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									76         rough creek lodge
            For information about
        activity times and availability,
Internet please see the concierge.
                                             Things to do
                                                          4           Complimentary

                                                          surf the web from your room or nearly
                                                          anywhere else near the Lodge with our
                                                          high speed, wireless connection!

                                                          5           Bungee
                                                          Perform acrobatic flips and jump

            ZipLine                                                                                    Swimming

                                                          high towards the clouds while safely

             Rock Climbing
                                                          harnessed to bungees. Great fun for
                                                                                                      Enjoy some fun in the sun or relax
                                                          everyone! Our Bungee Trampoline is
                                                                                                      your tired muscles in our Outdoor
                                                          located near the Lazy River Pool and the
                                                                                                      Family Pool complete with 66-foot
          Challenge your rock climbing skills             Zipline.
                                                                                                      Slide, Lazy River and Hot Tub.
          on our 40-Foot Climbing Wall and then
          propel yourself 675-foot toward Mallard
          Lake on our Double Zipline.

                                                          6           Petting Corral
                                                                                                      8          Kid’s Ranch

          2          Watch a Movie                        While at Rough Creek Lodge, you
                                                          have to visit our newest friends, Gracey
                                                          with her babies Sidewinder and Twister,
                                                                                                      We have a great new area for kids
                                                                                                      (of all ages!). The Kid’s Ranch features
          Enjoy a night in your room curled               the miniature goats, Cowboy, the mini-      foosball, air hockey, ping pong and
          up watching a good movie and some               horse and rabbits that we can’t keep up     video games. In the evening, children
          popcorn from our Video Library.                 with to name!                               are invited to a party with nutritional
                                                                                                      meals and fun; mom and dad can
                                                                                                      have a nice, quiet dinner in the
                                                                                                      lodge restaurant.

          3                                        &
                                               Catch Release
                                                Wake up early, get a bass boat or fish from
                                                                                                      9          Hayrides

                                                the dock at the fishing shack at Mallard Lake.
                                                                                                      schedule an old fashioned hay ride for
                                                See if you can break the 11 lb. 4 oz. record!!
                                                                                                      a group of your friends or family.

                            included in Package                       Other Activities                    Activities nearby
76 Things to do at Rough Creek (cont.)                                                                                                      2

  10            S’mores
                                                  14          Playground
                                                                                                  19            Biking & Hiking

    share stories around one of our               Visit the Children’s Playground and               Discover what the hill country has to
    two limestone fire pits while roasting        Tipi near the Cabins and Pavilion. It             offer while biking on our beach cruisers
    marshmallows and indulging in rich,           has swings, a slide and a climbing                through the countryside or hiking on
    chocolate-y s’mores.                          wall to keep even our smallest guests             one of our many trails. You may also
                                                  entertained.                                      bring your own Mountain Bike to enjoy
                                                                                                    our challenging five-mile trail.

  11            Fossil Hunting
                                                  15          Horseshoes

    Round up the kiddos for an excursion to
                                                              & Washers

                                                  Challenge a friend to an old fashioned
                                                                                                  20            Fitness Center
    search and dig for fossils. The fossil hunt
    includes a bag, picks to dig for fossils      game of Horseshoes or Washers. We                 Enjoy the beautiful scenery while
    and an informative book describing the        have pits next to the pergola behind              maintaining your fitness regimen at our
    different types of fossils.                   and Main Lodge and near the Pavilion              24-hour fitness center.
                                                  and Cabins.

 12            Tomahawk
                                                  16          Basketball
                                                              & Tennis
                                                                                                   21           Nature Trail

    Tomahawk Throwing competitions                                                                  Enjoy our five mile nature Trail around
    date back to the earliest years of            Enjoy Tennis on our outdoor court then            Mallard Lake. Visit the Enchanted Forest
    American history. Try your hand at one        test out your Michael Jordan skills at the        and enjoy the native wildlife surrounding
    of the oldest sports of our country.          basketball court near the Fitness Center.         Rough Creek.
                                                  Balls and Rackets are available at the
                                                  Beretta Room.

                                                                                                  22            Golf Driving
                                                  17          Disc Golf
                                                                                                    Do your best Tiger impression on our
                                                                                                    300-yd. Driving Range. Men’s, women’s
                                                  Try your hand at our nine-hole Disc
                                                                                                    and youth clubs are available.
                                                  Golf Course. The course begins
                                                  right behind the main lodge. Discs
                                                  are complimentary for your use and

                                                  available at the Beretta Room.

              Dog                                 18                                      RelAx
     KEnnELs                                                                              Dive into a good book while relaxing on our
                                                                                          luxurious chaise lounge chairs under a cabana
     Tour our dog kennels to see our
     great bird dogs and learn their                                                      or umbrella. You can even stroll down to the
     names. It’s noisy, doesn’t smell                                                     poolside cabana and take in a lakefront view
     great...but your kids will love it!                                                  while indulging in your favorite beverage.
76 Things to do at Rough Creek (cont.)                                                                                                3

                                              28         Snacks
                                                                                              31            Business Services

                                              Enjoy an afternoon lemonade or                    For those who can’t seem to leave
                                              hot chocolate and fresh house made                your work behind, we have a guest

                                              cookies in the Great Room or by the               computer available for use with high-
                                              fireplace at the Carriage Entrance.               speed wireless internet access.

    CANOeING                                  29         Loft Lounge
    Our two-person canoes are a great
    way to relax, exercise and explore

                                              Relax in our loft and challenge a friend
    Mallard Lake.
                                              to a game of poker at our table or catch
                                              your favorite sport on our two TV’s.

  24            Paddleboat
                                                                                                     Horseback Rides

    Just like when you were a kid. It’s a
                                              30         Kite Flying
                                                                                                grab the family and tour the grounds
    great way to explore Mallard Lake and                                                       on a Kawasaki Mule. Ride around the
                                              Pick up a complimentary kite (in the
    have fun on the water.                                                                      lake or up to Gunn Mountain. Hourly
                                              spring and summer) and relax while
                                              your kite floats on the breezes.                  and daily rentals are available.

  25            Rocket Launch

    Join us on the helipad each saturday
    as we send a rocket thousands of feet
    into the sky. Then find the capsule as
    it floats back down to earth. Fun for
    all ages.

  26            Gunn Mountain

    Challenge your athletic ability and
    climb Gunn Mountain, a spectacular
    view and the highest point at RCL.

                                              PAMPeR YOuRselF AT OuR sPA
  27            Video Games
                                              Relax your tired, aching muscles with a sumptuous massage our luxurious Spa with
                                              a View. Treatments include massages, facial, body wraps, manicures and pedicures.
                                              Services are available from 8:00am to 8:00pm, seven days a week. Therapies are also
                                              available in the privacy of your guestroom. The Spa Pool is a quiet oasis overlooking
    On a rainy day, borrow one of our Xbox
                                              Mallard Lake.
    Consoles and enjoy a game from our
    library. Ask the Concierge about setup.
76 Things to do at Rough Creek (cont.)                                                                                          4

                                               38         Paintball

                                               Enjoy the Paintball recreation field,

                                               perfect for team or individual play. Our
                                               guides are always on hand to assist in
                                               this fun game.

    HORsebACK                                                                                         42
      Horseback Rides

    On 11,000 acres, 60- and 90-minute
                                               39         Guided Fishing

    tours are guided by our experienced
    wranglers or bring your own horse and
                                               Enjoy a guided Bass Fishing excursion      vARMINT & HOG
                                               on Mallard Lake or Chalk Mountain
    enjoy the freedom of riding our trails.    Lake. Our guides know all the hot spots.

                                                                                          Experience a varmint and hog
                                                                                          hunt at night—it’s not something

  35            Cattle Drive
                                               40         Deer Hunting
                                                                                          you will soon forget. Our guides
                                                                                          can give you more information on
                                                                                          what is available to hunt—plus you
                                                                                          can learn coyote calling from an
    Experience a Cattle Drive Rough            hundreds of additional acres of prime
    Creek Style. See real cowboys at work      hunting land have been opened on
    and move some cattle yourself!             our existing 11,000-acre ranch and we
                                               now offer Feral Hog, and Whitetail Deer
                                               hunting. Elk and Exotics are available

                                               on neighboring ranches. Ask a Wildlife
                                               Guide for more information.                           Sporting Clays

                                                                                          Our      national      sporting   Clay
                                                                                          Association ten-stand course features

                   36                                                                     multiple traps on each stand and is the
                                                                                          finest course in the area.

       ATv RIDes
         Horseback Rides                                                                             Five-Stand
    Explore the grounds with a guided
    ATV tour. Whip around our track,
                                                            41                                       Shooting

    complete with hills and jumps. Hourly                                                 Enjoy a round of Five-Stand Clay
    and daily rentals are available.
                                               BIRD HuNTING                               Shooting with the assistance of our
                                                                                          professional hunting guides.
                                               Treat your colleagues, friends,
                                               and clients to the finest upland

  37            Rent a Cabin                   Gamebird     Hunting,     available
                                               September 30th - April 15th. Our
                                               mixed bag hunts include Bobwhite           45         Wobble Trap
    Located ½ mile from the lodge in a         Quail, Pheasant and Chukar—also,
    wooded area, our cabins feature            Duck and Turkey during the Texas           A fast and furious game of Wobble
    screened porches with rocking chairs,      Parks and Wildlife seasons.                Trap Shooting will test even the most
    LCD TV, whirlpool tubs, grills and more!                                              experienced shooter.
76 Things to do at Rough Creek (cont.)                                                                                                 5

  46            1,000 Yard
                Rifle Range                      50           Picnic                          53          Prehistoric

    Elevated covered shooting platform,            Take in the scenery while enjoying         Catch up on some prehistoric history
    steel targets located at multiple dis-         the wonderful cuisine of the restaurant    at the Creation Evidence Museum in
    tances commencing at 100 yards and             while on a private picnic.                 Glen Rose, 254-897-3200. This museum
    wind direction indicators. Remington                                                      was established for the purpose of
    700 bolt action / 308 caliber sniper rig                                                  excavating and displaying scientific
    available for use equipped with long                                                      evidence for creation.
    range optics, Harris bi-pod, rear mono-
    pod and anti-cant level.

                                                                                              54          Glen Rose Square

  47            GPS Challenge                                   51                            Visit the historical glen Rose square
                                                                                              with a variety of eateries, art galleries,

    Bring a group of friends, relatives or                                                    and antique shops.

    colleagues and compete for first place
    in our GPS Navigational Challenge.
    Great for teambuilding!
                                               Broaden your culinary capabilities by
                                               scheduling a private cooking lesson with our   lIve MusIC
                                               world renowned chef, Gerard Thompson.           Listen to some live music under the

  48            Wildlife Tour
                                                                                               stars at Loco Coyote Live Entertainment.

                                                Glen Rose
                                                                                               Call ahead for music schedule and ticket
                                                                                               pricing— 254-897-2324.

    Take a guided spotlighting tour to
    watch our native wildlife’s night time
    activities.                                 ATTRACTiOns
                                                   (About 20 minutes away)

                                                                                              56          Art Museum

                                                                52                            Visit the Barnard street Mill and Art
                                                                                              Museum, the first permanent structure
                                                                                              in Glen Rose, featuring work from many
                                                                                              great artists, 254-897-2611.

                    49                           FOssiL RiM
                                                   Wildlife Center
                                                   Drive the 9.5 mile scenic wildlife
                                                   park road in your own car at the           57          Golf
                                                   Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Visit the
    say “i do!” at Rough Creek Lodge.              petting pasture, nature trails, and        Play 36 holes of championship golf
    Exchange your vows in our 1800’s style         the Nature Store and Cafe. For             at Squaw Valley Golf Course. Given
    chapel and have a party in our stone           tickets call 254-897-2960.                 a 4.5 star rating by Golf Digest, this
    pavilion or the Great Room.                                                               is one of the top courses in Texas.
76 Things to do at Rough Creek (cont.)                                                                                           6

  58            Somervell Expo
    Visit the somervell County Expo
    Center on Highway 67 for equestrian                                                  ATTRACTiOns
    shows, concerts, car and boat shows,                                                  (About 40 minutes away)
    wrestling and rodeos. Call for more
    information, 254-898-0640.

                                                             62                          65         Opera House

                                                                                         The granbury Opera house features

                                                 DINOsAuR                                great musicals in a wonderful historic
                                                                                         theater. The Concierge can make

                                                  vAlleY                                 arrangements for you, 817-573-9191.

                 59                              Visit Dinosaur Valley state Park
                                                 and see the 113 million-year-old
                                                 dinosaur tracks in the Paluxy River

    BRAzOs                                       bed, 254-897-4588.

    have an adventure kayaking,
    canoeing, tubing or swimming
    on the Brazos River outside Glen
                                                              63                                      66
    Rose. Contact Rhodes Rentals,
                                                 DINOsAuR                                GRANbuRY
                                                  wORlD                                   squARe
                                                 After your visit to Dinosaur Valley,
                                                                                         Visit the historical granbury

                                                 be sure to stop by Dinosaur
                Oakdale Park                     World—home to over 150 life-size        square with a variety of eateries,
                                                 dinosaurs. Visit      art galleries, and antique shops.
                                                 for more information.
    headquarter for family fun, visit
    Oakdale Park in Glen Rose. The
    park offers swimming and children’s
    activities, playground, and snacks. Call
    for information, 254-897-2321.
                                                 64          Comanche Peak
                                                                                         67         Brazos Drive-In

                                                                                         Enjoy a movie at one of the last drive-

   61           Texas                            Visit Comanche Peak, one of only two    ins in Texas at the Brazos Drive-In. Call
                Amphitheater                     nuclear plants in the state of Texas.   817-573-1311 for more information.
                                                 Daily tours available, 254-897-5554.

    Experience The Promise, the inspiring
    musical drama of the life of Jesus Christ,
    performed under the stars at the Texas
    Amphitheater every Friday and Saturday
    night June-October, purchase tickets at
76 Things to do at Rough Creek (cont.)                                                                          7

                                                                                                 73         Cowboy Walk
                                                                                                            of Fame

                                                                                                 View the Cowboy Walk of Fame in
                                                                                                 downtown Stephenville recognizing the
                                                                                                 significance of the Western heritage
                                                                                                 that is an integral part of Stephenville
                                                                                                 and the surrounding area.

                                         68                                                      74         City Limits
                                                                                                            Honky Tonk

     lAKe GRANbuRY
    Enjoy boating activities on Lake Granbury. Pontoon boats, ski boats and jet skis are
                                                                                                 Cowboy up at the City Limits, a true
                                                                                                 Texas honky tonk with live music and
                                                                                                 dancing, 254-968-5222.

    available at various marinas. Make arrangements with the Concierge.

  69            Acton Cemetery
                                                  Stephenville                                     (About 20 minutes away)

    Visit Acton Cemetery, the smallest
    State Park in the united States. Davy
    Crockett’s widow is buried there.
                                                       (About 20 minutes away)
                                                                                                 75         Billy the Kid

                                                   71            Stephenville
                                                                 Museum                          stop by the historical Billy the Kid

                                                                                                 Museum in search of legend and lore,
                Golf Courses                                                                     254-796-4004.
                                                     Visit the stephenville Museum in
                                                     historic Erath County, dedicated to

    granbury is home to seven separate               collecting, preserving and educating.
    golf courses. Please contact the                                                                        The Wiseman
    concierge to arrange tee times.

                                                   72            Lone Star Lanes                 The Wiseman house in hico makes
                                                                                                 chocolates the old-fashioned way—by
                                                                                                 hand. Chocoholics can taste the differ-
                                                     have a fun game of bowling at Lone          ence and casual connoisseurs enjoy the
                                                     Star Lanes, try to have a perfect game at   unique flavors of the gourmet candy,
                                                     the end of the day, 254-968-0440.           254-796-2565.

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