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					A blood donated Life throughout the ages
will be indebted to you.
'Blood Donation' is compared to 'Mahadan but still a large number of people suffer from the lack
of blood causing death.

Many people understand the importance of blood donation and so far has donated blood 111
times chalisgaon resident Deepak Shukla people are pioneers in Maharashtra. They also
resolved to donations and organ donations. His experience in these lines express lamp - 'Live -
Live blood, dying - dying donations. "

Actions to be blood in our body is also quite interesting. Blood, white blood cells, red blood cells,
plasma and platelets in the blood composed of red blood corpuscles work of delivering oxygen
to all the parts of the body, white blood cells are the immune function of platelets is to stop the
blood flowing. Never bleeding injury and platelets to stop bleeding her work. Every day our
body's bone marrow (bone marrow) is the formation of blood cells.

Usually five to six liters of blood in the human body is present. But for some reason it becomes
necessary to accomplish this is to be reduced. Every person has a certain blood type and any
healthy person between 18 and 60 years (women or men), weighing 45 kg or more can donate
to any registered blood banks.

Usually the people injured in accidents, a patient's operation time and blood transfusion at birth
of the child is required. Also Thalsimia, anemia, blood transfusion is required in diseases like
hemophilia. Keeping this requirement worldwide Red Cross Society "or" Blood Bank "was

India, June 7, 1920, the Indian Red Cross Society was established. Lecturer by profession,
Deepak says, "There is no substitute for blood, but people need to remember when it comes to
blood banks. Most people are reluctant to donate blood, but he and his family must have
donated blood every three months. "

Indian Red Cross Society Director Dr. Vnsri Singh says, "come in and donate blood at a blood
bank could, if necessary, and the blood can carry. To encourage people to donate blood donors
we 'real hero' as proclaimed.

Delhi's Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, according to Dr. Shamim Ahmed, 'Blood guilty about time
to check its accuracy and the group is very important. Especially blood diseases like HIV does
not spread to climb should take care of it.

After taking a blood sample for hepatitis A and C, syphilis, HIV screening procedures such as
five passes. Negative test results are kept for use on arrival. "On June 14 the World Health
Organization has declared the day thanks to donors.

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Description: Blood dontion is known as the greatest donation any person an make along with organ donation.Learn why?