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									                                                         Carlo Curley, Organist                                 Ring Sarasota
            Trio Voilà                                  Sunday, November 6, 2011
      Sunday, October 9, 2011                                                                               Sunday, January 22, 2012
                                                                5:00 p.m.                                          5:00 p.m.
            5:00 p.m.
                                                  Carlo Curley is one of a few artists in the
                                                  world to give classical organ concerts and
                                                  recitals unsupported by a teaching or
                                                  church appointment. His self-proclaimed
                                                  mission is “to establish the organ at the fore-
                                                  front of musical instruments, even if it takes the
                                                  rest of my life.” He has performed in many
                                                  of the major venues throughout the world
                                                  including France where he was one of
                                                  only five recitalists invited to inaugurate
Trio Voilà is a mixed ensemble comprised          the magnificent instrument at St. Eus-
of flute, viola and guitar. Offering a unique     tache, Paris. Born into a musical family,
musical experience this combination of in-        Carlo’s early training was taken in hand by
                                                  his grandmother, a widely respected piano            Now entering its second season, Ring
struments has a long tradition with original
                                                  teacher. He went on to study with Robert             Sarasota handbell ensemble presents
music from the 19th and 20th centuries.
Member of the group are: Jane Hoffman –           Elmore, Arthur Poister, the legendary Dr.            concerts that appeal to one and all.
flute – currently on the faculty at State Col-    Virgil Fox and Britain’s foremost organist           The 14 auditioned advanced handbell
lege of Florida in Bradenton. She holds de-       and choir-trainer, the late Sir George               ringers, who hail from New Port
grees from College of the Redwoods; Hum-          Thalben-Ball. Mr. Curley’s charismatic               Richey to Sarasota perform a wide vari-
boldt State University; a Masters Degree          character inevitably found its way onto              ety of music ranging from classical lit-
from Cal State, Northridge; and a Doctor of       television and radio. His special for CBC,           erature by George Bizet and Mussorg-
Musical Arts Degree from SUNY-Stony               “Voices in the Wind” demonstrated the A              sky, a taste of Americana, a tribute to
Brook. Laura Jensen-Jennings – viola -            to Z design and construction of a large              the Armed Forces to other original
holds music degrees from Florida State Uni-       modern instrument, organ design being                compositions written specifically for
versity and the Cincinnati Conservatory. She      another area of Carlo’s specialized knowl-           handbells. Ring Sarasota utilizes five
holds the position of principal second violin-    edge and enthusiasm.                                 octaves of Malmark Handbells and four
ist of the Sarasota Orchestra. Laura has also                                                          octaves of Malmark Choirchimes.
performed in some of the great concert ven-                                                            Their inaugural season included per-
ues of the world. Thomas Koch – guitar –                                                               formances at the Glenridge Performing
graduated from Hochschule für Musik Köln                                                               Arts Center, Beautiful Savior Lutheran
and Hochschule für Musik und Theater                                                                   Church and a joint performance with
Hannover, both in his native country of                                                                the massed vocal choir during the an-
Germany. He has performed numerous re-                                                                 nual Sarasota Choir Festival. The en-
citals and as soloist with orchestras in South-                                                        semble’s founding director is Rick
west Florida. He is on the artist faculty at                                                           Holdsworth, also the Director of Music
the Sarasota Performing Arts Center at                                                                 at Pine Shores Presbyterian Church.
Booker High School, State College of Flor-
ida, and Florida Gulf Coast University.
         Skylands Trio
     Friday, March 16, 2012                            Pine Shores
           7:00 p. m.                              Presbyterian Church                         Pine Shores
Combining the best of instrumental
                                            Co-Pastors Bruce and Karen Wismer
                                            welcome you to join us for worship.
and vocal worlds, Skylands Trio cre-                          Sunday                             Church
ates a lush sound with atypical instru-      8:30 a.m. Education classes for all ages
mentation. With piano, trumpet and            9:45 a.m. Traditional Worship Service
voice, the three musicians - each a vir-                 in the Sanctuary
tuoso in their own right – perform a            with Choir and Children’s Church
repertoire that includes Baroque mas-       10:15 a.m. Informal Worship Gathering in
ters, jazz and classic music of the                  the Community Center.
Americas, sacred music spanning three
centuries and creative arrangements of                    Wednesday
                                              6:15 p.m. Sanctus Pax Prayer Service
operatic, Broadway and holiday favor-
ites. Blending the brilliant tones of
Thomas Boulton’s trumpet, with the
pietistic passion of Rosetta Senkus Ba-
con and the magnificent tenor voice of
Steven Snow, the Skylands Trio mes-
merizes audiences with their exquisite
sound and warm-hearted presentation.
They have demonstrated their talents
around the world with performances at
Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Ken-
nedy Center, the White House, on Na-
tional Public Radio, and at cultural cen-
ters in England, Switzerland, Lithuania,
Israel, Mexico and Taiwan.                                                                 2011—2012
                                                 6116 Crestwood Avenue                    Concert Series
                                                   Sarasota FL 34231
                                                        All concerts are free and open to
                                                                                                   the public.

                                                                                            This Concert Series is made
                                                                                            possible by the generosity of
                                                                                                   many donors.

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