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                                                       Texas Community Education Association
                                                                                              Feb-Mar 2011
8 Cost Saving
by Donna Davenport
TCEA President

   I really enjoyed seeing so many famil-
iar faces at the TCEA Regional Meeting in
January that was held at NISD in San
Antonio. Ester Buendia did a wonderful
job of planning a morning of staff devel-
opment that had topics of interest for all. I
am hoping that many of you from our
region that joined us got a taste of what
our TCEA conference will be like in April
and will be first to register!!!

  As we are busy dealing with budget
cuts in the school districts and a slow
economy which are obviously something
                                                       Get ready to strike out in new directions
we can’t control, I decided to research and            Kerrville Conference April 3-5
share 8 cost saving tips that are practical
and easy to implement that can help you in                With drastic changes in the state’s eco-        It is no exaggeration that this session
your personal lives!                                   nomic outlook, this may be the most              may change your life, and is worth the
                                                       important time to gather with your fellow        entire cost of the conference.
• Scale back the cable. We’ve been liv-                Community Educators to map out the
  ing the last six months with only basic              future of Community Education.                   Breakouts
  cable, and don’t miss any of the                        Directors are facing new challenges to           Bring your whole staff, because there
  expanded cable channel offerings.                    make their programs relevant, productive,        will be strands in Basics, Out of School,
  Cable bill can go down from $40 to                   and cost-effective like never in history.        and Leadership. Whether you are a front-
  $12 with this move alone.                            That is why your board has planned out a         line manager, director, or advisory mem-
                                                       conference with the theme “New                   ber, you will find sessions geared toward
                                                       Directions.”                                     you.
                            Cost Saving... To Page 6                                                       Just a sampling...
                                                       A rundown:                                       • Nuts & Bolts
                                                          On Sunday, April 3, the                       • Shattering preconceptions about Adult
     Inside This Issue                                 Board is bringing back Leia
                                                       Francisco. This nationally-
                                                                                                        • The Advisory Council from hassle to
                                                       known life coach spent two                          hustle
Come to Conference . . . . . .1, 9, 10                 days with your Board in June,                    • Putting Punch into your Brochure
                                                       identifying the strengths and                    • No community Too Small for
Member News . . . . . . . . . . . . .3, 4, 5           challenges of our state organ-                      Community Ed
                                                       ization. She will bring these skills to a pow-   • Calming Communication Chaos
Be a Partner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7    erful three-hour opening session designed
Enter Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8      to arm us with tools to face impending             Pamela Carroll will be hosting a new
                                                       change, both in running your program and
Registration Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9         in handling your career and personal lives.                       Conference... To Page 10
            TCEA Board 2010-2011                                                                    N


                                                                                                S COMM

                                            President Elect
Donna Davenport,                            Phil Houseal

Northside ISD


                                            Kerrville ISD                                            •M             •
6632 Bandera Rd.                                                                                        E   M BER
                                            1121 Second St
San Antonio, Texas 78238                    Kerrville TX 78028
Phone: 210 522-8100                         830-257-2218                                             The Star                                   11.3
                                                                                  The official newsletter of the Texas
                                                                                  Community Education Association
                                                                                         Phil Houseal, Editor
Past President                              Secretary
Debby Theis,                                Patti Boren                                  To Submit An Item
Dripping Springs ISD                        North East ISD
                                                                                     Please send articles to:
P.O. Box 470                                8750 Tesoro Dr.
Dripping Springs, TX 88620                  San Antonio, Texas 78217              Phil Houseal • Kerrville ISD
(512) 858-3021                              Phone: 210 657-8866               1121 Second St. • Kerrville TX 78028
FAX 512-858-3098                            Fax: 210 657-8873                  830-257-2218 • FAX 830-257-0566
                                                                                        Change of Address
Director Region 1                           Director Region 2                      Email changes to
Lee Ann Bandy                               Diana Hanz, Judson ISD
Lewisville ISD                              8205 Palisades Dr.
2103 Savage Lane                            San Antonio, Texas 78233                                      To Join
Lewisville, Texas 75057                     Phone: 210 945-5340                 Helen Kimsey, Executive Director
Phone: 469-713-5997                         Fax: 210-945-6919                  
Fax: 972-420-6869                               10127 Silver Park, San Antonio, TX 78254

Director Region 3                           Director Region 4
Ester Buendia                               Sylvia Renick                        Institutional = $125 Best Deal!
Northside ISD                               Dalhart Community Education       Up to 8 professional members and 20
6632 Bandera Road                           701 East 10th Street                    advisory board members
San Antonio, Texas 78238                    Dalhart TX 79022                            Professional = $60
Phone: 210-397-8102                         806-244-7818                     Any individual supervising a community                             education program
                                                                                     Associate/Retiree = $20
                                                                                Advisory Council Member = $20

Director At Large                           V-P Advisory Councils                   To Support The Foundation
Pamela Carroll                                                               Help develop Community Education in
Lake Travis ISD                             OPEN                                   Texas. Send donations to:
3322 Ranch Road 620 South                                                            Texas CE Foundation
Austin, TX 78738
                                                                                      1121 Second Street
Phone: 512.533.6018
                                                                                      Kerrville TX 78028
Fax: 512.533.6493
                                                                                                    Web Site
                                                                             Up-to-date news, events, forums, forms,
Vice President for the                      Executive Director                          online directory.
Foundation                                  TCEA Treasurer
Becky Stoughton                             Helen Kimsey,
North East ISD                              Executive Director TCEA
8750 Tesoro Dr.                                          Helen Kimsey, Executive Director
San Antonio, Texas 78217                       
Phone: 210 657-8866 X224                    10127 Silver Park                10127 Silver Park, San Antonio, TX 78254
Fax: 210 657-8873                           San Antonio, TX 78254                               210-355-2548                            210-355-2548

                             Feb-Mar 2011                              The Star                                                       2
                                                     Member News
                                              schools. They were pretty nice about           lineup is their popular Children’s Concert
                                              working with us to get them out there.         Series that brings in celebrity talent like
                                              We’re anxious to see what it will do to our    David Chicken (a musical comedy artist),
                                              registrations this semester.” (Carla Stone,    Plano Children’s Theater production of
                                              Weatherford ISD Community Education)           Charlotte’s Web and the community-wide
                                                 ----------                                  Mother Son Dance in February.
                                              Rockwall ISD pilots new registration
                                              program                                        Highland Park ISD
                                                 Rockwall ISD Community Education               Fear of technology is faced head-on
                                              recently became the first school district to   through classes offered by Highland Park
                                              use the long-awaited upgrade to                ISD’s Community Education department.
                                              Classware’s registration system, one that is   “Facebook Fear Factor” walks the rookie
                                              expected to compete directly with              social networker step-by-step into the
                                              Augusoft Lumen’s registration program.         world of online connections. “Iphonology”
                                                 According to April Marx, community          takes even the most intimidating hand-
                                              education coordinator for Rockwall, it’s       head communications device and makes it
                                              one more step in an overall goal of offering   user friendly.
                                              program registration completely online --         Highland Park takes advantage of its
                                              which will include eliminating printed         relationship with the Dallas Museum of Art
                                              brochures. “We’ll still do flyers, but sent    to offer local residents “Ten Treasures of
                                              home through schools instead of mailing,”      the DMA,” an opportunity to learn some-
Region 1 -                                    Marx said.                                     thing many Dallas residents miss.
Notes from the
                                              Region 1 Roundup
by Lee Ann Bandy,
Lewisville ISD

Going Postal, or not.

   Could your travel program cost you
your non-profit postal rate?
   Weatherford ISD Community Education
got a shock recently when the Post Office
noticed information about Collette
Vacation travel programs which had been
included in their program lineup for seven
   The Post Office determined the informa-                                                   Weatherford ISD
tion constituted advertising and forfeited                                                      Weatherford ISD proves it’s never too
WISD’s non-profit postal rate, causing an                                                    soon to start promoting for summer, using
unexpected increase in costs – more than      Rockwall ISD
                                                 Rockwall is heavily promoting its new       a full page from its Winter/Spring brochure
double, according to Carla Stone, program                                                    to include camp images and schedule
coordinator.                                  online registration format. The program
                                              has plans to eventually eliminate printed      information. The cleaner, streamlined lay-
   “We had to deposit another $1,000 just                                                    out of its other inside pages is a nice
to mail to Weatherford and were left with     brochures. The spring brochure is two col-
                                              ors, and the inside pages break from tradi-    change with switches between two column
catalogs from all the surrounding small                                                      and one column formats creating visual
towns that we mail to - plus the 730 mail     tional multiple columns in favor of one
                                              column format with larger type that pres-      interest on selected pages.
list that we have! We were able to distrib-
ute most of them through the surrounding      ents well online.

                                              Allen ISD
                                                 Allen continues to promote its commu-
                                              nity event programming. Included in this                     Region I Report... To Page 4

                                               Feb-Mar 2011                            The Star                                      3
                                                   Member News
Region 3 Report                                        Region I Report.... From Page 3    to name but a few. Demonstrates what a
by Ester Buendia,                                                                         partnership with Texas A&M Extension
Northside ISD                                                                             Agency and Master Gardeners can do.

   The annual Region 3
Meeting took place Friday,
January 28 at the Northside
ISD's Learning Center. NISD Director of
Adult and Community Education Lydia
Martinez welcomed the crowd of over sev-
enty participants, who represented NISD,
NEISD, Judson ISD, San Antonio
Family Endeavors and the Boys and
Girls Club. TCEA Board Members Becky
Stoughton, Patti Boren and Diana Hanz
joined Donna Davenport and Ester
Buendia at the event.

   Participants networked over breakfast
and attended their choice of breakout ses-                                                Belton ISD
sions in the areas of Community                                                             Computer literacy is the mainstay of
Education, Professional Development, and                                                  Belton ISD’s community education pro-
After School Programming:                    Lewisville ISD                               gramming, offering the basics to
• Coaching, Motivating, and Rewarding           Lewisville borrowed heavily from          advanced skills in Excel spreadsheets,
  Staff- Sandra Santos                       Marvel Comics to promote its adult           movie making and social networking.
• So You Think You're Not Creative? -        enrichment and basic education classes.
  Mary Mora                                  Readers follow the continuing story of       Burleson ISD
• Managing Stress- Araceli Dominguez         Gidget who fears losing her job due to her      Every community education depart-
• Google: More than Just a Search            lack of computer skills. The story line      ment in Texas should sit up and take note:
  Engine- Steve Ramirez                      promotes the department’s computer           Visit Burleson ISD’s home page and see
• Making Reading Come Alive After            skills classes in web design and office      where Community Ed rates, top tab, first
  School - Justin Duran                      skills programs.                             position - right up there with High
• College and Workforce Readiness for                                                     Schools, Middle Schools, Elementary
  Everyone - Leo Sanchez and Eli                                                          Schools. And it’s listed first. Spring offer-
  Balderas                                                                                ings include a nod to North Texas’ ranch-
• Multicultural Challenges - Terry Perez                                                  ing heritage with classes in Equine
• Go Green Go - Johnny Benavidez                                                          Science and Blacksmithing. Well rounded
                                                                                          class offerings in the traditional arts
   Special guest Alma Lara, representing                                                  include quilting, jewelry, crochet, creative
the San Antonio Silver Stars, was on hand                                                 writing, and photography.
to speak with the participants and offer
resources from her organization. The event                                                Northwest ISD
wrapped up with door prizes, courtesy of                                                     Northwest ISD, located in little Justin
Ms. Lara, and an invitation to attend the                                                 just south of Denton, is bucking the trend
TCEA Annual Conference in April.                                                          to reduce frequent mailings. The depart-
                                             Waxahachie ISD                               ment publishes shorter flyers every two
                                                Spring classes through Waxahachie         months to feature online opportunities
                                             ISD’s Lighthouse for Learning depart-        and crash courses in
                                             ment feature Advanced Welding (a project     office computers skills.
                                             based class), and their popular Master
                                             Gardener series with a focus on entry             That’s it.
                                             level: Ag 101, Getting Started with Roses,
                                             Pond Building Basics, Vegetable
                                             Gardening 101, Growing Texas Natives –

                                              Feb-Mar 2011                          The Star                                         4
                                                                                                 Region 4 Report:
                                Member News                                                      Dalhart Takes the
Region 2 Report                                  The JISD district is looking at cutting the     Plunge!
                                                 budget by 5%. In JISD, that equals to one by Sylvia Renick, Dalhart ISD
by Diana Hanz, Judson ISD                        school and 140 positions.
   JISD         Adult       &                       Education Service Center Region 20,              We have the first actual catalog of class-
Community          Education                     Seguin Adult Education Coop, and                es as opposed to a flyer. (Thank-you for that
Department has officially                        Northeast Lakeview College received a           encouragement Helen) I am anxious to see
relocated to 9695 Schaefer Rd, Converse,         grant for a college readiness program in fall   if it pays off financially. I will say that I’ve
TX 78109 (Judson Middle School                   of 2010. They had a small number of stu-        noticed that when I hand out the catalog
Campus). The main phone number has               dents take advantage. This spring they          people automatically flip through it and
changed       to     210-357-0810.        The    bought an ad in the Judson Journal to pro-      start looking at listings. I think it will also
Coordinator’s number (Diana L. Hanz) has         mote the class. The class is free to any stu-   give the program greater legitimacy and
changed to 210-357-0813. We plan on hav-         dent that needs to get ready for college.       give people the sense that it is here to stay.
ing an Open House sometime in spring.
Originally Community Ed. Department                 Region 2 members, please update your       I am also pleased to announce that we
would have had 5 multi-purpose class-            contact information on the website. Be have a very dynamic advisory council. I
rooms and 2 computer labs. However,              looking for an announcement via email on have learned so much since serving on the
since the district has grown so fast, 3 of the   the upcoming Region 2 annual meeting.      WTA&M University council, all of which
rooms are being used as offices by Special
                                                                                            that I can, I have replicated with my group.
Education Department.                               You are encouraged to attend the annual
                                                 TCEA conference in Kerrville. You will
   JISD initiated a new service with             network and receive valuable information
RevTrak. Parents in our Adventure Club           that will help your programs survive
After School program can now pay on line         through the rough budget times that educa-
through a secure website. Community              tion is presently experiencing. Register
Education is utilizing the Registration          early and save $50 per registration!
Werks program and has a web store to offer
the Community Education Schedule.
Community patrons can register on line           Vicki Helms, Mesquite ISD, resigns              continue to coordinate the community
                                                 from board                                      education program at Mesquite ISD,
and pay with a credit card.
                                                                                                 along with Marybeth Manke, Marketing
  Comal ISD Community Education                      In October, Vicki Helms,
Director, Elaine Falkenberg retired in           Community         Education
                                                 Program Specialist at                              “Our Advisory Council really is pitch-
December 2010. Their programs are now
                                                 Mesquite ISD, resigned                          ing in,” Helms said. “To help increase
headed up by Coordinator, Catherine
                                                 from the TCEA board. She                        revenue, we are planning several
                                                 was serving her sixth term and currently        fundraisers.”
  New Braunfels ISD now has a new                filled the position of secretary. Helms has
                                                 been part of the MISD Community                   Helms is also raising some prices and
Coordinator, Dena Fielder over the
                                                 Education program since 1993, the year          cutting catalog size.
Community Education programs as well.
Carmen Whetstone remained as Secretary.          after it began.
                                                                                                     According to TCEA bylaws, the
                                                                                                 President can appoint a TCEA member to
   Apparently Schertz-Cibolo-Universal              Helms cited cutbacks in travel due to
                                                                                                 fill board vacancies.
City ISD has down sized their Community          budget constraints in the district as the
Education program. They offer a few              primary reason for her decision. She will
evening karate classes. After sending an
email to Jenny Russell, Coordinator, it was
returned to me.

  As you well know educational funding
has not come down from the State of Texas.
                                                          For the latest go to!

                                                  Feb-Mar 2011                            The Star                                            5
                Cost Saving.... From Page 1    • Look for manager meat specials. When
                                                 you do buy meat, check the manager’s
 • Hang up the land line telephone serv-         specials area for meat that is about to
   ice. If most of your calls are to other       pass the “sell by” date. The meat is
   cell users in the same network, consid-       still perfectly good, but freeze it imme-
   er canceling the land line and using a
   cell phone exclusively.
                                                 diately if you don’t plan on cooking
                                                 within the next day or two.
 • Have a no-spend weekend. Sometimes
   it takes a break in the routine to get
                                               • Don’t be afraid to buy generic. Forget                  To Do
                                                 brand loyalty when trying to figure out
   spending under control. Try to go an
   entire weekend without eating out,
                                                 how to save money every month on
                                                 things like groceries. When we buy
   shopping, or ordering something               ketchup, we look for the lowest unit
   online. It won’t solve all your spending      price, regardless of brand. Same with
   problems, but it’s a start.                   other foods and household supplies.           Sign up by Mar 18 for Early
                                                 There are a few exceptions, but for the
 • Check your vehicle’s tire pressure each       most part generic items are just as                 Discount! (p. 9)
   time you fill up. Things like under-          good as name brands.
   inflated tires and dirty air filters can
   reduce your gas mileage. Pick up an         • Raise insurance deductibles. Assuming
                                                                                                   Bring your Silent Auction
   inexpensive tire gauge and check the          you have a proper emergency fund in                        item!
   pressure while filling up.                    place, raise deductibles on insurance
                                                 policies. The difference in a $500
 • Look into 3-month supplies of pre-            deductible and a $1,000 deductible on        Make your hotel reservation!
   scriptions via mail order. Many
   employers now offer as part of the
                                                 your car insurance policy can help                     (p. 9)
                                                 reduce your monthly or semi-annual
   health insurance plan a 3-month mail          premiums.
   order prescription plan. If you only                                                            Check out
   have one daily prescription for asth-         Donna Davenport
   ma/allergies, and the cost of a 30-day
   supply from a local pharmacy is $25.                                                            Submit your Awards (p. 8)
   For the same cost, you can get a 90-
   day supply via mail-order.
                                                                                                    Select your Outstanding
                                                                                                     Community Educator
Foundation modifies                              members
                                               • including contact information in quar-
Partner agreement                                terly issues of the TCEA newsletter                 Nominate someone for
                                               • providing display space at the annual               Berridge, or Caldwell-
   In order to streamline the process of         TCEA conference
maintaining      Partners,     the     Texas      In consideration, the Partner agrees to          Culbertson, or Jane Nelson
Community Education Foundation has             make an annual payment to the Texas                          Awards
adopted a new partner agreement                Community Education Foundation.
   The Foundation pledges to help increase
awareness of its partners among Texas            The new agreement has already sparked              Encourage an Advisory
Community Educators by offering the fol-       more interest from vendors.                            Member to attend
• designating the organization a "Partner"        The Partner project is the major
• placing a link to to their web site on the   fundraiser for the Foundation. Funds are
  TCEA website                                 used to form new projects, develop innova-
• providing referrals to existing communi-     tive programs, support research and devel-
  ty education projects                        opment, and educate the population about               Be ready to have fun
• providing contact information on TCEA        the benefits of community education.                       and to learn!

                                                Feb-Mar 2011                            The Star                                6
Foundation Partners                                                                     The Foundation
   The following organizations have joined TCEA in helping support the Foundation,         The mission of the Texas Community
bringing the benefits of community education to more Texans.                            Education Foundation is to encourage the
                                                                                        development       and     expansion    of
                               RevTrak                                                  Community Education projects in Texas.
                               RevTrak is the premier provider of ecommerce solu-          It accomplishes this in four ways:
                               tions for schools and local governments. As a Visa       1) through the formation of new projects,
                               and MasterCard Independent Sales Organization, the       2) the development of innovative pro-
                               company’s mission is to meet the specific needs of K-      grams,
                               12 schools and local governments.                        3) supporting research and development,
                               Karen House                                                and
                               815 Yellowstone Dr, Grapevine TX 76051                   4) educating the population about the
                               817-251-8742                                               benefits of community education.
                                                                  The process of getting support to proj-
                                                                                        ects is through the Technical Assistance
                               Augusoft Lumens®                                         Partnership, an award program set up by
                               Augusoft develops and maintains Lumens - the first       the Texas Community Education
                               entirely web-based Lifelong Learning Management          Association and funded by the
                               System (LLMS). Augusoft Lumens is designed for           Foundation.
                               the unique needs of continuing, community, corpo-
                               rate education and workforce development programs.       Funding Sources
                               Lumens increases online registrations, streamlines          The Foundation is funded through indi-
                               business processes, reduces overhead and provides        vidual and organization donations, funds
                               easy data analysis with proven ROI, plus flexible        from partnerships with businesses and
                               best-practice features and greater user satisfaction.    vendors, and money raised from the Silent
                               Augusoft, Inc.                                           Auction at the annual conference (see
                               8441 Wayzata Blvd., Suite 200                            Partners sidebar).
                               Minneapolis, MN 55426-1360                                  There is an ongoing search for major
                               tel 763-331-8300                                         underwriters, with the goal of someday
                               fax 763-331-8349                                         having enough principal to generate
                                                                  enough interest to fund the initiatives.

                               PlanetKidz                                               Become a Part
                               Planet Kidz is a statewide network of youth pro-            The Foundation is a strong step toward
                               grams, designed to give kids in grades 3 through 8 a     future growth and autonomy, a solid way
                               safe, fun place to be together after school.             to bring the benefits of community educa-
                                                            tion to more citizens of Texas. You can
                               972-772-6000                                             help by
                                                                1) identifying potential partners
                               2010 Industrial Blvd #604                                   2) donating to the Foundation
                               Rockwall, Texas 75087
                               Fax: (972) 772-3737                                         Send your contribution to TCEF, 1121
                                                                                        Second St., Kerrville TX 78028. For more
                               Collette Vacations                                       information call 830-257-2218.
                               For 90 years Collette Vacations has established a rep-      To find out more about becoming a
                               utation for quality and value offering unique travel     Partner, contact Phil Houseal, 830-257-
                               opportunities on all seven continents.                   2218,
                               800-922-7005                                             To Support the Foundation
                                                                                           The Foundation is actively seeking
                                                                                        partnerships with vendors, businesses, and
                                                                                        organizations. Since 1998 the Foundation
                                                                                        has played a part in starting many projects.
                                                                                           Anyone interested in supporting the
                                                                                        Foundation can contact Phil Houseal, 830-

                                            Feb-Mar 2011                           The Star                                       7
Give It Your Best!                             Outstanding Community Education
Enter the Texas Community                         This award will recognize one instructor
Education Association Awards                   from each community education program
                                               that goes above and beyond the call of duty.   Awards Deadline: Feb 25
   Below is a brief overview of the 2010-
2011 TCEA Awards. With the exception of        Service to Community Education                     Submit to: Ester Buendia
the Publication Star of Excellence Award,         Certificates of appreciation will be            Northside ISD
which must be mailed in, all other awards      awarded to those who have completed five,          6632 Bandera Road
must be submitted by email by the posted       ten, fifteen, or twenty years of service to        San Antonio, Texas 78238
deadline. Good luck, and we look forward       community education.                               Phone: 210-397-8102
to receiving your award nominations!                                                    
                                               Rookie of the Year
Download Award         Applications    from       The opportunity to be recognized in this                                   category will be extended to those with an
                                               “outstanding first year” as a community
Achievement in Community                       educator.
Education (ACE)
   TCEA will recognize the achievements        Robert I. Berridge Award
of Texas community education programs             This $250 award will be presented to a
with special ACE awards during the             TCEA member who shows significant
Annual Conference. Each program is invit-      development and implementation of inno-
ed to apply for one or more categories list-   vative community education programs on
ed. The program event or activity should       the local and state level. Nomination must
have occurred or been completed in the         come from a TCEA member.
current or previous school year. An activity
or event that received an ACE award is not     Jane Nelson Friend of Community
eligible for the same award again.             Education
   ACE - Outstanding Advisory Council             This award will be presented to a nomi-
Activity or Event                              nated person who has shown significant
   ACE - Bright Idea                           support to further innovative community
   ACE - Outstanding Community                 education programs at the local or state
Education Event or Activity                    level. The award will include a one-year
   ACE - Community Education/Business          associate membership to TCEA.
   ACE - Outstanding Community                 Caldwell/Culbertson Community
Education After-School Program
   ACE - Outstanding Summer Camp
                                               Education Service Award
                                                  This award will recognize a TCEA advi-
                                               sory council member who has demonstrat-
Star of Excellence                             ed unselfish dedication to community serv-
   TCEA will recognize program publica-        ice, the willingness to serve the needs of
tions in two categories:                       others, understanding, patience and relia-
   Publication (print)                         bility. This is the only award category that
   Web site                                    advisory council members may nominate
   Entries will be judged in five divisions    for.
based on student population.

                                                Feb-Mar 2011                           The Star                              8
                                                    To Register or For Information
                                                    Helen Kimsey
                                                    10127 Silver Park
                                                    San Antonio TX 78254

Conference Registration                             Method of Payment

                                                    (Payable to TCEA)
                                                        Check #_________ enclosed
Name                                                    PO#__________ enclosed
_________________________________________           Billing Information
_________________________________________           _________________________________________
Organization                                        Organization
_________________________________________           _________________________________________
Address                                             Address
_________________________________________           _________________________________________
City                    State   Zip                 City                    State   Zip
_________________________________________           _________________________________________
Phone                                               Phone

Registration Fees

                    Early (by 3/18)

    Member              $199          $249   ____
J   Non-member          $275          $299   ____

One Day Only                          $125   ____
Awards Luncheon Only                   $40   ____
                                                    Y.O. Ranch Hotel & Conference Center
                                                    2033 Sidney Baker • Kerrville, Texas 78028

Membership Fees
                                                    830-257-4440 • FAX 830-896-8189
   Institutional                   $125      ____   TOLL FREE1-877-967-3767

Up to 8 professional and 20 advisory
    Professional                      $60    ____   Ask for the Texas Community Education Assn. rate.

Individuals supervising a program
                                                    $ 85 - per room per night (limit 4 persons per room)
    Advisory/Retiree                  $20    ____   Make reservations before Mar 3 to guarantee room
Total Fees                                   ____
                                                                     Mark your road maps NOW
                                                                   for the 2011 TCEA Conference!

                                             Help chart a whole new direction for community education.
                                                                 April 3, 4, 5, 2011
                                                                  Kerrville Texas
    Held at the fabulous YO Ranch Hotel!

                                                 the lobby for shopping and learning about
                 Conference.... From Page 1      new products and services to help you run
alternative to Round Tables - The World          your program.
Cafe. It will be a luncheon activity that cre-
ates conversations that matter.                     And everyone loves coming to Kerrville           Set Your Direction!
                                                 and the Hill Country in the spring - beauti-
    Of course a large part of any conference     ful scenery, bluebonnets, James Avery
is the opportunity for networking with your      showroom/factory, plus great restaurants           TCEA 2011 Conference
peers. This year will provide plenty of          and shopping in nearby Fredericksburg. So
activities designed to get the creative and      plan to come early and stay late, at the
social juices flowing - Welcome Reception,       beautiful YO Ranch Hotel & Conference          Use the attached Conference
Auction, Team Building, Mixers, and the          Center at the Kerrville exit off IH-10.         Registration form, or visit
culminating Awards Luncheon on Tuesday,                                                      
which promises to be bigger and better than        Sign up early (by March 18)
ever.                                                                                            to sign up and learn more.
    Vendors and Exhibitors will be set up in
                                                        and get discount!

                                                  Feb-Mar 2011                           The Star                          10

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