A trip I will never forget by rxmedco


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									          A trip I will never forget

                                  Going somewhere in a medical
                                  van is not liked by anyone, but I
                                  had to do so and had taken the
                                  assistance of Rxmedco for it.

                                  This was an unavoidable trip
                                  and so, was left with no other
                                  option   but    to   take    their
                                  assistance. I was suffering from
                                  severe back pain and doctors
had advised me not to take any type of long journey for at least six
months, but I had to undertake a journey after three months and it
was very urgent and unavoidable. I tried a lot to avoid it, but
couldn’t avoid it.

I consulted my doctors, as I couldn’t decide what should be done.
Doctors, understanding the seriousness of the visit advised me to
take the help of Rxmedco, who provides well equipped non–
emergency medical transportation service to the needy and have a
group of devoted staff who takes complete care to see that the
personnel is comfortable and doesn’t face any problem during the

I hesitated to go in a medical van, but what could be done. Anyway,
the trip was good and so was the service provided by Rxmedco,
whose dedication could not be compared with any other medical
transportation service provider.

For more information visit : http://www.rxmedco.com

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