselves that Allah is The Lord of the World and Muhammad is the last prophet. There
was a person who was frightened by Arabian, he is Hamzah, the Lion of Allah, he was
uncle of Muhammad who always supports Muslim, and he led the war to gain the Quraisy.
And one day, Hamzah is killed by ………….but finally, he repent and forswear to Allah
and he decided to be a Muslim and would battling for Islam. The story gave some moral
lesson, especially for us as a Muslim, although there was no war but we still have to
battling for Islam, always pray to Allah, faith to support the rightness and the truth. We
believed that Allah is our god, the Lord of Universe and Muhammad is the last prophet
who always guides us as followers to the right place. The peace and the salvation may
Allah give to him, his friendship, and us as followers. Amin. God bless us.

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