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I chose                              K U T Z TOW N
  K E L LY WA G N E R ’ 12 ,
  Secondary Education major (mathematics & physics)

  “Kutztown University was the perfect choice for me.      in an exceptional education program with interesting
   I researched and visited a lot of colleges, but only    professors and classmates, and the campus has
   Kutztown offered what I was looking for. I’m studying   everything I need.”
I chose
  C A M E O P R I T C H E T T ’ 12 ,
                                        K U T Z TOW N
  Sociology major

  “I grew up in the excitement of a big city, but I love   outstanding, and our athletic teams are very
   the small-town atmosphere at Kutztown. There            competitive and exciting to watch. Best of all, we
   is always something happening on campus.                are close enough to experience all that Philadelphia
   Our academic facilities and residence halls are         and New York City have to offer.”
At Kutztown, four vibrant colleges offer you 100 major programs
from which to choose. Couple your academic studies with an
honors program or a study abroad opportunity, and you will learn …
to make a difference.

College of Business                                     College of Education
Experience. It’s how you develop the skills and poise   Students considering careers in teaching, counseling or
you will need to succeed. Our business students are     educational leadership choose Kutztown in part because
creative and adventurous, and they interact regularly   of its long history of graduating exceptional education
with professionals — who share their expertise from     professionals. Our prominent College of Education
the frontlines of the marketplace. Our well-rounded     offers a rigorous academic environment and an intensive
and challenging core curriculum, coupled with           teacher preparation program. Through partnerships
majors and minors that are in demand in today’s         with public schools and communities across the state
competitive environment, offer business students a      and around the country, our faculty and students
dynamic window into the business world.                 engage in scholarship and research activities across
                                                        disciplines. You’ll find a network of Kutztown graduates
                Learn more @
                                                        in classrooms in every school district in Pennsylvania.
                            “When I graduate, I’ll leave KU believing that the Honors
                             Program was the most rewarding aspect of my college career.
                             The students, classes, advisors and professors all make for an
                             unrivaled and unparalleled academic experience.”
                             Eric Fehlinger ’13, Secondary Education major (English)

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
                                                       HONORS PROGRAM
Our academic departments offer programs rooted in      If it’s challenge you’re looking for, the Honors
                                                       Program provides you with experiences beyond
the most foundational of all academic disciplines —    the traditional curriculum and classroom, including
from science and math to history and literature.       honors seminars, peer mentoring, honors research
                                                       experiences and internships.
In addition to our traditional majors, we also offer
programs with a technology-rich focus as well as                      Learn more @
interdisciplinary opportunities spanning the arts,          
humanities, international studies, and social and                     Honors
behavioral sciences. Within each major, our faculty
and students pursue knowledge on scales that stretch
from the subatomic to the cosmic, and from the
individual to the global.
                              “Spending a semester in Italy was simply incredible. As a student of
                               art and art history, I believe it’s important to immerse yourself in the
                               world around you — to experience different cities and to understand
                               their culture. This is something that is a part of me now.”
                               Andrea Rincon ’12, Art Education and Fine Arts major

College of Visual and Performing Arts                  exceptionally talented students and faculty, the
The College of Visual and Performing Arts includes     college also offers extraordinary facilities and
a rich community of practicing artists and scholars    frequent access to performances and exhibitions
who are dedicated to helping you develop your          by celebrated artists and performers. Our close
creative voice through art and design, music, and      proximity to New York City, Philadelphia and
speech. Long renowned for its ability to attract       Washington, D.C., provides an extended artistic
                                                       environment to inspire our students.

   Kutztown offers exciting ways to expand your
   academic experience. The Office of International
                                                                    Learn more @
   Programs sponsors numerous study abroad                
   programs at destinations such as England, China,
   Spain, Ecuador and the Netherlands.                              International
Our busy and beautiful campus provides the perfect backdrop for
success. Complete with smart classrooms, laboratories, studios and
an amazing library system, our academic facilities provide students
with a first-rate experience.
                                    “Kutztown is a place where students and faculty listen to
                                     each other, collaborate on research and make campus life
                                     decisions together. Our classrooms are alive with energetic
                                     discussions and genuine interaction. People keep their doors
                                     open here, literally and figuratively.”
                                     Willis Rapp, Ph.D., faculty member, Music

Kutztown’s diverse facilities offer you infinite         Kutztown is also one of the most “connected”
opportunities for learning, collaborating and          universities in Pennsylvania. We’ve embraced
exploring. The Academic Forum, for example,            technology in our classrooms, labs and performance
houses classrooms and lecture halls as well as a       spaces across campus, and we are committed to
bustling food court and student lounge. Other          providing access to the latest resources you need
facilities, like the visually stunning Boehm Science   to succeed.
Center and Sharadin Arts Building, will inspire you
to make the most of your academic experience.
Kutztown University is home to a community of scholars educated at
the finest academic institutions, including Cal-Berkley, Northwestern,
Harvard, Duke, Boston College and Columbia. Our professors bring
world-class experiences to their classrooms and labs, and they are
committed to helping you succeed.
                            “I firmly believe Kutztown faculty are some of the most inspiring
                             and hard-working professors in higher education. The best part
                             is seeing how much each professor loves what he or she does and
                             seeing students get involved in great discussions. It’s why I chose to
                             teach at Kutztown.”
                             Therese Maskulka, D.B.A., faculty member, Marketing

Kutztown’s accomplished professors are leading           From your first classroom experience, you will
experts and practitioners in their field; they share   have opportunities to study subjects in depth while
a strong commitment to teaching and a focus on         developing a strong rapport with your instructors —
engaging you in your studies. They blend theory with   whether engaging in informal conversations over
hands-on practice to help you get the most out of      coffee in the Academic Forum or working side-by-side
your courses, discussion groups and labs.              on advanced research projects.
There is more to college life than classes and studying, and that’s why
there is always something for you to do on Kutztown’s idyllic campus.
                                    “Our campus is amazing, and it is very easy to participate
                                     or volunteer in something that interests you. There is always
                                     something to do!”
                                     Jaimie Gantt ’12, president, Association of Campus Events

Interested in service and leadership opportunities?      have fun and make friends for life. You also can choose to
How about a fraternity or sorority? You’ll have many     attend any number of comedic or music performances,
opportunities to explore your passion through            exhibits and lectures throughout the year.
Kutztown’s diverse student organizations. You might
raise money for charity, assist in designing a solar                      Learn more @
car, or lead your residence hall softball team to the
championship. No matter what you do, you’re bound to
Kutztown’s residence halls are bright, active, social hubs — with great
staff and the academic support for you to succeed.
                            “Kutztown is a great place that definitely gives meaning to the word
                             ‘community.’ The residence halls make you feel like you are home.
                             Everyone is welcoming and willing to help you in every way!”
                             Chris Kimmel ’12, CONNECTIONS, New Student Programs and Services

Living on campus is about community — learning        students a range of options from the convenience of
to interact with friends and roommates, managing      a quick snack or a cup of coffee to a full service food
your time and developing skills that lead to self-    court. You decide what variety of meal plan or dining
confidence and success. Our residence halls provide   flex dollars suits your lifestyle.
positive living and learning experiences.
  You can choose from an array of living options
                                                                        Learn more @
including coed, suite- or apartment-style living.
Every room on campus provides wireless access.
Numerous dining service points across campus offer
It’s easy to pursue both academic and athletic excellence at
Kutztown. Our intercollegiate teams and intramural and club sports
programs offer plenty of opportunities to play and compete — or
simply to enjoy being a fan of the Golden Bears.
                           “Choosing Kutztown was the best decision I could have made to
                            continue my field hockey career. Even as a first-year student-athlete, I
                           was able to contribute right away and help my teammates be successful.”
                            Erin Reynolds ’14, First-Team NCAA Division II All-American

The Golden Bears compete in the 16-member             In addition to our varsity teams, the university
Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference. Our         offers an extensive range of intramural, club sports
men’s and women’s intercollegiate sports have       and fitness options.
proven competitive through the years, garnering
championships as well as individual, academic,                       Learn more @
conference, region, and NCAA Division II All-              
America honors.
START            A CAREER
Kutztown is large enough to be comprehensive, yet small and
personal enough to ensure you will learn … to make a difference
and be well prepared for a successful career.
                             “My classes certainly prepared me for my field of study, and Kutztown’s
                              Career Development Center provided the tools so I could focus on job
                              options in the marketplace. I developed a nose for news and acquired
                              time management skills that will stay with me forever. I am excited and
                              happy to start my career ‘climb’ with Altitude Marketing.”
                              Chelsea Gerhart ’10, marketing coordinator

Where will you go from here? To sculpt or to conduct        Your first step will be Kutztown’s Career
bioscience research? To attend grad school or to          Development Center. Whether you are deciding on
teach? To the newsroom or to the trading floor?           a major, learning about career fields or looking for
  Whatever you choose, Kutztown is a great place to       an internship or a job after graduation, the center’s
start preparing for your future. While many of our        knowledgeable staff members provide you with the
graduates go on to further their education, others        information and opportunities you need to gain a
launch fulfilling careers right away. You can find them   step-up in the job market.
in Pennsylvania and around the world, making a
difference in law, medicine, business, human services,                     Learn more @
education, the arts and countless other fields.                  
I chose                               K U T Z TOW N
  director of the Philadelphia Salon, Philadelphia, Pa.

  “There is no question I made the right choice in       an extraordinary education in a very encouraging
   earning my degree at Kutztown. Looking back, it       and supportive setting — by faculty who truly care.
   was the best decision I could have made. I received   There is no better place in Pennsylvania.”
I chose                                K U T Z TOW N
  WAY N E M O S L E Y ’ 10 , A C C O U N T I N G
  Fund Accounting and Equity analyst, Vanguard, Malvern, Pa.

  “My Kutztown education really prepared me for          mutual funds and equities at one of America’s leading
   the business world. In one class, we gained trading   investment management companies. I have Kutztown
   experience by managing an actual investment           to thank for my success!”
   fund worth more than $200,000. Today, I analyze
                                                                                Virtual Tour
                                                                                Take our online virtual tour
                                                                                to learn about KU’s campus

                                                                                Admissions Office Contact Information
                                                                                (610) 683-4060
                                                                                (877) 628-1915 (toll free in PA and NJ)

Financing a Kutztown Education                                Plan Your Visit
If getting a college education seems out of reach to you      There are many opportunities to visit Kutztown
financially, don’t be discouraged from applying for           University. We encourage students and their families to
admission to Kutztown. Our Financial Aid Services             come to our campus, learn about our academic programs
office will work with you and your family to offer aid that   and tour our facilities. You can choose to attend a
meets your eligibility and allows room for work, study        scheduled open house for your program of interest, or
and personal time. There is a broad range of resources        you can sign up for a guided tour. You can even explore
available to help you, and more than 75 percent of our        campus on your own — in person or online. Once you
students annually receive loans, grants, merit-based          see our beautiful campus and meet members of the
scholarships or campus employment to defray their             Kutztown community, you’ll understand why Kutztown
educational expenses.                                         University might be the right choice for you.

                  Learn more @                                                  To register for a campus tour online:

Proud to be Part of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education
Students enrolled at Kutztown University not only are enrolled at an
excellent institution, they also are part of a family of 14 universities across
the Commonwealth known as the Pennsylvania State System of Higher
Education (PASSHE).
    Among the biggest advantages to students attending a PASSHE
university is the combination of high quality and affordability that provides
excellent value. PASSHE universities are able to pool resources, thereby
giving students access to services they may expect to find only at a very large
campus. For example, the Keystone Library Network links the 14 university
libraries and the State Library, providing access to millions of resources.
Toll-free and online library assistance is available through the Network
even after normal library operation hours.
    PASSHE universities make it easy for students to transfer seamlessly
from community colleges and other institutions. More than one-fourth of
all new students each year transfer from another school.
    As a system of public institutions, the influence of the universities
reaches far beyond the campuses. Enrollment has increased steadily
over the past decade to a record of 120,000 students, 90 percent of whom
are Pennsylvania residents. Nearly 500,000 PASSHE alumni live in
Pennsylvania, serving as community leaders in the business, healthcare,
public administration and non-profit sectors while generating an aggregate
annual income of $7 billion.
    Kutztown University is committed to Affirmative Action, equal employment
and educational opportunity in compliance with Titles VI and VII of the Civil
Rights Act of 1964, Executive Order 11246, the Educational Amendments
under Title XI of 1972, Sections 503/504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973,
The Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Asst. Act of 1974, The Age
Discrimination Act as amended, the Pennsylvania Veterans Preference Act,
the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987 and the Americans with Disabilities
Act of 1990. Kutztown University provides reasonable access to facilities and
programs. Please address Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity inquiries
to the Social Equity Office at (610) 683-4700. For questions about access or
accommodations, call the Disability Services Office at (610) 683-4108.
K U T Z TOW N   facts
W W W. K U T Z T O W N . E D U

             Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
          P.O. Box 730, Kutztown, Pennsylvania 19530
     (610) 683-4000, TDD (610) 683-1315 or (610) 683-4499

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